Puskas Award 2019 • All 10 Nominated Goals (Official)

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Ishaan Singh Mahiyaria
Quaglierellllllllllaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!! townsend and Quintero's were spectaclar and zlatan wasn't that good as he puts those goals behind the net frequently and puskas is for rare stuners
mariksen - Giorno fa
Why don't FIFA make a separate Púskas award (which will be named after one of the female players - Carli Lloyd, Marta, etc.) for women? Women NEVER win the Púskas award, and I find it UNFAIR!!! 😡😡😡
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P.S: I mentioned Carli Lloyd ´cause of her goal in the 16th minute at Women´s World Cup 2015 (remember it???)
Julio Profe
Julio Profe - Giorno fa
Dániel Fülep
Dániel Fülep - Giorno fa
Csak ne Dani nyerje meg mer az plusz ok lenne stadionok épitésére
SebasXknight05 - 2 giorni fa
1- Zlatan
2- Fabio
3- Juanfer Quintero
4- Cunha
AgenetAMAN - 3 giorni fa
How come Eden Hazard's goal against Liverpool wasn't nominated?
Abel Csabai
Abel Csabai - 3 giorni fa
When the crap quality video started at 1:37 I immediately knew it was gonna be womens football...
Carlos Olivares
Carlos Olivares - 3 giorni fa
Niño pendejo
kiljaeden2222 - 4 giorni fa
Zlatan's goal is just ridiculous
V8Hilux - 4 giorni fa
Christ it's been a while... but #MuteAndEnjoy
MrTiraquest - 4 giorni fa
Let's go Cunha
itisbebo - 4 giorni fa
that last goal doesn’t compare to Omar Al Somah’s bicycle kick against Ittihad FC
Bálint Illés
Bálint Illés - 5 giorni fa
2:00 Dániel Zsóri
Everybody vote him
Sabry Chilmy
Sabry Chilmy - 6 giorni fa
Messi and townsend
Kinitomarios Lix
Kinitomarios Lix - 6 giorni fa
Woman's football is almost dead
Elia Migliassi
Elia Migliassi - 7 giorni fa
Manè vs Bayern Munchen...
Bradley Zengin
Bradley Zengin - 7 giorni fa
I reckon they picked 2 of those women's goals just so Messi wasn't nominated 3 times
Ash Angel
Ash Angel - 7 giorni fa
Bullshit including the women's... Im not against women... But those goals are just so mundane.... Boring.... Why is everyone trying to please everybody now??
Adam Gaming
Adam Gaming - 8 giorni fa
Wayne Rooney and Herold Gould
BlurryBanditø - 8 giorni fa
why is nobody talking about Quintero's goal? that was beautiful
Wydad Hajhouj
Wydad Hajhouj - 8 giorni fa
Andi MDP
Andi MDP - 8 giorni fa
No ronaldo goal against MU???
Luis Lizard
Luis Lizard - 9 giorni fa
Townsend volley is the kind of goals that I used to dream of scoring when at 10 I played in my room using the chair’s Legs as goal and a tennis ball
Making my top 30 goal compilation as I became a professional footballer
5 goals dribbling 5 headers 5 lobs 5 free kicks 5 One on one bitting kipper 5 volleys
W Castillo
W Castillo - 9 giorni fa
Video starts at 0:38
Nicolás Buffa
Nicolás Buffa - 9 giorni fa
I think messi's goal will win by the fact that messi scored that goal, but I hope Quintero wins
Damian - 10 giorni fa
Should be separate award for the ladies but political correctness is considered more important these days.
Cosmic Oven
Cosmic Oven - 10 giorni fa
Let's be honest here. Who would want to watch a women football on a saturday night?
Damian - 10 giorni fa
.......or any night for that matter.
satrianeo satria
satrianeo satria - 10 giorni fa
For my best goal I choose a player with jersey no 20,cunha
Ndukwe Samuel
Ndukwe Samuel - 11 giorni fa
dario rodriguez
dario rodriguez - 11 giorni fa
Zlatan the god
No Name
No Name - 11 giorni fa
Gonna be honest. The woman goals aren't comparable to the others:D
Frank Diodati
Frank Diodati - 11 giorni fa
Quagliarella's goal is unmatchable
Football News
Football News - 11 giorni fa
Don’t forget, that Zlatan goal was his 500th
Hespiota - 11 giorni fa
I hope Zsóri will win this
Rock Dude
Rock Dude - 12 giorni fa
Where is Salah's rocket vs Chelsea
Yumydude - 12 giorni fa
A lot of the women’s goals should’ve been replaced.
Marcel Tăut
Marcel Tăut - 12 giorni fa
Wtf is This WB. ???? Nani lol 😲😲😲😱
Julian Pullicino
Julian Pullicino - 12 giorni fa
The state of goalkeepers in women’s football though 🤦‍♂️
Shelly Gordon
Shelly Gordon - 12 giorni fa
Schone's free kick against Real Madrid.
Captain Sar
Captain Sar - 12 giorni fa
Womens football industry should shut down. Change my mind...
Vipper Kong
Vipper Kong - 12 giorni fa
Alex Ander-Arnold 3-0 win against Burnley
Umut Erdem
Umut Erdem - 13 giorni fa
2:16 You can see better goals in u14 leagues
Maurice - 13 giorni fa
Where‘s Hazard‘s goal vs West Ham...
Samim À.B
Samim À.B - 13 giorni fa
Messi won
Lu72G - 13 giorni fa
1:12 Quagliarella tutta la vita.
Josiah Soko
Josiah Soko - 13 giorni fa
Its messi vs ibrahimovich...............I'm rooting for messi's goal but let's see what happens
bálint várady
bálint várady - 10 giorni fa
Wolf- - 13 giorni fa
I mean, every goal was still better than last year's winner. What a biased decision to pick Salah over Bale
Noah 21190704146928080506
Noah 21190704146928080506 - 13 giorni fa
FeroxX - 14 giorni fa
ZSORI FTW! It was his first apperance, and first touch at the club at 90+ minutes as a winning goal! Its crazy!
Mahmoud Amer
Mahmoud Amer - 14 giorni fa
I'm not even a messi fan but you gotta appreciate that touch🔥👌
Moon’s gaming
Moon’s gaming - 14 giorni fa
The thumbnail looked like Zlatan missed an overhead kick 😂
NoLimitJay - 14 giorni fa
google doodle
google doodle - 14 giorni fa
Messi. physically nearly impossible angle, spin, and curve
supreme victor
supreme victor - 14 giorni fa
If Quagliarela is Ronaldo, he will win..
Chiradeep Ghosh
Chiradeep Ghosh - 14 giorni fa
I have seen at least 200 different players trying the Townsend kind of goal, at least 1 such attempt in every game - however the ball usually ends up reaching the 20th seating row..
De Puntín Al Medio
De Puntín Al Medio - 14 giorni fa
Bizonu' - 14 giorni fa
Can someone explain why messis goal is nominated?
Leon Baja
Leon Baja - 14 giorni fa
Hajrá Zsori🇭🇺
A Cost
A Cost - 14 giorni fa
Why woman mixed in with men... Woman should have their own goal of the year award
Alvark 95
Alvark 95 - 14 giorni fa
El único gol del fútbol femenino que de verdad está bueno es el último. Si las quieren meter sólo por ser mujeres deja de ser algo meritorio, así no se construye la igualdad.
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