Brightburn Angry Movie Review

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zdevos - 31 minuto fa
Cool concept, but they didn't really execute the idea very well in my opinion. The scene with Badger from Breaking Bad was my favorite!

The ending scene with his dad was pretty fucking cool too 😂 lmfao
Rene Moreno
Rene Moreno - 3 ore fa
Let Alex finish his thoughts. He knows what he's talking about!
Diarmid O'Connor
Diarmid O'Connor - 7 ore fa
Angry joe is such a hahahhahahaa
Diarmid O'Connor
Diarmid O'Connor - 8 ore fa
Lol joe
M. Mirza
M. Mirza - 10 ore fa
I mean, can anyone take Joe seriously since he said that other people are wrong and that Suicide Squad was great?
Negative Man
Negative Man - 13 ore fa
People are over thinking Brightburn, like they was expecting something with a bigger budget but this is not that type of film, it's Superman on the same scale of a horror film like Evil Dead, you won't see big destruction scenes.
space louie
space louie - 14 ore fa
are the 2 Joes actually a couple?
Larry Collins {larrdogg}
Nothing slow bout it, it's only an hour and half
SmoothEmJay - 20 ore fa
If Alex gives a 7, OJ gives a 6 and Joe gives an 8. How is the FINAL score an 8? Isn't that completely dismissing what the others have rated? shouldn't the final verdict be an aggregated average of the 3 votes in the interests of fairness? You can still keep your scores and display them for completeness, but the final score shouldn't JUST be what Joe says it is, otherwise what's the point in OJ or Alex having a say.
Neurov - Giorno fa
movie was ass
lilmario0 - Giorno fa
At one point I though bro was gunna rape the shit outta that girl. I was like holy fk this is dark.
Karol Palazej
Karol Palazej - Giorno fa
Think Joe is getting a big head....Hope he learns from this experience and becomes a bit more humble...
Miles Trombley
Miles Trombley - Giorno fa
We finally get a good super villain movie. I hope they make more.
SCORPIO06061988 - Giorno fa
I just got back from it and I'm sorry Joe to disagree with you, but I 100% WANT a sequel. Evil Justice League, HELL YEAH! I'm super surprised you would prefer this be a stand alone film. I'd be gutted if this doesn't get a sequel, unfortunately with it not doing well at the box office so far it probably wont. It did however only just release over here (in England), so not sure about if it's released yet in other countries (other than America) so perhaps there's still a chance it could do decent enough worldwide to warrant a sequel in the eyes of Hollywood. I can but hope!
Dave Millennial
Dave Millennial - Giorno fa
low budget
lee anthony
lee anthony - Giorno fa
I totally disagree there's so many ways a sequal could go. Imagine a disaster movie with the whole world coming together to try to stop this over power being could be made in to a trilogy like the omen series teenage years then adult years could make it amazing.
SalusFuturistics - Giorno fa
Everyone complains about Joe - Still gives Like
mitchcraft - Giorno fa
Is OJ wearing a Golden Girls T-shirt lol
IChat Nonsense
IChat Nonsense - Giorno fa
This movie is bad, just saw it yesterday. I love Joe but he is always blinded by his love for Superheros. This movie is boring, painfully predictable and never offers anything interesting, atmospheric etc. If you just want to see the spectacle of a evil child Superman then maybe you could enjoy something in this movie, but if you want anything beyond that you wont find it here. Acting was terrible, plot was as cookie cutter as you can get. Its most certainly not worth your money. I love the AJShow, but always take Joes opinion with a spinch of salt when anything regarding Superheros is being reviewed. Joe mentions the 3rd Act - there are somewhat gruesome deaths and one dream sequence with relatively affective imagery however when everything else is aggressively boring and amounts to nothing does it even matter. I feel this movie intentionally aimed to create similarities to Superman to attract that fanboy demographic. As it offers nothing else and is a waste of time.
Consulat __
Consulat __ - 2 giorni fa
Just saw it, and it's a super Nope for me. Boring writing : "i'm cute, red light, I'm bad, more red light, I weird, I kill, I weird, I kill more, I'm invincible and, That's all folks ". Reminds me Dany and her lil dragon in another bad written last season show...
