Disney's Aladdin Official Trailer - In Theaters May 24!

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Annabelle Mesecher
Annabelle Mesecher - 41 secondo fa
The best part of this trailer is when they are singing a whole new world 👏🏽❤️👏🏽
Mili Bhandari
Mili Bhandari - Minuto fa
Eve Lyn
Eve Lyn - 17 minuti fa
Kiran Iyer
Kiran Iyer - 31 minuto fa
“Not this princess” I felt that...you felt that...your mom felt that...the meme gods are mad at me
Sarahawesomesause - 34 minuti fa
Ik people are shitting on Jafar for his voice, but he honestly looks and sounds the most Arab
getgud vlogs tv
getgud vlogs tv - 38 minuti fa
They should of made Aladdin Brandon Rogers
getgud vlogs tv
getgud vlogs tv - 40 minuti fa
They should of made jasmine Mia Khalifa
Beth Shifflett
Beth Shifflett - 48 minuti fa
I’m glad it stays true to the culture while still being a Disney movie
Solomon McQueen
Solomon McQueen - Ora fa
He fucked up Wild, Wild West, now this!!! I hate you Will Smith!!!
S3b0rg - Ora fa
Wait, what happened to old man disguise jafar. You know, THIS IS YOUR ETERNAL REWARD N SHIT
Jenna Davis
Jenna Davis - Ora fa
You’ll find me in the theatre 🎭
Juan Ferrer
Juan Ferrer - Ora fa
The scenes from the movie look great! But the movie looks pretty bad
Christy Tina
Christy Tina - Ora fa
That first part looks ripped off directly from The Prince of Persia move, and frankly Jake Gyllenhaal is way hotter
Eleana aa.
Eleana aa. - Ora fa
bruh why does this look like a Lele Pons skit?
MrBongers - Ora fa
No thanks. Bleh .
Winter Princess
Winter Princess - Ora fa
who the heck is Daila she's not in Aladdin from the disney movie lol
G- Ridez
G- Ridez - Ora fa
ali bazzi
ali bazzi - Ora fa
Indians acting in an Arabic story in an Arabic setting, and a black genie that has been dyed blue. What could go wrong? I mean we've seen how great captain marvel turned out.
anthony galindp
anthony galindp - Ora fa
PLOT TWIST:the movie was funded by t-series
le flamboyant
le flamboyant - Ora fa
Le lieu du plaisir abonnez-vous
But why so many likes?
Cherrywarrior - Ora fa
cuz ppl like it
copeland934 Mc
copeland934 Mc - Ora fa

It's rewind time!
Keeping Up With Ozzy And Kyli
Thats more like it!!!
Bang Rasta
Bang Rasta - 2 ore fa
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Violaz - 2 ore fa
Rhett Hathaway
Rhett Hathaway - 2 ore fa
What have they done to Jafar
Cara Rankin
Cara Rankin - 2 ore fa
when Aladdin asked “do you trust me?”

I felt that
Ocelot 2011
Ocelot 2011 - 2 ore fa
Does this Aladdin have nipples this time?
Madison C
Madison C - 2 ore fa
Avengers End Game looks great.
Elizabeth Velasquez
Elizabeth Velasquez - 2 ore fa
Omg I’ve never been so excited over a movie
Shit Asshole
Shit Asshole - 2 ore fa
Grazielle Veloso
Grazielle Veloso - 2 ore fa
Guys, did you notice that the flying carpet dances just like Carlton?!
Tlahuicole XIII
Tlahuicole XIII - 3 ore fa
peachy - 3 ore fa
The girl who plays jasmine is from lemonade mouth lol
Sheng Hu
Sheng Hu - 3 ore fa
Is the Genie doing Gangnam Style on top of Ostriches?
Harmony Xiong
Harmony Xiong - 3 ore fa
Where is Mulan
lqdxoni1 - 3 ore fa
This looks so bad
Is Ro
Is Ro - 3 ore fa
What Does Jafar what the Lamp Anyway.
