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NDIAYE ALUMINIUM - 6 giorni fa
Forza inter per sempre
Lorenzo Campisi
Lorenzo Campisi - Mese fa
Esposito e una bestia e poi se vi ricordate si guadagnato un rigore contro il Borussia Dortmund mAmmA MiA
Lorenzo Campisi
Lorenzo Campisi - Mese fa
Io tifo juve ma bel video e poi quei momenti estivi sono bellissimi perché per provare le squadre ci sono molte partite ed e bellissimo
Dom Gor
Dom Gor - 2 mesi fa
Grande lukako dai che vincete al Champion! Ahahaha che squadra da poveri disagiati ! Inter merda
Micah Bell
Micah Bell - 3 mesi fa
Forza INTER 🔵⚫️🔥🔥🔥🥇
King Tshilobo
King Tshilobo - 3 mesi fa
Ha they not wearing shin guard does this game count
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler - 3 mesi fa
Big rom 💯
Majacks Lelo
Majacks Lelo - 3 mesi fa
That’s right👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿😌
Ixo H
Ixo H - 3 mesi fa
Look at lukaku ... fattass ... just walking 🚶 on the pitch... clapping for others goals.... 🙌 ing .... just getting balls ⚽️ delivered on his head.... this is the life he always wanted 😂😂😂😂
Martin marto kuray
Martin marto kuray - 3 mesi fa
Romelu lukaku
tuan nguyen
tuan nguyen - 3 mesi fa
xoobo vola
xoobo vola - 3 mesi fa
Lakaku bags 4 without united And united bag 4 without lakaku Worked out for both parties :)
Pi Game
Pi Game - 3 mesi fa
Nghệ sỹ nhân dan lukacu
Dany Ramirez
Dany Ramirez - 3 mesi fa
Official Ball
Official Ball - 3 mesi fa
I hope you don't get a racist chant some day, in Italian league they are full of uncontrol racist wish you the best.
xoobo vola
xoobo vola - 3 mesi fa
Ebid Salam
Ebid Salam - 3 mesi fa
Tag nonton Ampe 2jt paligan fans MU wkwk
F1fantraveltv - 3 mesi fa
English comment.
1) the other team were not even trying with 25% of their ability
2) tackling seems to have being banned
3) he laid the ball off twice and miscontrolled the ball each time.
4) I got told the team were from the Italian 4th division. I say they were from the 8th division.
5) that keeper did not see to try.
6) let’s see him after 10 series a games with man to man marking.
7) let’s see him against bonucci & chellini when comes up against Juventus
8) can’t believe inter fans are happy with this signing.
9) some inter players were not even wearing shin pads. Shows you the level
Of opposition.
Francesco Foriglio
Francesco Foriglio - 3 mesi fa
2 gol 4 indovinate chi è
piero scarciglia
piero scarciglia - 3 mesi fa
Nella clausola contrattuale gli inglesi continueranno a pagare quintali di banane !
SB Media
SB Media - 3 mesi fa
Might be the right league for him slower pace long balls in tight man on man we defo glad he left United i can say that
Syaifuddin Ahmad
Syaifuddin Ahmad - 3 mesi fa
Suatu saat lukaku akan ke liga indonesia.
RobinhoPonchito - 3 mesi fa
Jogo treino é assim . Quero vê no campeonato . Vamos inter 😉
Rani Paul
Rani Paul - 3 mesi fa
Just your normal english comment strolling along
Rony Aditya
Rony Aditya - 3 mesi fa
ya elah....maen di lapangan latihan aja segitu bangga dan lebay bilang MU menyesal jual Lukaku?? terlalu bodoh
IvoTV - 3 mesi fa
Legend Lukaku
عبدالكريم العنزي
Forza Juve
Inter 🐊
عبدالكريم العنزي
Dowgie AP
Dowgie AP - 3 mesi fa
Fat belgian waste of space
Hari Prasetyo
Hari Prasetyo - 3 mesi fa
AC Mills
AC Mills - 3 mesi fa
Real work, real friendly 🤭
Astral_Criz - 3 mesi fa
Ma Lukaku ha giocato? Sembra quando giocavo a mondialito e stavo lì fermo aspettando che qualcuno sbagliasse😂😂
FreShDoGZ - 3 mesi fa
2:07 HULK!
Joshua Caleb Soko
Joshua Caleb Soko - 3 mesi fa
English comment? Aint nobody gat time for that...
Senior Tres Santos
Senior Tres Santos - 3 mesi fa
I was more impressed with Esposito
Eoin Mac Raghnaill
Eoin Mac Raghnaill - 3 mesi fa
Inter beat a pub team 8-0? That's pretty good for them these days, well done guys.
Vinho Araujo
Vinho Araujo - 3 mesi fa
Dede susu
Zaki Official
Zaki Official - 3 mesi fa
Yg indonesia cuma gw doang
Rekiyan Seto
Rekiyan Seto - 3 mesi fa
Let's see can he scores in a big games
goodness jonathan
goodness jonathan - 3 mesi fa
Really?? Real work
RaY AiD - 3 mesi fa
This is no news.... Bayern scored 23-0
King Of The Fall
King Of The Fall - 3 mesi fa
they played farmers
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