I Bought An Outfit At A Fake Market In Hong Kong

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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard - 20 ore fa
HELLO FRIENDS! happy sunday! i hope you guys enjoy our wild romp to a fake market in hong kong - what did you think of our final looks?? xoxo, saf
Joannah Su
Joannah Su - 5 ore fa
come to my house
Joannah Su
Joannah Su - 5 ore fa
Joannah Su
Joannah Su - 5 ore fa
i am in hk
Mingyo Chu
Mingyo Chu - 5 ore fa
anyone just saw the kankens and then ur inner vsco girl just screamed just me ok
Antoniette Maglinao
Antoniette Maglinao - 5 ore fa
Hollie Moore
Hollie Moore - 5 ore fa
Didn’t the rip and dip owner beat his girlfriend /-:
Uera Bell
Uera Bell - 5 ore fa
You're being ripped off lmao
April Villanueva
April Villanueva - 5 ore fa
Best thing she’s ever done was leave BuzzFeed
Joyce lee
Joyce lee - 5 ore fa
I live at where safiya went to
redskiez - 5 ore fa
You were in Hong Kong!? Damn, I missed you! I am a Hongkonger. Very glad that you've come to visit!
mbsmayakananl - 5 ore fa
oh I'm getting your fan day by day love you sister
a e11
a e11 - 5 ore fa
you paid so much for the fendi shirt you can get that at 3 - 5 dollars lol
RHY - 5 ore fa
I just wanted to leave a comment cuz i feel so bad about the money you paid and hopefully getting more comments make you earn more. Love you
Riti Aggarwal
Riti Aggarwal - 5 ore fa
I have a pair of Eila (Fila) shoes from a street market in Thailand. Needless to say, I fucking love them.
RitaSparita *
RitaSparita * - 5 ore fa
Happy birthday😂😂😂
Kamna Pamnani
Kamna Pamnani - 5 ore fa
How did you guys visit Hong Kong amidst all the protests and riots going on there right now? 🤔
reia kwan
reia kwan - 5 ore fa
I'm from Hong Kong ! Did you enjoy it? Did you run into any protests
Aneesha Shankar
Aneesha Shankar - 5 ore fa
I'm going to Hong Kong next month, so this video was pretty useful for me :)
Chocibunny - 5 ore fa
Ayy your part of the Taylor collab !! Loved it and thank you for adressing the situation in HK before starting up
Melo Moser
Melo Moser - 5 ore fa
Can’t get over how beautiful Taylor is
Kelly Reynolds
Kelly Reynolds - 5 ore fa
Is it weird that whenever i hear Taylor I think she's talking about Tyler?
charlie calves
charlie calves - 5 ore fa
Jesus christ this woman looks creepy
Kitty - 5 ore fa
You should go to "Los Callejones" AkA The Santee Alley, in L.A. Same thing LOL
brian rhoads
brian rhoads - 5 ore fa
Nope. Leaving. I dont empower resting bitch face. Deanna Troi from star trek. Nope. Fuuuuck whatever it is you're trying to do.
LunaticLuna - 5 ore fa
I'm a Hong Kong FAN! REEEEE your in Hong Kong!
Beep Boop
Beep Boop - 5 ore fa
Omg Saf! You're #1 in Trending in the Philippines!
Precious Rhianna Mendiola
They have a purge before or soon that i think(purge-killing people cause it is over populated)
Samantha McCoy
Samantha McCoy - 5 ore fa
Yo I spotted that YSL bag and It immediately made me wish I was in Hong Kong to buy It! Some of the knock offs were not bad at all.
Sierra Waka
Sierra Waka - 5 ore fa
YES! I've been constantly waiting for you to upload. It's always worth the wait.
