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Christian Lauderdale
Why does idiot Scott ask where Jean is? If she’s not on the X-plane with you guys she’s obviously on the space shuttle you dingus. Not like she went to Arby’s.
O⃗n⃗i⃗k⃗a⃗ KitKat
The better question is Who is you
the golden king
the golden king - 2 ore fa
GUYS THIS IS MADE BY MARVLE NOW NOW now if you seen spider man far from home nick fury says that thanos snap ripped a hole in the Universe so that means that this universe could connect with marvel the avengers
Levi Meyer
Levi Meyer - 5 ore fa
3pac math tde
Kyieem Genesis
Kyieem Genesis - 5 ore fa
Is that wade from ready player one 0:21🙀
Kyieem Genesis
Kyieem Genesis - 5 ore fa
The guy from ready player one is Cyclops guys😁
Jay Grewal
Jay Grewal - 5 ore fa
this movie will not meet expectations,thanks sansa.you can not dis the fans.
Jay Grewal
Jay Grewal - 5 ore fa
end is nigh
Chris jakobby
Chris jakobby - 5 ore fa
Looks bad. I will skip.
OmegaPi - 5 ore fa
I've seen this movie already, back in 2006. If you want to watch Sophie Turner go dark phoenix then your in luck, she is going dark phoenix in real life right now on all her game of thrones fans who didn't like the last few seasons of the show. Isn't Marvel just going to reboot the X-men anyway? This movie seems pointless.
predattak - 6 ore fa
Sansa in space .. this is going to be as good as the GoT final episode.
elroy toribio
elroy toribio - 6 ore fa
Still won’t beat end game no matter what 1.2billion in revenue
Vlql Vlql
Vlql Vlql - 8 ore fa
Another little girly movie where they can beat men silly.. These sandwich makers are still called x-MEN!...
Kieran Whall
Kieran Whall - 8 ore fa
Bro as soon as marvel comes into the xmen scene, the soundtrack for the trailers become amazing
SHCcomics - 8 ore fa
I'm satisfied about how quicksilver runs on those planks of wood
Dj SaRoK
Dj SaRoK - 8 ore fa
Drax was there but he was standing so still you couldn’t see him.
vash plus ultra
vash plus ultra - 8 ore fa
Cyclops : " Billie Jean ! "
Chris Corley
Chris Corley - 9 ore fa
Ben Hardy. Ben Foster. Two Angels, having a discussion with himself. 😨 Finale Sequel. X-Men: Genosha (Dark Phoenix Part 3) _c.
KEMO Cali - 9 ore fa
I'd rather watch END GAME 10 more times.
KEMO Cali - 9 ore fa
Everybody who put a 👎, know that this movie will be TRASH 😓🤢🤮!
Nathan Adams
Nathan Adams - 9 ore fa
Sansa Stark wilin
Tembisile - 10 ore fa
If wolverine makes an appearance, that would be awesome.
graceyale._ e
graceyale._ e - 10 ore fa
Evan Peters?😍😍
jmw - 11 ore fa
Cant wait
Jyoti Manral
Jyoti Manral - 11 ore fa
Well defeating her is easy
All u gotta do is place wolverine in front of her and boom
*claw to the stomach b***
Evan Miles
Evan Miles - 11 ore fa
Queen in the north ⚔
Rena - 12 ore fa
Very cool! Can’t wait
yatish bathla
yatish bathla - 12 ore fa
Dark Phoenix Movie in 2 minutes: X-Men Nasa Mission. Jean affected by Cosmic rays. X-Men return without Jean. Jean still in the space. 😂😂😛😛🤣🤣
WulfCry - 13 ore fa
Well already know how this gonna end.
Edward Castillo
Edward Castillo - 13 ore fa
I like it when she says *But it feels good*
Nathaniel David
Nathaniel David - 14 ore fa
The way quicksilver is running towards her and the look on her face makes me think she's gonna kill him there
Sivaram RS
Sivaram RS - 14 ore fa
Scott's only dialogue
"Jeannn" in different modulations
Gleek Potterhead.
Gleek Potterhead. - 19 ore fa
she's not little bird anymore.
she's dark phoenix now.
Big Boy
Big Boy - 20 ore fa
All hail the Queen of the North
Rishabh Rockstar
Rishabh Rockstar - 21 ora fa
I hated cyclops in this trailer 😂😂
mintico snout
mintico snout - 21 ora fa
This is what happened if you allowed sansa stark to rule the north by herself.
