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Big money
Big money - 15 minuti fa
this fucked me up beyond repair
Getkawedbythecrow - 2 ore fa
Helenarchy - 8 ore fa
This was posted three weeks ago. I've never seen this video before, and yet it feels viscerally familiar, as if I've already experienced it in a separate plane.
Shelton Willey
Shelton Willey - 17 ore fa
ツcaffeine - 17 ore fa
this made me cry a little bit, dont know why.
Mika Kick
Mika Kick - 19 ore fa
"Save da world. This is my final message.
Hunter Stuff
Hunter Stuff - Giorno fa
*“i am reminded of the goodness of man”*
-Jack Stauber with robot voice 2019
Kawaii Powietrze
Kawaii Powietrze - Giorno fa
Me when my school is burning:
The Editor
The Editor - Giorno fa
How does someone achieve making this kind of voice.
Phantom Xxx
Phantom Xxx - Giorno fa
View of death... still on my brothers acc 🤷🏽‍♀️
Noah Sharp
Noah Sharp - Giorno fa
Ellie - Giorno fa
ok boomer
Maxobb - Giorno fa
Where could I find the song by itself?
izu.m ido
izu.m ido - 2 giorni fa
I've been clean for 3 and a half years.
but tonight. tonight that changes. I did my best.
izu.m ido
izu.m ido - 2 giorni fa
so you finally decided to do it.
you stand up on the cliff and look over the side, billions of people down there. living. going on. pushing through. you look at your feet. curling your toes and shifting. so how long are u gonna stand there and wait? minuets? hours? who knows. maybe someone will come stop you. do u want that? I don't know. you think about your friend back in elementary school. your old inside joke. haha that was funny back then. but right now isn't back then and right now you've made the choice to end it all. to send your body flying down a cliff to hit the ground and bounce while every bone in your body breaks and you become nothing but a pile of bones and flesh. take in the moment, it's the last one. little did you know if you had been at school next week you would've meet someone who would change your life and be there for you forever. but you missed the opportunity. was it worth it? is it worth it?
Brandon King
Brandon King - 2 giorni fa
Man I love Radiohead
b u t t e r c u p
b u t t e r c u p - 3 giorni fa
Anybody from 2027?
Matthew [GI]
Matthew [GI] - 3 giorni fa
*_it makes my breath away_*
CallMeLarson - 3 giorni fa
dronk - 3 giorni fa
😔 Damn... This is deep... 😔
😔 Like for a free iPhone 5s... 😔
CodyCorg - 3 giorni fa
What animation software is this?
Dragonking - 3 giorni fa
Think again dude
DogeGamer 2
DogeGamer 2 - 4 giorni fa
this was trending
Who Am i ?
Who Am i ? - 4 giorni fa
Jack: *posts another video*
Me: _i am reminded of the goodness of man_
Robert Nicho
Robert Nicho - 4 giorni fa
I love the irony of him repeating the beauty of nature, when the video goes out of its way to be as virtual as possible
Alexandria m
Alexandria m - 4 giorni fa
Hello people scrolling with anxiety
Amaddeo Gaetano
Amaddeo Gaetano - 4 giorni fa
When I here is voice
Me: M O R T I S
BluuSter - 4 giorni fa
In the next 30 years, this masterpiece is gonna be recommended
Kazoo Kid
Kazoo Kid - 4 giorni fa
this: *exists*
some isolated part of my mind, softly: *ok boomer*
Melia Petrello
Melia Petrello - 4 giorni fa
mason :3
mason :3 - 5 giorni fa
This is most likely the most un- scary thing made by him, but the thing is

Its still really scary...
kerspla7 - 5 giorni fa
Jack Stauber: “I am reminded of being young. I am reminded of the fleeting beauty of life. Nothing can recreate this moment, it must be lived.”
Also Jack Stauber: *Its benny worm*
Sydney W
Sydney W - 5 giorni fa
That's SAM's voice!
Maxwell Liegl
Maxwell Liegl - 5 giorni fa
Dean BOT
Dean BOT - 5 giorni fa
When jack stauber speaks in MORTIS
Triply Gaming
Triply Gaming - 5 giorni fa
Ok boomer
میررسول شمس کمار
چرت بود
cheyenne - 6 giorni fa
you know. most of jack's videos make me anxious. but this one? it makes me feel weirdly calm
Suni xoxo
Suni xoxo - 6 giorni fa
*Guy looking up* His face: :
Moises Mejia
Moises Mejia - 6 giorni fa
Is Egg
Is Egg - 6 giorni fa
dotut 98
dotut 98 - 6 giorni fa
bigfax8500 - 6 giorni fa
so zen
Not Your Daughter
Not Your Daughter - 6 giorni fa
This made me have a very interesting feeling that I didn’t know was real lol. It reminds me a lot of something I’m working on and it made me tear up a bit lol. This is actually beautiful.
HeyImVenom - 6 giorni fa
Someone needs to sample this for a song
[Insert creative name here] -
His voice reminds me of something but I just can't put my finger on it. Anyone got any ideas?
[Insert creative name here] -
Yes :)
TheBlackDemon - 6 giorni fa
Faith? Pixel game?
miya xoxo
miya xoxo - 7 giorni fa
man, this is amazing.
Maria Fernanda Gaitan Hernandez
q pedoo!!
Oofluvsme - 7 giorni fa
Gonna leave a comment if this gets recommended :)
actual trash
actual trash - 7 giorni fa
does anyone know what kind of background music this is?
Lil Muchacho
Lil Muchacho - 7 giorni fa
I dare you to look outside your window. What do you see.
Hal 9000
Hal 9000 - 7 giorni fa
Bro . . .
Anneliese ;w;
Anneliese ;w; - 7 giorni fa
this somehow just hits me so hard despite being a simple animation
• ZoRHa •
• ZoRHa • - 8 giorni fa
I am filled with the incredible urge to emerge from my house and dick around outside for the hell of it
MuddyzHere - 8 giorni fa
Kevin Kot
Kevin Kot - 8 giorni fa
History of the video:

Jack was high and in a park.
Thomas Edison
Thomas Edison - 8 giorni fa
Best nature documentary I've ever watched!
slumber pupper
slumber pupper - 8 giorni fa
why did this hit me hard in the face
Frog - 8 giorni fa
Ash S
Ash S - 8 giorni fa
Our future kids looking at the trees MrBeast planted:
Prossimi video