Trying The BLUE BLOOD Collection by Jeffree Star!

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*WHAT DO YOU THINK? LOVING THE BLUES???* 💙 don't forget to enter the giveaway!
queen bitch
queen bitch - 2 giorni fa
Blue is not for me I wont be buying it. But it was fun to watch.
Nantia Bolotaeva
Nantia Bolotaeva - 10 giorni fa
Nikkie, this is a very gorgeous look!
corina aragon
corina aragon - 15 giorni fa
Cici Gutierrez mexico 🇲🇽
songbirdmc - 16 giorni fa
I love this look!!! Could you please do a more subdued look with this palette using some of those neutrals and some softer blues.
Ayme S
Ayme S - 3 ore fa
I’ve always had blue eyes 😂🖤
*{Gacha Kate}*
*{Gacha Kate}* - 13 ore fa
Nikki needs to teach James how to get back with people
Kaisa Lidstrom
Kaisa Lidstrom - 14 ore fa
You are a beautiful Heelal, I love your videos.
Kelly Andrews
Kelly Andrews - Giorno fa
What brush are you using to bronze?!?!
N K - Giorno fa
She looks like black swan in BLUE version! So, she’s a blue swan!!!
Kimberley Berghout
Kimberley Berghout - Giorno fa
*omg i look like a worm*
honestly same.
little deer
little deer - Giorno fa
Heelal heelal heelal!
Monika Nickpour
Monika Nickpour - Giorno fa
Omg we love a good game of thrones line
YBeauty boutchich
YBeauty boutchich - Giorno fa
You are amaizingggg😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
JeanneTyV - Giorno fa
U are a make up nerd Nikkie! In the best way!!!
Tashi Haley
Tashi Haley - 2 giorni fa
I wish you'd do an everyday look with this pallette
Danytza CatLover
Danytza CatLover - 2 giorni fa
Erin O'Donoghue
Erin O'Donoghue - 2 giorni fa
Heelal :)
Samantha Nope
Samantha Nope - 2 giorni fa
Deffff a beautiful loook I love it 🥰💜
Maxwell 4218
Maxwell 4218 - 2 giorni fa
Your eyes look green. I love your eyeshadow
Maxwell 4218
Maxwell 4218 - 2 giorni fa
You are the HEELAL of makeup 🌠
ellie nora
ellie nora - 3 giorni fa
Wtf at 12:25 I literally went to close the video bc I got bored and she called me out??? Im so freaked out???
Jesus I'll stay
Lacey Lawrence
Lacey Lawrence - 3 giorni fa
A worm 😂
Elena Šlopar
Elena Šlopar - 3 giorni fa
You're missing out if you don't watch TWD
Robin Alexander
Robin Alexander - 3 giorni fa
My daughter is my HEELAL.
Catalina Rodriguez
Catalina Rodriguez - 3 giorni fa
My favorite of season eleven is miss vanjieeee
Layna Castro
Layna Castro - 3 giorni fa
You look like a mermaid with this look *--*
Anders Dosé
Anders Dosé - 3 giorni fa
Häälov gajäs
Cookie in Korea!
Cookie in Korea! - 3 giorni fa
Colors look incredible.
Gizem Külahçı
Gizem Külahçı - 4 giorni fa
I really want to be inside this BLUE HEELAL 💙 💙 (Dutch word of the day)
Anonymous A
Anonymous A - 4 giorni fa
Dalia Alani
Dalia Alani - 4 giorni fa
God what a queen !!
Libby Faye
Libby Faye - 4 giorni fa
Dutch word of the day (heelal)
Karla Aguilar
Karla Aguilar - 4 giorni fa
shady sunshine
shady sunshine - 4 giorni fa
Their way of solving their issue is the complete opposite of James and tati
Jennifer Jen
Jennifer Jen - 4 giorni fa
Here to say that I can't wait for the Final Episode this Sunday of GOT!!!!