WAAT SUPP - 2 giorni fa
It was starting out slow " no it wasn't " XD
Bad at Gaming
Bad at Gaming - 2 giorni fa
I had no idea what this movie was about going into it and I thought it was awesome, especially on a 7.6 mil budget. Def missing some character development from the kids perspective on how/why he chooses evil. He just goes from not evil, discovers powers, now he's evil. Feels like something is missing in between.
twistedmetalplayer21 - 2 giorni fa

They did bait for a new universe. You just werent paying attention. 6 meteors fell to Earth that same day, the mom even shows it on the laptop. In the end when Brightburn is doing his thing destroying buildings you have the guy on the internet being crazy pointing out 5 other mysterious unnatural beings doing things as well.
LordDioBrando - 2 giorni fa
I realy didn’t like this movie tbh, I kinda wished brandon had more reasons to want to kill. Maybe his parents were abusive so once he kills you feel bad for him but doesn’t support him. The acting was awesome or maybe have school life be more hellish and have him love his parents v much so when he gets shot by his dad it has a bigger impact maybe he kills his dad in one punch and when his mom calls to say that her husband is right he could have broken the phone and the end scenes could have stayed the same
Aaron Duran
Aaron Duran - 3 giorni fa
really? i stopped watching the movie the moment the mom asked how it was possible for her kid to have killed someone even when literally 3 minutes before she saw him threw the husband across the kitchen with one hand.
Velky Lev
Velky Lev - 2 giorni fa
Moms and females in general are actually so fuked in heads . I don't think you understand how women work . They are delusional and emotional to act this way
Dsn13 jcsn
Dsn13 jcsn - 3 giorni fa
They were setting up aquaman and Wonder women
darrel11203 - 3 giorni fa
BrightBurn Mystery Exposed looks like it showed aquaman, superman, wonder woman, flash, martian manhunter, and ?
Vikingkombat - 3 giorni fa
Other joe, I love your shirt
CrossoXoHair - 3 giorni fa
I though it was by the numbers beginning to end, predictable as hell. Enjoyed it though.
30대근육절식남 - 3 giorni fa
psychopath with superpowers that's scary as fuck !!!!!!!!
RA Lamothe
RA Lamothe - 3 giorni fa
This movie definitely had some plot moments that were a bit off, but I believe they're really setting it up to create a universe out of it. Why else would they leave it open-ended as such and then even bring up the "other" creatures in the mock podcast with Michael Rooker? Personally, I'd love more exploration of this character in a sequel. It was interesting enough to make me want to see more.
mapleseallux - 5 giorni fa
so its a literally superman rip off without the license wow how these people not gonna get sue'd
Peyton Robison
Peyton Robison - 5 giorni fa
I feel like we will see more of brightburn because in the news credits he is just dicking around like u would in a just cause video game he is just killing random people and destroying shit he is not really completing his objective of taking the world I hope in a sequel we see more of what we saw in the end credits
Kryztof Abner
Kryztof Abner - 7 giorni fa
Im awe struck, joe likes brightburn but sh*tted on the dceu and brightburn is clearly the injustice story line in the making
xMentor mentor
xMentor mentor - 7 giorni fa
So is this a review or a game of change Joe's mind?
Cal Hunt
Cal Hunt - 8 giorni fa
If you were curious where Brandon gets the design from for his marker/symbol thing, not only does it represent Brandon Breyer, but it is also the symbol that covers his red blanket, which later becomes his cape.
Lalanatural - 8 giorni fa
This review was painful to watch. 1st time watching his commentary... but he’s like a review bully. I’d like to hear an open honest review from the other two guys without the weird “you better watch it” vibe. 🙄
Roberto Soto
Roberto Soto - 9 giorni fa
24:53 he never implied that they were setting up a universe he just noticed that it was obvious this was evil justice league
Dumah36 - 9 giorni fa
This review just shows me Joe is super bias.
This movie is just jump scare murder porn.
The Dragonball reference is what everyone I watched this with was thinking but the movie gives no indication of that is what is happening. Like they said sweet little boy turns into a phycopath when his shop starts glowing. Also, no one thought to try and destroy the ship¿
Op villain made every point of tension worthless, even if the kid was found out our would've just said I'm gonna I'll ask yo asses¡ What could they have done¿ Why were a mask¿ Everyone who see him in it does so why bother¿
Where was his motivation¿ Just the ship controlling him¿ Super weak.
