FALUDA Hunt in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka. 🇱🇰

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Dale Philip
Dale Philip - 27 giorni fa
Thumbs up if you love a good Faluda and come join me on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/daleroxxu/
Sam Anna
Sam Anna - 11 giorni fa
Dale Philip oh yeah.. 👍👍 that’s my favorite too.. but you gotta mix it all well to get the best taste you know? Hope you don’t forget to mix it the next time you try a faluda.
Muhammed Adheeb
Muhammed Adheeb - 21 giorno fa
Check thesw out for faloodas www.google.com/amp/s/www.yamu.lk/amp/blog/5-faludas-on-galle-road
forever1198 - 23 giorni fa
bombay sweet has some of the best
Ahmed Muhiyaddin
Ahmed Muhiyaddin - 25 giorni fa
Hey Dale i am a sri Lankan ok. If u can't understand our language plz use the Google translate 👌
Fernando Carreras
Fernando Carreras - Giorno fa
When you go on your Ventures what is the the food that ever got you sick
Dale Philip
Dale Philip - 16 ore fa
Something with egg in it made me sick.
MH 10
MH 10 - Giorno fa
Scotsman asking 4 a faluda priceless....
kenneth ferguson
kenneth ferguson - 2 giorni fa
Addicted to these videos now ♥️
JB 123
JB 123 - 2 giorni fa
Hello Dale, hope you had a nice time. Enjoy.
Kenny X
Kenny X - 7 giorni fa
Dale, u musta noticed by now, south/south east asians are APALLING at giving directions, EVEN if they knew english lol. they giv misdirections not directions haha
Ğāýàñ Ďìmùthù
Ğāýàñ Ďìmùthù - 7 giorni fa
Ğāýàñ Ďìmùthù
Ğāýàñ Ďìmùthù - 7 giorni fa
My sirilankan visa
Kenny X
Kenny X - 7 giorni fa
well done for touring some of sri lanka's hottest places in some of its hottest months! lol
skantha .Subra
skantha .Subra - 9 giorni fa
They never tell you how many kilos brings from sea.
Shanuka Rashmika
Shanuka Rashmika - 10 giorni fa
You are a humble person Philip.. Thanks for coming ❤🇱🇰
Donatas Nilakshan
Donatas Nilakshan - 13 giorni fa
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travel girls
travel girls - 14 giorni fa
Ha ha ha same thing has happen to me when i thought to drink faluda all the shops are close or no faluda!!!! Ur a gd hunter for faluda
PUBG Unedited
PUBG Unedited - 11 giorni fa
Some white lady ask whare is found ice cream.. unfortunately sunday evening closed all private shops... i ll tell her food city super market are only open right now.... buy ice cream or go to orio ice cream shop.... note that yore in trincomalee you want ice cream everyday oriyo - central road 300m ahed town oriyo 2 - 3rd road 400m ahed... and food city
Trinco Boys
Trinco Boys - 15 giorni fa
hi dale watching from uae 🇦🇪, your in my place now 😊 , be safe on your travels, Nice video and Beautiful beach 🏖, Thank you!
Charlmagne kumarage
Charlmagne kumarage - 16 giorni fa
Hi Dale when are you next travelling to Sri Lanka again? I'm a British citizen and lived in Sri Lanka for 20yrs and can speak fluent sinhalese, and a little bit of Tamil. I can take you anywhere in sri lanka. Sri Lanka is a very beautiful country. 🇱🇰
Janaka Goonasekera
Janaka Goonasekera - 18 giorni fa
I love how you just walk away, without taking anything personally, after that fisherman told you to get lost.
Dale Philip
Dale Philip - 17 giorni fa
Apparently he was just telling me the name of the fish hahaha
Thimira Thamira
Thimira Thamira - 19 giorni fa
dear brother u shud mix faluda before u drink. next time. wish u all the best.
R9 K
R9 K - 20 giorni fa
You have a crazy laugh
alpha hellhound
alpha hellhound - 20 giorni fa
that fisherman didn't say you to get lost dale xD he just said the name of the fish u kept asking . and he used hand gestures :)
alpha hellhound
alpha hellhound - 20 giorni fa
@Dale Philip ha ha no worries. we aren't like that xD waiting for another video man gz
Dale Philip
Dale Philip - 20 giorni fa
I interpreted it wrong 🙈😄
Cecilia Libago
Cecilia Libago - 20 giorni fa
It's a junk ! 🚲 LOL !!!
Dale Philip
Dale Philip - 19 giorni fa
It really is junk!
