10 Best Places to Visit in Sri Lanka - Travel Video

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Reglisse42 - 2 giorni fa
I have visited Sri Lanka with my wife an my daughter in 2012 in packpaker..we have made the round of this country by bike, train, bus and of course tuktuk ....sigirya annuradapura kandy tangalle mirissa galle colombo, so funny , very beautiful country , very good memory...from France 🇫🇷🇱🇰.
Sunanda Fernando
Sunanda Fernando - 2 giorni fa
ajith shanaka jayawardana
beautiful video... but I did not like to hear that "the ancient city of anuradhapura found by the europians" that is not absolutely true :-( thank you for the vidio I recommend right information please!
Suzan Rtz
Suzan Rtz - 3 giorni fa
I'm proud to be a Srilankan
More than this, There are so many most beautiful places than this,
1) Horton place
2) Nuwarelia
3) Badulla
4) Trincomalee
5) Colombo to Badulla Train Journey
6) Kalpity kites surfing
7) Puttalam Air plant
8) Arumabay and Pasikkuda beaches
9) Singaraja Forest
10) Minneriya Safari
11) Ambewela farm
12) Sripada hiking
More and more...
Manaf Kalam
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Mr chatuwa
Mr chatuwa - 6 giorni fa
නියම විඩියෝ එක
Laxman B Magar
Laxman B Magar - 8 giorni fa
Beautiful Sri Lanka. Comment From Nepal 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵
manu manu
manu manu - 9 giorni fa
ഹിന്ദു ലോകം
ayon perera
ayon perera - 10 giorni fa
Awesome video about my country Sri Lanka. Thanks for made this kind of good videos. It will definitely helps and foreigners will like to Sri Lanka. 😇😇😇😘😉
Rama Rama
Rama Rama - 11 giorni fa
ಸುಪರ್. ನಾಗರ.
pradeep kumara
pradeep kumara - 12 giorni fa
my country is so beautifull.i proud my country.
මගේ ශ්‍රි ලංකා My srilanka
I am proud about my country ...this land for the peace and harmony ...
TK SL Vlogs
TK SL Vlogs - 17 giorni fa
It is my beautiful country sri lanka 😚😚😚
Kolya Radov
Kolya Radov - 18 giorni fa
where botanic park?
Rambabu Sattaru
Rambabu Sattaru - 19 giorni fa
Veex Solution
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Deepak Varghese
Deepak Varghese - 25 giorni fa
Wow....The elephants dressed and illuminated with led bulbs etc are so strange
Spy World
Spy World - 25 giorni fa
awesome video.. You can know travel to beter place.. see my blog @t you must watch this
Nature Sri Lanka
Nature Sri Lanka - 25 giorni fa
I love you Sri Lanka
Dora Thilak
Dora Thilak - 28 giorni fa
Sri Lanka is very beautiful Buddhist country in world
sepalika saduni
sepalika saduni - 29 giorni fa
Woow beautiful
பொங்கும் பூம்புனல்.
It is true ,
really sri lanka is beautiful country .
I visit many times there.
from : Malaysia.
Asanka Jayasundara
Asanka Jayasundara - 6 giorni fa
When did you visit dear?
Roy Colamba arachchi
Roy Colamba arachchi - 25 giorni fa
Jay Sri
Jay Sri - Mese fa
Beautiful landscapes, what a country, but politicians are deaf and blind . Sad 😔
Mariyam Khan
Mariyam Khan - Mese fa
Well said buddy
Asanka Kuttapitiya
Asanka Kuttapitiya - Mese fa
I love my country 🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰
R K I P kumara
R K I P kumara - Mese fa
This is a my country it's a beautiful
Nishantha lakpriya
Nishantha lakpriya - 19 giorni fa
But still it's a Poor Country because of bloody Politicians who governed this country during 71 Years😆😆😆
Shehara Sadaruwan
Shehara Sadaruwan - Mese fa
Sri lanka is a very beautiful country in the world...proud to be a sri lankan .....
RajRoS Mathematics
RajRoS Mathematics - 14 giorni fa
Is there rawana well known.
Sineth Fonseka
Sineth Fonseka - 19 giorni fa
Shehara Sadaruwan me too :)
Kingdom of Temples, Cambodia
such a nice country i have never seen before.
Asanka Jayasundara
Asanka Jayasundara - 6 giorni fa
Happy to hear that. Which places did you visit dear?
