Halloween (2018) - Bathroom Bloodshed Scene (2/10) | Movieclips

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Draculatour From Bucharest
She din not suppose to enter in the first place...
Hernán Ferreras
Hernán Ferreras - Giorno fa
0:45 Why does she does that head tilt?
hendrik Serrien
hendrik Serrien - Giorno fa
BoostyBoBo - 2 giorni fa
Legendary God
Legendary God - 5 giorni fa
Yo Michael why ur in a women bathroom ur a girl I didn’t know that
Viktor Slavez
Viktor Slavez - 7 giorni fa
Joey Central
Joey Central - 7 giorni fa
How well would my martial arts work against Michael Myers?
I have A micro shaft
I have A micro shaft - 2 giorni fa
Joey Central In reality not that well . He’s to strong and to durable.
coasteys coasteys
coasteys coasteys - 7 giorni fa
Movies like this should be illegal
Halim Haze
Halim Haze - 8 giorni fa
I would fk him up asahbe
Monse Mehaffy
Monse Mehaffy - 9 giorni fa
Demii Stephens
Demii Stephens - 9 giorni fa
I love u too the bottom of my heart micheal💖❤💜💖💕💞💓😍🥰🧡🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
Demii Stephens
Demii Stephens - 9 giorni fa
Demii Stephens
Demii Stephens - 9 giorni fa
Demii Stephens
Demii Stephens - 9 giorni fa
💜💜💜💜💜💜love u micheal
Leomar Almeida
Leomar Almeida - 10 giorni fa
Algum br?
Terminator T-800
Terminator T-800 - 10 giorni fa
Omg that actor look like Arnold Schwarzenegger
SomeSmiley Boi
SomeSmiley Boi - 10 giorni fa
Ever heard of privacy Michael
slade Lutz
slade Lutz - 12 giorni fa
He's gone a long way from being that six year old kid to this elder who's vitals no longer function.
GUTROT FX - 13 giorni fa
2:45 Did you know that her bumping her head into the toilet was an accident but she acted her way through it
mia guzman
mia guzman - 13 giorni fa
who's scared
The Heckler
The Heckler - 13 giorni fa
When she bumped her head on that toilet bowl....I felt that😂😬
Derrick Martinez
Derrick Martinez - 16 giorni fa
Them tem
Derrick Martinez
Derrick Martinez - 16 giorni fa
Eww bathroom your house is peepee
allen hope cabuang
allen hope cabuang - 16 giorni fa
the chick had so many opportunities to shout or call for help.
but the director of the movie want her dead. hhahaha!
Aran Erem
Aran Erem - 17 giorni fa
This scene is scary
Phil Taylor
Phil Taylor - 19 giorni fa
Michael isn't insane

He is just pure evil
I have A micro shaft
I have A micro shaft - 2 giorni fa
Phil Taylor Boi
luigi adventures finding mario vlogs and luigi
Bakir Avdic
Bakir Avdic - 20 giorni fa
I have to share people.
I found this movie oddly satisfying, this and the fence scene, I felt joy.
I have A micro shaft
I have A micro shaft - 2 giorni fa
Cool story bro
Animez4u - 9 giorni fa
Probably cause you killed someone before.
LoyalT1987 - 21 giorno fa
This is a genuinely disturbing scene. I felt awful for those two. The guy stood no chance against Michael. Can you imagine how powerless you'd have to feel in that situation? This guy is destroying you and you know your loved one is next. You can't do anything to stop it. While you're sitting in the corner, leaking blood, all you can do is watch him kill the person you love. The last thing you see is Myers strangling your girlfriend, and your last thought is knowing you were unable to protect her or yourself. It's terrifying. But even though it's so hard to watch, it's critical. At this point, we see that Michael is old. He doesn't look very intimidating. In this scene, we see that he can take a crowbar to the face and then literally beat a man to death with his bare hands. He's strong enough to lift a woman up off the ground and strangle her to death. It doesn't matter how old Michael is. He's still a force.
I have A micro shaft
I have A micro shaft - 2 giorni fa
Lol I loved every bit I guess I don’t think about it that much I’m there to see myers destroy .
Ralph Ironfist
Ralph Ironfist - 21 giorno fa
the actor that did michael is the same of Saw?
clint iacuone
clint iacuone - 15 giorni fa
Ralph Ironfist no
Erni Balla
Erni Balla - 21 giorno fa
Michael Killed Conor McGregor Lookalike
BTaeK - 23 giorni fa
This is why I'm always paranoid at public restrooms whenever I hear someone come in, thank you, Michael Myers
Jarno Datema
Jarno Datema - 23 giorni fa
Those bathrooms were still cleaner than any public bathroom i've ever seen lmao
dejan peric
dejan peric - 24 giorni fa
How Michael is so powerful....?
Game Kid
Game Kid - 24 giorni fa
This is why I don’t rely on a women no offense
BugVall - 25 giorni fa
Goddamit get out there and help him woman!
yuyu morga
yuyu morga - 25 giorni fa
Daniel Webb
Daniel Webb - 25 giorni fa
Now this is where you need old joe grizzly
lucy gluce
lucy gluce - 25 giorni fa
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