SERBIA vs. ITALY - Highlights Men | Volleyball Olympic Qualification 2019

Volleyball World
Volleyball World - 8 giorni fa
🏐 All Matches & Highlights from the Men's Volleyball OQT 2019
Nutcracker - 22 ore fa
Gianelli the best setter!
Number Eight
Number Eight - 2 giorni fa
Where I can find full match?
Krasimir Dragomirov
Krasimir Dragomirov - 2 giorni fa
Mamu im jebem talianska ta ne gi bihte!
wang botong
wang botong - 3 giorni fa
Where is Lanza? he is hot, but Italy team is better without him.
Jo - 3 giorni fa
Ahahah true
Lorenzo Vazquez Alcantara
Estoy con Serbia, pero, aunque haya ganado Italia, la revancha será importante....Adelante Serbia desde México 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽 saludos excelente equipo
Aye Me
Aye Me - 6 giorni fa
Wow Italy
King M4rc3l
King M4rc3l - 7 giorni fa
Poland!!!! Champions to Olympic games tokyo
IT - 7 giorni fa
Ta qifshaaaa serbinnnnm
C S - 7 giorni fa
I love Serbia's uniform. They look hot in that clothing.
SpT3 - 7 giorni fa
What team do you think has the best chance of gold in Tokyo? Personally, I think that Poland and Russia are the biggest favourites.
Chris Enright
Chris Enright - 7 giorni fa
Air horn worst thing in history
Alison - 7 giorni fa
Fantastic Giannelli👏😍
iurie gradinaru
iurie gradinaru - 7 giorni fa
Zaitsev Antonov Huantorena italiano 100%...
Abi Gail
Abi Gail - 2 giorni fa
iurie gradinaru yep!
iurie gradinaru
iurie gradinaru - 2 giorni fa
@Abi Gail italiano???
Abi Gail
Abi Gail - 2 giorni fa
Zaytsev is born and raised in Italy so he’s basically italian while Antonov was bron in Russia but grew up and trained in Italy. Juantorena is a naturalize Italian like LEON of poland and leal of BRAZIL. They are all Cuban but naturalize in different country.
Miaka Yuki
Miaka Yuki - 7 giorni fa
Amazing Giannelli 🙌👏😍
Luciano Lavecchia
Luciano Lavecchia - 8 giorni fa
Grandi e basta!
Asdrubale Porretto
Asdrubale Porretto - 8 giorni fa
MrACF1926 - 8 giorni fa
Water polo men, Softball, and now the two volleyball teams. Can we bring one or two more teams to Tokyo? FORZA AZZURRI!
fra francyPv
fra francyPv - 6 giorni fa
we also got rhymic gymnastic team farfalle already in 2018
BrosDara ra
BrosDara ra - 6 giorni fa
hm q
hm q - 6 giorni fa
waterpolo women?
Roberto Dattoli
Roberto Dattoli - 8 giorni fa
Grandissima Italia 🇮🇹!!! Fantastici ragazzi 💪💪💪
rahmat efendi
rahmat efendi - 8 giorni fa
Congrats italy
live love
live love - 8 giorni fa
อิตาลี ❤❤❤
Vin Credible
Vin Credible - 8 giorni fa
that one hand backrow set by giannelli is just superb...claim that olympic gold baby!!!
kuay yai
kuay yai - 8 giorni fa
มีแต่บักหล่อๆ หีแข็งเลยกู
valter pedani
valter pedani - 8 giorni fa
Grazie meravigliosi ragazzi.
John Doek
John Doek - 8 giorni fa
OG - golden calf.... not fair key... Now Serbia is going to play with other very good NTs in one European group... America has two groups.... Why? For votes? OG - it is a source of income for FIVB - 11 tournaments , organisers have to pay to FIVB - how much each?
Giulia Lanciano
Giulia Lanciano - 8 giorni fa
when will be uploaded the full match? looking forward to see it
Joe amkevi
Joe amkevi - 8 giorni fa
Serbian they just nervous they re good but weldoene ITALIA
Quello scarso a Fifa
Quello scarso a Fifa - 8 giorni fa
I dislike sono dei Serbi
Antonio Ippaso
Antonio Ippaso - 8 giorni fa
Edwin De la Cruz
Edwin De la Cruz - 8 giorni fa
Italia clasifico a tokio sera un candidatazo al titulo
Edwin De la Cruz
Edwin De la Cruz - 8 giorni fa
Italia dio un baile a Serbia y lo gano sin tener compasion
ikaw lang at wala ng iba
ikaw lang at wala ng iba - 8 giorni fa
nice game italy..
congratulations idols..