Dilip Janaka
Dilip Janaka - Mese fa
You must include "Nuwara Eliya" to this list...
deusimperator - Mese fa
I am unsure as to why anyone would travel to SL . WAYYYYYYYYYY too expensive. Hotels cost more than hotels in the US. Go anywhere else and it is cheaper and the locals will try to screw you by hiking up prices. A white tourist is fair game.
deusimperator - 6 giorni fa
@Asanka Jayasundara _Sri Lanka is not a country as you say TOO EXPENSIVE. You are wrong dear_ ??? In a country which in reality show have low prices in accordance to the purchasing price index Sri Lanka is WAYYYYY TOO expensive. What are hotel costs for higher in SL than in the US??? SL is not the #1 Country to visit ... Why are you lying to me? Do you not have any decency? It does not even make top 10 in south and east asia!!! Who the fuk cares how people greet each other... Are you stupid??? If I wanted to get greeted I can go to Walmart you blithering dunce. Sri Lankan hospitality??? LOL LOL LOL how may of you shitheads run around scamming tourists??? The scams go on all the time... I happened to visit your shithole from 1978 to 1983 during the summer months because my father worked as an economic and financial advisor for the SL president. Friendly people?? Go anywhere in TX or New York City people will go out of their way to help you. Most people in the West are far friendlier than SL. You want friendly people try the Philippines and they are not trying to scam you, they are a genuinely happy people. Thailand ... same thing. Italians Spanish are friendlier and they are not going to scam you because you are brown FYI SL is not #1 it is #83. Now cut off your ear, please Idiocy like this exists in very chauvinistic tribal countries
Asanka Jayasundara
Asanka Jayasundara - 6 giorni fa
Sri Lanka is not a country as you say TOO EXPENSIVE. You are wrong dear. You just visit LONELY PLANET SITE. there have mentioned SRI LANKA is the number one country to visit and however you must visit that country. Not just saying but with the reasons. They have given why... I don't know why you are telling too expensive. See Mr. Darrel's video also. How the people in the country great others. And how their hospitality. I invite everyone to visit. Definitely you might say "everybody must visit this country oneday" sure. If not, I will cut my 👂 on the spot. Mark my word...
dilu bernadeth
dilu bernadeth - Mese fa
I guess as you mentioned it's way expensive but it's so much worth travelling / also their are plenty of good hotels which could match for the budget as a Sri Lankan i know that...also if you follow the instructions carefully before traveling you would not get caught to any locals , any where around the world it could happen if you doesn't follow the instructions ..... thatswhatshehad.com/sri-lanka-travel-tips/
jancy kannangara
jancy kannangara - Mese fa
Pranav Kumar
Pranav Kumar - Mese fa
which music is in background ??
Nalinda Bandara
Nalinda Bandara - Mese fa
nice video.
Nalini Singh
Nalini Singh - Mese fa
So beautiful thank you for post ❤️
sumith priyantha
sumith priyantha - Mese fa
I love my country
Sunanda Walpola
Sunanda Walpola - Mese fa
I Love my Mother Sri Lanka. 💖
thisun digantha
thisun digantha - Mese fa
Most site descriptions are false, please do corrections... !
Vinothan Karalasingam
யாழ்பாணத்தி இதைவிட திறம் இடம் இருக்கு.
F Roowanti
F Roowanti - Mese fa
My country is so beautiful
Chong Tang
Chong Tang - Mese fa
what is the music on the background
Tushar Vyas
Tushar Vyas - Mese fa
Nuwara Eliya is not on your list??
Dilip Janaka
Dilip Janaka - Mese fa
Tushar Vyas ,yes he miss the best part of srilanka, in this list
Guru Sandirasegaram
Portuguese & dutch did not steal wealth from Ceylon. English people did.
Native people can’t run the business in their own land. All tea estate own by British
British asked Tamils to work for them as slave
But Ceylon Tamils refused. Then brought South Indian to work for them.
After that some sort of problem was started between South Indian & British
Only way to solve the problems. British must hire Ceylon Tamils. My father took over the power all tea estate in Kandy. Which mean in charge of all tea estate.
South Indian Tamils are happy to work for my father.
Bonham Carter
Bonham Carter - 3 giorni fa
True. Portuguese was for religion to spread Catholicism. Dutch for pearl control.
