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STAN ITZY - 13 ore fa
Jacob Rudder
Jacob Rudder - Giorno fa
Imagine how awful it would be to have to walk down STAIRS to get from your personal, fully functioning, in house gym to your master bedroom, which is itself bigger than some people's houses. What a truly difficult existence.
Cierra Thomas
Cierra Thomas - 2 giorni fa
Hey Elle
Josiah Keith
Josiah Keith - 4 giorni fa
Do you remember them underwear someone sent u guys u guys had me dying out laughing
Bryan Zuniga
Bryan Zuniga - 4 giorni fa
Your house is so beautiful 😍
Danram Haytasingh
Danram Haytasingh - 5 giorni fa
Swimming lessons

Elizabeth ogal
Elizabeth ogal - 6 giorni fa
How big is your house that you can put a gym in side that house might have caused a lot of money 🤑🤯🤯👩‍💻
Desarta Haliti
Desarta Haliti - 9 giorni fa
I don't like other people
Austin: "Okay Wally, you need to go across the house"
Me: If Wally was at my house, he'd have to go across the hallway at my house cause my house is so damn small 🙄😂
Geraldina Bardales
Geraldina Bardales - 9 giorni fa
I would help Catherine LoL
Cameron Smith
Cameron Smith - 9 giorni fa
Aziah Dayz
Aziah Dayz - 10 giorni fa
I’m the one who sent them the pillow and blanket! I love you guys !
Allena Wunderlich
Allena Wunderlich - 10 giorni fa
I am laying on that accact same looking catipillar
Ashlyn Manuelito
Ashlyn Manuelito - 12 giorni fa
ASHLYN Manuelito 3🐶
Chloe-Marie Rivas Acevedo
Chloe-Marie Rivas Acevedo - 13 giorni fa
My name is Chloe Marie
Aleksa Kurtuma
Aleksa Kurtuma - 15 giorni fa
You are always the best and super kind to the ACE family
Ÿøki - 15 giorni fa
Honestly... I have no idea why u need to have such a big house. Or should I say mansion? Like why do u need so much space..? I mean it’s like u just want to flex on us witch isn’t really nice.
leyla torres
leyla torres - 21 giorno fa
Beautiful video 😍😍💞💕💓
Carrie Becker
Carrie Becker - 22 giorni fa
Elle is EXTREMELY smart!!
Angel Kwartemah
Angel Kwartemah - 22 giorni fa
You guys are 😎 right
Butful.lady0127. Leila 23rd
The house is so nice and your family is beautiful
Marwa Sibaouih
Marwa Sibaouih - 23 giorni fa
Love uuu guys❤
Izabella Aimen
Izabella Aimen - 23 giorni fa
NmCristina Martinez
NmCristina Martinez - 24 giorni fa
By the way Catherine you are pretty
Jonarys Perez
Jonarys Perez - 24 giorni fa
Anastasia lopez
Anastasia lopez - 27 giorni fa
Selva Anandasivam
Selva Anandasivam - 29 giorni fa
your child is wearing a bra
C'Aira Holmes
C'Aira Holmes - Mese fa
Elle is the smartest baby ever
C'Aira Holmes
C'Aira Holmes - Mese fa
The caterpillar's name is Mr.Sinapead
Jacinta Loxley
Jacinta Loxley - Mese fa
The pool is such a vibe!!
John Alex
John Alex - Mese fa
Ivan Angulo
Ivan Angulo - Mese fa
I hope all you Ace Family Members have a great day and many more to come so just live it up one day at a Time.
TheVassgto - Mese fa
Austin such perfect teeth 🦷
Sonu Rai
Sonu Rai - Mese fa
Hey ace family this one girl live by the hills and knows where you guys live and her name is victoria
Debra - Mese fa
Hopefully Austin don’t act like this 24/7 cuz I’d get annoyed af
Blaze Fire
Blaze Fire - Mese fa
Imagine having to WALK ALL THE WAY AROUND THE HOUSE TO GET TO YOUR HOME GYM... life must be so hard
Blaze Fire
Blaze Fire - Mese fa
The subscribe button is at the bottom dumbass
Ed Stell
Ed Stell - Mese fa
Itzel Vallejo
Itzel Vallejo - Mese fa
People don’t buy this shit you can’t just make YouTube videos and afford mansions and shit man. This is all fake. This is all paid for by something else come on
Queen Queen
Queen Queen - Mese fa
Stunning together Lways
Cute couple ever and soo loving
Prossimi video