Finn Zhask
Finn Zhask - 15 ore fa
mintico snout indeed happened
Know Science
Know Science - 21 ora fa
Meanwhile wolvi is smoking his cigars somewhere 🚬🚬🚬
QuacKJERN - 21 ora fa
Dark bird hmm
lettucepicker - 22 ore fa
Why is Jennifer Lawrence still in the movie?
Chewy Whiskers
Chewy Whiskers - 22 ore fa
AnotherRaider - Giorno fa
Are these new actors/ actresses?
Isabel Bisson-St-Amour
Azim Yahaya
Azim Yahaya - Giorno fa
This will be much more better than The Last Stand.
zombiekiller fan
zombiekiller fan - Giorno fa
The Queen in the
Jameson Jones
Jameson Jones - Giorno fa
Queen Sansa has become more dangerous than Queen Daenerys! Keep Jon away!
Left Behind
Left Behind - Giorno fa
Queen in The North
Jon Snow
Jon Snow - Giorno fa
This is what happens when u piss of the queen in the north 😂
Handsome Edgar
Handsome Edgar - Giorno fa
Spoilers- Phoenix snaps her fingers and the X-Man are trying to bring back everyone
C3PGamer X
C3PGamer X - Giorno fa
this looks kind of boring
C3PGamer X
C3PGamer X - Giorno fa
this looks kind of boring
Muhamad Ridwansyah
Muhamad Ridwansyah - Giorno fa
Someone, please tell me. in "X-men - Last Stand" Jean Died, Mystic back to Normal(Not Mutan) and Scoot Died. So why this trailer Jean & Scoot Alive ?
then Mystic Still mutan in this trailer ?
This trailer film before "X-Men Last Stand" ?
eric howard
eric howard - Giorno fa
To the queen of the North 🌟
Watashi wa Javier Betancourt desu
She needs a nerf, she’s completely OP and unbalanced in every way!!!
Adam Ggg
Adam Ggg - Giorno fa
Looks like that's the reality stone??
Snowwybubble - Giorno fa
Can’t believe the x men franchise is already over when i feel like it just begun
Mac Wade
Mac Wade - Giorno fa
Here is my suggestion. When this movie comes out, skip it and go see Avengers Endgame again, please!
Robert Nicholls
Robert Nicholls - 17 ore fa
True, looks too cartoony, not rich enough for that character.
Sum Guy
Sum Guy - Giorno fa
Dark Phoenix should have used her powers to kill Khaleesi and steal the dragon. Lol
Light Yagami
Light Yagami - Giorno fa
Such a generic movie
Light Yagami
Light Yagami - Giorno fa
Who cares
Mind Job
Mind Job - 20 ore fa
Why are you even on this video?
Crowned King T
Crowned King T - Giorno fa
I think im more excited to see Storm and Jean face off more than anything
HaSnain Ali
HaSnain Ali - Giorno fa
Wolverine is gonna be really missed in this movie 😂
Russel Mohan
Russel Mohan - Giorno fa
Sigh....really??????????? I hope it's good.....to be fair, it looks only 50% good. WE WANT Character based stories, back history and origins etc...So much richness, please don't waste it on Special Effects!
Rizky Darma
Rizky Darma - Giorno fa
Only one thing missing ...
Girl In Black
Girl In Black - Giorno fa
Queen Sansa?
Felipe Aguena
Felipe Aguena - Giorno fa
Magneto's looking amazing for a 60 year old
Andrey Boyko
Andrey Boyko - Giorno fa
Sansa! Queen of the North
Hugo Svahn
Hugo Svahn - Giorno fa
Im gonna watch this movie for quicksilver scenes
Miya'sLife - Giorno fa
This Is a ripoff of captain marvel same story line same plot everything.
Konegar - Giorno fa
I don't think you know the Dark Phoenix story 😂😂😂😂
Princeton Sialega
Princeton Sialega - 2 giorni fa
It's like FOX went Marvel Studios with this final trailer because I cant stop replaying this trailer. Lol EPIC!
LilComeinClutch - 2 giorni fa
Where my boy pyro?
DisGuyRightHere - 2 giorni fa
Nathan Gurdoski
Nathan Gurdoski - 2 giorni fa
basically Vanya from The Umbrella Academy..
