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ǝɹǝɥ ʎllɐuᴉɟ sᴉ ʇᴉ
Louis Barbosa
Louis Barbosa - 6 giorni fa
uʍop ǝpısdn ǝɥʇ
LoponianMare - 9 giorni fa
What does Royce like doing when she is Lonley..... Netflix and Will
Eggo s
Eggo s - 15 giorni fa
Upside DOWN world letters
n1k0321 - 15 giorni fa
Satanic GOD IS THE GREATEST! The even spelled it backwards and upside down! Don’t be fooled be these devils
Efe Ozharat
Efe Ozharat - 17 giorni fa
"Upside down"
Mikayla Mackie
Mikayla Mackie - Ora fa
omg did you see eleven and mike holding hands in the start!!! omg i love them so much
//Hungry Potato//
//Hungry Potato// - 3 ore fa
I swear if Steve dies the whole show may as well end
Kayla Duarte
Kayla Duarte - 3 ore fa
2:18 my favorite part can wait for season 3 to Come out and see what happens this cures my depression and anxiety
DarkrNights - 3 ore fa
People who disliked this = mouth breathers
SkyLizard MsArianna
SkyLizard MsArianna - 3 ore fa
I don't get it, why don't they give a much better explanation of what the monsters are and how they came to be??
Tırampın milkşeyki
2.18 Woah:D
greydale - 3 ore fa
"How many children are you friends with"
"Not 'friends', I have two daughters and four sons in exact"
DONALD Strange
DONALD Strange - 4 ore fa
Алёна Наумова
Как быстро растут чужие дети) к
Ура 3 сезон
kristen lau
kristen lau - 4 ore fa
almost all of the songs were in the peanuts trailer
Bewlie - 4 ore fa
I just wanna know where is his teeth
Nathan Lukeson
Nathan Lukeson - 4 ore fa
Dustin Rules. He is my Favorite Kid.
Magda Noname
Magda Noname - 5 ore fa
I feel dead.
Sierra S
Sierra S - 5 ore fa
What happened to Dustin's teeth? He had teeth in 2 so where did they go? Is it a part of the plot or a mistake? Who knows?
Nikhil Ananth
Nikhil Ananth - 5 ore fa
the strangest thing is this
Natanala Natanala
Natanala Natanala - 5 ore fa
kto z Polski?
Ahmed Bilal
Ahmed Bilal - 6 ore fa
I kept coming over and over
King Wolf
King Wolf - 6 ore fa
YEAH MOTLE CRUE....WOOOO I JUST SMASHED MY HEAD THROUGH MY DOOR!!!!!! Oh wait wrong video, I’ll be at kickstart my heart if you need me
nety imeni Женя Хайлайтер
Alex Gaming
Alex Gaming - 6 ore fa
Where are my stranger things fans at,and BTW we are now one big family nothing can stop us!
himani singh
himani singh - 6 ore fa
Can't wait ❣️
Domenique Longshaw
Domenique Longshaw - 7 ore fa
2:17 is that mikes mom?
Trx 1136
Trx 1136 - 7 ore fa
Never really watched this show, but Motley Crue and the Who in one trailer. This can't be bad
Edible Testicles
Edible Testicles - 8 ore fa
2:17 is that nancy's mom and and billy? M I L F
Purav Patel
Purav Patel - 8 ore fa
the theme music is the best
Joy Pertoldi
Joy Pertoldi - 9 ore fa
Oml I can’t wait
Ali Al Fatlawi
Ali Al Fatlawi - 9 ore fa
There isn't any dislikes on this video. Those that tried to give it a thumbs up were upside down so they thought the thumbs down was the opposite.