Takeya Brooks
Takeya Brooks - 4 giorni fa
If she says drag one more time 😂🤦🏽‍♀️
The Shy Skeleton
The Shy Skeleton - 4 giorni fa
Heelal is such a pretty word
Emine Oz
Emine Oz - 4 giorni fa
Heelal( I really doooooooo)
Marius Trevelyan
Marius Trevelyan - 4 giorni fa
Heelal ♥
Amber Rose
Amber Rose - 4 giorni fa
I'm just over here wishing I had any kind of makeup skill lol. But the blue blood pallet is making me want to learn!
Stoopi.d - 4 giorni fa
I’m glad that Jeffree and nikkie are on good terms.
Danica Ajido
Danica Ajido - 5 giorni fa
I love your video 🧡
Yordina Virzara
Yordina Virzara - 5 giorni fa
That "Blue eyes" line from Tormund really funny 😆😆
heather m
heather m - 5 giorni fa
we love a blue eyed game of thrones moment 💁🏾‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️
Angela Arden
Angela Arden - 5 giorni fa
The Heelal of make-up that you have introduced me to has inspired me to best self!🌖💫🌓🌟⚡️✨💥🌍✨✨✨
unknownー - 5 giorni fa
i looooove ocean ice
Emma Henning
Emma Henning - 5 giorni fa
Game of thrones is set in my country Northern Ireland
Alisa Stewart
Alisa Stewart - 5 giorni fa
My love for you is as big as the heelal
Lynn Rainbow
Lynn Rainbow - 5 giorni fa
I wish I still had blue hair just to play with this pallette and match colors 😍 That would be a HEELAL of fun! LOL
unapologetically me
unapologetically me - 5 giorni fa
Omg I think this is my fav look using the blue blood palette yet!
Shad Labbé
Shad Labbé - 6 giorni fa
Why does she look like emilia fart
ridgyrodger956 - 6 giorni fa
Your makeup is heelal in this video. Lol love it
helen martinez
helen martinez - 6 giorni fa
3:19 why did I find that so funny😂😂😂😂
Tomas Novotny
Tomas Novotny - 6 giorni fa
Nikkie throwing shade on the beauty community for being childish
Samantha Reya Lucas
Samantha Reya Lucas - 5 giorni fa
unapologetically me
unapologetically me - 5 giorni fa
Throwing shade so maturely lol
payton - 6 giorni fa
holy shi- you know how to do your eyeshadows 🤤
Qtippchik - 6 giorni fa
You videos are the best in the heelal!
Mariana M
Mariana M - 6 giorni fa
Kinda feel guilty with no brows 🤷‍♀️
Jadyn Martinez
Jadyn Martinez - 6 giorni fa
I love u but only Jeffree can pull off no brows and that's the tea 🍵
unapologetically me
unapologetically me - 5 giorni fa
Some of us dont have a choice but to do looks without brows its fun to see looks without them (I have alopecia)
Kamilah Dwi M
Kamilah Dwi M - 7 giorni fa
Frank-Benjamin - 7 giorni fa
Joey - 7 giorni fa
Y’all Tati needs to listen to Nikkie .
420 Thicc
420 Thicc - 7 giorni fa
Fuck him
Sammy Beauty Jade
Sammy Beauty Jade - 7 giorni fa
Fucking beautiful!!
zozozo - 8 giorni fa
And under my eyes, of course the advengers. 4:01
Animation Cat
Animation Cat - 8 giorni fa
I thought the colour mintea was called mineta and I was like "wth"
Fers - 8 giorni fa
I want a similar palette but with many purples...
unapologetically me
unapologetically me - 5 giorni fa
Omg yes!
Silah Mae MUA
Silah Mae MUA - 8 giorni fa
Ionasku Alexander
Ionasku Alexander - 8 giorni fa
how bout trying to lose some weight?
Fars Hadid
Fars Hadid - 8 giorni fa
this look is truely pretty HEELALious!!!!! (hilarious lol)
keliipuuwai - 8 giorni fa
I'm here after Tati ended James's Heelal, holla
Jo W
Jo W - 8 giorni fa
Nikkie definitely is the best person in the world. She is so sweet and understanding; she is the coolest person in the heelal 🇳🇱
Edit: ig @gdcanismajoris
Anne Shaw
Anne Shaw - 8 giorni fa
I love your tutorials! This blue eye look is incredible! Thank you for making the heelal a more beautiful place!
