Céline Dion Carpool Karaoke

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sainapaul - Ora fa
Where is the LOVE button ??
Botond Hajdó
Botond Hajdó - Ora fa
Best Monday night ever!
Witch Rowena
Witch Rowena - Ora fa
"Você se sentiu bem? Você está bem?"
CELINE - *Eu preciso de álcool*
SOCORRO 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ELA É HILÁRIA
Witch Rowena
Witch Rowena - 2 ore fa
8:35 her face 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lucy Jones
Lucy Jones - 2 ore fa
Celine we 💕 you!!!
Peege Clarke
Peege Clarke - 2 ore fa
She's funny . We should hang out.
Сергей Саксонов
Селин Дион - супер!!!
Dimas A Setiawan
Dimas A Setiawan - 3 ore fa
That voice is soooooo A M A Z I N G G G G. . . . . 🎶
In Food We Trust
In Food We Trust - 3 ore fa
We need a carpool karaoke with billie eilish right now!!
Grace Yang
Grace Yang - 3 ore fa
Replay Celine Dion chest thumping 1000 times and I won’t stomp laughing! 😂
Akey Key
Akey Key - 3 ore fa
Great voice, simpatico and funny. But is she ok?
So extremely thin... I hope Celine have many good friends.
aliska8 - 3 ore fa
Monkey Steele
Monkey Steele - 4 ore fa
At 3.49 when celine kisses james im laughing so much
Atiz Valen
Atiz Valen - 4 ore fa
Yerlyn Maria Abarca Lopez
Shes so cute when she excuses herself to say hi to the fans
Ilyass Touhami
Ilyass Touhami - 5 ore fa
Who wants a carpool karaoke with Billie eilish
Brittney Caton
Brittney Caton - 5 ore fa
that was...BEAUTIFUL
Michelle's Life Atventures
Its like i want to press the like button a million times. This is amazing
Lyssa tRex
Lyssa tRex - 6 ore fa
13:02 what's a beautiful moment ❤
BrixStar - 6 ore fa
*I know what are you thinking right now and I say "ikr!"*
👇If my answer is right change this to blue...
KiesARTs - 6 ore fa
Нихуёво тётя Циля постарела! Время падло никого не пощадит!
WiTh mE
WiTh mE - 7 ore fa
Wow what am i supposed to comment...🙄ending was idk...no words at all
Mirna Prasaja
Mirna Prasaja - 7 ore fa
The last part was fantastic!! When they sang Titanic song on the boat
Kenneth Kaniff
Kenneth Kaniff - 7 ore fa
I’ve been commenting that I want an Eminem carpool karaoke forever now! Finally other people are commenting it and getting attention
Mo A
Mo A - 8 ore fa
what only three pair of shoes? i'm sure Celine was saying goodbye to the shoes....bye shoe i'll miss you! lol
Jensen_dab - 9 ore fa
What is the new song?
Ron Eduard Encilan
Ron Eduard Encilan - 9 ore fa
Taylor Swift in Carpool Karaoke please?
简宇行 - 9 ore fa
Celine Dion is so Brilliant!!!
Shay Banks
Shay Banks - 9 ore fa
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Nick Kal
Nick Kal - 9 ore fa
We need a Billie eilish Carpool Karaoke !!!
joshcka - 10 ore fa
She always be my crush side by side with Shania Twain ❤️
Julia Zajac
Julia Zajac - 11 ore fa
I can't stop watching this 😂
옆집톡깽이 - 12 ore fa
She's so humorous!! I love her! 🤣
Gabryll Gabotero
Gabryll Gabotero - 16 ore fa
too entertaining!!!
Amanda Garcia
Amanda Garcia - 17 ore fa
2:27-2:38 I LAUGHED SO HARD 😂
Hanzz GM
Hanzz GM - 18 ore fa
Name of the song in the minute 10:45 ????
