2 Chainz Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | GQ

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Its WysDumb
Its WysDumb - 5 giorni fa
Most Expensivest and Most Well-Mannered...est
Demonte Mccaster
Demonte Mccaster - 13 giorni fa
2chain old! I think he need too change his name cus he wear too many chains frm his name
Laughs with MJ
Laughs with MJ - 17 giorni fa
Put bluface on
Daniel Hassan
Daniel Hassan - 20 giorni fa
What is the song that was playing at 1:08?
Dione Warck
Dione Warck - 23 giorni fa
showing off all his gold and diamonds that disgust gives me that kind of people
Araceli Jasso
Araceli Jasso - 26 giorni fa
"Jury "😂
Owen Rapp
Owen Rapp - 27 giorni fa
This ain’t even his main stuff,this is the jewelry he travels with🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kevin Xiao
Kevin Xiao - 28 giorni fa
The way he said “plain pp” cracked me up
Raya Muturi
Raya Muturi - 29 giorni fa
If you come across this and you’re having bad times just know that it’s all gonna get better and you have people who loves you 💖💖
Kono Dutch
Kono Dutch - Mese fa
Jewelry means an awful lot to me...... It is in the Mahayana Buddhist religion..... We like to cut.... Even the written language is based on cuts.... Im not fluent in Japanese but I know about cuts
Kono Dutch
Kono Dutch - Mese fa
My favorite cut is cushion and i love pink. So that would be the ring id choose.
J . k10
J . k10 - Mese fa
Get mist on here 👀
Ella Nina Mazzucco
Ella Nina Mazzucco - Mese fa
I like how he didn’t say the prices of his jewelry
E Dowg
E Dowg - Mese fa
He wore glasses bc he was too high😂
reggie jones
reggie jones - Mese fa
I agree with that last statement as well #facts 😂
Xavier Yanez
Xavier Yanez - Mese fa
He didn't show the jewelry he was wearing😭😂
Max D
Max D - Mese fa
Real Fur sucks
SipDaNation - Mese fa
2 chains needs to cashapp me something ( $74OnlytheNation358 )
AlienKing 47
AlienKing 47 - Mese fa
I expected him to have 2 chains

Get it?
Top Dramas
Top Dramas - Mese fa
Most rappers used fake Gold if it rich give me one ☝️ chain
DREWSTACKS - 2 mesi fa
That look like kodak chain 1:59
Mohamed Al Muharraqi
Mohamed Al Muharraqi - 2 mesi fa
He literally butchered all those timepieces brand names smh
Max_[17 Dab
Max_[17 Dab - 2 mesi fa
Fin Read
Fin Read - 2 mesi fa
Plane PP 😂
ThePlaying Banana
ThePlaying Banana - 2 mesi fa
What if 2 chainz actually has 2 chains
Never broke Again
Never broke Again - 2 mesi fa
Cause 2 is better then 1
LimBun Hang
LimBun Hang - 2 mesi fa
Get Jay Z on the show
Krish Pero
Krish Pero - 2 mesi fa
His family called him Titty Boy... 😂
West Marksman
West Marksman - 2 mesi fa
I don’t know what I did with it 😂
Kendrick Jennings
Kendrick Jennings - 2 mesi fa
I Love rings
Kendrick Jennings
Kendrick Jennings - 2 mesi fa
Kendrick Jennings
Kendrick Jennings - 2 mesi fa
Kendrick Jennings
Kendrick Jennings - 2 mesi fa
Ashaun Walwyn
Ashaun Walwyn - 2 mesi fa
I love his rings
Ashaun Walwyn
Ashaun Walwyn - 2 mesi fa
some of the best pieces ive seen
Noah To
Noah To - 3 mesi fa
Wouldnt u guys get confused with 2 chainz and future
Nitro Ortiz
Nitro Ortiz - 3 mesi fa
Does anybody know the song playing at 4:24?
lee zimby
lee zimby - 3 mesi fa
Sounds like one of the only rappers now days that can actually hold a intelligent conversation with
Alabama Saint
Alabama Saint - 3 mesi fa
Everybody wants to be a drug dealer but ain't to many actually was
Dell Thompson
Dell Thompson - 3 mesi fa
If you ever wanna pass down something let me know lol
Yuutowa - 3 mesi fa
I want his jacket or whatever that white thing is
KAIJU MECHA - 3 mesi fa
Seriously, after showing off bunch of diamonds and jewels, he wanna get free food, haha!
Martin The meme god
Martin The meme god - 3 mesi fa
“titty boy a name which was given to me by my family” 😂😂😂 “I just dropped the titty” 💀💀 bro this just makes me laugh to death
Cm RA - 3 mesi fa
"Plain Jane stash"
Marcus Allen
Marcus Allen - 3 mesi fa
Niggas dress like clowns
Rashaad Akil
Rashaad Akil - 3 mesi fa
Get jayz on here
Ke'J Reed
Ke'J Reed - 3 mesi fa
that jacket making me hot
Baba Bongo 2726
Baba Bongo 2726 - 3 mesi fa
Where did you get the jacket
The_Goochie_Bison - 3 mesi fa
7th Grade is when he lost his virginity ?!?! , dang ... RiP In chat for our fallen brothers , smh 😪
Isaiah salvagno Lowkeylilzay
So I guess he has more then two chains.
Margarida Attam
Margarida Attam - 3 mesi fa
Who's in the 2 Chainz blackhole??
Pretty Little Liars FOREVER
Titty boy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭
Yb Yaffa
Yb Yaffa - 3 mesi fa
Why is he not telling us the price of his jewellery ?
Bim - 3 mesi fa
Jesus piece? Ain’t he a muslim? His real name is Tauheed.
Drilla Boyz Ent.
Drilla Boyz Ent. - 3 mesi fa
Baguetti Spaghetti.
Neal Bonner
Neal Bonner - 3 mesi fa
my kid that wild man
Neal Bonner
Neal Bonner - 3 mesi fa
we pray for that
Neal Bonner
Neal Bonner - 3 mesi fa
you baller detroit i can't afford that dam man you the man
Neal Bonner
Neal Bonner - 3 mesi fa
Detroit ghost dog 3 chain detroit big dog my name 4 chain
Neal Bonner
Neal Bonner - 3 mesi fa
all that jewellery i pound it in
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