Tee Grizzley - God's Warrior [Official Video]

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patrick skelton
patrick skelton - Ora fa
involved in a shooting a few weeks ago. can't listen to no fake shit
Dominic Tiano
Dominic Tiano - 3 ore fa
God's Warrior
Louie Lamourt
Louie Lamourt - 6 ore fa
Big meech was rich ain't nobody ask'em why is u hustling?!!🗣🔥🔥🔥🔥
swissmoneybeatz - 6 ore fa
So good. Swissmoneybeatz support this dope artist !
Nando Mojito
Nando Mojito - 13 ore fa
No cap this nigga next to Pac Nas Jay Z all the greats this nigga is beyond regular rap niggas
Tank DaDank
Tank DaDank - 18 ore fa
“And your bitch take D like a grown up”.

Hol up, underaged? 🌚
Asshole Mcfuckin
Asshole Mcfuckin - 19 ore fa
If you smart, you’d take the teeth too lmaooo
Hermione Ford
Hermione Ford - 21 ora fa
Is it me or did he gain weight? Lol
William Benz
William Benz - 23 ore fa
Hardest rapper on god bruh can’t change my mind
Jayden Hibbard
Jayden Hibbard - Giorno fa
That beat tho
KAP17AR 723
KAP17AR 723 - Giorno fa
Jordan Fumar
Jordan Fumar - Giorno fa
" You got the wave I got the tsunami ".
Dashan Tyler
Dashan Tyler - Giorno fa
I guess NBA YOUNGBOY thought it was a joke
Cactus Anal
Cactus Anal - Giorno fa
me on gta
Cactus Anal
Cactus Anal - Giorno fa
straight nasty bro
Matt Derry
Matt Derry - Giorno fa
Why he look the predator lmfao but ay cant hate he can spit, no doubt
Mahiwagang Kamote
Mahiwagang Kamote - 2 giorni fa
mason brown
mason brown - 2 giorni fa
He looks like eggman from sonic
Kevin Hill
Kevin Hill - 2 giorni fa
David Smith
David Smith - 2 giorni fa
God ..... this ok.
David Smith
David Smith - 2 giorni fa
Odis Tennison
Odis Tennison - 2 giorni fa
Aye call the firefighters cuhz this shit on 🔥🔥🔥🔥
john farwell
john farwell - 2 giorni fa
G went crazy
AwilzZ FN
AwilzZ FN - 2 giorni fa
Why did Dis nigga fall off 😞😭
Frank Tylenda
Frank Tylenda - 2 giorni fa
We need a tee grizzly 21 savage collab
JACOB HAWKES - 2 giorni fa
Tee needs to loose some weight 🤦🏼‍♂️💯
TV Simmons
TV Simmons - 2 giorni fa
Hollows in that sprinter van gone leave somebody crippled man,🔥🔥🔥
TV Simmons
TV Simmons - 2 giorni fa
Slide with the tank on full leave with the Glock on E.....
My Lord thought the song was over then that last part came on.. 🔥#bars
Chelsea Bass
Chelsea Bass - 3 giorni fa
Bruh dis song go hard no 🧢
Cortezseay - 3 giorni fa
Creative One
Creative One - 3 giorni fa
Would you be interested in investing in art?? I'm going to be launching my new pieces by the end of this year.If you would like to discuss further and if you'd like to check out my art. Mikee_Arise on Instagram thank you hope to speak to you soon
Big Dawg
Big Dawg - 3 giorni fa
"Yo bitch take dick like a grown up" 🤔
SystemPro Gamer
SystemPro Gamer - 3 giorni fa
Chelsea Bass
Chelsea Bass - 3 giorni fa
Best song
Aye It ajeezay
Aye It ajeezay - 3 giorni fa
The likes is how many pounds tee gained
Terrance Robinson
Terrance Robinson - 3 giorni fa
Tee grizzley need to make a song with chief keef
Terrance Robinson
Terrance Robinson - 3 giorni fa
slap 🔥🔥🔥🔥
MUFASA 1DOUBLE0 - 3 giorni fa
Osama Obama
Osama Obama - 4 giorni fa
All these fake ass niggas hatin on Grizz hope they burn by this heat 🔥 🔥 🔥
Crons - 4 giorni fa
the song fucking died at 1:13
hurleynukka - 4 giorni fa
Always ShiftN
Always ShiftN - 4 giorni fa
Been a fan since today 🔥
James Isham-Williams
James Isham-Williams - 4 giorni fa
money make your whole team vanish, thats a paper trick origami
Kaveon Foggy
Kaveon Foggy - 4 giorni fa
"Bring a nigga to the feast. We not stingy homie eat. He get greedy, put him to sleep. They gotta identify him though this teeth." 🔥🔥🔥🥵🚒
MeMeBigBoi - 5 giorni fa
Who else notice he got way bigger than first day out but still song go fire
Tiffany Garner
Tiffany Garner - 5 giorni fa
Straight heat 🔥🔥 and the video cold too
Papa Hagan
Papa Hagan - 5 giorni fa
This shit is trash I cant even lie
NO CAP - 5 giorni fa
This song maddddddd underrated
Love Peackeeper
Love Peackeeper - 5 giorni fa
They put his song on another beat wtf
Real Conspiracy Wow!
Real Conspiracy Wow! - 5 giorni fa
I'm not gon snatch your chain,I'm gon take it off politely .............I don't bat bitches I beat bodies ............. NBA YOUNG BOY !!!!!