Çiçekli İntihar İpi
Dustin ❤❤❤
Maria Mella
Maria Mella - 10 ore fa
margo lyn
margo lyn - 10 ore fa
Kelly - 10 ore fa
Dustins front teeth have left the chat once again.
karol Barbosa
karol Barbosa - 11 ore fa
I'm dying of anxiety
LeviEditz - 11 ore fa
i cried at this
pradeep virk
pradeep virk - 11 ore fa
Other demogorgons are like cute baby kitten in comparison to this year's big guy
M&C MSP - 12 ore fa
Todoroki Deku
Todoroki Deku - 12 ore fa
I think bill will be the new monster cuz of the thing on his arm
Luísa Soares
Luísa Soares - 13 ore fa
To passando mal aaaaaaa
Yùmèn Is Not Human
Yùmèn Is Not Human - 14 ore fa
Oh my gosh I cannot wait!!!!
Carlos Henrique
Carlos Henrique - 14 ore fa
melhor serie
Aaron Ferguson
Aaron Ferguson - 15 ore fa
May someone please tell Tommy and Carol will return and get what they deserve. Never seeing them like learn a lesson or something gave me a headache.
AristemoLover - 15 ore fa
AristemoLover - 15 ore fa
RyanTyanMyan - 16 ore fa
Yo Dustin owns an Ultra Magnus figure
Asmeda Orgun
Asmeda Orgun - 17 ore fa
𝓘𝓶 𝓪𝓵𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓭𝔂 𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓷𝓴𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓪𝓫𝓸𝓾𝓽 𝓪 𝓼𝓮𝓪𝓼𝓸𝓷 𝓯𝓸𝓾𝓻 🙂
神威あさき - 17 ore fa
My Channel
My Channel - 17 ore fa
Hey, guys, I really liked this trailer, so I made a cartoon on the trailer in the application "Gacha Life", check it out please! I tried😀😉
Damn Simon
Damn Simon - 18 ore fa
Выросли пиздюки
Filippos Onisiforou
Filippos Onisiforou - 18 ore fa
Cant wait
mmb mmb
mmb mmb - 18 ore fa
I lllllllllooooooooovvvvvvveeeeeeeee étranger things
LeaK Snipes
LeaK Snipes - 18 ore fa
Anyone notice that Mike and eleven kissed again
Nalin De Silva
Nalin De Silva - 18 ore fa
Almost forgot to watch this today :)
Mayur Wakankar
Mayur Wakankar - 19 ore fa
I can’t wait
DannyProductions - 19 ore fa
Dustin, you've seen monsters, different dimensions, literal superpowers and a cat eating pet...yet you're still shook that your toys are moving on their own.
ella minato
ella minato - 19 ore fa
if this is the last season it’s going to be so bittersweet
Marc Haas a.k.a. Tyrannex, The Destroyer of Minds
˙sɹǝʇsuoɯ ʍǝu ʃʃɐ 'ʇǝǝʍS
Jules G.
Jules G. - 20 ore fa
Girl: How many children are you friends with?
Steve: Friends? Oh no sweetie Dustin’s ONE of my children
Ik this is bad sry😂
lalit sharma
lalit sharma - 14 ore fa
Ha ha
Coline Foot
Coline Foot - 21 ora fa
Wow c est fantastique
Dan the man
Dan the man - 21 ora fa
So excited!
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith - 21 ora fa
!nam taerg gniod era uoY !ecin s'tahT ,lleW

Ahahahahaha awesome
Dish Washer
Dish Washer - 21 ora fa
This scared me because I watched this at night but IDC ITS SO GOOD I WANNA SCREAM!
Dark llama
Dark llama - 22 ore fa
Way to a trailer stranger things
Summer the gachatuber
Summer the gachatuber - 22 ore fa
I can't wait
Carly loves Vlogs
Carly loves Vlogs - 22 ore fa
I hope Kali will be in season 3
My Channel
My Channel - 21 ora fa
Yes me too
Madeline Hope
Madeline Hope - 22 ore fa
Please give Dustin a girlfriend one day, he looks so sad :(
My Channel
My Channel - 21 ora fa
Isaac Rios
Isaac Rios - 22 ore fa
That monster reminds me of waternoose from Monsters Inc.
LuiisiiÑo Gzl
LuiisiiÑo Gzl - 22 ore fa
Wtf era esa cosa # que ya salga stranger things 3
Savana Hantz
Savana Hantz - 22 ore fa
HoW maNy cHiLdRen Are YoU fRiEndS WiTh
Steve: They are my kids. I'm their mom
Carlos Sérgio
Carlos Sérgio - 22 ore fa
Ghost McGhost.
