We Dress According To South Carolina High School Dress Codes • Ladylike

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Ladylike - 3 mesi fa
Hey y’all!! For the next episode we will be doing Devin’s home state of GEORGIA! If you have a school we should look at, leave your suggestions here! —Kristin
Hamna Iqbal
Hamna Iqbal - 13 ore fa
Do Virginia
Joslyn Q.
Joslyn Q. - Giorno fa
I think you should do Michigan because there's a lot of schools and it's messed up and wonky here
Contessa - Giorno fa
Ladylike do Frederick county middle school or James wood high from Virginia!!
Desire Leslie
Desire Leslie - 15 giorni fa
Hannah Grant
Hannah Grant - 15 giorni fa
Ladylike Lumpkin County High School
Kelsey Zeus
Kelsey Zeus - 28 minuti fa
Where’s the new episode with devin yalllll
Clark Roberts
Clark Roberts - 29 minuti fa
I used to live in South Carolina
Lilly VanGorder
Lilly VanGorder - 2 ore fa
Plz plzz do one from Nevada and plzzzzzz include Douglas County dress code or also known as Douglas high school
Jessica Hammerly
Jessica Hammerly - 3 ore fa
The fishhook goes on hats
Joy Youmans
Joy Youmans - 4 ore fa
bless they’re hearts... they don’t know that the fish hooks were worn on hats...
GACHA ALC - 12 ore fa
They should do this with Mike 😱😱😱😱 that would be soo good
Like if you agree
Grace Goldberg
Grace Goldberg - 14 ore fa
You should do this with Jasmine 😂
Karen Marie Jessen
Karen Marie Jessen - 17 ore fa
https://www.boredpanda.com/roanoke-school-adopts-gender-neutral-dress-code/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=BPFacebook please try This 😊😊
Robyn van Schaik
Robyn van Schaik - 18 ore fa
Do in a video the Rules of Dutch school😜
JasperisCasper - 23 ore fa
As for the fish hooks.. back when I was in school, LOTS of the boys in my had fish hooks on their ball caps. Idk. Weird southern things. I haven't seen anything other than that though.
Hey It’s Tiff
Hey It’s Tiff - Giorno fa
You guys should try Hawaii schools
Galaxy Tails :3
Galaxy Tails :3 - Giorno fa
I got dressed couldn’t a lot because I would wear yoga pants
pony sisters
pony sisters - Giorno fa
can you do Oregon next?
Madelyn JARVIS
Madelyn JARVIS - Giorno fa
You should have done my daughter's school Wade Hampton in Greenville sc
Penguin 1502
Penguin 1502 - Giorno fa
New Hampshire please!
Maddie Rose
Maddie Rose - Giorno fa
Producer: This was actually her high school
Mike: Oooo my god!
Henry Vlogs
Henry Vlogs - Giorno fa
Do maryland
India Jenkins
India Jenkins - Giorno fa
I'm genuinely confused about what the problem is with bra straps, like are we not supposed to wear a bra?
Lizzy - Giorno fa
If you do Pennsylvania I would suggest Pittston Area for a challenge
Holly Belle
Holly Belle - 2 giorni fa
Do Virginia next!!! I know one county that is very strict, “James city county” I used to live there and boy did I hate it. Also “Frederick county” and “Loudoun county” loudoun county is pretty well known for having a relaxed dress code, some of my friends live there
Bailey Pattison
Bailey Pattison - 2 giorni fa
You should do North Carolina dress codes
Riley Raker
Riley Raker - 2 giorni fa
do it with devin then do it with a man!
Bailee Brant
Bailee Brant - 2 giorni fa
at my school your clothes must be clean and if your in 3rd grade or higher leggings are a NOPE but 2nd and under, leggings are fine... -_-
Aliyah Relucio
Aliyah Relucio - 3 giorni fa
Can you do Las Vegas pla
Reese D
Reese D - 3 giorni fa
as a south carolinian, it really sucks🤠
Abigail Hoffman
Abigail Hoffman - 3 giorni fa
PLEASE do DeSoto county schools in MISSISSIPPI (center hill high school has the worst dress code in the district)
smhsamanthalynn - 3 giorni fa
**watching this to see if my high school is here**
Chandler Alvarez
Chandler Alvarez - 3 giorni fa
Why does mike always look like he is a cat that is about to sneeze
Harlee Ramirez
Harlee Ramirez - 3 giorni fa
Do this with Morgan!!
Leah Hernandez
Leah Hernandez - 3 giorni fa
Jareni Ibar
Jareni Ibar - 3 giorni fa
Lmfao no body follows dress code at Stratford, that and only 10% of the teachers actually care about dress code
Not only that our principal said that girls who are over size two look like sausages in leggings or something like that :)
 - 3 giorni fa
You guys should do georgia!!!!
D Λ N I - 3 giorni fa
i'll be experiencing these south carolina dress codes in august. stratford is my rival school i was surprised to see them
Valentineდ金あπสж ฃ
When are you doing one with Devin and do riverwood
Jasmine Durrah
Jasmine Durrah - 3 giorni fa
Do Georgia!!!
Niyah - 3 giorni fa
can you do Maryland
Mia D. Hunter
Mia D. Hunter - 3 giorni fa
Can you do Louisiana school dress codes sometime after Georgia? I also saw a suggestion of doing middle school dress codes, and I also think it would be a good idea! The suggestion was from Sophie
Carsynisdead - 3 giorni fa
Omg thank u I live in spartanburg and it is terrible. I requested it! Also we don’t fuck our cousins lol
Daisy Velasquez-Coreas
Daisy Velasquez-Coreas - 3 giorni fa
you guys should do monroe township high school in new jersey
Candy Zhon
Candy Zhon - 3 giorni fa
I'm late
zoe lewis
zoe lewis - 3 giorni fa
Wait, that's all the clothes u have? Or do I have an addiction
Brynna Johnson
Brynna Johnson - 3 giorni fa
please do Iowa! please please, please!
zoe henry
zoe henry - 4 giorni fa
oh yeah this is exactly what south carolina is like
Lucy Grieswell
Lucy Grieswell - 4 giorni fa
Guys wear fishhooks on their hats
Lucy Grieswell
Lucy Grieswell - 4 giorni fa
Omg those places are near my school in SC, my best friend goes to blythewood!!!!!
Brenna Yeary
Brenna Yeary - Giorno fa
Lucy Grieswell I go to Blythewood, I can’t be the only one that’s happy our small town got representations😂
 - 4 giorni fa
When you do Devon's episode, you should do Centennial High School in Champaign Illinois
Hannah Long
Hannah Long - 4 giorni fa
When you live in North Carolina: *dangit*
Maddie Staggs
Maddie Staggs - 4 giorni fa
Do Virginia high schoolDress Codes
ReyBeltane - 4 giorni fa
I love Joyce, but who brings a 'dominatrix dress' to a dresscode challenge. haha
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