He didn't even have it bad at school. One kid alone was messing with him.
Other kids laughed but hey that's life.
I felt like I was in that seat for 3-4 hours¡ Painfully slow movie.
Also that was wonder woman and aqua man refs.
I feel for Alex... Side character syndrome. F
Ruben Beltrandelrio
Ruben Beltrandelrio - 9 giorni fa
This is a direct message from Brandon breyer to the guy sitting on the far left...6?!! I HOPE YOU ENJOY MY LASER BEAMS INTO YOUR BRAIN AS YOUR NEURONS ARE FIRE
Ruben Beltrandelrio
Ruben Beltrandelrio - 9 giorni fa
Oh forgot to add, burn fucker!
Ethan Souls
Ethan Souls - 10 giorni fa
We walked out of the cinerma during this awesome third act they are referring to(which never happens). The movie is not great.
jalemonman - 10 giorni fa
Why is OJ yellow?
luke goodwin
luke goodwin - 11 giorni fa
Is it just me or is joe a really shit critic, like he can’t take others opinions, straight up telling Alex “NO” in the beginning, like dude debates are a two way street, having discussions about both sides are interesting and we want to see that! But if you just shut down the first opposite option then it’s not only boring, it paints you like an asshole
Consequence No. 62
Consequence No. 62 - 13 giorni fa
I think that people take these reviews a tad bit serious. Yes it's a review, and you can be serious and give points about the movies but he can stop trying for a few seconds if he wants.

*oh so it's suppossed to be a joke? Cause I wasn't laughing, nor were they*

"It's not that they are joking around or anything like that, it's just simply 'not caring so hard.' Which, unfortunately, not a lot of people do. I mean you guys are getting mad ON ALEX'S BEHALF on Joe interrupting him (which is what makes Joe, JOE. He has an aggressive style to his job) when Alex is not even mad about it. Now obviously if Alex WAS annoyed about it, he wouldn't talk about it in a video, he'd talk about it AFTER. And from what I'm seeing, in his previous videos and this one, is that Alex hasn't given enough of a fuck to bitch at Joe about how 'he shouldn't interrupt him like that, what a naughty boy.'"
Irritating Films
Irritating Films - 14 giorni fa
Joe didn't get that the ending was teasing a universe? I don't think they intend on doing more movies but it was clearly a parody of the cinematic universe teaser.
TriforcePlayer2 - 14 giorni fa
Joe's face was priceless hahaha
Darth Semz
Darth Semz - 14 giorni fa
I agree with you’re points AJ
Danny van der Merwe
Danny van der Merwe - 14 giorni fa
When you take into consideration that this films budget was sub $12mil, it's freaking amazing!
Macca M
Macca M - 14 giorni fa
If joe wasn’t here everyone else would’ve shit on it
Nine Dnine
Nine Dnine - 15 giorni fa
Yea joe, chill not everyone has to be a superman fan. He is by far my least fav hero. He’s a gary stu frfr
Pro Jey96
Pro Jey96 - 15 giorni fa
I liked the movie a lot in the sense that i hated it
It was like reading the flashback or beginings of a superhero going dark in an alteruniverse/timeline
I hate it because i know the hero, and i want him to be good
But at the same time, i dont care about it cause i know is another universe, so when people die, i go...
Ok ok, they are ok in the other universe
I felt kind of the same with this, but there is no other time line... this is it, even when he is tottally Superman, there is no way this would have ended up ok
And im not just fine with it
I liked it
Good 8 out of 10
Consequence No. 62
Consequence No. 62 - 15 giorni fa
Comments: Alex: Says Something
Joe: Stop talk-
Me: How about you stop fucking repeating yourself
Manuel Valencia
Manuel Valencia - 16 giorni fa
Excellent movie!
Juan Martinez
Juan Martinez - 16 giorni fa
They showed a scene where the mom looks about the night the Meteor crashed and shows there was 6 that night that crashed st the same time so it does seem like they are dropping hints at it could be bigger.
gluefrog78 - 17 giorni fa
Brightburn was such a ride. Brilliant movie.
W rex
W rex - 17 giorni fa
I want to see all the bad guys to fight for the earth
Fullnerd79 - 17 giorni fa
Where do I get other-Joes shirt?