Conner Heagerty
Conner Heagerty - 3 ore fa
I most certainly like Will Smith as Genie in the live-action remake, but I don't like Marwan Kenzari playing as Jafar. I much prefer someone else who would've taken the role of him, someone like Sacha Baron Cohen. Now there's an actor who should've been perfect, while playing as the villain in the film.
Robert Quaintance
Robert Quaintance - 3 ore fa
No disrespect to Will Smith but, I wish Robin Williams was alive.
Isisauriraptorr - 3 ore fa
So.... no one is going to talk about Iago..??
chocotastic1 - 3 ore fa
"Stop that boy?" Aladdin looks 30 years old.
Logic Guy
Logic Guy - 3 ore fa
To save T series...
its_parris - 3 ore fa
omgg yall thats the girl from lemonade mouth!!!!😭😭
Fluttershy Licious
Fluttershy Licious - 3 ore fa
Alright, I can dig it. I still have some uneasy vibes, but from this alone, I think it might be a good movie
Master Chief
Master Chief - 4 ore fa
Getting some prince of Persia vibes from that parlour scene.
ThE MaJoR - 4 ore fa
Damm improvement
Ali - 4 ore fa
10 year old me is screaming crying clapping and jumping up and down
Ethan Rogers
Ethan Rogers - 4 ore fa
I have fantasies where one of the characters mentions they’re close to India and then Genie turns his head to the camera and says

“Sub to PewDiePie”
LootRacoon - 4 ore fa
Thanos will Smith
Victor Estrada
Victor Estrada - 4 ore fa
And 1ce Again, Another Movie You Should've Left Alone
Its a whole new world
This story is from Iraq 🇮🇶
SomeRandom Gamer
SomeRandom Gamer - 4 ore fa
They hired t series.
Nic M
Nic M - 5 ore fa
I just hope Jafars voice gets deeper later in the film when they show him as a villain and that the only reason he was so high pitch is to not seem like a threat to Aladdin. Notice how at 0:43 when he says bring me the Lamp his tone is slightly deeper.
rpierga - 5 ore fa
I don’t like her costumes!
pierre laplant
pierre laplant - 5 ore fa
They all look fairly white, like more White than they do India.
Mohammed Nasser
Mohammed Nasser - 5 ore fa
the ugliest jasmine they could ever find. they look more indian than arab
Lucas Boggins
Lucas Boggins - 5 ore fa
Why does this look like it was made by t series
Jordan Davis
Jordan Davis - 5 ore fa
Anybody else think when will smith came out of the lamp. He was going to say "Ah that's hot!"
Mariel Swindler
Mariel Swindler - 5 ore fa
Why is Disney making remakes of their great 90s classics? They should leave good movies alone and remake trashy, dated movies like Peter pan, or better yet, move on to making new, original movies. They have made several good originals since 2000, but these days they are doing nothing but more politically correct live action copies of animated masterpieces.
Keti Mporta
Keti Mporta - 6 ore fa
No, thank you, Disney.
Sophia Arana
Sophia Arana - 6 ore fa
Lil meow Meow
Lil meow Meow - 6 ore fa
I feel like when they sing “a whole new world” it should be sung sweetly but she’s kinda like belting it out in a way? Idk is it just me who thinks this? I still can’t wait to see the movie tho
Maddie - 6 ore fa
Sometimes I think everything is going to be okay, and then I see blue Will Smith.
Linus Ji
Linus Ji - 6 ore fa
After reading about so much controversial about Will Smith's genie, this is the first time I see the actual trailer, and it looks amazing
Jade RS
Jade RS - 6 ore fa
Dios mío soy la única que lloro?
