2019 FSR 24 Hour Ration MRE Review Menu #6 BBQ Pork Wrap Meal Ready to Eat Taste Testing

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John Magus
John Magus - 11 ore fa
Has several knives in the room...still rips the bagle in half. Love it.
John Magus
John Magus - 11 ore fa
What....NO GUSSET?!
John Magus
John Magus - 11 ore fa
0:11 hahahaha
Tommy - 18 ore fa
lol 100mg serious... I wish :(

Whole bag would barely help me.
CoolbreezeFromSteam - Giorno fa
"Raisin juice concentrate"

Wouldn't that just be grape juice then?
Vic C.
Vic C. - 2 giorni fa
A. Tanner
A. Tanner - 3 giorni fa
I like the way he says “Looking pretty gourmet” just after squeezing out that turd shaped chocolate dessert onto the tray.
Country Boy7121
Country Boy7121 - 3 giorni fa
Cheesy Arm Bagel Lol with some Cheese Spread Gas Station Food Yummmmy Everything a Marine or Army Ranger Needs to live LoL 😂 Love it ..Gotta love Trans Fat Man Yeah ... Breakfast of Champions Brother
bluewhale18 - 3 giorni fa
Damn that could feed an army
catastic1407 - 4 giorni fa
My favorite part of these videos is how he says 'nice'
Luis Rocha
Luis Rocha - 5 giorni fa
Who has been binge watching these
jeric lopez
jeric lopez - 5 giorni fa
Mark Ledford
Mark Ledford - 5 giorni fa
Kyle Hughes
Kyle Hughes - 7 giorni fa
"tactical gas station food"
Fok yu
Fok yu - 8 giorni fa
A cup of rice to go with that chicken would be nice
Fok yu
Fok yu - 8 giorni fa
Is that zappa on your shelf?
Mark Callipare
Mark Callipare - 8 giorni fa
Reagan Hill
Reagan Hill - 10 giorni fa
I like the way he says nice every time him gets the food on the tray.
En' Peacee Shekelstein
En' Peacee Shekelstein - 11 giorni fa
Where's the coffee?
Adam Jones
Adam Jones - 11 giorni fa
That turnover looks more like a scone
Frosty32 Da bomb
Frosty32 Da bomb - 12 giorni fa
“Cough cough “Florida Phase” cough cough”
Benjamin Gable
Benjamin Gable - 12 giorni fa
“The most advanced, shelf stable, tactical gas station food in the world.”
Benjamin Gable
Benjamin Gable - 12 giorni fa
“They dig that cheese spread huh...make that thing 1/2 oz smaller.”
-Uncle Sam
ben russell
ben russell - 12 giorni fa
I appreciate that you obviously use the rations as proper meals and eat the whole thing, rather than just a little taste test.
Zany Jumper
Zany Jumper - 12 giorni fa
I think he eats MREs 247 everyday of the week
Prince Turk
Prince Turk - 12 giorni fa
Love the videos gana have to get me a few
mail man
mail man - 12 giorni fa
Only subscribed now 😊 only watched about 30 videos before I realised I wasn't subscribed! Okay lets put it on the tray
Brandi Mackinnon
Brandi Mackinnon - 13 giorni fa
Who else wants a tour of Steve’s shelves? There’s always such interesting bits there.
Jennacide - 13 giorni fa
I'm sorry, But it disturbs me the way he placed that pudding
Thomas Saniuk
Thomas Saniuk - 13 giorni fa
Can we see another really old one
kommi1974 - 13 giorni fa
Loaded with HFCS, tons of sugar and artificial flavors and dyes. Nothing but the best for our troops.
Yan Dzivinskiy
Yan Dzivinskiy - 13 giorni fa
They are trying to kill y'all with that sugar
Trick skd
Trick skd - 13 giorni fa
Lets get it on the tray. Nice.
한준희 - 14 giorni fa
00:10 MRE Super solider?
John Bogan
John Bogan - 14 giorni fa
Ryan Wilson
Ryan Wilson - 14 giorni fa
Shelf Stable Bagel is the name of my next band
James - 14 giorni fa
“Only has 20 grams of sugar” yup his American for sure
daniel 6aoht
daniel 6aoht - 14 giorni fa
Lol when he zoomed in on one of the wraps his like idk about that one
mthwr - 14 giorni fa
30 Second Golf Lessons
30 Second Golf Lessons - 15 giorni fa
Classic. Per usual. Thanks!
Random People
Random People - 15 giorni fa
Man... do he always finish off the whole MRE for each testing even if it's bad or taste bad?
Kenneth Grijaldo
Kenneth Grijaldo - 15 giorni fa
Now I want to be a soldier to eat those
Paralyze Gaming
Paralyze Gaming - 15 giorni fa
Well, your stomick cant be that great after all these years eating everything. :P But oh well. I like the videos ^_^
BrizButt - 15 giorni fa
this guy is like a cooler version of reviewbruh, looks like him if I was nearly blind and sounds like him but cooler
Sterk Drage
Sterk Drage - 15 giorni fa
steve 1989 and hannibal buress agree: pretzels is the same
Joseph Michael Moullet
Joseph Michael Moullet - 15 giorni fa
Dude, PLEASE release a full length album of your music, I love it, it feels so nostalgic.
delegate zero
delegate zero - 15 giorni fa
"it's a bread made into a bagel" -Steve1989MREInfo
Dangerous RN
Dangerous RN - 15 giorni fa
“The pudding is sooo rich,” he said, Lol. Can we get that on a t-shirt.
alukardFE - 15 giorni fa
Aren't soldiers mostly on amphetamines the first couple of days?
Dylan L
Dylan L - 11 giorni fa
You mean the standard half of every western population that seems to be off their rocker. Yeah there are some. It's just the statistics of it.
Chris - 15 giorni fa
Yea but wheres the camels?
Not Important To You
Not Important To You - 16 giorni fa
16:26 That breast was quite squirty
iffdelta - 16 giorni fa
First Strike Rations are trash. I always preferred regular MREs when I had a choice.
Ron Bhm
Ron Bhm - 16 giorni fa
If you like things that you enjoy than you might find this palatable
Josh Ayala
Josh Ayala - 15 giorni fa
I hope I would like things that I enjoy
trevax1278 - 16 giorni fa
This week, on The Californians..
MrAlumni72 - 16 giorni fa
Volume goes down from 75% to about 5% when you are shown standing and eating.
Kenneth Nash
Kenneth Nash - 16 giorni fa
That odor is descent smelling food. You can try it without getting sick.
Chaz Darvy
Chaz Darvy - 16 giorni fa
At some times his voice reminds me of Mr. Vandriessen from Beavis and Butthead.
Esre Vinu
Esre Vinu - 16 giorni fa
Scoffield is the guy from Prison Break.... Scoville is the scale of heat in peppers,... Love the vids, keep up the good work. Never thought I would find the world of MREs so entertaining, but I spend so much free time watching you eat these lol. I think this is my first comment, but I had to have watched at least 40 of your vids over the past couple weeks!
Claude McLain
Claude McLain - 16 giorni fa
Wish you could get the C-Rats the way we had them in 'Nam...bet you woulda like a bunch of them...even the much maligned ham and eggs (heated, they were decent)
Merlin Flagg
Merlin Flagg - 16 giorni fa
Love you Steve!
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