Strizer Quel
Strizer Quel - 2 giorni fa
They don't have wolverine to save them this time
E M - 2 giorni fa
Ok Sansa stop it , go back to winterfell 😂, All I see is Sansa Stark when I see this trailer , I’ll make the movie weird to me , all be thinking of GOT the whole time 😂😂
Sandra Phillips
Sandra Phillips - 2 giorni fa
I would love to see dark Phoenix vs scarlet witch they are the most powerful female heroine
Novares - 2 giorni fa
Omg I'ma cry so cool
The300ZXGuru - 2 giorni fa
thats a very bad idea actually she is the most powerful being ever. lol
KURONEKI - 2 giorni fa
I'd like to see the MCU bring these two universes together through the multiverse theory, and the results of Endgame brought rifts in the timeline similar to into the spiderverse. I wanna see Scarlett Witch interact with this universe's Quicksilver.
snake - 2 giorni fa
Is that halle berry as storm again?
SHEHZAAD - 2 giorni fa
Phoenix is the most powerful superhero ever created. Would love to see the series all life.
Kevin Drenski
Kevin Drenski - 2 giorni fa
Man she looks so good as Jean and even has the emotion to go with it. I was all in when she said "When I lose control...it feels good".
Tyler Fletcher
Tyler Fletcher - 2 giorni fa
R.I.P. Stan Lee
Sorry but this looks like a fan film w a really big budget. Worries me bc this is such an epic storyline that they would be fuckin up yet again. Who knows tho
Robert Nicholls
Robert Nicholls - 17 ore fa
I agree, I think people are forcing themselves to like it. Doesn't seem like a rich script or writing.
jeff namw
jeff namw - 2 giorni fa
Jean gray vs brightburn? Who will win.
Captain 405
Captain 405 - 2 giorni fa
So we're doing this again xmen the laststand 🤦🏿‍♂️ok.
Captain 405
Captain 405 - 2 giorni fa
+124mando I was speaking about the Failed attempt the 1st time. I know about the dark Phoenix saga I'm just saying make a better attempt this time aroud with the movie. Now move along please.
124mando - 2 giorni fa
Captain 405 so clearly you don’t know the dark Phoenix Arc!!! Or the Phoenix start at all, go sleep.
Mike Amban
Mike Amban - 2 giorni fa
Sansa Starks
Jesus Melgar
Jesus Melgar - 2 giorni fa
Sorry but without logan this movie is not for me you know just because the triangle love jajaja..
B S - 2 giorni fa
Jean: Kisses Cyclops
Cyclops: *JEANNNN!*
Jean: Kills him a minute later
Cyclops: *JEANNNN!*
SSB Gogeta
SSB Gogeta - 2 giorni fa
This time, Logan will not be there to save the day😭😭
We miss you Hugh Jackman
FullMetalRaven - 2 giorni fa
I'm glad this era is OVER!!!!!! the worst xmen era in history... thank u not fox for doing such a horrible job with a top tier comic book characters! Now, lets bring them home!
Neo Virz
Neo Virz - 2 giorni fa
Game of Thrones Season 9 looks good
rohit george
rohit george - 2 giorni fa
Mann.. Sansas pretty pissed about not getting the throne eh
Evil Morty
Evil Morty - 2 giorni fa
Time to watch jean explode herself to save her friends (:
INSIDIOUS Official - 2 giorni fa
MCU fans gettin' jealous
Leilah Reyes
Leilah Reyes - 3 giorni fa
Who else thinks when Quicksilver said "so were going to space cool" reminds you of wes from smosh games
AmarNathan - 3 giorni fa
I'm dark pheonix of Winterfell; and I want to go home.
sleep zone
sleep zone - 12 ore fa
Cry baby sansa is dark phoenix meh
xiitheone - 3 giorni fa
"No More Titans..." scarlet witch wispered.
Renan Ferrari
Renan Ferrari - 3 giorni fa
i do have some questions about this... i know that phoenix and dark phoenix are differents entities, but was dark phoenix looking for jean or it was just a coincidence?
Askmee2013 - 3 giorni fa
Oh lol I though this was real marvel. Lol nvm I don’t care
Willie Striggs III MT
Willie Striggs III MT - 3 giorni fa
I would love to see Justice League vs X-Men
JCR Rikari
JCR Rikari - 3 giorni fa
When you make magneto Dodge metal,you know it's real.
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