阿婷 Wen
阿婷 Wen - 18 ore fa
Could someone list the songs?
Kris West
Kris West - 19 ore fa
She's lit
xime ximenita
xime ximenita - 21 ora fa
Q mujer mas fea parece un cadaver y con lo millonaria q es q bronca me da dios le da pan q quien no tiene dientes !!!!😠😠😡😡😡😡😠😠
Sila Septiarsini
Sila Septiarsini - 21 ora fa
Is jack back? After a long time? Lol
Samantha Tree
Samantha Tree - 22 ore fa
Love her! ❤️❤️
Seo Son young
Seo Son young - 22 ore fa
Nct 127 Karaoke pleseas♡♡♡
Ebony Cummings
Ebony Cummings - 22 ore fa
That ring is gorgeous, she is a legend!
Cat C
Cat C - 22 ore fa
Jack gained a few pounds. 😂🤣
Terri Lynch My Life
Terri Lynch My Life - 22 ore fa
🤣🤣 That was great!
Robert Robinson
Robert Robinson - 23 ore fa
Yaileth Yeraldine Liscano Tezara
Lloré mas que con la película...!!! Yo me hubiera muerto de emoción...
Frankie V
Frankie V - 23 ore fa
Such a sport. Should have been in Harry Potter as someone's crazy anunt
Mart diva1979
Mart diva1979 - Giorno fa
This is incredible 1 of the best carpool ever
John L
John L - Giorno fa
Because u loved me
SouthernGirlsRock - Giorno fa
What a crazy wonderful lady! Love the humor in her, lol she is an awesome lady for sure!
Mindy Orzel
Mindy Orzel - Giorno fa
Love Celine Dion.
I am ready for Cher or Dolly Parton
Nejun14 Nejun_14
Nejun14 Nejun_14 - Giorno fa
I wonder if she thinks about her hubby 😔
Yrag 97
Yrag 97 - Giorno fa
Right here the guest everyone wants to see, lewis capaldi carpool karaoke.
A. Karatas
A. Karatas - Giorno fa
the world is talking about co2-emissions and how to reduce. and he drives with one of the most co2-monsters through the cities, showing stars. Do this thing with an electric car.
C g
C g - Giorno fa
James singing ruins this. We want that gorgeous insane Canadian songstress!!! Not some English tub of lard
mary nile
mary nile - Giorno fa
love her!!
Chip Douglas
Chip Douglas - Giorno fa
Massetson khumukcham
Massetson khumukcham - Giorno fa
Celine you're the best 😂😂😂
Joe jackson
Joe jackson - Giorno fa
Do little mix
Fiesta Potato
Fiesta Potato - Giorno fa
Those are worth thousand and thousands of dollars and they dont want it wow..
Tweety Pie
Tweety Pie - Giorno fa
Fiesta Potato bet he regretted after he actually thought about it.
*what song did they sang right after they giving out shoes?!*
Professor Octávio
Professor Octávio - Giorno fa
Celine sings so well that sometine her voice looks like exactly the songs that plays on the radio
Shubhasya Shigram
Shubhasya Shigram - Giorno fa
Who listens to such creatures now a days.
PKU阿德 - Giorno fa
OMG... what happened to her....
Issaad Narimene
Issaad Narimene - Giorno fa
We want Taylor Swift
Mxis Song
Mxis Song - Giorno fa
OMG you got to do car karaoke with Celine.... EPIC!!!!