Mirza Khan
Mirza Khan - 20 giorni fa
Beautiful ❤️ good you give the ice Cream driver a tip 😉
matthew samuel
matthew samuel - 20 giorni fa
U should mix the faluda first until the milk becomes pink
My Travel Vanz
My Travel Vanz - 21 giorno fa
Wow so beautiful place even look like a dead town, oh i want that icecream too. Want to drive that type of toktok
Heidi - 21 giorno fa
Nice video. Beautiful beach and so happy you’re a “people” person!! Thank you!
Dale Philip
Dale Philip - 20 giorni fa
Yes. Too many people travel without ever talking to the locals other than the receptionist in their hotel and their driver. You can learn a lot and have more unique experiences by talking to every local person you meet on your travels.
Ralph Tissera
Ralph Tissera - 21 giorno fa
Dale, another excellent video. You have a great talent of giving the story in very effective manner. You are doing a great service to Sri Lanka's economy and development by giving the fascinating stories about Sri Lanka to people in all over the world. I am really proud of your hard work in these videos. Thank you for great videos. Please keep up with more videos. You have very innovative ideas to keep audience very interested. Please keep up the great work.
Dale Philip
Dale Philip - 21 giorno fa
Thanks Ralph ☺️👍
Channel Music
Channel Music - 21 giorno fa
wonder boy geramyi he met you in next video we can see him
Channel Music
Channel Music - 20 giorni fa
@Dale Philip ok dale
Dale Philip
Dale Philip - 21 giorno fa
He will be in some of my videos in the future but I still have many to upload before then.
Muhammed Adheeb
Muhammed Adheeb - 21 giorno fa
My man with the stRRong legs, if it's falooda you're looking for, you need to try these!
Sajee Peiris
Sajee Peiris - 22 giorni fa
Refreshing Scottish accent 😊
Dale Philip
Dale Philip - 22 giorni fa
Thank you :)
Sithuma Vlogs
Sithuma Vlogs - 22 giorni fa
Poor foreign 😂😂
The Worship Room
The Worship Room - 23 giorni fa
U could have had a faluda in Colombo at the elephant house main ice cream parlour or goot carnival ice cream galle Road Colombo for the best one.
Dale Philip
Dale Philip - 23 giorni fa
Thanks. Good suggestion.
Samith Madushan
Samith Madushan - 23 giorni fa
7:57 Fishermen said it's 'Thalapath' fish. It's a type of sail fish.
9:30 Kelawalla = Tuna Fish
12:09 12:09
12:09 12:09 - 23 giorni fa
R u basically a srilankan citizen now 😂 you’ve been in Sri Lanka for like 2 months now 😂
DerpiestNoob - 24 giorni fa
How much do you spend on these trips? What’s your budget! I’d love to know as it seems you can travel here for a low price :)
Dale Philip
Dale Philip - 24 giorni fa
I don't have a budget. But it doesn't cost much.
MarcR34 - 24 giorni fa
It’s great watching dale just walk around Sri Lanka.. top guy 👍🏻
Dale Philip
Dale Philip - 24 giorni fa
Cheers Marc mate 👍
S J - 24 giorni fa
Do you plan on coming to the United States?
Dale Philip
Dale Philip - 24 giorni fa
Not in my immediate plans.
Fly Way
Fly Way - 24 giorni fa
Top-class material keep it up
Andrew Sundaram
Andrew Sundaram - 24 giorni fa
Awesome video from Trincomalee Dale!
Caro - 24 giorni fa
You're not sharing the faluda with me 😑😏
Caro - 24 giorni fa
@Dale Philip it's bad 😏😡
Dale Philip
Dale Philip - 24 giorni fa
Because you are an unknown girl so I don't know you 😄
Ahmed Muhiyaddin
Ahmed Muhiyaddin - 25 giorni fa
Hey Dale i am a sri Lankan ok. If u can't understand our language plz use the Google translate 👌
Axalate - 25 giorni fa
You should have chosen the Wonder cone instead of the two bar.
Rigamage Kumarasiri
Rigamage Kumarasiri - 25 giorni fa
There are some hot springs near trinco u should try out
787.478.6899 Whatsapp
787.478.6899 Whatsapp - 25 giorni fa
You did not have to run back for a battery, and for that I thank you.