Big Boss
Big Boss - 17 giorni fa
The movie is not really good, nor great, nor amazing. Its bad. The only thing good about it was the gore. There was no character development. And the beggining was painfully slow. Ending was absolute trash.
damien pharius
damien pharius - 17 giorni fa
obviously joe's biased lol, based on his ultra love for superman xD
Professor Fez
Professor Fez - 17 giorni fa
Sounds like Charlie X from Star Trek
Mario Galluccio
Mario Galluccio - 17 giorni fa
Joe they are teasing a dark justice league at the end the kid is Superman the water guy is Aquaman and the witch is Wonder Woman not saying it gonna happen but they so teased it
MrKalashnik0va - 18 giorni fa
The people who think this movie is good are the same people who like the star wars sequels and Paul Blart and DC movies.
xKotengox - 18 giorni fa
Joe you're such a fan boi. Sorry not sorry but brightburn was low key 6 garbagio. I'm with the other Joe on this one. It wasn't that great. Painfully slow. It was literally a superman knock off that's why you like it only. lol
CubanMislCrysis - 18 giorni fa
Please up your volume, thanks.
Jane Terri
Jane Terri - 18 giorni fa
It's a whole bunch of Hollywood movies that shouldn't have had a damn extended universe, (but they did). So why shouldn't Brightburn get the same treatment, if the Gunn Brothers wanted that to happen? Plus the Crimson Bolt's costume was referenced in this movie; so it stands to reason that if the Gunn boys wanted to, they could have another movie focused on these characters.
pukedragon - 19 giorni fa
The best part of the whole movie was when the guy called his mask creepy and the kid was like "it's not creepy......."
Ethan Acevedo
Ethan Acevedo - 19 giorni fa
Its teasing at an Evil Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, and maybe one more. I think its just leaving potential for a sequel or spin offs for maybe more horror movies based around super powered people.
Matthew Pratt
Matthew Pratt - 17 giorni fa
Ethan Acevedo agreed. I could’ve sworn I saw a pic of Flash too. There were 4-6 characters they teased in the conspiracy video graphic
Josh Puckett
Josh Puckett - 19 giorni fa
Joe is wrong this time and made this review awkward. This was a poor movie.
Bennie Boo
Bennie Boo - 19 giorni fa
I think if you take BrightBurn's budget into account, that context help makes the movie better/understand why they couldn't go as far as the premise would allow. It was only given 7 mil, where as marvel movies get at least 100 mil at least. For a superhero/horror movie, it has the budget of a cheap Blumhouse film, I think it did amazing. I think a lot of people expected more of a marvel budget just because it involves superheros. I think the story was amazing, along with the acting and horror, but I do wish we had gotten to see more. See more of how terrifying a evil kid superman would be.
Bennie Boo
Bennie Boo - 19 giorni fa
I totes agree with Brandon being a preprogrammed weapon of mass destruction.
Alexander Chavez
Alexander Chavez - 19 giorni fa
I think they are setting up a mock Justice League but instead of them being a united group, imagine they're all out to kill each other over control of the planet.
Rouge Guardian
Rouge Guardian - 20 giorni fa
Does anyone realize that Brandon has absolutely no motivation for killing people? Literally when he starts developing powers, he 1. Breaks a girls hand for no reason 2. Kills that girls mom just cause he doesn't like her 3. Kills his uncle when he literally just yelled at him for breaking in. I mean make me care about the bad guy but still hate him at the same time, like Thanos
rj vangordon
rj vangordon - 20 giorni fa
Straight up Shazam his dad from Injustice
Just Living
Just Living - 20 giorni fa
This movie was great
Thomas - 20 giorni fa
My only disappointment of any weight was does this kill the prospect of Irredeemable coming to the big screen. I would have thought that story would have been hot on the heels of Man of Steel, since we had an angsty, mopey Superman who could have honestly gone either way. BrightBurn was to me, yeah what if Clark Kent's story was hard wired that he would not have a good youth and the world would have a bad day(s) to come.
LEGO JOEY - 20 giorni fa
Still a great moive
MrGlasspider - 20 giorni fa
There is no character development. Boy just gets brainwashed by his spaceship, that's all.
