Can an Average Guy Stop a Hockey Pro's 98MPH Slap Shot? | Above Average Joe | GQ Sports

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maria magiba
maria magiba - Ora fa
Nice moth position
Derek Sellers
Derek Sellers - 10 ore fa
Upset they didn't use Shea Weber for the pro shots
Alexander Gio
Alexander Gio - 11 ore fa
Being a goalie this hurts my eyes
Brad - Giorno fa
I think an average guy can get hit by a 98MPH slap shot
Steve Harrington
Steve Harrington - 2 giorni fa
Bruh as a goalie, this dude makes being a goalie look impossible. Good vid tho
Daniel Godlewski
Daniel Godlewski - 3 giorni fa
It’s not the speed of the shot, but how fast you get the shot off. That’s why the snap works so well. The backhand does too because it’s such a fast release and there’s no wind up/set up to read it, and it comes right off the stick. The slap shot just has the wow factor, just like driving a golf ball
Dabiznis TheCat
Dabiznis TheCat - 3 giorni fa
Never played before is not "average".
TheGroo - 3 giorni fa
Would have been better if they got Shea Weber.
Feed Me Media
Feed Me Media - 4 giorni fa
They put this poor chump in players skates-- I'm tapping out early.
Usman Qureshi
Usman Qureshi - 4 giorni fa
"lets put it where the rest of them are" savage
bilsbobaggins1 - 4 giorni fa
I laughed hardcore at the figure skating part
Usman Qureshi
Usman Qureshi - 4 giorni fa
they low key remind me of jim and dwight - 4 giorni fa
did anyone else notice the coworker named “Joel Pavelski”? Ya know, kinda like the Sharks player “Joe Pavelski”?
Camden Provencher
Camden Provencher - 4 giorni fa
As a hockey player this is cringe
Cassandra Janelle
Cassandra Janelle - 4 giorni fa
It's painful to watch him try to play goal in player skates...

Edit: Okay, thank christ they got finally mans some goalie skates.
Metal Marty
Metal Marty - 5 giorni fa
It's hard enough for an average goalie to stop an nhl players slapshot, nevermind some clown who's never even skated before. As a hockey player, this is an embarrassment.
BaronBoar - 5 giorni fa
I am an average Joe, but I have had some experience playing goalie, like floor hockey and 1 ice hockey game, and my form was way better than his, and I was in player skates not goalie skates.
Luc Pare
Luc Pare - 6 giorni fa
When he did the double circle thing lolololol
Sniz420 - 6 giorni fa
way to rip off george plimpton , ya theres still one of us who remembers him
A4A5 - 6 giorni fa
They didn’t even get him goalie skates
ItzNavo - 6 giorni fa
“Leg pads”
ACE Gaming
ACE Gaming - 6 giorni fa
That the skyliners rink
B. Winz
B. Winz - 6 giorni fa
Delete this
B. Winz
B. Winz - 6 giorni fa
This is horrendous
Nigel DeSanto
Nigel DeSanto - 7 giorni fa
This is so cool chick was my goalie coach for about 3 years
Mahalo Dude
Mahalo Dude - 8 giorni fa
Laughs in tendy
Sun Struck Gaming
Sun Struck Gaming - 13 giorni fa
1:25 I thought it said joe pavelski and I’m like no way that joe pavelski!
Eric - 14 giorni fa
my team hockey goalie does better
James Robertson
James Robertson - 15 giorni fa
I love this ice skating rink pls go there again I would love to meet you
The Ace
The Ace - 16 giorni fa
I could score on him easy
William Male
William Male - 20 giorni fa
Shea Weber slap shot would of scared you
Rob Young
Rob Young - Mese fa
Why would they send a guy on the ice who CAN'T skate with no helmet? 4:10
Cap - Mese fa
"Ugh watching this person who is practically 100% new at hockey try to do hockey things that I'm better than him at is so r/cringe!!!! hes a poopy stupid head for not being get while i am!!!"