Dale Philip
Dale Philip - 25 giorni fa
NiFtY - 25 giorni fa
Dale, Kelawalla fish is Tuna (yellow fin)
Taag Mobiles
Taag Mobiles - 25 giorni fa
Samanga Udalamattha
Samanga Udalamattha - 25 giorni fa
Kelawalla means Tuna
sheron nipun
sheron nipun - 25 giorni fa
The fish is Thalapatha (Swordfish)
8unnyLove - 25 giorni fa
I would say you'd be able to find many Faluda selling bombay sweets shops in Pettah. I am not familiar with Pettah so I can't recommend a nice place but I think I have seen another commenter mentioning some place for Bombay sweets there. Also in Wellawatta on Galle Road just past the Mosque when go towards south you get some Bombay sweets shops. Though a shop may be named Bombay sweets there is also a sweet type called Bombay sweets that are very much similar to Turkish delight. Bombay sweets shops are usually Muslim owned/run. Though Turkish delight is covered in icing sugar, Bombay sweets are not. They look oily or dripping with syrup but they are super yummy. Try different varieties. Searching "colombo Bombay sweets" on Google maps show places too
( https://maps.app.goo.gl/v8fy8UBUsKxokHFG8 )
Suwini Light
Suwini Light - 25 giorni fa
Dale Philip I just saw you in Kandy lake round !!! O- nooo !! When we turned our vehicle 🚗 you weren’t there !!! 😭😭😭 I’m in Kandy ! I really wanted to meet you !! Saw you at 9:10 pm
Suwini Light
Suwini Light - 25 giorni fa
Dale Philip Awesome 😎!! Have fun !! You are an extravagantly amazing person- so are your videos! Take care 😊 Good night 😴
Dale Philip
Dale Philip - 25 giorni fa
What do you mean "Am I really in Kandy?", you just saw me at the lake hahahahaha. Sorry but I'm going to Colombo as soon as I wake up tomorrow.
Suwini Light
Suwini Light - 25 giorni fa
Dale Philip How many days are you staying in Kandy ?
Suwini Light
Suwini Light - 25 giorni fa
Dale Philip 🤣😭😢😁
Suwini Light
Suwini Light - 25 giorni fa
Dale Philip I’m on school holidays!! Can we meet tomorrow? I like to be a IT-videosr too !! Ever since I was 13 ! I can be in a IT-videos video if you want . XD Are you really in Kandy ?
Pazan Vlogs
Pazan Vlogs - 25 giorni fa
I saw u last week
Pazan Vlogs
Pazan Vlogs - 25 giorni fa
Around nithiyapuri or somewhere
Dale Philip
Dale Philip - 25 giorni fa
The Conquistador
The Conquistador - 25 giorni fa
Sri Lanka is so clean compared to its neighbors
Lana Ban
Lana Ban - 26 giorni fa
Here's a great idea. Someone please start a mountain bike shop in Sri Lanka. So, that people can hire a decent bike.
Shenya Ranmi
Shenya Ranmi - 26 giorni fa
first of all you have to mix it well
Sayen Mahes
Sayen Mahes - 26 giorni fa
Not only faloda food also very tasty
Restaurant name is #Yammy Ohh Yammy
Nilanthi Wijemanna
Nilanthi Wijemanna - 26 giorni fa
When u walking shore ...
Might that dog thinking..🐶
OMG glowing yellow creature coming..must talk to that creature bhaa bahh bahh🐕🐕
(You thinking. .omg scary dog must to walk fast 👣👣)
vijaya fernando
vijaya fernando - 26 giorni fa
Congratulations on another fantastic video. Your search for a Faluda was funny. I have seen less enthusiasm in films searching for the holy grail dale. My clan fishes in Trincomalee during these months although they are from Negombo. Really appreciate you show the fish catch. Kelawalla is a kind of tuna if I am not mistaken. I think it's creamier taste. Does not bear the fish and chips at Fort Frederick!
Wonder World
Wonder World - 26 giorni fa
Dale ,please try to speak slowly with local so they will not get scare to speak with you
Dale Philip
Dale Philip - 26 giorni fa
I do
Tore Sagen
Tore Sagen - 26 giorni fa
Be careful, the road looks narrow mate.
Tore Sagen
Tore Sagen - 26 giorni fa
How do you make money to fund these adventures?
Dale Philip
Dale Philip - 26 giorni fa
It's hardly expensive to travel in Sri Lanka. Anyone from a developed country can afford to travel there.
Janaka Senevirathna
Janaka Senevirathna - 26 giorni fa
Thank you Dale.
Something like Waterfall hunting is highly recommended.
Raekwon McMillan
Raekwon McMillan - 26 giorni fa
all the problems in life goes away when i come home and put on my head phones and watch your videos. i shouldn't do it tho when i stop watching my problems seems to have gottan bigger lol, :D love your videos x
Ravi Karunasiri
Ravi Karunasiri - 26 giorni fa
No that guy didn't ask u to go. He said thalapatha when u asked him the name of the fish
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