Gilliana Pangilan
Gilliana Pangilan - 5 ore fa
we have a similar market too here in my place too.. what i do is i literally go check a few other stalls for similar products, compare the prices since they sometimes change and buy the cheapest one or the one with the best quality 😂 im that broke 😂
Steph echo
Steph echo - 5 ore fa
ayyyyyyy my country! city... whatever. i suck at geography
FRESH AVOCADO - 5 ore fa
23$? For shoes? Thats 1150 pesos you could prolly get like 3 pair of shoes here in PH its WAAAY cheaper lmao
Lia GOWER [12H2]
Lia GOWER [12H2] - 5 ore fa
Xd they look like mainland tourists on a public holiday
kay vgeee
kay vgeee - 5 ore fa
They look like International Students
Hilary Chan
Hilary Chan - 5 ore fa
As a Hong Konger, thank you so much for paying attention and mentioning the protests. It is easy for people to forget as time goes by, but as a local I can tell you that things have not even remotely calmed down here as the authorities continue to aggravate the people through tyrannical methods that are designed to create white terror and prevent people from voicing out their opinions. So on behalf of all Hong Kong people, thank you so much for that and please continue to stand by us. 香港人加油! I will also continue to stand by your videos because I genuinely think they are of really high quality :) completely worth my subscription :))
shennsmtown - 5 ore fa
here it's called ukay-ukay
Kulsoom Yzai
Kulsoom Yzai - 5 ore fa
Her "HELLOW" is literally iconic ! 😂
OMG i live in Hong Kong!!!
Dom Led
Dom Led - 5 ore fa
I love playing Star Wart.
Joannah Su
Joannah Su - 5 ore fa
come to my house in homg kong plsssss
XxLil EchoxX
XxLil EchoxX - 5 ore fa
I am shocked. Did you not know that there's a war against a law that the government has made and some places are just in a disaster?
I am glad that you are safe.
Taurus_Says_hi - 5 ore fa
Obviously the Peppa Pig merch is fake, they're all not at least 7 feet tall
Clarice Cheng
Clarice Cheng - 5 ore fa
can u pls come to singapore 🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️
Abby Wong
Abby Wong - 5 ore fa
I'm from Hong Kong and I wish I was shopping there when you were. And the protests, the news get involved and I'm sure you already knew that but it's been a big deal at my school.
I want overwatch but im too broke
I live near there 😶
Paige Zhang
Paige Zhang - 5 ore fa
you're paying WAYY too much LMAO if you bargained you can get it at least 50% off
karma loop
karma loop - 5 ore fa
I gotta cop that peppa pig gucci
sldeyo - 5 ore fa
I do not miss haggling shopping.
neeharika prasad
neeharika prasad - 5 ore fa
My girl on the trending page again!!!!!!
Hannah Boswell
Hannah Boswell - 5 ore fa
Does anyone know where the black dress she’s wearing in the beginning of the video is from!?? So cute
William R
William R - 5 ore fa
i'm glad you acknowledged the hong kong protests. they are simply fighting for their freedom!
C. lxa
C. lxa - 5 ore fa
Dang it. I missed the chance to find you in Hong Kong ;-;
I’m so proud of Safiya cause she actually went to Hong Kong during the protesters fighting against governments thing going on. The black mobs
notmia edge
notmia edge - 5 ore fa
taylor is so pretty omg
s.sultana19 - 5 ore fa
On trending 🔥
Daphne Lye
Daphne Lye - 5 ore fa
no one:
me: caring about the protest
winitjain - 5 ore fa
Rahman Jamall
Rahman Jamall - 5 ore fa
Cocaine eye's buck like a motherfucker
paul vu
paul vu - 5 ore fa
Who cares about this crap... people are starving around the world and you put up this garbage.... pathetic and idiotic topic...
Althear Ng
Althear Ng - 5 ore fa
If you go to Hong Kong go on December , it will be very cooling
Gizem - 5 ore fa
You have to visit turkey🤣🤣
Sitthi Chanmony
Sitthi Chanmony - 5 ore fa
You should visit Cambodia
Rahman Jamall
Rahman Jamall - 5 ore fa
Mar Elle
Mar Elle - 5 ore fa
The night market is even cheaper in other Chinese cities 😄👌🏻
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