Nelson Lorenzo
Nelson Lorenzo - 6 ore fa
Sarai Rodriguez
Sarai Rodriguez - 6 ore fa
Is that the girl from lemonade mouth?!
queenzz - 6 ore fa
There is nothing wrong with jafars. Voice or the genie, yal over react so much that is the best genie EVER and jafar may not be the best but still, this is alladin irl not a cartoon, they still did an amazing job especially with the settings
Janet Lewis
Janet Lewis - 6 ore fa
I want to hear Arabian nights
MrVengeance 7
MrVengeance 7 - 6 ore fa
Parkour! - Michael Scott
S Haggag
S Haggag - 6 ore fa
Dear disney, this is indian not arabic.. shame on you
Slothena Sin Saww
Slothena Sin Saww - 6 ore fa
....I might go see it
Ryan McCune
Ryan McCune - 6 ore fa
One of these days Hollywood gonna come up with some new ideas...
Wiehann Matthysen
Wiehann Matthysen - 6 ore fa
I just had a nostalgiagasm.
Alpha Stoutland
Alpha Stoutland - 6 ore fa
Ok...kinda warming up to Will's Genie now. 😀
Anyone else besides me thinking Naomi Scott was the perfect choice to play Jasmine?! She's somethin'. 😍
Ryan Brunjes
Ryan Brunjes - 6 ore fa
I admit I’m a bit iffy on Will Smith (more reassured now tho) all the hate tho is crazy.. if Robin Williams was alive being the amazing person he was I bet he’d say “Give it a chance different things are amazing in different ways”
Film-Discussion - 7 ore fa
My channel is all about Hollywood movies in 2019
Teens Intights
Teens Intights - 7 ore fa
Felix Pavlovix
Felix Pavlovix - 7 ore fa
Oh that's hot
Trevor Squires
Trevor Squires - 7 ore fa
Robin Williams will always be the best genie. But since he can’t, Will Smith is definitely going to rock this role. You all can hate all you want, but this movie looks like the best live action adaptation since Jungle Book. I’m super excited.
Robyn Rhodes
Robyn Rhodes - 7 ore fa
Abu be looking like he cheated at Jumanji
Pejelo - 7 ore fa
Is this a T-Series production?
Wildboy5699 - 7 ore fa
I'm looking forward to Toy Story 4 than this
Maggie Donnell
Maggie Donnell - 7 ore fa
1:40 😍😍
debbie reed
debbie reed - 7 ore fa
Is it just me or did they WHITE WASH this movie like they usually do? Not enough actual brown people to play Aladdin or Jasmine? Typical
Salman Shakir
Salman Shakir - 7 ore fa
it must be a top listed movie in 2019... i'm waiting of this movie with great impatience.
Pero Peric
Pero Peric - 7 ore fa
Ok now. Just don't watch this thing www .youtube. com/watch?v=94WpsxmEclw
Gracie Smallworlds
Gracie Smallworlds - 7 ore fa
She's the girl from lemonade mouth!!
Sreerej Suresh Mohan
What a moonjiya aladdin...
Ohmy gosh
Ohmy gosh - 8 ore fa
Absolute crap. What a disgrace shame on you Disney shame on you 😡
Troll Master
Troll Master - 7 ore fa
Someone's jealous
Al Die
Al Die - 8 ore fa
did I just watch about the whole movie in 2 minutes 15 seconds?
LeeAnn Nygård
LeeAnn Nygård - 8 ore fa
Based Disney with their European looking Jasmine. *rolls eyes*
UNIFIR3 _ - 8 ore fa
Trailer starts - Meh, it's alright
1:47 - Omg 😭💖
Conan World
Conan World - 8 ore fa
This princess is not a bit like jasmine
Tina Sharma
Tina Sharma - 8 ore fa
Wow 2019 thank you so much.. 💓
Zionaed Wealthers
Zionaed Wealthers - 8 ore fa
The original song of a whole new world is sung by one of the filipino singer Lea Solanga 😍😍😍😄😄😄😄
Mohammed Faiz
Mohammed Faiz - 8 ore fa
Still waiting for “Arabian Niiiiiiiiiiiights”
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