2 Chainz Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | GQ

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Alabama Saint
Alabama Saint - 4 ore fa
Everybody wants to be a drug dealer but ain't to many actually was
Dell Thompson
Dell Thompson - Giorno fa
If you ever wanna pass down something let me know lol
Yuutowa - 2 giorni fa
I want his jacket or whatever that white thing is
KAIJU MECHA - 4 giorni fa
Seriously, after showing off bunch of diamonds and jewels, he wanna get free food, haha!
Martin The meme god
Martin The meme god - 5 giorni fa
“titty boy a name which was given to me by my family” 😂😂😂 “I just dropped the titty” 💀💀 bro this just makes me laugh to death
Cm RA - 6 giorni fa
"Plain Jane stash"
Marcus Allen
Marcus Allen - 9 giorni fa
Niggas dress like clowns
Rashaad Akil
Rashaad Akil - 13 giorni fa
Get jayz on here
Ke'J Reed
Ke'J Reed - 14 giorni fa
that jacket making me hot
Baba Bongo 2726
Baba Bongo 2726 - 15 giorni fa
Where did you get the jacket
The_Goochie_Bison - 15 giorni fa
7th Grade is when he lost his virginity ?!?! , dang ... RiP In chat for our fallen brothers , smh 😪
Isaiah salvagno Lowkeylilzay
So I guess he has more then two chains.
Margarida Attam
Margarida Attam - 16 giorni fa
Who's in the 2 Chainz blackhole??
Pretty Little Liars FOREVER
Titty boy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭
Yb Yaffa
Yb Yaffa - 19 giorni fa
Why is he not telling us the price of his jewellery ?
Bim - 20 giorni fa
Jesus piece? Ain’t he a muslim? His real name is Tauheed.
Drilla Boyz Ent.
Drilla Boyz Ent. - 21 giorno fa
Baguetti Spaghetti.
Neal Bonner
Neal Bonner - 23 giorni fa
my kid that wild man
Neal Bonner
Neal Bonner - 23 giorni fa
we pray for that
Neal Bonner
Neal Bonner - 23 giorni fa
you baller detroit i can't afford that dam man you the man
Neal Bonner
Neal Bonner - 23 giorni fa
Detroit ghost dog 3 chain detroit big dog my name 4 chain
Neal Bonner
Neal Bonner - 23 giorni fa
all that jewellery i pound it in
Isaac Guzman
Isaac Guzman - 24 giorni fa
Rc robot 2
Rc robot 2 - 24 giorni fa
He's over here with all that and I'm happy that I saved up and got a 18k mini cuban smh
Louise M
Louise M - 8 giorni fa
Nice one 👌
Jonas Baalmann
Jonas Baalmann - 25 giorni fa
when i see a jacket like this, could i puke ...no respect for something like this .
drew mcclendon
drew mcclendon - Mese fa
Get blueface in here
Dsigbi - Mese fa
What bout 2 titty chainz?
Dimitri - Mese fa
Do nba youngboy
8bit Askr3n
8bit Askr3n - Mese fa
This cat is like the embodiment of the Chappelle's Show MTV Cribz Sketch LOL
themaadandthemonk - Mese fa
SniperBoi 64
SniperBoi 64 - Mese fa
Imagine if 2 chains only had 2 chains
Dead Smile
Dead Smile - Mese fa
2 Chainz spelled Backwards spells rich guy
Mike O'Keefe
Mike O'Keefe - Mese fa
Wow....I'm lost...I need luv...
Martin Audio
Martin Audio - Mese fa
Its not Insane - its a usual rapper collection
Peter Folasa
Peter Folasa - Mese fa
Let us kno the price mf
Damm he lost his virginity in 7th grade!
Nick Martinez
Nick Martinez - Mese fa
When the guy starts bragging about his paycheck on the first date 2:39
Sawraj Singh
Sawraj Singh - Mese fa
Chris hemworth sitting next to him with primark shirt and still be rulling
Shawn Clarkson
Shawn Clarkson - Mese fa
There all depressed.
-- - Mese fa
he should make an alter ego album and call himself "titty chains"
dude should be called 3769 Chainz
Jacob Reid
Jacob Reid - Mese fa
Do Young Thug next
Aryan Green
Aryan Green - Mese fa
Do youngboy
Twizz The Whiz Kid
Twizz The Whiz Kid - Mese fa
Get Birdman on the show.
Jechy HM
Jechy HM - Mese fa
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Daniel H-Lee
Daniel H-Lee - Mese fa
yo what jacket is this
Omar Shafi
Omar Shafi - 2 mesi fa
Just one of his chains would pay for my college tuition, my dream car and rent money for a deluxe apartment for years.
SO YA - 2 mesi fa
365 days a year, I just got 1 to wear all year lmao
Benjamin H.
Benjamin H. - 2 mesi fa
"I bought every V12 engine
Wish I could take it back to the beginnin'
I coulda bought a place in Dumbo before it was Dumbo
For like two million
That same building today is worth twenty-five million
Guess how I'm feelin'? Dumbo" -- Jay Z 2017
Wasting money on jewelry and losing the most valuable commodity-- TIME!! (and the ability of compounding interest)
damir hrnjic
damir hrnjic - 2 mesi fa
Waz the beat at 1,03??
Prossimi video