MrGlasspider - 19 giorni fa
@Bennie Boo yeah, you're right about that. It's just I don't like that brainwashing part. I'd prefer him being evil from the beginning (like in Omen) or some motivation to become evil (that light bullying in school is not enough imo). But instead he looks more more like a possessed guy, a baaaad possessed guy)
Bennie Boo
Bennie Boo - 19 giorni fa
The character development is of the parents. Like you said, he was brainwashed by his spaceship, so the character arches are of his parents realizing their precious baby boy, their gift from heaven, turning into a super powered monster and having to face the truth. The mom is the main character in the movie, dad supporting, and the son is the 'fake main character' who is actually the villain.
Marz the Gameplayer
Marz the Gameplayer - 20 giorni fa
I give it a 6. I feel like the character had little reason for going crazy except that his ship told him to. I was hoping for more. I wanted a little more trauma from the people in his life as justification. It just felt like they made the movie to see what a child serial killer movie would be like, and just went with the easiest answer. Lazy writing. Sure there were parts I liked, but I would've liked it more if it made sense. I mean, why would he still be interested in the girl after being angry enough at her to break her hand, knowing he's a superior being? The fact that he knew he was superior was part of the justification for going crazy as well, so it didn't make sense he'd be interested in the inferior human girl whose hand he broke. He certainly doesn't think anyone else's life is worth living. And then there were the tropes you mentioned, Joe, that just made me yell at the screen "You dumb bitch!". At least hear out your husband. So forced, so unnatural. I mean, you found him in a space ship from outer space. At least entertain the idea that he could go psycho. They banked on the Superman parallels too much. I was hoping for Macaulay Caulkin's "Good Child", but with superpowers. I wanted more, and they could've given us more. When I could write a better movie, you get a 6.
6/10 from this guy.
AMV's Society
AMV's Society - 20 giorni fa
does the BB stand for brandon brier or brightburn his villain( anti-hero) name ??
yellowpig 10
yellowpig 10 - 19 giorni fa
both probably
GzP Designs
GzP Designs - 20 giorni fa
Seems like other joe and the other guy are scared to give their honest opinions after Joe disagrees
Chris Reid
Chris Reid - 21 giorno fa
I'm watching this right now. its slow. interesting but slow. hope it speeds up soon
Radar Hawk
Radar Hawk - 21 giorno fa
AngryJoe you kinda come off as a prick when you interupt your co-hosts and tell them they're wrong about their own opinion. Have a discussion beyond "you're wrong" or "no it isn't".
ColonialMarineX - 21 giorno fa
It was a terrible hit and miss. Great idea, just didnt work because of the tropes. I litteraly guessed everything right- i want to be surprised! not suspence! Acting even had me pull faces. My apologies, but due to lack of music, core lore, acting and pacing not to mention length, ill give it a 3/10. Not gonna be grubby, but in terms of entertainment as a comic/ Sci-Fi fan, I wouldn't of personally made something so new and crazy on a low budget. Thats not to say things look bad on a low budget, just in terms of films made today, it would be prefered otherwise. Guarnteed if this was made 10-15 years+ ago, I would see it different. Much love x
TheGEARGUY123 - 21 giorno fa
I personally think this was terrible. It’s a solid 1 or 2 /10
-the acting isn’t great
-the story is flat
-the main character is actually the weakest character
-the score was awful
-the directing wasn’t half bad, it was actually decent
-it was advertised as a horror but they gave away their best horror moments in the trailer

This movie is like GOT season 8, some people like it some hate it. To me overall this movie wasn’t great
corporatestatusbrah - 21 giorno fa
Problem with this movie was the 3rd act took up over half the run time. Minus the ship being a plot point at the end, it would have worked so much better if they both didn't know that he was an alien. He throws his dad into a wall and the moms just like "oh that's weird, but he couldn't have killed these people." Are you kidding me, you know he's an alien connect the dots already. There's 15 minutes left in the 90 minute movie and you finally accept what the viewers have known the entire time. Incredibly frustrating and terrible writing.
corporatestatusbrah - 19 giorni fa
​@Bennie Boo Undeniable proof? HE CAME FROM OUTER SPACE (I mean that should be enough.) SHE SAW HIM FLOATING IN THE AIR (Now she knows he indeed has "powers".) HE BROKE A GIRLS HAND TO PIECES (Now she knows that he is capable of violence.) HE THREW YOUR HUSBAND WHO WEIGHS OVER 200 LBS INTO WALL (See both reasons above.) These are things that she should not be witnessing, if they want to keep her character questioning if her son is capable of these things, she's seen it happen multiple times. Same with the fork scene, show the audience, but why show the father, who's reaction is nothing. The writing is just too infuriating take seriously.
