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Ghost Planet
Ghost Planet - 32 minuti fa
billy: *turns 18*
Full grown women in hawkins:
Richard Hamel
Richard Hamel - 33 minuti fa
"B" as in Billy. Bad Karma.
Ghost Planet
Ghost Planet - 34 minuti fa
wonder what kind of emotional issues billy's going through THIS season!
Isabeau - 3 ore fa
Mrs wheeler is a thot....O.O Oh dear god if she makes out with Billy.....
She is a pedo thot!
Gowshik Ganesan
Gowshik Ganesan - 3 ore fa
Why is mrs wheeler flirting with billy is she a petafile cause billy is a teenager
Chi χ
Chi χ - 4 ore fa
Bro looks like human shrek
Mc Max
Mc Max - 6 ore fa
Betcha mrs wheeler gonna smash billy
Sugar ray
Sugar ray - 6 ore fa
Dacre's lost alot of muscle since Power Rangers. He probably had to for this part.
Andrada - 7 ore fa
Roses are red
Wills drawings are blue
Billy’s a teen
Karens like 52
tazo playzz
tazo playzz - 7 ore fa
Season 1: Good
Season 2: Good
Season 3: Super
ilomilo - 8 ore fa
i first thought the women were digging on the girl
Meledus - 8 ore fa
R.I.P Bob
Morning Star
Morning Star - 9 ore fa
*Season 4 : Banging Things*
Dalphaguy - 10 ore fa
How is dis a stranger things trailer??
M Rifqi Kamil
M Rifqi Kamil - 15 ore fa
Nancy and Mike : astaghfirullah mamaahhh😭😭
gumdokim - 19 ore fa
*Nancy's Moms* got it going on.
Pro Gaming
Pro Gaming - 19 ore fa
So he's supposed to have 17?
dashie's bbgurl
dashie's bbgurl - 7 ore fa
He's probably older in season 3. Possibly 19, still in highschool. Dont mean to make quick Judgements on people but he's the guy that doesn't really care to do his studies. School is the last thing on his mind. He only cares about his car, his reputation and being popular. Barely making average grades. So probably having to take a few classes over again. That's why he's a lifeguard, normally kids still in highschool have summer jobs.
Solo Erick
Solo Erick - 20 ore fa
Billy: the best definition of a sexy jerk
Finn Childerley
Finn Childerley - 20 ore fa
Billy is better than he was last season (although he was pretty good in season 2) plus they work some good comedy into him
Lene Girl
Lene Girl - 20 ore fa
I can't wait the third season!
Casey Abbott
Casey Abbott - Giorno fa
Hi :D
Tito Bianca
Tito Bianca - Giorno fa
I hope he fucks lmao let’s go bro
Brendan Moore
Brendan Moore - Giorno fa
Awesome cars song
I have Aneurisma :'v
I have Aneurisma :'v - Giorno fa
Ashe Bowman
Ashe Bowman - Giorno fa
Fuck it. I'm growing a mullet
Jays Cactus
Jays Cactus - Giorno fa
There screaming babara in the beggining if you here closer
صوت الشعب
صوت الشعب - Giorno fa
HydroDragonN - Giorno fa
The editing of this clip is so distinct to seasons 1 & 2, I think this is a good sign for season 3!
Jon Snow
Jon Snow - Giorno fa
*Stranger things* yeah right
iicustoms - Giorno fa
Lina Fontaine
Lina Fontaine - Giorno fa
I’m so exited, omg the style is so nice too it’s kind of coming back, the style from the 60’s and 80’s is so peaceful and better, but that’s why I like this show.
Acid Fn
Acid Fn - Giorno fa
It turned out that mrs.wheeler is a thot
MemeMations - Giorno fa
Mrs. Wheeler is one thirsty hoe.

Drinking new coke with a straw.
scalan15 - Giorno fa
that fat kid is classic, everyone back then always listened to the pool whistle, not today, everyone too busy looking at their phones
dashie's bbgurl
dashie's bbgurl - 7 ore fa
@MemeMations i think he means around the pool, like how the parents are. Sitting on the beach chairs just relaxing while their kids are in the pool, possibly getting a tan.
MemeMations - Giorno fa
scalan15 Looking at their phones in the pool?
