Film Theory: Movie Sonic is BEST Sonic! (Sonic The Hedgehog 2019)

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Lazy Vlog
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Jericho Garcia
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What is they were just using the radar speed thing tell us how quick Sonic was going
tavian Martin
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XxKhaos VoidxX
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So correct me if I am wrong, but to protect user from an EMP all you would really need is some shielding on roofing for buildings and homes. And since if in theory an EMP would be launched above the target by several hundred feet...maybe even in miles...anyways point is it'd go off in the sky and the shield should do its job its not like we do not have the technology to protect ourselves from it...we're just cheap so its not installed. :)
Fireblaze Phoenix
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*I M U S T A C C L E R A T E R A P I L D Y*
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Hey, MatPat
Delete this shit
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Sonic 2019 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
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10 foot
The Cringe Lord
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Now imagine if he trips
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Gin Apple
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I not mad at the new Sonic
Gin Apple
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Is Sonic is better the old sinic
Gin Apple
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I like the new Sonic The hedgehog I hate the old sonic
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6 feet
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Aww man!
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10 feet 🦶🏾
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/rolling around at the speed of sound/
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I literally only came here to hear BUT HEY, THAT'S JUST A THEORY, AAAAA FILM THEORY.
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Maybe 82 billion
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Got any Film Theorists merch?
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Actually wouldnt emp b harmful to people with pacemakers (or are they called defibulators)? I was just wondering
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OctoFlower Amira & Leafy
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I love this
Foxy Dash
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Most likely the building is either evacuated or the building has thick concrete (I’m basing this off of New England construction which is the strongest) is most likely thick enough to keep the boolet from hitting the office workers
Mecha Apple
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Altough it’s still better than the super mario bros movie
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*Cough Cough*
Was it a coincidence that I got a Sonic add?
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I dont need soft shirt i have soft pance
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10:41 Where do i recognize this word? mhm..
*Boop noises start coming back*
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MZ I would like that I'll go find
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It is 10ft I know because I walked on a road and I tested it
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do you have it in 10-12
auri flowers
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hi I 💖 you videos
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Diego Perdomo
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Mardio 727
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Sonic shut off the power of planes trains and automobiles, he's a mass murderer.P.S reply if you got the reference.
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WHAT THE F*CK IS WRONG WITH YOUR????????!!!!!!!!!!
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Do you have any shirts for like kids because I’m a kid and I wear size 10‘s
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Tell me why I got a Sega add before this???
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... 5
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Isn’t the Doppler effect Sheldons Halloween costume?
Gaming With Alex
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J. Banana
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THIS is a Sonic Boom
Luiz Eduardo
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I didn't dislike this Sonic's design this badly, ya know. Just saying.
kerbe - 8 giorni fa
Game sonic has been stated to be faster than light but okay
Xyamcha X
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Six meters
Raicantdoart - 9 giorni fa
the best sonic concept but not the best sonic design
Many Random Things
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Sonic Fanbase: *Rabid hissing as they corner MatPat for speaking of the cursed thing*
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Lol good joke
Gabriel Knobbe
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You cool
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anyone see Liam
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2.5 feet
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50 cm
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10 feet
Awesomeness 11
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6:05 Hundreds of hours spent a week?
Not possible! You can in 1 week at most spend 168 hours researching and editing. That is not factoring in the food that you eat and coke you chug. On a conservative estimate I’ll say that you spend 20 minutes a day eating and drinking which would make you very fast, or starving. That would add up to 2 and 1/3 hours eating and drinking. That would bring it to a 165 2/3 hours a week, but that is also saying you don’t go to sleep and just live on monster and coke (relatable). If you sleep very little like me as 4 hours a night, that would be 28 hours taken from the 165 2/3. That leaves you with 137 2/3 hours. And that’s a conservative estimate also saying that you don’t spend any time at all getting ready or socializing. That would also be is GTlive wasn’t a thing, so therefore, what you said about spending hundreds of hours a week is false because you need multiple hundreds (200+). But then again you may travel through time, adding 62 1/3 hours to your day. I think that is what you do. Make sure to hit that like button and subscribe to Film Theory and Game Theory and GTlive! But that’s just a theory... A MATHEORY! (Matthew Theory)
Awesomeness 11
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I haven’t started the video yet and I don’t believe you in the slightest...

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