Ashton VanVorhis
Ashton VanVorhis - 5 giorni fa
“Slid with the tank on full lean with the glock on E” *so fire* 🔥🔥🔥
Oh da da
Oh da da - 5 giorni fa
Why is you runnin
Oh da da
Oh da da - 5 giorni fa
Drippy_ Xli
Drippy_ Xli - 6 giorni fa
I hope u die stupid grizley hofally nba murders u
Kristan Jones
Kristan Jones - 6 giorni fa
T Glizzy 🔥🔥🔥💯
Christopher Porter
Christopher Porter - 6 giorni fa
How here after shoot out between nba....
Breezo LOE4L
Breezo LOE4L - 6 giorni fa
MyDawg 💪🏾💯
nill lee
nill lee - 6 giorni fa
mowi? from mowanna?
GillyTheSillyHillBilly - 6 giorni fa
Who been with Grizzley since Choppa Boyz🤔?
Davon Dowdell
Davon Dowdell - 6 giorni fa
Bloody Knight
Bloody Knight - 6 giorni fa
Like: This better than first day out.
Comment: first day out is better than this.
devon k
devon k - 6 giorni fa
Chain hit like Ike Turner but I don't beat bitches I beat BODIES!! MY DAWG.
Bayron randa
Bayron randa - 7 giorni fa
Fuck you tee grizzly
Osama Obama
Osama Obama - 4 giorni fa
Troll 😂
FBZitachi uchiha4life
FBZitachi uchiha4life - 7 giorni fa
Crazy how that shoot out just happened
FBZitachi uchiha4life
FBZitachi uchiha4life - 7 giorni fa
N yo bitch take dick like a grown up🤔 not the right words but the song cool💯
Johnnell Graham
Johnnell Graham - 7 giorni fa
Everybody wit me clumsy!!!
Nathan - 7 giorni fa
"Hollows in that sprinter van gon leave somebody criple man"🔥
Nathan - 7 giorni fa
What's the song in the beat transion
cgoBLUE - 7 giorni fa
Banger 🔥🔥
Tristan B
Tristan B - 7 giorni fa
Tee is snapping daaamn
Quantilla Bolton
Quantilla Bolton - 7 giorni fa
I love Tee Grizzley with No Effort.❤❤❤
moddymoddy1 - 7 giorni fa
Cheese and dope... I fuck wit it
Dru Bear76
Dru Bear76 - 7 giorni fa
YouTube brought me here. This sh*t is lit... And anyone who has Grizzley in their name I support. Save the Bears and young kids of America.
Dope Action Stallone
Dope Action Stallone - 7 giorni fa
Who in the world said was ok to drop this 😂
QRAW 3 - 7 giorni fa
Crazy how he's "involved" in a shooting after this song dropped 🤦‍♂️
Tunnel Vision
Tunnel Vision - 7 giorni fa
“Raised round killaz that’s how I’m cut, find out where he stay don’t shoot the house up, lay in they bush til ya legs lock up, who ever walk outside first drop sum”🤦🏽‍♂️
underwaterSNIPER1 - 8 giorni fa
idiots glorifying killing, no one should be looking up to this fool
matt hearne
matt hearne - 8 giorni fa
Man i want T Grizz to make it main stream but hes got to much fucking D gangster shit in him. Hes gotta conform or be B squad. I wish it wasn't that way tho
Jomarie Plays
Jomarie Plays - 8 giorni fa
Grizzly do you know jayvien? Cause he told me your friends with his sister
Zain iqbal
Zain iqbal - 6 giorni fa
Jomarie Plays u one of them pussy
Jayhob Ackluhammad
Jayhob Ackluhammad - 8 giorni fa
0:42 hahahahahahaaaahaa
Felon Hip Hop MC
Felon Hip Hop MC - 8 giorni fa
These Songs are made to earn them money but at the same time its used to put them behind bars. Setup is what its called. Hemp is the new Wave no killing forces in what Jesus lie down!
smilinbeats - 8 giorni fa
Howard Brooks
Howard Brooks - 8 giorni fa
OMG shit too hard
Jeremy Bain
Jeremy Bain - 8 giorni fa
You listening 👂 to this man nba Youngboy
jivchey DaGod79
jivchey DaGod79 - 8 giorni fa
This shit go hard in it was dropped on my birthday 💯✊🏾✊🏾🤫🥶
The Man With No Name
The Man With No Name - 8 giorni fa
It’s crazy how this song is called God’s Warrior when everything he’s talking about sounds like something a demon would do.
Jason Bryant
Jason Bryant - 8 giorni fa
Meh ...
NBA Rico
NBA Rico - 8 giorni fa
“ Catch yo bitch at the mall while she shoe shopping nigga “. Youngboy girl got shot & dey say by tee grizzley crew 😂
ceo los
ceo los - 8 giorni fa
Too many punch lines got to put on repeat
Ghh G
Ghh G - 9 giorni fa
Anybody peep shawty was there for her bag
Mr.GetGuap 916
Mr.GetGuap 916 - 9 giorni fa
Did he just reallly day that
DRIP HEAD - 9 giorni fa
1:08 why those pills look like medkits
Keyser Soze
Keyser Soze - 9 giorni fa
Nice Project Pat s/o!!!
Fabian Guerreo
Fabian Guerreo - 9 giorni fa
“Can’t run out of bullets in a shoot out taking my time as I’m blowing”🔥🔥
Ryan Kindler
Ryan Kindler - 9 giorni fa
Alexander Cenanovic
Alexander Cenanovic - 10 giorni fa
O D - 10 giorni fa
He's from where the GOAT is from... Think Tee and Em could make a sick collaboration?
Michael V
Michael V - 11 giorni fa
Tee grizzley underrated
Angus Reed
Angus Reed - 11 giorni fa
Glad to see Detroit rappers finally poppin up on the charts again
Ashton Lane
Ashton Lane - 11 giorni fa
Why is he so underrated
Miguel Valencia
Miguel Valencia - 12 giorni fa
son turn that song off there bigger speakers up stairs
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