Lay-Z Swirlz
Lay-Z Swirlz - Giorno fa
The moms all look like the old lady in spongebob where she says “ WHAT ARE THEY SELLING”
TheKid WhoIsTall
TheKid WhoIsTall - Giorno fa
Is that one of the Duffer Brothers sitting on that bench at 1:08?? 😂😂
Jesika Villalobos
Jesika Villalobos - Giorno fa
Who else thought they were aiming for the girl but then they were waiting for Billy😂 because all my friends did😂
Rhett Ohlerking
Rhett Ohlerking - Giorno fa
What? Is this actually stranger things?? Seriously think about the first season and then go to this?
gloomgirl - Giorno fa
Can we pleasure get 'Billy' a better wig?? Come on Netflix! This one is a little better but omg!
Carnival Skater
Carnival Skater - Giorno fa
Mrs wheeler: Ted, I’ve been flirting with teenage boys at the pool, im sorry
Mrs. Wheeler:???
bri wilson
bri wilson - 2 giorni fa
Sparkle Damond
Sparkle Damond - 2 giorni fa
i would be so weak if the joke of the season is billy with that dumb ass whistle 💀😭
Shivam Jayaswal
Shivam Jayaswal - 2 giorni fa
song pls?
Nowl Wane
Nowl Wane - 2 giorni fa
Sorry ladies, your prime years are over
DevX 03
DevX 03 - 2 giorni fa
Billy really is a badass character
I hope he gets a redemption so he can help fight off the mindflayer
hounddog 123
hounddog 123 - 23 ore fa
DevX 03 he’s dead it’s called the “b” curse. First Barb then Bob. Now it’s his turn.
The King Of EVERYTHING - 2 giorni fa
*Stranger Milfs*
Jess Millington
Jess Millington - 2 giorni fa
Anyone know the name of the songs that’s playing in the background ?! Driving me nuts
Banjo Kazooie
Banjo Kazooie - 2 giorni fa
Season 1: Demogorgan
Season 2: Mimdflayer
Season 3: Milfs
Season 4 : AIDS Epidemic of 85’
FlyManWind - 2 giorni fa
pools closed
Steve K
Steve K - 2 giorni fa
Little did Billy know about the mind flayer... lol
little bear gaming
little bear gaming - 2 giorni fa
Oh she’s trying to cheat on her husband
little bear gaming
little bear gaming - 3 ore fa
We both agree on this
dashie's bbgurl
dashie's bbgurl - 3 ore fa
little bear gaming
little bear gaming - 3 ore fa
I know right
dashie's bbgurl
dashie's bbgurl - 7 ore fa
Im thinking the same thing but to me it seems like she's trying to get his attention more since its summer. Ive seen mr.wheeler and hes like. He's not handsome or good looking at all. She could tell that he's a bad boy, ladies man at the same time by the way he was flirting with her at her house. While she was writting the address down he probably seen that she had a ring. When she was looking at him leave you could see the look in her eyes that she was glad ted didnt answer the door.
Adrián Stvorecz
Adrián Stvorecz - 2 giorni fa
The mind-flayer possesses Billy, Billy possesses Mrs Wheeler.
The Lost Vlogger
The Lost Vlogger - 2 giorni fa
Stranger things season 3 coming up
Dacre Montgomery damn it I have to regrow a mullet
Persephone - 8 ore fa
I hope this comment was sarcastic, he doesn't actually grow a mullet, it's a hair piece. Just for anyone who didn't know.
Sawyer Rollins
Sawyer Rollins - 2 giorni fa
At 0:20 I thought lesbians
Dolphindess - 2 giorni fa
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Billy's is Highschool
She's 42
dashie's bbgurl
dashie's bbgurl - 7 ore fa
Im not wanting it to happen at all cause i like billy's character. But he is 18 possibly close to being 19 atleast thats what i think. If hes over 18 and something were to happen and she had a secret affair with him. Billy is the type to make his own decisions without worrying about the consequences or shit like that it would be legal.
Buzz Killington
Buzz Killington - 2 giorni fa
A simpler time were teens banged their neighbors wife and it was nothing more than a story to tell years later.....the good old days
pyromaniac03 - Giorno fa
Uhh yeah FBI this man right here
STEVEN WORTON - 2 giorni fa
I guess that 7.4 dislikes means their suburban wives craving for some young meat that they don't want you to know about
Kab llama
Kab llama - 3 giorni fa
Sadly my man billy is possessed now.