Amal Thushara
Amal Thushara - Mese fa
walking lanka
walking lanka - Mese fa
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PR3rrl8Ucc sri lanka traditional game
being_humor - Mese fa
Udaipur, Rajasthan || Incredible India 🔴🌴 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5Tgc6jMgEk
Sugath Perera
Sugath Perera - Mese fa
I love my Sri Lanka💕💕
Kuan Kuan Sri Lanka 🇱🇰ko pasand karta hai , comment kar ke baatao
@Dilip Janaka u welcome bro 👍
Dilip Janaka
Dilip Janaka - Mese fa
ID RLVPRASAD ye hai mera janam bhoomi..jai ho srilanka....thanks, bro, i know your from india
Love you ♥️😘 Sri Lanka ,
Humza Akbar
Humza Akbar - Mese fa
Colombo and kandy🤩🤩🤩
Hashan Sadaruwan
Hashan Sadaruwan - Mese fa
i was born in Sri lanka it s is very beautiful country you should go
Hae Kim
Hae Kim - Mese fa
Very similarities between the Eastern USA , Forth Meed and Sri Lanka Fortress.
being_humor - Mese fa
Udaipur, Rajasthan || Incredible India 🔴🌴 it-videos.org/x5Tgc6jMgEk-video.html
chathura madusanka
chathura madusanka - Mese fa
Wow so beautiful gorgeous srilanka 🇱🇰 awesome beaches, forest , cool mountains cute elephants , delicious food 😋 etc.🐘🐬🐒🦀🐍🏊🏄🚣
Bharat Chandra Behera
Bharat Chandra Behera - 16 giorni fa
chathura madusanka hyyy
The video is made from the outsider point of view. It cannot justify the real greatness of the places
Mariyam Khan
Mariyam Khan - 6 giorni fa
@Asanka Jayasundara im in India but inshallah I will try to be one day in there sri Lanka. Coz it s my mother land.
Asanka Jayasundara
Asanka Jayasundara - 6 giorni fa
@Mariyam Khan yaaaa. There are some someone like him. One week ago, I visited IHALA DIYALUMA: the upper part of the Diyaluma waterfall. Waaaaaw. For the first time I went there. You just go to HAPUTHALE. then the direction you might get. About 2km you have to work by foot into the jungle. Then you will see the waterfall. Many tourists are coming and enjoying bathing. Though the situation created by Saharan was not good, now it's becoming calm. I atleast saw more than 30-40 tourists visiting that place. And even that is a new place founded by people. Wonderful to watch. Waaaaw. What a beatafic scenery there. I was bathing for three hours. You must oneday go there dear. These are telling without no reason. Just witness the beauty of the country. And then you can comment on that...
Mariyam Khan
Mariyam Khan - 6 giorni fa
@Asanka Jayasundara absolutely right buddy. I hate those peoples who judge without no opinions.
Asanka Jayasundara
Asanka Jayasundara - 6 giorni fa
You just visit my dear. I have visited. Here there are people who have visited and commented. You must visit this country however. Then you will realise the truth and you also would tell the truth to the world... Go and visit. Here you see only a limited number of places. There are many more should be added to this video. Go and visit. I suggest you.
Mariyam Khan
Mariyam Khan - Mese fa
So you can visit those places and then realise
Qasim Dogar
Qasim Dogar - Mese fa
also make a video on pakistan
Vick Smith
Vick Smith - 25 giorni fa
No thanks. No terrorists please.
paraisopium medeiros
paraisopium medeiros - 2 mesi fa
Lindos lugares! Fantástico!
eduard gevorgyan
eduard gevorgyan - 2 mesi fa
Шри-Ланка может быть небольшим островком в Индийском океане, но это единственное, что в нем мало. Страна, ранее известная как Цейлон, может похвастаться древней цивилизацией, золотыми песчаными пляжами с качающимися кокосовыми пальмами, горами и чайными плантациями. Посещая остров, вы увидите колониальную архитектуру со времен, когда правили португальцы, голландцы и англичане. Вы также увидите много слонов, некоторые из которых участвуют в местных фестивалях и, если вам повезет, возможно, один или два леопарда в заповеднике дикой природы. Вот посмотрите на лучшие места для посещения в Шри-Ланке
Audrey Lohkamp
Audrey Lohkamp - 2 mesi fa
Fantastic video! I absolutly think it is great. Continue like this and have a look at mine if you feel like it. =)
Purushottam More
Purushottam More - 2 mesi fa
Jeewantha Kumarapali
Jeewantha Kumarapali - 2 mesi fa
Prossimi video