Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 GMC Duramax Part 8

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Jason Riley
Jason Riley - 7 ore fa
Paint job was mediocre and made me cringe sorry everyone who thought it was top notch. Clear is oranged peeled and carried the blend out to far, the subtle scratches in the rear door don’t cause paint to mismatch it’s a 2019 truck not a 2000 model
Zoocrew Kw
Zoocrew Kw - 3 giorni fa
Order a inflatable paint booth. It will work great for what y’all do nice job
Aatmeey - 8 giorni fa
Music at 1:45??
Marcus Miller
Marcus Miller - 12 giorni fa
Where was the inspection video? Did I miss it
patrick darrough
patrick darrough - 13 giorni fa
pitty about the flags
y'all gonna out the danali HD embel back on
ProDago USA
ProDago USA - 16 giorni fa
What about restoring the danger Ranger?
ProDago USA
ProDago USA - 16 giorni fa
Hey guys, can you give some bio information about yourself so I know who you are? Like age names where you're from just things like that would make it more interesting. it's so refreshing to see a wholesome pure YouTube channel. Your parents raised you right. Love your show
don earl
don earl - 17 giorni fa
Abdus Salam Aminuddin
Abdus Salam Aminuddin - 20 giorni fa
make sure at the new goonzquad place you guys have a paint booth
Ethin Rettkowski
Ethin Rettkowski - 21 giorno fa
My favorite car is the hellcat and the viper track atack
Chuck D fpv
Chuck D fpv - 22 giorni fa
They call me the buff master
Chuck D fpv
Chuck D fpv - 22 giorni fa
Yes looks awsome guys... Iv been doing paint and body work sence 2009 and i was worried for you guys with the fender and hood match especially on Silver's and I know sometimes you can see silver blends from where you guys blended into the door and it's probably hard to see on camera but it looks to me that you guys did an A.1 job!!!!
David Williams
David Williams - 24 giorni fa
When you build your new joint you can have a dedicated paint booth😏
Quantum Flux 420
Quantum Flux 420 - 24 giorni fa
Goonsqaaauauduududv nNoooooonoooNOOOOOOOOOOO YoU FoRgOt A sENSOr
Quantum Flux 420
Quantum Flux 420 - 24 giorni fa
Fuck the tailgate no one gives a shit about the tailgate..
David Schonbrun
David Schonbrun - 24 giorni fa
Love the resourcefulness and problem solving. Nice to see common sense and hard work delivering great results.
Michael F150
Michael F150 - 24 giorni fa
I know it’s your truck but if it was me I would’ve color matched all the black plastic pieces
VEYETave - 26 giorni fa
Well done, boys! Looks like this is your new paint booth for small jobs. Funny but I'm enjoying the build of the shop truck as much as the Lambo or Ferrari. Keep rolling!
Tonya A
Tonya A - 26 giorni fa
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Step 2. Search this keyword: Mimi Kid Art
Step 3. Enjoy!
Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 GMC Duramax Part 8
Families are messy. Immortal families are eternally messy. Sometimes the best we can do is to remind each other that we're related for better or for worse...and try to keep the maiming and killing to a minimum.
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Reece LaPrade
Reece LaPrade - 26 giorni fa
leave the chrome molding off and black it out
Villain Todoroki
Villain Todoroki - 26 giorni fa
Hey guys. Have you tried plasti dip?
Shreyas Gk
Shreyas Gk - 26 giorni fa
I think You guys know what happened to Damon DDE
Hasso Ojasoo
Hasso Ojasoo - 26 giorni fa
7:05 made me check my phone
Jay Bats
Jay Bats - 26 giorni fa
Looking AWESOME guys! You guys do great work.
Ross Bartlett
Ross Bartlett - 26 giorni fa
Curious how much overspray got on the 458 hood
Hunter  Campbell
Hunter Campbell - 27 giorni fa
Anyone else notice at 19:22 how the passenger side of the bumper is more tucked than the drivers side? Look st the spacing on the top of the bumper
x6King6x - 27 giorni fa
So much damn ads, I miss the time YouTube didn’t had ads
Jake Randall
Jake Randall - 22 giorni fa
Someone has to pay for the Ferrari and Lamborghini.
scott win
scott win - 27 giorni fa
love how you use the high pressure gun just like a paint gun.. classic.
Billy Masoner
Billy Masoner - 27 giorni fa
Y’all should’ve fixed that tailgate while you were at it!
Tom Reagan
Tom Reagan - 27 giorni fa
What about the tailgate bros?