Claire Culver
Claire Culver - 9 giorni fa
I’m under 13 I can’t
watch game of thrones
Devan Alethia
Devan Alethia - 9 giorni fa
Skylar Williams
Skylar Williams - 9 giorni fa
what did she quote in the beginning?
Saskia Sayers Jacobs
Saskia Sayers Jacobs - 9 giorni fa
Dutch word of the day. Heelal is spelled the same way in Afrikaans, and means the same thing but is pronounced differently.
Hi It's me
Hi It's me - 9 giorni fa
Jij bent de schijnende ster in het “heelal”🤩
mari alex
mari alex - 9 giorni fa
как эта ведьма делает так, что ни одни тени у нее не осыпаются на макияж лица блеать?
Niyati Abrol
Niyati Abrol - 9 giorni fa
Heelal🌠🌠- Dutch word of the day
:/ :/
:/ :/ - 9 giorni fa
It’s like I’m the heelal and you be N•A•S•A
Luke - 9 giorni fa
"... waiting for the day that I can be a judge (at RuPaul's Drag Race) Nikkie... was dat foreshadowing? g i r l
Salsa Bila
Salsa Bila - 10 giorni fa
This is so beautiful 😭💙
Danni Jonas
Danni Jonas - 10 giorni fa
You are the center of my heelal!
Em Lay
Em Lay - 11 giorni fa
What is this about her being helal lol is she waiting until marriage
Kelly Resch
Kelly Resch - 11 giorni fa
Love this look, love you, and love the Dutch word of the day. I’m an American girl, but speak Deutsch, so they are often similar. ❤️
Sofia Collado
Sofia Collado - 11 giorni fa
blues are the color of the universe, the heelal, and it does matches you being the star and a queen in your own world 😘
blue13calypso - 11 giorni fa
I just loooove that you advise people to watch GOT! I do that aall the time! And i love this dutch word of the day thing, also! Heelal is a great one!
Jethreen M.
Jethreen M. - 11 giorni fa
I LOVE HOW you play the colors and blend them prettily. 💎💙💙
Chiara Papa
Chiara Papa - 12 giorni fa
Amour Tori
Amour Tori - 12 giorni fa
I like that word Heelal
Zoey Balderston
Zoey Balderston - 12 giorni fa
PLEASE do the blood sugar palette next! I want to see what you do with it
Ashlyn Munoz
Ashlyn Munoz - 13 giorni fa
Big Beautiful Me
Big Beautiful Me - 13 giorni fa
Wow this looked very nice!
Camila L.
Camila L. - 13 giorni fa
Wtf the majority of the world watches GAME OF THRONEES it’s crazy to think 67% years f ya people don’t watch u are RIGHT they are truly missing out
Karolina Wróbel
Karolina Wróbel - 13 giorni fa
Wow. Real heelal🌌 I can't take my eyes on this look. Just love it!💙💙💙
DZ Gang
DZ Gang - 13 giorni fa
U should do a tutorial of all the colors of the rainbow like partick star did on his series
łvan radic
łvan radic - 13 giorni fa
Bye me brows,
Goodbye me frends.
Alma Lucero
Alma Lucero - 13 giorni fa
minerva sabillena
minerva sabillena - 13 giorni fa
SuperJhong - 13 giorni fa
The combination of Blue Hues + Crystals give you that Dream like Galactic Fantasy, you might be mistaken as a Queen of Heelal. Yays 😉😉💕
poli6ady - 13 giorni fa
you ORDERED this
ketlin Brandão
ketlin Brandão - 14 giorni fa
Nikkie a love you make Brazil💗💗💗💗
S C - 14 giorni fa
Thank God you don’t drone on and on like Tati, I couldn’t actually watch one full vid of hers
S C - 14 giorni fa
Nikki, why didn’t you use all of Starr’s products? Like primer, foundation, etc??
Honey Rose
Honey Rose - 14 giorni fa
I love how Jefree named his shade undertaker like jefree you like wrestling too ?x
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