Ghost McGhost. - Giorno fa
Even if Steve dies, we'll still keep watching, because they'll find a way to make it cool.
Gadgy Flower wolf
Gadgy Flower wolf - Giorno fa
Omg thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx I’m so happy!!!!!
As . Migah Gold
As . Migah Gold - Giorno fa
Omg I love Stranger Things
aboodi uchihha
aboodi uchihha - Giorno fa
ahqid tyas pambudi
ahqid tyas pambudi - Giorno fa
Udah kluar aja yang ketiga ...
Rivvy - Giorno fa
I could literally watch this over and over again till July 4th and not mind...😎.
This is probably my 23rd time
My Channel
My Channel - 21 ora fa
Rivvy I watched this trailer about 70 times
ezequiel bakkan
ezequiel bakkan - Giorno fa
Yuny Valencia
Yuny Valencia - Giorno fa
❤️ 💕 💗
Brichu Nolosabes
Brichu Nolosabes - Giorno fa
2 months and 15 days to 4 of July
My Channel
My Channel - 21 ora fa
74 days
Stokage - Giorno fa
10 year old me in 1994: Has picture of Uma Thurman from Pulp Fiction taped up on wall from a magazine.
35 year old me in 2019: "Oh look this season has Uma Thurmans daughter in it who is 20 years old

*Instantly feels old*
Marcelo Silva
Marcelo Silva - Giorno fa
Ao brs me respondam essa série e boa Vale a pena perde tempo assistindo ?
It’s Avi Lily
It’s Avi Lily - Giorno fa
My fam: woah look at that firework!!!
Me: woah look at that demogorgon
Lenlaa Ly
Lenlaa Ly - Giorno fa
Who is rdy for S3 🥀🤞🏻 I can’t wait ❤️
Dean Gifford
Dean Gifford - Giorno fa
If Steve dies I will make eleven crush the Netflix building
Dean Gifford
Dean Gifford - Giorno fa
The ending is the best
Vincent Runfola
Vincent Runfola - Giorno fa
Omgoodness is it just me or while watching Season 1 & 2 of Stranger Things i was soo happy to see Mike and El kiss, & now in season 3 I can’t wait to see more of them together. They’re just soo cute together 😭💞!!!!
Vicky Kämmerling
Vicky Kämmerling - Giorno fa
I’m so fxxxing exited
XxJ KleenvirusXx
XxJ KleenvirusXx - Giorno fa
Party at my place at 8.00 JULY 4TH I have a big screen
Aliyyyxo Gacha
Aliyyyxo Gacha - Giorno fa
Tbh just by looking at the trailer just makes me miss season 1 even more 😖🥺
ELLA LAFOSSE - Giorno fa
samriddhi singh
samriddhi singh - Giorno fa
So exciteddd💃
Best Music Official
Best Music Official - Giorno fa
12k Devildogs disliked
Maria Julia Cravinhos
Maria Julia Cravinhos - Giorno fa
“We’ re not kids anymore”
My heart:shit shit shit, that is going to bem amazing holly crap!!
Mini Ceeday
Mini Ceeday - Giorno fa
Am I the only one who noticed Hoppers big mustache?
Monchi - Giorno fa
They need to stop showing too much in trailers :(
Noah Clark
Noah Clark - Giorno fa
Anyone hope the demogorgan is still alive?
Layla Thompson
Layla Thompson - Giorno fa
Patmen PAT
Patmen PAT - Giorno fa
My babies are back.
ASMR_nair - Giorno fa
The 12k dislikes is just all the ppl mad about dying in the upsidedown
Valeria Gachalife
Valeria Gachalife - Giorno fa
alguien aquí que habl español?? o que le guste mileven o byler?
Abiii Garcia
Abiii Garcia - Giorno fa
I'm here for some MILEVEN some elmax and some 80s clothes! IM JUST HERE FOR IT ALL
Prossimi video