Brightburn Angry Movie Review

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Matt - 4 giorni fa
OK, I just watched this movie and it is fucking fantastic! I do not understand why Joe is the only one who realizes this!
NethermanStudios - 3 minuti fa
I agree. I dont know what they were talking about it being slow either. It's extremely fast paste and it feels about 45 minutes to me in its hour and 30 minute run time
Matt - 4 giorni fa
It’s not slow, it’s not any of those things that Other Joe and gorilla we’re talking about. It’s smooth and refreshing, and it moves according to heartbeat. Very nice movie!
G Lo
G Lo - 4 giorni fa
Wait till the year 2080s Brightburn remake lol lets hope we all be alive till then.😄😅
Bobsheaux - 6 giorni fa
How bad is it that the end of this movie had me more excited for a Brightburn extended universe than anything DC's given us so far?
CAB 1996
CAB 1996 - 8 giorni fa
Seems like other joe didnt even watch the movie 🤦‍♂️
Brando - Giorno fa
@Cody Babcock No, I'm with OJ. Just watched it, average film.
Colton Deese
Colton Deese - 9 giorni fa
Finally seen this last night. It was great. Might even top 3 for me in horror films. I agree I was predicting the whole movie so it was nice to have the unexpected dark ending. Seen IT chapter 2 the other day and I was really disappointed with it. I agree with your gripes in your review. So bright burn cleansed my pallet from that. Lol
Kevin - 10 giorni fa
The Brightburn symbol literally ripped or inspired by the "branding of Sacrifice" in "Berserk"!
Anime Pasta
Anime Pasta - 11 giorni fa
me: *gets to the spoilers part* Yay I wanna know what happens in the :D
them: *described the gory parts*
me: *sitting on the corner traumatized*
riner9 - 13 giorni fa
3:24 LOL
Raul Martinez
Raul Martinez - 14 giorni fa
I wanted to see more. I liked the kills. But I would say at best 7/10 they could've done more.
Brando - Giorno fa
@Raul Martinez Yeah, 6/10 from me. Not great.
Mango Tree
Mango Tree - 16 giorni fa
You found this commit.

Here’s a cookie 🍪
Black Hand Jack
Black Hand Jack - 16 giorni fa
What is Joe smoking? This was definitely a 6/10. Joe letting his love of Superman cloud his judgement.
Giggling Stoner
Giggling Stoner - 9 giorni fa
Nah, I dont give a shit about Superman and it was 7/10 at least
Sarp Koçak
Sarp Koçak - 16 giorni fa
a lot of forever evil scenes were in this movie , ı would recommend reading the forever evil storyline cuz this was exactly that comics prequel
Scott DeSalvo
Scott DeSalvo - 17 giorni fa
Good but not great. Alex is right.
The concept was better than the execution. Some script and editing problems.
Fun, but wanted more from it.
Could have been one for the ages, but instead, was 0kay, fun, but kinda forgettable.
Why didn't we see more of the stuff we saw in the end credits in the movie?
Was this super low budget?
Achusttin - 14 giorni fa
I agree! And yes, it actually was. 6M only.
Addam Robin
Addam Robin - 17 giorni fa
These guys shouldn't review movies tbh
kyle pollic
kyle pollic - 20 giorni fa
Volume is way too low!!!
twofacedconker - 20 giorni fa
This movie was awesome watched it this weekend the kill scenes were brutal
Jdub - 21 giorno fa
If anything the movie was too short. The characters have to change emotions really quickly because of the short run time. I think it would have benefited from a longer run time.
Tech Hybrid
Tech Hybrid - 21 giorno fa
The mask is based off a wasp!
Ohh LanLa
Ohh LanLa - 21 giorno fa
If anyone is annoyed by Joe interrupts his friends, just to let you know that this is a kind of person he really is. If you thought this shit was bad, go back and watch Star Wars Battlefront 1 angry rant, you're in for a fucking treat.
Risky Whiskey
Risky Whiskey - 22 giorni fa
It doesn't make sense that he just made him the main antagonist
At least make sure to display a good reason to turn him to a bad guy

