Halloween - Official Trailer (HD)

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Davey Bygraves
Davey Bygraves - 17 ore fa
I like it a little
Maria Zarate
Maria Zarate - 4 giorni fa
did anyone else notice that someone else was in the house on the 3th window?
Afr0 Plays
Afr0 Plays - 5 giorni fa
2:21 weird cut scene
insanelook - 7 giorni fa
Jeeeeeeesus christ, what a pile of shiet this movie was. One of the worst if not the worse of the whole serie. I saw halloween 2 in 1982 and trust me till today is indeed the scariest movie I ever seen in my life in movie theaters, nothing comes close to it for it's suspense and scary moments and it's music is aswell the best version ever done of all Halloweens, thanks to john carpenter. The rest simply forget, ok Halloween III is a pretty cool one aswell despite being a flop when it came out.
Disgusting Things
Disgusting Things - 9 giorni fa
Halloween Kills - October 16th 2020 & Halloween Ends - October 15th 2021
81mookthespook - 10 giorni fa
I just seen this for 1st time today and i actually liked it a bit more then i thought i would i give it a solid B rating
dynabomb - 11 giorni fa
Can't imagine coming back to role after 40 years, incredible- you go girl!
Bobby White
Bobby White - 12 giorni fa
Was this movie any good?
Fictiv Gaming
Fictiv Gaming - 16 giorni fa
Ynfiny you can be the end of the world ys' creppy my hyng one day
mesut ıcten
mesut ıcten - 16 giorni fa
Üstad Haluk Bilginer🇹🇷
ii_ faiiryblxssom
ii_ faiiryblxssom - 17 giorni fa
I had a nightmare about this Michael was about to kill me then I woke right up
CrazyIvchoo1 - 17 giorni fa
Whats making this movie great is the presence of jamie lee curtis , new michael myers grandpa and the new fucking mask
Logan Gastrich
Logan Gastrich - 18 giorni fa
Happy Halloween Michael 🎃
Tommy Huncho
Tommy Huncho - 18 giorni fa
2:36 That feeling you have when your doing something bad and mom comes in
Amber leyah Love
Amber leyah Love - 19 giorni fa
Jamie Lee is a bad ass true bad ass
Nuri Can Çakır
Nuri Can Çakır - 19 giorni fa
Mal gibi film gerizekalı sonunda maskesini açmıyor sakin izlemeyin boşa vakit kaybı
Pop Music Piano Tutorials
Pop Music Piano Tutorials - 20 giorni fa
Here's a really good remake of the Halloween Theme. https://youtu.be/nJlETsMyZdY
JaceD4V1S88 - 20 giorni fa
some of those deleted scenes shouldve been left in
Donn Tmv
Donn Tmv - 20 giorni fa
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Halloween 2020
Michael is coming for you....
Joseph Chapman
Joseph Chapman - 22 giorni fa
and lets not forget about the two Halloweens decated to his baby neice who he kidnap in one and part two she escaped after givin birth n hid the baby Michael killed her n tryed trackin baby down at end tommy i believe was his name n girl escaped with the baby n at end dr.loomis died what eva happen to them
Joseph Chapman
Joseph Chapman - 22 giorni fa
im confused n wondered i thought she died when he stab her at the hospitail n threw her off the roof while he hung upside down when she tried takin off his mask
Tommy Mahoney
Tommy Mahoney - 20 giorni fa
This movie is a sequel to the 1978 movie and Laurie and Micheal are not brother and sister in this movie, they’re ignoring all the other sequels.
Caroline Rogel
Caroline Rogel - 23 giorni fa
Michelle williams and josh hartnet too
Caroline Rogel
Caroline Rogel - 23 giorni fa
He would be 80..just sayin
Abhi shek
Abhi shek - 23 giorni fa
sdstuckey4126 - 23 giorni fa
Michelle’s revenge
AgentRedgrave - 25 giorni fa
Best slasher movie since the original Halloween. Hands down, absolutely loved it
Silent Exror
Silent Exror - 26 giorni fa
Just a 2019 comment coming thru. Ah, what is this non-scaring shet? XD
Noodu - AshleyRaven
Noodu - AshleyRaven - 28 giorni fa
Me: watches half of the trailer
Also me: Comes back to watch the second half after seeing the movie
king boy max
king boy max - 29 giorni fa
michael myers vs jason jason wins hahahahahahahahahahahaha
scar gamer
scar gamer - Mese fa
Константин Constantine
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Abu Sufiyan
Abu Sufiyan - Mese fa
Very ghosty
osgood good
osgood good - Mese fa
Sidney Chan
Sidney Chan - Mese fa
William Shatner has seen better days
Trenton - Mese fa
What I did not like about this movie is the storyline is a continuation of the 1st movie (1978) only. It doesn't even acknowledge the 2nd movie that starred JLC where Michael tried to kill her in the hospital. All the events after the 1st movie were erased from the storyline. The writers should have at least included the 2nd movie.
AgentRedgrave - 25 giorni fa
They did it that way because they weren't fans of the reveal that Laurie was Michael's sister. For years it's been accepted that while Michael will kill just about anyone, his prime targets have been his own family (From his sisters, to his niece and nephew and great-nephew). But by removing that reveal, they've brought Michael back to his roots. He doesn't have any reason for choosing who he goes after. He simply is just a pure evil force of nature, just like John Carpenter and Debra Hill originally envisioned as
Константин Constantine
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Samet Toprak
Samet Toprak - Mese fa
Haluk BİLGİNER Turkey super artist.. 👏👏
Константин Constantine
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Malang malang
Malang malang - Mese fa
Not scary than Anton Chigurh
Tucker Bowen
Tucker Bowen - Mese fa
'The Night _He_ Came Home!'
Pixie Dust
Pixie Dust - Mese fa
When I was little I thought micheal Myers was my boyfriend....
james westbrook
james westbrook - Mese fa
Who's here after they announced Halloween kills and Halloween ends bro
thibo - Mese fa
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