Quavo, Offset and More Rappers Show Off Their Jewelry Collections | Best of On the Rocks | GQ

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B C - 8 giorni fa
Why do all rappers have the worst taste in jewelry and clothes? Oh well at least it matches their music. BTW, why would you go on the internet and expose how dumb you are for buying overpriced crap?
Larry Smith
Larry Smith - 8 giorni fa
Lil uzi on the rocks next
piCsis gØd
piCsis gØd - 11 giorni fa
You mom is my
Luka Dervisevic
Luka Dervisevic - 16 giorni fa
Lil Baby: This Jewerly on me might cost half a million dollars easily...

Gucci Mane: This Tennis bracelet cost 600 thousand...
Midnight Vibes
Midnight Vibes - 17 giorni fa
Still waiting for jay z and dj khaled's jewelry collection!!!
hovensteve - 19 giorni fa
Harold BeaumontFinns
Harold BeaumontFinns - 20 giorni fa
Sakpa - 20 giorni fa
I Like
Mintyy - 27 giorni fa
Where is my boy Takeoff? I need to see that Rocket piece
No mercy Gaming
No mercy Gaming - 27 giorni fa
Mark zukerberg am i joke to you? 🙎‍♂️
Max Arebalo
Max Arebalo - Mese fa
“I lost the that ring for something. That’s why I lost my virginity.”
Somali Soldier9
Somali Soldier9 - Mese fa
They all sayin they diffrent but to me they all the same.
Kareem Fayed
Kareem Fayed - Mese fa
Funny part all of their jewelry can’t even surpass Floyd Mayweather’s watch
Fro_ Teezmo
Fro_ Teezmo - Mese fa
You should do trippie redd or blueface
Viyush Govender
Viyush Govender - Mese fa
Get uzi on here
michaelglass00 - Mese fa
i dont understand how gucci mane can have that much money but he wont get jaw surgery to correct his very prominent open-bite.
Darius Robinson
Darius Robinson - Mese fa
Those colored diamond. Ear rings that Gucci had on cost over ($500,000) .thats y he didn't wana speak on them 💯💼
Anthony Gonzalez
Anthony Gonzalez - Mese fa
Get tee grizzly
Anthony Gonzalez
Anthony Gonzalez - Mese fa
Snoor Lax
Snoor Lax - Mese fa
My life would be complete if you got lil uzi vert on this show
lame gamer lol 851
lame gamer lol 851 - 2 mesi fa
They should get trippie redd on the rocks
Edwin Ortiz
Edwin Ortiz - 2 mesi fa
Am I supposed to feel bad for pirating their music
Sam olivier
Sam olivier - 2 mesi fa
I’m too poor to understand why they spend so much
LazerGritz - 2 mesi fa
Bruh they out here sayin 50k is cheap and I’m out here thinking my uncle cool cause he wear 30 on his wrist
Mariell - 2 mesi fa
A robbing today
Kendall MC
Kendall MC - 2 mesi fa
When Gucci Mane Speak is just like another rap song jaja
Ashley Hawkins
Ashley Hawkins - 2 mesi fa
tyga chain is whack
prouddaddyofdos - 2 mesi fa
Zodiac - 2 mesi fa
This whole video just called me poor
Lodewijk - 3 mesi fa
Get takeoff
Lodewijk - 3 mesi fa
Get floyd you will be iced out litterly
Dsigbi - 3 mesi fa
Mom: what you doing?
Me: watching people talk about money our family will never see
Amine Belcaid
Amine Belcaid - 3 mesi fa
Cameron Lastname
Cameron Lastname - 3 mesi fa
these rappers: *JURY*
JSY Astro
JSY Astro - 3 mesi fa
Weres a boogie
Uzi Music
Uzi Music - 3 mesi fa
whats the upper elite? is there a lower elite?is the lower elite like upper middle class orrr?
Official .kennedi
Official .kennedi - 3 mesi fa
Offset jewelry bag has cardi on it
Shibe Nation
Shibe Nation - 3 mesi fa
Wow I'm just realizing it's just some rocks that shines... well do want you want with your money
Crown Admirer
Crown Admirer - 4 mesi fa
Today's rappers wear more jewellery than Indian housewives.
ion whooked
ion whooked - 4 mesi fa
but what if it was ALL FAKE everybody watching is broke so we couldnt tell
ion whooked
ion whooked - 4 mesi fa
lil pump face chain make lil yatchy face chain look hella stupid
ion whooked
ion whooked - 4 mesi fa
that freemason money looking NICE
RaZe TeArZ
RaZe TeArZ - 4 mesi fa
Lil uzi comes in:
Drew Peacock
Drew Peacock - 4 mesi fa
Gucci mane lower teeth are bigger than his upper teeth wtf.
Jayden Bivings
Jayden Bivings - 4 mesi fa
Thy to get Floyd mayweather do his collection
Miguel angel Aguilar sanchez
Pongan a floy
Drumcorpsinternational Ian Ian
Lil yacthy has the best video, quavo or Gucci would’ve done better if they brought more of their stuff
Eli Beig
Eli Beig - 4 mesi fa
The girl didn’t even have that much
abdulll abdulll
abdulll abdulll - 4 mesi fa
please subcribe to my channel i’ll appreciate it so much
lyndon daks
lyndon daks - 4 mesi fa
"Are these prescription glasses?"
"No these drip glasses."
ZombieplaysXD - 4 mesi fa
My iPad Pro is noting to them
Frostbite Alex
Frostbite Alex - 4 mesi fa
Jurry lol
Michael Gomez
Michael Gomez - 4 mesi fa
Get Mayweather on the series
Watches Sneakers
Watches Sneakers - 4 mesi fa
“Bling Bling” is dead...Drip(ing)is the new word.... I’m getting old 😅
Clear Apple
Clear Apple - 4 mesi fa
When you find a bunch of diamonds on y:12
louis auckerman
louis auckerman - 4 mesi fa
waka flakes smart tbh
Bob White
Bob White - 4 mesi fa
1 million dollar. He lying
Jeeper - 4 mesi fa
Being flexed on for 14 minutes
This video makes me feel homeless
Clickbaiter Alert
Clickbaiter Alert - 4 mesi fa
On the rocks with nobody
IG xxsolar.memexx
IG xxsolar.memexx - 4 mesi fa
Producer:Are they prisription glasses
Offset:Nah these dripp glasses
Prossimi video