He just changed from normal kid to a weird twisted killer
Now that bullshit
-The characters are not memorable
I don't even remember the names of the characters
-there is no good reason for him to kill all those people
-there is no context about what happened next ( unwanted cliff hanger)

I got a lot to say about it but it is poorly average
Risky Whiskey
Risky Whiskey - 22 giorni fa
The movie is 5/10.. even less

Ignore joe he is a big fanboy
Brando - Giorno fa
@Risky Whiskey Just watched it. Totally agree.
Gerry Buckets
Gerry Buckets - 7 giorni fa
Agree, he’s a big baby and gets mad when they disagree with him
Risky Whiskey
Risky Whiskey - 22 giorni fa
Me: my dad's name is jack
Angry joe: no it's Bob
Me:no it's jack,i know my dad's name
Angry Joe: ding dong your opinion is wrong

Angry Joe:it is bob if I say so.... immortal


Angry Joe: I've heard enough,
Now you will vanish

Me:i don't feel soo good....

Angry Joe: his dad's name was jack all along....hehe...hehe.heeeehhhheeeehhhheeee
Jenna can snap
Jenna can snap - 23 giorni fa
The dad Twords the end was so dumb it made me so angry
qisotwprofessional sentvid
this movie sucks ass like wtf garbage/trash
Timothy Lane
Timothy Lane - 23 giorni fa
Oh my goodness. This movie was a joke. What a waste of an hour and a half. 4/10 would be amazingly generous. I want my rental fee back.
jz35 - 24 giorni fa
"i want to be good" but im gunna laser you to death anyway
J Spence
J Spence - 24 giorni fa
this movie was fucking awesome .
MEAT HEAD 21 - 24 giorni fa
who the guy all the way on the right annoying vibes toxic in his nature
Chad - 24 giorni fa
It was a good movie. It could have been better, especially the pacing
TheUnholyGamer - 25 giorni fa
It ain't perfect its ehhh but hopefully we get more of this I'm kinda getting tired of all these good heros I want some villains and DC and their powers an alternate universe hell yes
LEGO JOEY - 25 giorni fa
still awesome
Scallywag Express
Scallywag Express - 25 giorni fa
Omg joe is SO FUCKING DUMB compared to alex! It is infuriating
Giggling Stoner
Giggling Stoner - 9 giorni fa
Nah, Alex says plenty of dumb shit as well.
Scallywag Express
Scallywag Express - 25 giorni fa
Concept: 10/10! Execution: 5/10 :(
Brando - Giorno fa
@Scallywag Express Agreed.
Scallywag Express
Scallywag Express - 25 giorni fa
Joe, you're dumb... The sooner u come to realize that and become humble with your reviews, you'll be my fav again... Ur just ignorant lol realize and overcome
Vladimir Villiani
Vladimir Villiani - 26 giorni fa
literally in no one way is this movie "good."
Timothy Unfiltered
Timothy Unfiltered - 26 giorni fa
I loved this movieeeee! Just finished it a few minutes ago , so refreshing in this era of pre canned super hero meta-tainment
TRYHARD Strike - 24 giorni fa
Timothy Unfiltered I have not seen the movie yet,
butta1080 - 26 giorni fa
I get it let the dude have an opinion but he was wrong, they rushed through a lot I never got bored could have been longer. I don’t think he likes movies though
javy sto
javy sto - 26 giorni fa
I just watched Brightburn, i don't think the ship changed him but more awoken his dorment side. That being said he turned evil very quickly, became a lier, serial killer and psycho. For story sake its definitely written as a short story. i doubt it will go any further into a sequel.
CJ P. - 25 giorni fa
Like Goku was supposed to be until he bumped his head lol
Sole Soul
Sole Soul - 27 giorni fa
Joe and Skip Bayless share something in common...
Brody Smith
Brody Smith - 29 giorni fa
I'm so done with Alex's pessimistic bullshittin
10 cent gamer
10 cent gamer - 29 giorni fa
the news guy at the end was just a kook, he was there to show that he is a crack pot but this time he is right. and the "water" thing that flipped 3 ships? that's the kid
Luis Alvarez
Luis Alvarez - 29 giorni fa
