Tacko Fall Makes NBA Players Look Like Kids In 2019 NBA Summer League! Celtics vs Cavaliers

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Sergio Candia
Sergio Candia - 9 giorni fa
Its the new Robert Parish for Celtics
Carmen George Weddings
Carmen George Weddings - 19 giorni fa
He needs to improve his free throw shooting and shooting outside the paint. But under the net he is unstoppable.
PhreshFunk - Mese fa
Lol that's just cheating lol they'll have to put the correct ration net next to the regular one for him
Peaceful Warrior
Peaceful Warrior - Mese fa
2:10 Are you kidding me? 😂
Clutch Videos
Clutch Videos - Mese fa
If I was 7 foot 5, I could also do that, let’s just be real here.
Clutch Videos
Clutch Videos - Mese fa
Nobody that watches basketball actually thinks that Tacko Falls is a legitimate NBA player. All he knows how to do is put his hands up as if he is under arrest.
Awesome Boy
Awesome Boy - Mese fa
Yea he’s long but not as long as the 15ft belt
dugas fn
dugas fn - Mese fa
He is a really good player, tall, dunks easily can shoot. What I’m saying is he is an amazing player all around
Mike B
Mike B - Mese fa
Nobody cares about Communist Chinese Basketball.
jerry williams
jerry williams - Mese fa
Hope he makes the league,heck of a young man with a bright future!
King Mrope
King Mrope - Mese fa
After Michael Jordan now we get you Tacko
Jason Gonzalez
Jason Gonzalez - Mese fa
Boy he is amazing... Not drafted? Really? Come one NBA get off the Chinese kissing Ass Fried Rice and recruit this guy! Immediately!
tingtingting7 - Mese fa
he looks like garnett
2nd Amendment
2nd Amendment - Mese fa
No doubt, on free throws, Shaqs head is shaking.
Keekz Duncombe
Keekz Duncombe - 2 mesi fa
Dam advantage 100%
Ricardo Feced Ibañez
Ricardo Feced Ibañez - 2 mesi fa
04:18 min - 😂😂 too much height for the journalist
yoseph sebsebe
yoseph sebsebe - 2 mesi fa
I’m wondering how big his dick is??? Probably as big as shortest nba player 😂🤣😂🤣
Fer - 2 mesi fa
Finally a Mexican basketball player 🤪🤣
WHOGOAT STUDIO - 2 mesi fa
always believe on yourself tacko and prove thwm wrong reach for it,,
mm mm
mm mm - 2 mesi fa
nba 2k cheat codes. kemba and tacko duo
mm mm
mm mm - 2 mesi fa
he not even jumping lol
Daniel Agustin
Daniel Agustin - 2 mesi fa
Give all the balls to Tacko
Dean Guando
Dean Guando - 2 mesi fa
I'm totally flabbergasted that this man went undrafted.
Just goes to show how f upt the nba and their owners are.
michael wang
michael wang - 2 mesi fa
Pinoy Brand
Pinoy Brand - 2 mesi fa
It’s Tacko Tuesday, y’all....
Priority - 2 mesi fa
Needs more weight and strength to beat up the paint
Christoper Delos Santos
The next Big Thing
Pavlin Dimitrov
Pavlin Dimitrov - 2 mesi fa
6000 COWories a day!
William Wallace
William Wallace - 2 mesi fa
A great pick by the Celtics
The Subanen Tribe
The Subanen Tribe - 2 mesi fa
This kind of player, who we will make a history in NBA, not drafted but will make his own legacy in NBA.
Marmo Carr
Marmo Carr - 2 mesi fa
why. is taco so black,,, . not many nba players are as dark as taco
John Kurtz
John Kurtz - 2 mesi fa
Tacko is a steal for the Celtics. People are saying that he isn't that fast or can't jump high. Excuse me, he can dunk flat footed. No lift needed. Tacko had UCF even with Zion and duke in ncaas playoffs, until he was fouled out. I hope he has a good year and gets a chance
CheddarBeezy - 2 mesi fa
Want the easiest assist of your career? Pass to Tacko in the paint
CheddarBeezy - 2 mesi fa
This dude's just always gonna be in high school 😆
Flynny poo
Flynny poo - 2 mesi fa
Ha ha! Get wrecked 2k! You thought you could balance the game with the current max height! Looks like you're gonna have to change the max height to 7'6. Can't wait for Tacko to reach 7'7 or possibly 7'8.
masterpogi marcelo
masterpogi marcelo - 2 mesi fa
he knows how to use his height
XUE Frankie
XUE Frankie - 2 mesi fa
He is a bug
edward6000 - 2 mesi fa
throw a long ball
Proximo - 2 mesi fa
Tacko Bell? No! It's Tacko Fall! 😂
PH ETC - 2 mesi fa
his freethrow look more like praying mantis
Jonathan Hawk
Jonathan Hawk - 2 mesi fa
PH ETC it goes in. It doesn't matter what it looks like!
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