#AustrianGP 2019: All of the Best Action

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Alessandro - Giorno fa
name of the song?????
tamimerkaz - 2 giorni fa
The 2019 Austrian Spielberg MotoGP was a race for the ages. Dovizioso truly became a MotoGP legend #VivaI'talia #RedHotDucati.
Giacomo P
Giacomo P - 3 giorni fa
DOVI 😍🇮🇹
AA V - 5 giorni fa
Nognog Jakz
Nognog Jakz - 5 giorni fa
go....go... honda team...
Rohan Regikumar
Rohan Regikumar - 5 giorni fa
Where is lorenzo? What happened?
Bengkok Ke Atas
Bengkok Ke Atas - 5 giorni fa
Honda 26
Ducati 1
Nietha 120296
Nietha 120296 - 5 giorni fa
fuck cock sucker marquez 👎👎
Toni T
Toni T - 5 giorni fa
The Clown cannot accept that he lost. Now was the tire the" reason" of his loss ! LoL!!!!
Mark Warrington
Mark Warrington - 6 giorni fa
This is difficult to watch. The footage is not coherent at all - impossible to know what's going on other than dovi won.
Agung Prayoga
Agung Prayoga - 6 giorni fa
Dovisioso the best
coogko moim
coogko moim - 6 giorni fa
Go marc marquez level 6
DONALD TRUMP - 6 giorni fa
Austria 4 ever!
Arnab Roy
Arnab Roy - 6 giorni fa
Dovi!!!!!!!! Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!
Young Knight
Young Knight - 7 giorni fa
Vai Dovi, Porco dio
Young Knight
Young Knight - 6 giorni fa
@coogko moim eh si.. dio can
coogko moim
coogko moim - 6 giorni fa
我不懂!為什麼Dovi的那頂安全帽是SHOEI X-14,但商標確是SUOMY?
Pan CM
Pan CM - 7 giorni fa
Dovi's dive inside in the last corner of the last lap was not only good for a win but great for MotoGP.
Gel Alonzo
Gel Alonzo - 7 giorni fa
I want to kill the Uploader of this video. So boring as........ur coffin.
AntoinePrache 83
AntoinePrache 83 - 7 giorni fa
Good GP !!
cha yan
cha yan - 7 giorni fa
Stopped watching motogp since Lorenzo took out all the other championship contenders
Jason Banaag
Jason Banaag - 7 giorni fa
Who said Dovi is a loser this season? 🙄
Sport Billy
Sport Billy - 7 giorni fa
Best rider of all is Rossi...... but his Moto is without power
Jee vandeWee
Jee vandeWee - 7 giorni fa
WTFG Dovi !!!
Andy Thompson
Andy Thompson - 7 giorni fa
I heard one of the announcers say that somebody hit 215 mph during the race. Anybody know if that was tops for the Red Bull Ring on Sunday?
Sameer Sharma
Sameer Sharma - 7 giorni fa
Give us proper Race highlights videos guys. Love these ones btw.
jadizm - 7 giorni fa
Decky Hermawan
Decky Hermawan - 7 giorni fa
Prove that ur not always the star 93😂💃🏻🕺🏻🍻🍻
elettro84 - 7 giorni fa
Dovi has the balls!
Mox Brown
Mox Brown - 7 giorni fa
CBR KANI - 7 giorni fa
I say one....2019.moto gp champion

Manuele Pinelli
Manuele Pinelli - 7 giorni fa
hey, what's that song?
Aleck - 7 giorni fa
我不懂!為什麼Dovi的那頂安全帽是SHOEI X-14,但商標確是SUOMY?
Tiger Mikolz
Tiger Mikolz - 7 giorni fa
Go marc marquez level 6
adddRossi - 7 giorni fa
Браво Дови!!!
Paolo Salomone
Paolo Salomone - 7 giorni fa
Vai dovi!!!!
Dark Shadow
Dark Shadow - 8 giorni fa
We want Moto Gp to be held in India. You have no idea how much people love motorsports here.
Aberstog - 8 giorni fa
Oooh i can see the tension between motogp and f1 fans here. Do you really think we wont watch motogp!? The motogp highlights do reallly need a buff
Siti Zaharah Ishak
Siti Zaharah Ishak - 8 giorni fa
nothing..only won in a few circuit..qatargp and 2nd austria..😏😏😏
Delilah M
Delilah M - 8 giorni fa
It seems to me, that Marquez often looses duels
Legas_LA - 8 giorni fa
MM93=230 point yes.
Vodka&Redbull - 8 giorni fa
Il canpeon de capeones CazzettoMarquerz misa che stavolta non l'ha presa tanto bene😖😖😖😖...se le presa intro u culo🤣🤣🤣
Box Studio
Box Studio - 8 giorni fa
Awesome race, yhank you Dovizioso
Amazing race Battle Marc Marquez vs Andrea Dovizioso, way better race than Brno Czech Republic
Gian Adia
Gian Adia - 8 giorni fa
great race with shitty highlights
AWOL - 8 giorni fa
Learn something from F1 Moto gp.