Bennie Boo
Bennie Boo - 19 giorni fa
I think she did know but refused to accept it and kept denying that her precious baby boy, literal gift from heaven in her eyes, is actually a monster. Yes, she kept saying there is no way it is him, but if you watch her body language (tiptoeing around him, constantly aware of how she speaks to him as not to upset him, taking his side after shows of force) and how she starts looking more haggard towards the end of the movie, you can tell that deep down she knows there is something seriously wrong with her son. She just loves him so much she cannot bring herself to accept the truth and rather appease him, until she has undeniable proof (the drawings) and kills her husband.
LEGO JOEY - 21 giorno fa
BRIGHTBURN budget 6 million
ISHESUA - 21 giorno fa
Fucking AWESOME movie.
Hobbit Hubby
Hobbit Hubby - 21 giorno fa
I agree with AJ on this. It’s a solid 8/10
The mid-credit scene did show the Crimson Bolt from Super. I think it was more of an Easter egg, rather than setting up a universe.
THATNEGUS KING - 21 giorno fa
About him taking the ship away instead of just thinking it was destroyed in the crash I feel he might've left it. This is the same kid who can melt a human skull, fly across the planet, and breathe in space. Yet he hid a bloody shirt behind his dresser like a 12 year old who accidentally wet his pants. Plus the little girl is still alive and she knows what he is. I feel like they set up Brightburn 2 while giving us a perfect ending if they actually wanted to end it in one movie. Because if they don't we all just assume he won in the long run. But if they do they actually have the material to do so with the ship still out there and one person knowing who he is. Not to mention the Aunt is still alive and she knows something's up with him... Unless he's actually living with her now since he's an orphan.
3 KIDS - 21 giorno fa
The guy on the left (with the greatest respect) is everything that’s wrong with modern audiences. The best films take their time in building a story and fleshing out characters. I didn’t feel that the film was slow at the beginning at all, I personally felt the film would have benefitted from a slightly longer run time and I would have moved the beginning scene of the spaceship crashing to where there is a dream sequence. So it’s not faultless, but I thought Brightburn was a really good film.
ShMeade _
ShMeade _ - 21 giorno fa
The movie is base on Superman but it’s not Superman so all the shit we know about Superman’s origin doesn’t correlate with the movie. So the movies felt rushed. His motivations were a little unclear and His character development was like a switch that flipped, That was very lazy and poor execution but other than that the concept was really the only thing great about the movie and it shouldn’t be like that so 5.8/10 - 6/10
Emaney Munoz
Emaney Munoz - 21 giorno fa
The parts that drag on are all the transitions where they focus on a chair or a swing for 4 seconds before the next scene. Or when they try to frame a shot with the mom really creepily but, it’s not like he’s visually a scary sight so to have him pop up or hide just was extraneous .
Arizona Slumpin 6o2
Arizona Slumpin 6o2 - 21 giorno fa
Geez Joe let Alex have an opinion for God's sake and put them on the thumbnail.
absolute _animeTV
absolute _animeTV - 21 giorno fa
Joe this is not Phoenix right game you just can’t say objection 24/7
Tsuna Takahiro
Tsuna Takahiro - 21 giorno fa
Now we need evil batman
Taste It Gaming
Taste It Gaming - 22 giorni fa
I fucking loved this movie. It absolutely blew my expectations away.
Markus Bond
Markus Bond - 22 giorni fa
when you wont allow anyone else to be honest with their opinion lol
crazyDelgado89 - 22 giorni fa
So wait you Liked this crap movie but you Did NOT like venom?
Zack Reynolds
Zack Reynolds - 22 giorni fa
I hope they do a "Batman" one next. Just imagine a Dexter spin on Batman...except he's just a complete evil psycho. Then have a detective named Gordon James be the protagonists.
They can call it "Knightfall".
Imagine him being completely turned into a murderous psychopath after the death of his parents. He tries to hide his inner evil and actually goes out and kills criminals... but then he steps more and more over the line and becomes a complete villain. I really like the idea of an "evil superhero universe" based on popular characters
Serpo Five
Serpo Five - 22 giorni fa
you seem like you're a gay
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