ika applejuice
ika applejuice - Giorno fa
Celine dion im your fans
syafian - Giorno fa
I see moretoki vibe
John Cao
John Cao - Giorno fa
14:01 I would've yelled "I've got it!" and then jump in
Beverley Chawanda
Beverley Chawanda - Giorno fa
What’s name of the first song When celine kissed James
Bertrand Pradalier
Bertrand Pradalier - Giorno fa
It's All Coming Back To Me Now: one of best videos (if not her best): it-videos.org/pDxoj-tDDIU-video.html (short version: 6 min still :-) or it-videos.org/j8fHNdrZTSI-video.html (7:36 min)
Nimo Nimo
Nimo Nimo - Giorno fa
The look she gave James when he was talking about the baby shark song 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣
Floro del Pilar
Floro del Pilar - Giorno fa
I truly wonder how does it feel like when you can sing any song out there. One of a kind talent this woman is
vm_obninsk - Giorno fa
Mufoso - Giorno fa
La numero uno!! Stupenda ❤️❤️
Dayan Regeance Sihotang
what a good video...omg
Yusuf Alfresco Official
Good. So entertained and funny 🤣😁
oktavianus rooselvelt
oktavianus rooselvelt - Giorno fa
Wow amazing i like u Celine Dion..
Bati Bati
Bati Bati - Giorno fa
the best ever...!!!
Jennifer Hohensee
Jennifer Hohensee - Giorno fa
Holy cow, I forgot how many songs she had that were hits. She is HYSTERICAL!
S CH - Giorno fa
Quel est le titre de la chanson a 10:42, je suis complètement fan merci
Bertrand Pradalier
Bertrand Pradalier - Giorno fa
On ne sait pas encore: titre de son futur album prévu pour novembre :-)
naffy trawally
naffy trawally - Giorno fa
she is so sweet i love you 😘 in my love
sodry valodea
sodry valodea - Giorno fa
Celine, a love you! You've fascinated me since childhood, and i grew up with your music! Hope you live forever!!! You are lively
and cheerful!
Meme Guy
Meme Guy - Giorno fa
This video came out on my birthday 😱😱😱😱
Gusnawati Lu
Gusnawati Lu - Giorno fa
Amazing voice
Scott Hickman
Scott Hickman - Giorno fa
What's the song at 1:24
Hadi Wijaya
Hadi Wijaya - Giorno fa
Two thumbs for Celine Dion!
Bianca Hotca
Bianca Hotca - Giorno fa
Celine was very funny indeed, but i'm sorry to say, she scared me when she got in the car. i won't say it, but she's too orange and too skinny. she doesn't look healthy. and that blue eyeshadow is making her look worse. ce cadavru a intrat in masina? doamne feri si apara, te speri cand te uiti la ea. o sperietura! the makeup makes her look sickly and the lack of lip color awful! she looks like....an orange cadaver. she gotta get, get healthy
Skrilax Rev
Skrilax Rev - Giorno fa
What a great personality
mariel cabunias
mariel cabunias - Giorno fa
goosebumps while singing the "my heart will go on". beautiful. i can't stop crying. celine dion #thelegend😍😍😍😍
aqua snek
aqua snek - Giorno fa
OMG those people that got her shoes were so lucky and they don't even realize it. I don't even wear heels, but I'd wear hers with confidence! Just to have her wave at me would make my 10 year old soul so happy!
raven r
raven r - Giorno fa
She's turned into a mutant
Erika Perez
Erika Perez - Giorno fa
It's amazing this woman!!!!
Laura Lynn Martin
Laura Lynn Martin - Giorno fa
I frikkin love this 😂
becky martin
becky martin - Giorno fa
hate to say it,, but besides the fact that she is WAY TO THIN AND LOOKS LIKE SHE HAS ANOREXIA ,,,,i feel she is on some kinda drug,,,,wow,,wtf happened to her,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,she looks bad,,,,wow
becky martin
becky martin - Giorno fa
beautiful singer and funny too,, still love her voice
Rashid Trifisse
Rashid Trifisse - Giorno fa
"kaymchi zin w kayb9aw hrofo", the Moroccan will understand me, Respect legend
Sarah Giles
Sarah Giles - Giorno fa
A Canadian!!! love her
Claudia Martins Pereira
Di Ca
Di Ca - Giorno fa
nolans aquatics
nolans aquatics - Giorno fa
Do dolly Parton next
Prossimi video