SERBIA vs. ITALY - Highlights Men | Volleyball Olympic Qualification 2019

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Volleyball World
Volleyball World - 4 mesi fa
🏐 All Matches & Highlights from the Men's Volleyball OQT 2019
nilesh Patidar
nilesh Patidar - 2 mesi fa
How to get scoreboard all volleyball match
Arshnal Sekhar
Arshnal Sekhar - Mese fa
Italy no1team🤣🤣😁😁🙂😍🥰
RaGa FDo
RaGa FDo - 2 mesi fa
Zaystev tanti bravo.... italy best in world
percy palomin
percy palomin - 2 mesi fa
e stato un colpo di fortuna questa sarà stata la prima e ultima volta che litalia batte la serbia
Givemespeed - 2 mesi fa
What a great game, Italy was clearly superior in this episode, well done love you guys, keep it up because it's only going to get tougher !
farah amelia
farah amelia - 3 mesi fa
Italy got nice blocker there.
トイプードル - 3 mesi fa
2:00 トスやば。普通近いやつをワンハンドバックで上げれるかよ。
shiraoune - 3 mesi fa
Haikyuu brought me here
TheFirstRain - 3 mesi fa
Who came here by watching haikyuu !
TheFirstRain - 3 mesi fa
Limra PBK
Limra PBK - 3 mesi fa
Nutcracker - 3 mesi fa
Gianelli the best setter!
Number Eight
Number Eight - 3 mesi fa
Where I can find full match?
Krasimir Dragomirov
Krasimir Dragomirov - 3 mesi fa
Mamu im jebem talianska ta ne gi bihte!
wang botong
wang botong - 3 mesi fa
Where is Lanza? he is hot, but Italy team is better without him.
Jo - 3 mesi fa
Ahahah true
Lorenzo Vazquez Alcantara
Estoy con Serbia, pero, aunque haya ganado Italia, la revancha será importante....Adelante Serbia desde México 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽 saludos excelente equipo
Aye Me
Aye Me - 3 mesi fa
Wow Italy
King M4rc3l
King M4rc3l - 4 mesi fa
Poland!!!! Champions to Olympic games tokyo
IT - 4 mesi fa
Ta qifshaaaa serbinnnnm
C S - 4 mesi fa
I love Serbia's uniform. They look hot in that clothing.
SpT3 - 4 mesi fa
What team do you think has the best chance of gold in Tokyo? Personally, I think that Poland and Russia are the biggest favourites.
Chris Enright
Chris Enright - 4 mesi fa
Air horn worst thing in history
Alison - 4 mesi fa
Fantastic Giannelli👏😍
iurie gradinaru
iurie gradinaru - 4 mesi fa
Zaitsev Antonov Huantorena italiano 100%...
Abi Gail
Abi Gail - 3 mesi fa
iurie gradinaru yep!
iurie gradinaru
iurie gradinaru - 3 mesi fa
@Abi Gail italiano???
Abi Gail
Abi Gail - 3 mesi fa
Zaytsev is born and raised in Italy so he’s basically italian while Antonov was bron in Russia but grew up and trained in Italy. Juantorena is a naturalize Italian like LEON of poland and leal of BRAZIL. They are all Cuban but naturalize in different country.
Miaka Yuki
Miaka Yuki - 4 mesi fa
Amazing Giannelli 🙌👏😍
Luciano Lavecchia
Luciano Lavecchia - 4 mesi fa
Grandi e basta!
Asdrubale Porretto
Asdrubale Porretto - 4 mesi fa
MrACF1926 - 4 mesi fa
Water polo men, Softball, and now the two volleyball teams. Can we bring one or two more teams to Tokyo? FORZA AZZURRI!
fra francyPv
fra francyPv - 3 mesi fa
we also got rhymic gymnastic team farfalle already in 2018
BrosDara ra
BrosDara ra - 3 mesi fa
hm q
hm q - 3 mesi fa
waterpolo women?
Roberto Dattoli
Roberto Dattoli - 4 mesi fa
Grandissima Italia 🇮🇹!!! Fantastici ragazzi 💪💪💪
rahmat efendi
rahmat efendi - 4 mesi fa
Congrats italy
live love
live love - 4 mesi fa
อิตาลี ❤❤❤
Vin Credible
Vin Credible - 4 mesi fa
that one hand backrow set by giannelli is just superb...claim that olympic gold baby!!!
kuay yai
kuay yai - 4 mesi fa
มีแต่บักหล่อๆ หีแข็งเลยกู
valter pedani
valter pedani - 4 mesi fa
Grazie meravigliosi ragazzi.
John Doek
John Doek - 4 mesi fa
OG - golden calf.... not fair key... Now Serbia is going to play with other very good NTs in one European group... America has two groups.... Why? For votes? OG - it is a source of income for FIVB - 11 tournaments , organisers have to pay to FIVB - how much each?
Giulia Lanciano
Giulia Lanciano - 4 mesi fa
when will be uploaded the full match? looking forward to see it
Joe amkevi
Joe amkevi - 4 mesi fa
Serbian they just nervous they re good but weldoene ITALIA
Quello scarso a Fifa
Quello scarso a Fifa - 4 mesi fa
I dislike sono dei Serbi
Antonio Ippaso
Antonio Ippaso - 4 mesi fa
Edwin De la Cruz
Edwin De la Cruz - 4 mesi fa
Italia clasifico a tokio sera un candidatazo al titulo
Edwin De la Cruz
Edwin De la Cruz - 4 mesi fa
Italia dio un baile a Serbia y lo gano sin tener compasion
ikaw lang at wala ng iba
nice game italy..
congratulations idols..
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