I didn't like how the kid was just evil for the sake of being evil. There was no inner struggle at all. I'm not saying he should have overcome the evil inside, but there should've been a transition. He should've fought it more because it's obvious he loved his parents and didn't want to harm them at first. But the second he broke that girl's hand I knew he was going to kill his parents because he was supposed to love and care for that girl.
Luis Alvarez
Luis Alvarez - 29 giorni fa
I didn't think the beginning was slow but I did find the movie a little long. Mostly because at some point it's kind of obvious that nothing and no one can stop this kid and it's obvious that he doesn't care enough about anyone. So after a while I was like: "ok, there's not much else to do here, they should wrap it up pretty soon now".
Enrike Gomez
Enrike Gomez - Mese fa
I just watched this film. What a letdown! They could have done so much with this story and it was a waste of time. After watching Homelander on The Boys, that is a true way of displaying an evil Superman.
Sky Void
Sky Void - Mese fa
Can we talk about the face that Brandon DIDN'T KILL THE BULLY!!!!!
KingFin 6
KingFin 6 - 29 giorni fa
I think it’d be way too messed up to have a child brutally murdered. Especially in live action
Chronos 353
Chronos 353 - Mese fa
Sky Void listen, we need to fact the faces that maybe they didn’t have budget to film a scene where he tears the bullies fact off.
ghostbusterdal1 - Mese fa
dear youtubers, please talk about your sponsors at the end, so people can click off the video. BECAUSE NO ONE CARES
Choose Pazuzu
Choose Pazuzu - Mese fa
And no joe...youre wrong...they are trying to set up this evil justice league of kids... Which is the corniest shit since children of the corn it's self lol. It ruined the whole movie seeing that goofy shit. Was i the only peron who wanted Shazam to show up and kick this brats ass?
Giggling Stoner
Giggling Stoner - 9 giorni fa
Lol, no they didnt, how are you guys not getting the point of that scene?
Shiffany - Mese fa
This was better when you did it alone. I like listening to people talk film, when they know something about basic storytelling.
broms316 - Mese fa
It was great.... Sorta slow. But I personally prefer this than the superman movies.
Akumok Eternal Suns
I think it would have been a better series then a movie, more storyline, more terror and death, he could make that girl who's hand he crushed like a slave to his threats, almost a forced friendship out of fear, his version of Lana Lang and evil smalville
Nick Oggard
Nick Oggard - Mese fa
It was a good movie would have been better if I could look at that gore Haha it was some gnarly shit XD
IGRETRO - Mese fa
The movie by itself is bad. If you know nothing about Superman. It's a solid 4/10
Purple Lodge
Purple Lodge - Mese fa
Rarely saw a more boring paint by numbers flick
Yannick Naert
Yannick Naert - Mese fa
Brandon Bryer needs to join The Boys, he would fit perfectly!
Simple Ton
Simple Ton - Mese fa
I really liked brightburn but I think the father shooting him was really stupid when he even knew he was invincible already
peoples26 - Mese fa
They going to do something with them other characters
Hegataro - Mese fa
Although this is 3 months too late
I think the evil Aquaman and Wonder Woman at the end were more of a nod to like "hey, we can twist the entire thing upside down", rather than setting something up
An evil justice league wouldn't really work all that well once Brightburn's already destroyed the entire planet
Fred Flintstone
Fred Flintstone - Mese fa
Yes there is. You see him attacking the city and taking over.
Kryo Ruler of the Ninth Circle of Hell
If the film was 2 hours and 30 minutes, I think it would’ve been even better.
Jarq - Mese fa
*I N F I D E L I T Y B O O K S*
that part got me
djb presents
djb presents - Mese fa
Ur wrong main joe movie was def a 6 not great just ok slow burn
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