Eduardo Freitas
Eduardo Freitas - 8 giorni fa
Italian never gold olimpic
Aurora - 7 giorni fa
@Eduardo Freitas I don't even understand your messages
Eduardo Freitas
Eduardo Freitas - 7 giorni fa
@Aurora Brazil is tri Olympic and tri world
Eduardo Freitas
Eduardo Freitas - 7 giorni fa
@Aurora Onde está o ouro da Italia então?
Aurora - 8 giorni fa
Never say never buddy
Silky Ganache
Silky Ganache - 8 giorni fa
The serbians are so hot. My gawd! Im drooling
Valentina Reis
Valentina Reis - 8 giorni fa
Fratelli miei d’Italia, siete bravissimi! 🇮🇹
juan jose de los santos
juan jose de los santos - 8 giorni fa
Italia barrio a serbia. Se noto mucho el poderío de Italia
Francis Regalado
Francis Regalado - 8 giorni fa
I like Italy to win gold.. but Polan,Russia,Brazil and USA are tough
Caio Almeida
Caio Almeida - 8 giorni fa
Tenho quase certeza que quem se classifica é a França na segunda chance! Sérvia é um bom time, mas muito pipoqueiro os sérvios!
Caio Almeida
Caio Almeida - 6 giorni fa
@Rodrigo paiva Bulgária não se classifica, acredito que seja a França!Sérvia pode surpreender, Alemanha pode até tentar, mas também não classifica!Estar entre Sérvia e França!
Rodrigo paiva
Rodrigo paiva - 6 giorni fa
Existe quatro favoritos para essa vaga, França( a principal favorita) e depois vem Servia, Bulgária e Alemanha. O normal seria a França se classificar, mas se ela jogar da mesma maneira que jogou o pré olímpico na Polônia, talvez um desses três surpreendam e fiquem com a vaga; Olho na Bulgária, se ela jogar da mesma maneira que jogou contra o Brasil, ela pode ganhar de qualquer seleção do mundo
Pablo Jumatsu
Pablo Jumatsu - 8 giorni fa
Does anyone know why Aleksandar was so mad at the beginning of the match?
Gianesella Ludovica
Gianesella Ludovica - 2 giorni fa
haha good
Miguel Angel Cardoso Nava
Bien por Juantorena, ahora jugó con calidad y definió bien las jugadas.
Alexandre Alves
Alexandre Alves - 8 giorni fa
Serbia debería estar en el grupo de Canadá y Argentina, es una selección muy fuerte que no puede quedar fuera nuevamente de los Juegos Olímpicos.
Eduardo Freitas
Eduardo Freitas - 8 giorni fa
Servia tem time para ir as Olimpiadas tem que lutar muito agora
Alexandre Alves
Alexandre Alves - 8 giorni fa
Ahora sólo queda una plaza para Europa, onde pelearán Serbia y Francia.
Rodrigo paiva
Rodrigo paiva - 6 giorni fa
Creio que a Bulgária hoje seja uma seleção mais forte do que a seleção Servia
flavio archanjo
flavio archanjo - 8 giorni fa
Fabio Ficara
Fabio Ficara - 8 giorni fa
Tra Italia e Serbia 5 giocatori della Sir Perugia
Fabio Ficara
Fabio Ficara - 7 giorni fa
@Naim Chebbah ?
Naim Chebbah
Naim Chebbah - 8 giorni fa
Fabio Ficara ma da dove?
Ba ba
Ba ba - 8 giorni fa
Serbia didn't put up much of a fight 🙄😩🙄😩. Now they'll have to deal with France, yikes.
Ba ba
Ba ba - 8 giorni fa
@lazios I've seen Serbia play and that wasn't their greatest performance. World league 2016, they dominated their way to the top, yet failed to qualify for Rio 2016. They certainly are going to have a hard time, esp when they face France in Jan.
lazios - 8 giorni fa
Ba ba Serbia have tried everything, simply today it was not enough (and played vs one of the best team in the world, not Cameroon or other).
Bar Dado
Bar Dado - 8 giorni fa
Well done! A different team from the previous match with Australia!
eliefra1 - 8 giorni fa
Italia Eres una bomba, porque no jugo Lanza ??!! 💙💙😅
Psiantec 43
Psiantec 43 - 7 giorni fa
@Jan Karsten Yabut thats cool i thought you were trippin😂
Jan Karsten Yabut
Jan Karsten Yabut - 8 giorni fa
Yeah sorry, I had 3 in my mind, but my hands wrote 5 😅
Psiantec 43
Psiantec 43 - 8 giorni fa
@Jan Karsten Yabut bro there were 3 sets what ate you talking about?
