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Elise Blackburn
Elise Blackburn - 5 ore fa
It’s so weird seeing someone with the same name as me but it’s spelled different 😂
AstroGold - 6 ore fa
This is *hands-down* the best crossover I've ever seen since 2012's Avengers...
Vincent Licas
Vincent Licas - 8 ore fa
Funny how people in this comment section love the Funhaus gang and never heard of them. Because of Funahaus, I found Smosh Games. Funhaus peeps are way funnier if you like lowbrow/dark comedy. I advise you all to check out their videos.
Ashley Brooke
Ashley Brooke - 10 ore fa
Who really wants to see them do a try not to laugh with Brandon Rogers
Piper Mcgrath
Piper Mcgrath - 11 ore fa
you guys have to have Liza koshy as a guest on the show it would be so funny
SomeFrikinIdiot - 12 ore fa
Imagine elise and jujimufu
Ali the goat Christian the giraffe
who else thinks Brandon Rogers should be on this show
Levi Specter
Levi Specter - 12 ore fa
Loki Poketale
Loki Poketale - 13 ore fa
Loki Poketale
Loki Poketale - 13 ore fa
Elyse vs. Gus. Who wins?
i cant splel
i cant splel - 14 ore fa
adum klovics is making new friends. that should help with his depression
beerpowered - 15 ore fa
Hit the bell, pfft im not even subbed. Im here for Funhaus! Smosh ain't been funny in years.
H2O -tastic
H2O -tastic - 17 ore fa
Can we get Jenna and Julien on here please????
Matthewjim - 20 ore fa
Do a try not to laugh challenge with Flula
Angela Buchanan
Angela Buchanan - 21 ora fa
The home alone 4 one 😂😂😂
Dejah - 22 ore fa
They gotta different type of humor 🤣🤣🤣 loved it
Alisia Krieg
Alisia Krieg - 22 ore fa
What is the Challenger Disaster? I’ve never heard of that before
Raiden Jaden
Raiden Jaden - 23 ore fa
gimme elyse, gus, shayne, and damien on an episode and it'll be perfection
Katana - Giorno fa
Okay, I don't know any of the people from Funhaus's names but the one guy has really pretty eyes
afutla qian
afutla qian - Giorno fa
Every time Elyse says anything about Ocean Master I laugh so hard
C Know
C Know - Giorno fa
You guys are hilarious. Keep up the great work yall.
Epic Tryhard duh
Epic Tryhard duh - Giorno fa
peachy - Giorno fa
the big bird challenger and the princess diana bits for this show are officially my top favorite jokes
afutla qian
afutla qian - Giorno fa
What kind of songs are considered copyright songs?
Bunchanismo Storytime
Bunchanismo Storytime - Giorno fa
The home alone bit is the best one ever!! Funhaus rocks! Adam is a cuk
It's Clekken647
It's Clekken647 - Giorno fa
S E N D 🅱️ A S S
Jakob Smith
Jakob Smith - Giorno fa
11:50 Shane looks like a family guy character 😂
Brown Panther
Brown Panther - Giorno fa
Feels bad for 4:35 for me
R.I.O.T SPEEDY - Giorno fa
Happy birthday shayne we share the same birthday 😂
Karyme Rivera
Karyme Rivera - Giorno fa
Julien solomita would be hilarious on this!!
Frankie Ulin
Frankie Ulin - Giorno fa
This is the most unfunny video ive seen in my life how do you guys have a series with this garbage
SerjEpic - Giorno fa
Jeremy Cox
Jeremy Cox - Giorno fa
Where is James
NationOne44 - Giorno fa
Y'all ain't ready for Elyse
E.n. D.
E.n. D. - Giorno fa
You guys should invite markiplier and jacksepticey it will really be awkward
iguess itsfine
iguess itsfine - Giorno fa
Omg have jenna and julien in an episode
Estefanía Doreste
Estefanía Doreste - Giorno fa
The thing with this vids is that I never want them to end
Samus7000 - Giorno fa
Anyone else get confused that they used music from The Sims 2?
Daniel Wagner
Daniel Wagner - Giorno fa
What kind of songs are considered copyright songs?
Brian Loveland
Brian Loveland - Giorno fa
Wow 3for3 that’s bananas
Ava Grace
Ava Grace - Giorno fa
why don’t they have a drain or something where they spit the water
Watergirl Blue
Watergirl Blue - Giorno fa
18:49 aww Shayne
Tatiana Williams
Tatiana Williams - Giorno fa
You guys have to get jenna and julien on here. It would be so much fun 😂
Oompa Loompa
Oompa Loompa - Giorno fa
At 17:45 Shane should have said honey i can explain
Sagee - Giorno fa
It was a bad idea to watch this while drinking a smoothie... it’s on my wall now
Edit: it’s okay I needed a new wall color anyway...
Sagee - Giorno fa
It was a bad idea to watch this while drinking a smoothie... it’s on my wall now
Yeeboy 23
Yeeboy 23 - Giorno fa
Love shirt Courtney
Bologna Sandwiches
Bologna Sandwiches - Giorno fa
Try not to laugh with Trey Kennedy
Gabby Lundy
Gabby Lundy - Giorno fa
*10 seconds in* Idk who Funhaus is but I'm on board.
MacGamer Media
MacGamer Media - 2 giorni fa
5:17 I thought that was supposed to be Davy Jones.
《 Darkedy 》
《 Darkedy 》 - 2 giorni fa
14;00 i don’t get it
虫ちゃん - 2 giorni fa
this video really opened my eyes to the fact that FunHouseTM isnt funny
XzTS - 2 giorni fa
Why do I get the feeling that Elyse could sense James was about to beat the crap out of Ian with the guitar
XzTS - 2 giorni fa
KFC: Kicks For Children
Arwen Lopez
Arwen Lopez - 2 giorni fa
Ethan Equinox
Ethan Equinox - 2 giorni fa
Since technically Anthony has his own youtube channel why not ask him to be a guest on the show!?!?
Kynon Berry
Kynon Berry - 2 giorni fa
I have
Synical - 2 giorni fa
Damn Ian looks like a dad
Hannah Van Genderen
Hannah Van Genderen - 2 giorni fa
“Go around it” 😂
Wally Franks
Wally Franks - 2 giorni fa
i love how shayne made courtney laugh effortlessly. it was actually funnier than the banana act he showed her honestly
Walton Bost
Walton Bost - 2 giorni fa
What happened to Noah?
Prossimi video