Quavo, Offset and More Rappers Show Off Their Jewelry Collections | Best of On the Rocks | GQ

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Amine Belcaid
Amine Belcaid - 2 giorni fa
AnimeShrek - 9 giorni fa
these rappers: *JURY*
JSY Astro
JSY Astro - 14 giorni fa
Weres a boogie
Uzi Quattro
Uzi Quattro - 20 giorni fa
whats the upper elite? is there a lower elite?is the lower elite like upper middle class orrr?
Official .kennedi
Official .kennedi - 23 giorni fa
Offset jewelry bag has cardi on it
Shibe Nation
Shibe Nation - 24 giorni fa
Wow I'm just realizing it's just some rocks that shines... well do want you want with your money
Crown Admirer
Crown Admirer - 25 giorni fa
Today's rappers wear more jewellery than Indian housewives.
ion whooked
ion whooked - 25 giorni fa
but what if it was ALL FAKE everybody watching is broke so we couldnt tell
ion whooked
ion whooked - 25 giorni fa
lil pump face chain make lil yatchy face chain look hella stupid
ion whooked
ion whooked - 25 giorni fa
that freemason money looking NICE
RaZ3 TeArZ
RaZ3 TeArZ - Mese fa
Lil uzi comes in:
Drew Peacock
Drew Peacock - Mese fa
Gucci mane lower teeth are bigger than his upper teeth wtf.
Jayden Bivings
Jayden Bivings - Mese fa
Thy to get Floyd mayweather do his collection
Miguel angel Aguilar sanchez
Pongan a floy
Drumcorpsinternational Ian Ian
Lil yacthy has the best video, quavo or Gucci would’ve done better if they brought more of their stuff
Eli Beig
Eli Beig - Mese fa
The girl didn’t even have that much
abdulll abdulll
abdulll abdulll - Mese fa
please subcribe to my channel i’ll appreciate it so much
lyndon daks
lyndon daks - Mese fa
"Are these prescription glasses?"
"No these drip glasses."
Emersonz - Mese fa
My iPad Pro is noting to them
Frostbite Alex
Frostbite Alex - Mese fa
Jurry lol
Michael Gomez
Michael Gomez - Mese fa
Get Mayweather on the series
Watches Sneakers
Watches Sneakers - Mese fa
“Bling Bling” is dead...Drip(ing)is the new word.... I’m getting old 😅
Clear Apple
Clear Apple - Mese fa
When you find a bunch of diamonds on y:12
louis auckerman
louis auckerman - Mese fa
waka flakes smart tbh
Bob White
Bob White - Mese fa
1 million dollar. He lying
Jeeper - Mese fa
Being flexed on for 14 minutes
This video makes me feel homeless
Fake FAZE - Mese fa
On the rocks with nobody
AyeiTzRoc XD
AyeiTzRoc XD - Mese fa
Producer:Are they prisription glasses
Offset:Nah these dripp glasses
Eobard Thawne
Eobard Thawne - Mese fa
Thanos has the biggest rocks

Infinity Stones
Specktic - Mese fa
Is jewelry like tattoos because jewelry means something to you and same with tattoos
Blackout_Eeesetit YT
We want treepie
Epic gamer Squishbro
We need Tyler on on the rocks
XxNova_MoonlightxX - Mese fa
U can tell saweetie is a brutal gold digger
XxNova_MoonlightxX - Mese fa
“My father...used to rlly trick people into giving more moneyy....thats how i got ice” bruhhh
zerofks gvn
zerofks gvn - Mese fa
yo does anybody know the name of this sick beat in the background?
Sir_hey YT
Sir_hey YT - Mese fa
Where’s lil uzi
Louis Emic
Louis Emic - Mese fa
No white rappers tho🤣🤣 dumbasses spending stupidly on jewelery
Louis Emic
Louis Emic - Mese fa
Uglyest schit ive ever seen
Poofe Sir
Poofe Sir - Mese fa
I swear niggas don’t get robbed 😐💰💰💎💎
Valgozz - Mese fa
the kings of jewerly —> quavo and offset
Lil Yay
Lil Yay - Mese fa
Dats definitely Gucci
Ernesto Ochoa
Ernesto Ochoa - Mese fa
Get trippy red to show his jewlry
ayden crockett
ayden crockett - Mese fa
No chain no game
Weekly Fortnite moments XD
or you can spend all this money on poor childeren in africa
BH Stxrfind
BH Stxrfind - Mese fa
”$500,000 Beerus chain”
ZaztorR - Mese fa
Yeah lol
RX3_Jello - Mese fa
Gamer Dudez
Gamer Dudez - Mese fa
Morgz mum has more jewelry
Fortnite Mobile Pro
Her net worth only 100k
Fortnite Mobile Pro
Gamer Dudez no
Preston Lopez
Preston Lopez - Mese fa
Mad clickbait it’s jurry😂😂
Jack Dunstone
Jack Dunstone - Mese fa
Look up
kevo - Mese fa
are those prescription glasses? no they’re drip glasses 💀
Ottar Groenlien
Ottar Groenlien - Mese fa
«I treat myself wasting millions»
BOOM123 - Mese fa
Prossimi video