Jan Karsten Yabut
Jan Karsten Yabut - 8 giorni fa
Because during the match between Italy and Australia Antonov played better than Lanza, so the coach put Antonov from the start, but in the 5th set of this match, if I am not mistaken Lanza went in because Antonov was too tense that he gave Servia two aces
JAN AGHA SHIRZAD - 8 giorni fa
Italia uno💪💪💪
Sherwin Española
Sherwin Española - 8 giorni fa
The hopping horse service of Piano is just awesome!lol👏✌🤟😎
ikaw lang at wala ng iba
ikaw lang at wala ng iba - 8 giorni fa
ya!! 💪👍
Alex Duan
Alex Duan - 8 giorni fa
hhhh so true
forrestgum15 - 8 giorni fa
So France is f** up, only one ticket on CEV Continental Championship, no way they will pass Serbia.
Pilipinas kong Mahal
Pilipinas kong Mahal - 8 giorni fa
So.. It will be between France and Serbia at the continental qualifiers?
Rodrigo paiva
Rodrigo paiva - 6 giorni fa
​@Behrad Ataei lol I totally forgot Germany, it's a good team too
Behrad Ataei
Behrad Ataei - 8 giorni fa
@Giang Nguyễn dont forget the germany with gruzer
Giang Nguyễn
Giang Nguyễn - 8 giorni fa
Bulgaria is also a tough one
Junior Gonçalves
Junior Gonçalves - 8 giorni fa
Ja têm 7, faltam 5. 1 para cada continente.
Chiara Salvadori
Chiara Salvadori - 8 giorni fa
Fantastici! 🇮🇹
Gailimar Avendaño
Gailimar Avendaño - 8 giorni fa
bravos italia , serbia estara tambien
Andrea Pinna
Andrea Pinna - 8 giorni fa
LostBoy - 8 giorni fa
These players of both teams looking yummy af lol either of the two deserves to win but italy took it! congrats italy! and much respect to serbia. much love for volleyball from philippines here! 🇵🇭
LostBoy - 7 giorni fa
@lazios it's bcs those teams from other county got the support they need from their governments.
LostBoy - 8 giorni fa
@Devon Kryptonite every players here in our country are trying so hard to improved. Learn to appreciate
lazios - 8 giorni fa
@Devon Kryptonite I belive Basket is more popular; anyway you have to consider that for countries like Philippines, that have much more problems compared to the western, having strong and competitive teams is very, very hard.
LostBoy - 8 giorni fa
@Devon Kryptonite Well i guess some of y'all don't know the contributions of the philippines for volleyball(history). Educate yourself first before coming at us.
Devon Kryptonite
Devon Kryptonite - 8 giorni fa
Wow a lot of volleyball fans from Philippines but your country is very suck in playing volleyball.
Gabriel - 8 giorni fa
Teniendo un central como Lysinac y no lo aprovechan, parece que Serbia solo sabe jugar con las bandas
dio rampino
dio rampino - 8 giorni fa
Buzzolan Leo
Buzzolan Leo - 8 giorni fa
Yes but having Ivan Zaytsev its like cheating
mlola bey
mlola bey - 8 giorni fa
Auguri.. Bravi ragazzi...
P G - 8 giorni fa
Why aleksandar didnt play. This was his chance to prove that he is the king of italian league.
Ba ba
Ba ba - 8 giorni fa
Serbia has a slim chance of making it to Tokyo2020...unless they beat France in Jan.
Lean Revilla
Lean Revilla - 8 giorni fa
@Devon Kryptonite true. I hope italy will have the same composure in the olympics.
Devon Kryptonite
Devon Kryptonite - 8 giorni fa
Well I think they have no chance to win against Italy at that moment.
Lean Revilla
Lean Revilla - 8 giorni fa
He played in the first set but got subbed later
Arianna Valentina Del Gaudio
We are going to Tokyo!!!!!!!🇮🇹🇯🇵
King M4rc3l
King M4rc3l - 7 giorni fa
Elena Kornelsen
Elena Kornelsen - 8 giorni fa
Giannelli is a monster 💪🏻👍🏻☺️
Gianesella Ludovica
Gianesella Ludovica - 2 giorni fa
Dave horror
Dave horror - 8 giorni fa
Yes, Giannelli is simply the best
kekkuzzo75 - 8 giorni fa
@Junior Gonçalves 😂😂😂
Junior Gonçalves
Junior Gonçalves - 8 giorni fa
Bruninho Brazil is The best
Natalia Lucia
Natalia Lucia - 8 giorni fa
Serbia merece ir a los juegos olímpicos!
Soccer Learner
Soccer Learner - 8 giorni fa
Congratulations Italy 👍👍👍😜😜😜😜🤪🤪
Respect Serbia 🙏🙏
Io Langella
Io Langella - 8 giorni fa
Che forza 💪🇮🇹 grande prestazione ,di altissimo livello tecnico e concentrazione ,braviiii😘😘😘🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹
Super User
Super User - 8 giorni fa
Когда у Зайцева идет игра с самого начала, то пиши пропало.
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