I was excited but your stupid channel is useless. Smh
nicola sinisi
nicola sinisi - 8 giorni fa
Dovi c'èeeeeee
Iman Shafiq
Iman Shafiq - 8 giorni fa
Amazing race Battle Marc Marquez vs Andrea Dovizioso, way better race than Brno Czech Republic
dicky satria
dicky satria - 8 giorni fa
last corner !! it's hurts
Naveen Desiraju
Naveen Desiraju - 8 giorni fa
I was there yesterday and I can tell you it was amazing to watch such a great, close race live in person. You could see very clearly that Dovi had the pace on the straight to beat Marquez but Marquez was superior on the corners. The way they were sticking to each other like magnets for the whole race was breathtaking to watch. And of course, as a Rossi fan, it is always fun to watch Marquez lose.
Joe Man
Joe Man - 8 giorni fa
Андрюха, красава!)) Уделал Марка! Респект
fishfingers1985 - 8 giorni fa
What a race! Here is what I do not get if jack miller had not crashed rossi would have finished 5th. Fabio Quartararo is a rookie first year in moto gp and flogs a 9 time world champion with ease and no where near a podium. Then Val gets back to his crew and they all start sucking him off. A 9 time world champ gets his ass handed to him by a kid who would struggle to grow a beard. The money the team the name and manufacture and 4th is his best result of the year courtesy of a crash...
GO gaming GO gaming
GO gaming GO gaming - 8 giorni fa
The beast dovi
Pim Eggermont
Pim Eggermont - 8 giorni fa
Bad montage, cuts are too short. Not in the moment like in the race. Step up your game editor
88 predator
88 predator - 8 giorni fa
Great race, dovi beat mm again👍💪 vale also good on 4th. Go Vale 46💪💪 #lovemotogp #valeyellow #austriangp
Iam LEMON - 5 giorni fa
KING_ LEGEND - 8 giorni fa
If ypu said if the video was a trash. Just wait for next 2 days
Yusdhi Subandi
Yusdhi Subandi - 8 giorni fa
I enjoyed the race very very much.. #AustrianGP 2019 is i think the best race of the year.. it shows Dovi is still the man who dares beat the crap out of marq.. should have put marq down anyway i would love that .. Bravo Dovi avenge marq continues..
Ahmad Hazmi
Ahmad Hazmi - 8 giorni fa
Stargazer - 8 giorni fa
What is this shit recap
Aiyra Aiyska
Aiyra Aiyska - 8 giorni fa
Pedozzi - 8 giorni fa
Too many jump cuts
vai dovi!!!!!
Matt Monedero
Matt Monedero - 8 giorni fa
for proper highlights go to btsports channel
Ricardo Punika
Ricardo Punika - 8 giorni fa
There is still much potential for improvement in this "All of the Best Action"
Anas Abdulla
Anas Abdulla - 8 giorni fa
What a shame @MotoGP. Learn from Formula 1. Make some good highlights . No wonder you are loosing fans 😡😡😡
ridin_out_loud Brian Mike
Dear Motogp pls improve ur videos
Not up to the mark
Fio Abdillah
Fio Abdillah - 8 giorni fa
Marquez have a pewdiepie chair
Vignesh Maharajan
Vignesh Maharajan - 8 giorni fa
Can anyone temme what theme song it is ?
Habubi Habubi
Habubi Habubi - 8 giorni fa
Dovizioso has inferiority complex towards Marquez!! Alien 👽 Marc 93
david sha
david sha - 8 giorni fa
my god red bull ring is such an amazing circuit.
you see it in both f1 and motogp.
no nonsense, sensational racing
Fajrul Milad
Fajrul Milad - 8 giorni fa
what is the back sound guys?
bertraminc - 8 giorni fa
Goooo Ducati!
Kusuma Adinata
Kusuma Adinata - 8 giorni fa
Marc marquesz in the last carner of the corner how does it feel ,great isn't it 😂😂😂😂😂im so happy
jeky suroco
jeky suroco - 8 giorni fa
Nang kene komen ne inggris kabeh
Nyong ora ngarti
Rizal Iman
Rizal Iman - 8 giorni fa
Ok, next time Marc. Cukup untuk hari kemarin
BIMA SAKTI - 8 giorni fa
Marc.... Why you never win the battle with dovi? You can win the race if only you run away from the start, Valle still the the king of duel, the best performer and more entertainer of this sport✌VR46😁
nice piggy
nice piggy - 8 giorni fa
Marquez:I am winning
Dovi:not easy Ferguso
Cm Rider
Cm Rider - 8 giorni fa
46 yes, 93 yes 🤗
Surit Suwal
Surit Suwal - 8 giorni fa
Dovi doesn't do last minute lunges 🤪
AeroR - 8 giorni fa
Great win Ducati 🤙🏆
It was a wonderful race
EMPORiO 5112
EMPORiO 5112 - 8 giorni fa
Damn.. Ducati is a Beast on straight line.
samsa fala
samsa fala - 8 giorni fa
what a battle, Dovi must be aggressive like Marc if he wants some wins, according to Dall'lgna who said that Dovi n Petrux do not exploit the bike more, so it can be concluded that the riders do not push the bike more, in this red bull ring race, Dovi looks like different from commons, he pushed so hard from the first lap.. finally he entered the last corner of the last lap bravely and successfully, well done Dovi, I hope you will get some wins, good luck
Jose Husen
Jose Husen - 8 giorni fa
mana suara pendukung mm93 asal Indonesia
Prossimi video