Cactus Man
Cactus Man - Mese fa
Cap ?
Theo Boss
Theo Boss - 2 mesi fa
Yall gotta chill like fr he is not a pro and when understand that yall Canadians would do it better but I think the video was still great it was entertaining
jamesreidboi - 2 mesi fa
clay skipper is a noob
Jason Moyle
Jason Moyle - 2 mesi fa
98mph weak as piss i would stop shot in field hockey going faster than that.
Jason Moyle
Jason Moyle - 2 mesi fa
@Random Person Fuck off you have no idea ive played field hockey since i was 9. I play in the premier league in the world's best hockey league in Perth, WA
Random Person
Random Person - 2 mesi fa
Are you kidding 98 mph very fast not in a million years would you stop a shot that fast in field hockey smh
Fivedaysncounting - 3 mesi fa
Its Anson Carter. Saved you 20 mins ;)
World_Thxnder - 3 mesi fa
16 yea old goalie here just nearly cried watching the pucks almost kill his knee
Vince C
Vince C - 3 mesi fa
many all star pro hockey players cannt do a 98 mph slapshot. 2 minutes of research would have answered this question.
Tyler Pond
Tyler Pond - 3 mesi fa
Can an average guy hit a major league fastball? No
Can an average guy tackle an NFL running back? No
Dumb video.
TJ Holland
TJ Holland - 3 mesi fa
Before I even watch the video... Would an average guy even try?!?! Anything going 98 MPH I want no parts in stopping..
Melissa Bourque
Melissa Bourque - 3 mesi fa
desoz toppieter
desoz toppieter - 3 mesi fa
a narcissistic dandy and an african , the african should stick with african ball, as their jungle skills have caused them to take all sports except hockey, leave hockey alone. the narcissitic dandy should stick to writing about fashion, or TV thats about his level
Sheppy99 - 3 mesi fa
Was he wearing regular hockey skates and not goalie skates? Great way to break a toe.....
Water Sheep
Water Sheep - 3 mesi fa
Canadians are born with hockey sticks, we don’t even need training to be a better goalie than that
ig.tekkloop - 3 mesi fa
4:22 I fell over that same way when I was about 9 but caught my hand on the skates and split the entire side of my thumb wide open, this was on a scout camp and everyone was annoyed at me as they had to close the ice rick as it was covered
Epidemic - illen spree
14:28 was that part sped up? I swear it is, but if that wasn’t he spun super quick. Why didn’t they just let the guy who could actually skate go against the pros?
Alex Hutchison
Alex Hutchison - 3 mesi fa
Therapist? Did GQ run out of content?
Alex Hutchison
Alex Hutchison - 3 mesi fa
This dude is a pus
Kyle and sam mc
Kyle and sam mc - 3 mesi fa
Is he the 75 questions guy?
Coach john 71
Coach john 71 - 3 mesi fa
The cringe
Human Centered
Human Centered - 3 mesi fa
Excellent virtue signal on your player choice, GQ.
Swifty - 3 mesi fa
He should have practiced way more it was rushed. I think I could teach him.
Lane Ramsey
Lane Ramsey - 3 mesi fa
Oh lmao that's my rink
VenomElixiꞃ - 3 mesi fa
19:23 that was actually a good save
Tragic - 3 mesi fa
this man is never wearing a helmet when he is practicing his skating.. like c'mon what kinda example are you trying to set for kids watching this
slapshot 360
slapshot 360 - 3 mesi fa
The figure skater knew nothing ab actual hockey
jp5ftw - 3 mesi fa
tbh i think John was presently surprised there at the end
Tugboat - 3 mesi fa
floppin like a fish
Lil Savage
Lil Savage - 3 mesi fa
At least it wasn’t one of the staal bros if so that 100% would be extremely painfull
VenomElixiꞃ - 3 mesi fa
Get chara on the ice
Prossimi video