Raul Rodriguez
Raul Rodriguez - 27 giorni fa
Yall should sell the gtr to roman atwood noah is about to turn 16 they would have 3 gtrs
Ronny Paul
Ronny Paul - 27 giorni fa
Not a bad paint job match. Albeit, the original paint does look a touch darker than the new.
Carter Whitee
Carter Whitee - 27 giorni fa
You should add a paint booth to the new shop
angel Knight
angel Knight - 27 giorni fa
here are some painting tips you guys should watch and what happened to your guys makeshift painting tent
Tylek Douglas
Tylek Douglas - 27 giorni fa
The driver side bumper gap is way off compared to the passenger, I know I’m not the only one that noticed
Jesson L
Jesson L - 27 giorni fa
Beautiful truck awesome job as always guy's
ultimaetsolder - 27 giorni fa
New sub, came here from Tavarish who never finishes anything...
Jimmy Limes
Jimmy Limes - 27 giorni fa
Waiting on the next video
Danny Oliveira
Danny Oliveira - 27 giorni fa
Where you at guys
Kenneth Horne
Kenneth Horne - 27 giorni fa
My woodshop spray booth convert by using hospital surgery & bed privacy curtains. I have them mount out of they way, then pull them around, attached my inlet & outlet fan. Works great.
JR Auto
JR Auto - 27 giorni fa
Are you guys going to fix’s the Dent on the tail gate. 🤔
lakerphan17 - 27 giorni fa
U two better be uploading today I’ve been checking my YouTube for like 2 hours
EJ MACH - 27 giorni fa
Paint booth in your garage came out really good with the paint job on the truck!
David Turney
David Turney - 27 giorni fa
Hope its not as hot there as here in OK. 112 today
David Turney
David Turney - 27 giorni fa
Did u fall off the planet???
junior so cool
junior so cool - 27 giorni fa
It looks brand new👍
Rodrigo Valle
Rodrigo Valle - 27 giorni fa
Missing today´s video.......... :(
Sim ulation 7
Sim ulation 7 - 27 giorni fa
@goonzquad what you do with your 350z dirft car
David Novak
David Novak - 27 giorni fa
hey whats going on with ur patreon are u still posting someting there or not ?
wstrongest1 - 27 giorni fa
Came across ya guys rebuild cause i love the truck. Guys you make it look ez but i know its not GOONZQUAD rock thanks for sharing. Tailgate come on
Tahir Usman
Tahir Usman - 27 giorni fa
Get yourselves that electronic ding remover btw
GulfPrideOil - 27 giorni fa
Some questions for Goonzquad:
1. What happened to the Huracan 2nd (burnt) engine project?
2. What happened to the Honda S2000 project?
3. What is the plan for finishing the Ferrari?

Don't get me wrong, I still like the channel but it seems a lot of projects are started but not finished anymore. I love to watch your A-Z projects, but having boats, trucks, supercars all mixed up in the content starts to be a bit confusing.
Gary Packwood
Gary Packwood - 27 giorni fa
Several of us older fans who are business owners need to remind the Goonzquad team and anyone else who is building a business ... If you haven't failed at some project you're just not trying hard enough.
Charles H
Charles H - 27 giorni fa
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Step 2. Search this keyword: 123moviesdailypro
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Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 GMC Duramax Part 8
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“It’s biannual,” said Jem. “And no, this is not that meeting.
Christian Childers
Christian Childers - 27 giorni fa
You guys should pick up that blue C8 corvette that already crashed in Cali.
Blake Austin
Blake Austin - 27 giorni fa
Goonzquad I will email you some rims and a life as well
Blake Austin
Blake Austin - 27 giorni fa
Goonzquad i will look for 2 car stickers for the GMC truck
Blake Austin
Blake Austin - 27 giorni fa
Goonzquad what happened to your corvette and the Mustang?
Blake Austin
Blake Austin - 27 giorni fa
Hey Goonzquad I will email you guys a 2007 Ford Mustang coupe for your next car after the GMC truck is done and i want the 2007 Ford Mustang panted Black and the I want a red stripe on it as well and I want the rims painted black as well I will look for a car air freshener and 3 car stickers and a key chain from amazon and I will email it to you guys as well 🙂
Andre Walkony
Andre Walkony - 27 giorni fa
Guys, would be nice if you did a video tutorial on how to polish and wax cars, your cars/trucks always look phenomenal! Also would be nice if in the description there were tools used and supplies/products. Thanks
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