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Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect - 10 giorni fa
throwin’ it back to our old school trick shot days 🏸 🏀 🏈 ⚽️ ⚾️ 🎾 🥏🏐🥍
thanks for watching guys. we seriously appreciate you a ton
raldyn aclan
raldyn aclan - 9 ore fa
can i get t'shirt..😊😊😊😊
Sri Kumar
Sri Kumar - 10 ore fa
Navaneeth vlogger
Navaneeth vlogger - 14 ore fa
Hii dude perfect
Andrewman0923 Hi
Andrewman0923 Hi - 8 ore fa
Who is rewatching
racingdaniel yah
racingdaniel yah - 8 ore fa
Hay I need a football stereotype vid(high school)
Terri Elle
Terri Elle - 8 ore fa
Hey I need a football stereotype (like a high school football game)
勝宏砂田 - 9 ore fa
Japanese please.
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Exchange Subscribes - 9 ore fa
Who still watch for this video : please Subscribe me ❤🌹
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Exchange Subscribes - 9 ore fa
Hello 😍😍 im new here ❤ can i get interested Followers to my Channel 😍😍 🌹 im from Dubai ❤
Malik Ilyas
Malik Ilyas - 9 ore fa
I like Dude Perfect..
ViPer Crimesolo
ViPer Crimesolo - 9 ore fa
The soccer trickshot is ez
margaret davison
margaret davison - 10 ore fa
Somebody Online
Somebody Online - 10 ore fa
People: Find A Comment Thats Not Begging For Likes
People: Impossible
Mr.T ___09
Mr.T ___09 - 10 ore fa
They’re super cool
Can u guys be more frequent on giving all those cool overtimes, trick shots,stereotypes, faceoffs and battles.....
(A request from a huge fan)
Louis Chen
Louis Chen - 10 ore fa
Can’t wait for card trick shots 2
Sleek - 10 ore fa
Sub yo laserbeam
Gamer Gang
Gamer Gang - 11 ore fa
cody its 3 strikes your out not 2
Megan Angel
Megan Angel - 11 ore fa
i got 10
Xcc youtube chanle
Xcc youtube chanle - 11 ore fa
Crystal Dude
Crystal Dude - 11 ore fa
I wonder what will be their playbutton if they reach 50mil subs

they should have a custom playbutton
who agrees?
Eric Snapp
Eric Snapp - 11 ore fa
Daniel Legro
Daniel Legro - 13 ore fa
Garrett - couple years back...
Me - 2012? 7 Years?
Taha Taha
Taha Taha - 13 ore fa
لو فكرت ونسيتك 🌚
Ben Wolf
Ben Wolf - 13 ore fa
You should do yo-yo trick shots 😻😺😸
Deathray playz
Deathray playz - 13 ore fa
Leon Mali
Leon Mali - 13 ore fa
Yogesh Sharma
Yogesh Sharma - 13 ore fa
I appreciate you guys a lot.  You have blown my mind like a Cat 5 hurricane. Specially Garrett
KingSlayerT - 14 ore fa
Hi dp keep up the amazing work
MU42 PRO - 14 ore fa
Where is the ping pong
Charan Cherry
Charan Cherry - 14 ore fa
People watching this in 2020.... Hello from 2019. And thanks for the likes...
Lidia san emeterio
Lidia san emeterio - 14 ore fa
ash6350 - 14 ore fa
Can u please play pubg in the game time on the overtime 12
ashish chanchlani vines
Richard Tylen
Richard Tylen - 15 ore fa
School Stereotypes & Swimming Pool Trick Shots
Atheef jazeen
Atheef jazeen - 16 ore fa
You guys missed out cricket
wanggga nihtod
wanggga nihtod - 16 ore fa
wow, you're so dude
Ricardo Mora-Aguayo
Ricardo Mora-Aguayo - 16 ore fa
Chessboxing is a sport I love chess
Sarita Lad
Sarita Lad - 17 ore fa
Your biggest fan love you from India enjoy your videos a lot. Dp fans have a like over there👍👇
Joel Feng
Joel Feng - 18 ore fa
Can you please make a trick shot video on Badminton???
HaRsHa ROckErz
HaRsHa ROckErz - 19 ore fa
guys why don't u do anything about cricket it a fun game and my favourite
Pineapple Scuddleduck
Pineapple Scuddleduck - 19 ore fa
When badminton doesn’t get enough support
Intanadi Budiman
Intanadi Budiman - 19 ore fa
haamid hassan
haamid hassan - 19 ore fa
If you subscribed to dude perfect like the comment
poison Krueger
poison Krueger - 19 ore fa
Please include panda in trick shots again. Like so dp can see
Rory David
Rory David - 20 ore fa
You should flip a airpod into a airpod case
Pawan Kumar
Pawan Kumar - 20 ore fa
Plz do more overtimes
1 like for a overtime
Adiz Fazilov
Adiz Fazilov - 20 ore fa
Tyler,Coby,Cody and Garret are the best!
Luke Kavka-Coogan
Luke Kavka-Coogan - 20 ore fa
U guys should make a first-try video
Im always so disappointed that there is not a volleyball trick shot that made me so happy
nao nao
nao nao - 20 ore fa
Alguém do Brasil?
d a
d a - 20 ore fa
do ping pong battle
Hung Thomas
Hung Thomas - 21 ora fa
what video editor software do you use?
Talitha Watson
Talitha Watson - 21 ora fa
Hi di
Collected Cards
Collected Cards - 21 ora fa
Do you guys have other jobs then YouTube?
Juan Aguilar
Juan Aguilar - 22 ore fa
Nice you guys are legendary
Play skating with gun fight
Dennis Roussel
Dennis Roussel - 22 ore fa
google translate this for meaning получил их
Noah 55 C
Noah 55 C - 22 ore fa
Shelley Murray
Shelley Murray - 22 ore fa
Zoo stereotypes
Maria Avalos
Maria Avalos - 23 ore fa
Next time when y’all do the bowling ball shot make sure you get everything if not we don’t know if it’s fake or not 👿
Sarah Corpus
Sarah Corpus - Giorno fa
Prossimi video