Brenner Ward
Brenner Ward - 3 giorni fa
1:00 how charming, how was that considered attractive back then
SquidFlesh - 3 giorni fa
What song did they play when billy walks out?
pro gamer
pro gamer - 3 giorni fa
Roses are red
This poem is corny
Billy's 19
Mrs. Wheeler's like 40..
pro gamer
pro gamer - 17 ore fa
@Joshua Capps it's a little weird
Joshua Capps
Joshua Capps - 17 ore fa
pro gamer that’s legal sooo what’s your point?
peterpumpkineater69 _
peterpumpkineater69 _ - 3 giorni fa
I’m a life guard and in my mind I always think moms look at me but they don’t 😔🤣
Dr.finesse. - 3 giorni fa
The new host is looking good
BBasty -
BBasty - - 3 giorni fa
Yeet Yoink
Yeet Yoink - 3 giorni fa
Well that might be a sister scandal-
Micaela Samacicio
Micaela Samacicio - 3 giorni fa
Eww that made me sick
Yubah Ortega
Yubah Ortega - 3 giorni fa
Alexis Port
Alexis Port - 3 giorni fa
Lmao if Billy and Mike's mom hook up I would love to see max and Mike's reaction
Superdude07 Dude
Superdude07 Dude - 3 giorni fa
Guess who is having a divorce this season?
Superdude07 Dude
Superdude07 Dude - 3 giorni fa
Season 1: demogorgon
Season 2: mindflayer
Season 3: Ted and Karen´s divorce
Fluffy - 3 giorni fa
Season 1:Demogorgon
Season 2:MindFlayer
Season 3:Perverto Delrio Aka b*tch lasagna
hippiecheezburger - 3 giorni fa
Damn I’d give Mrs. Wheeler some Stranger Things
Honey Beeby
Honey Beeby - 3 giorni fa
Whats the song?
Night Shadow
Night Shadow - 3 giorni fa
I could actually watch an entire season of just love drama, pool parties and the characters just fucking around!
Yt pancreas
Yt pancreas - 3 giorni fa
Trailer 1: Raging hormones
Trailer 2: Raging monsters
UNKNOWN GAMERS 303 - 3 giorni fa
Rohan Patel
Rohan Patel - 3 giorni fa
I am wondering if the mind flare has inhabited his body yet (new trailer)
Insert Gaming
Insert Gaming - 3 giorni fa
Rohan Patel he is keeping his eyes covered and moves it up when his eyes could be seen, so I say probably
Baby Dog Of Justice
Baby Dog Of Justice - 3 giorni fa
Plot twist: 30 years later Mrs Wheeler tries to get on the bench of the supreme court but is MeToo'd by former pool boy who now works for the CIA. Never saw that one coming!....
Jean Fox
Jean Fox - 3 giorni fa how am I gonna watch this with my 12 year old sister...
1 bias , 6 bias wrecker
1 bias , 6 bias wrecker - 3 giorni fa
Mrs wheeler is creepy by
Lovely Sunset
Lovely Sunset - 3 giorni fa
He will be so evil
Chucky - 3 giorni fa
Who's here after watching stranger things 3 final trailer???
Sol - 6 ore fa
Who cares lol
Wolfy Dragon
Wolfy Dragon - Giorno fa
Who isn't?
Thecraft - 3 giorni fa
Who’s here to see if someone is talking about Billy’s probable death ? 😂
Cavera - 3 giorni fa
Don't waste my time!!!
jretca2 - 3 giorni fa
Season 1: Demigorgon
Season 2: Demidogs
Season 3: Demigreaver
Castle Gabs
Castle Gabs - 3 giorni fa
Ted come get your wife
Angela - 3 giorni fa
I'm getting serious Mrs. Robinson vibes from Mrs. Wheeler.
Jeff Glass
Jeff Glass - 3 giorni fa
Love the Fast Times At Ridge ont High reference
nightmare _666
nightmare _666 - 3 giorni fa
The mom of Mike has a boyfriend soo she's ganna cheat on him
dashie's bbgurl
dashie's bbgurl - 7 ore fa
She is married
annalise wren
annalise wren - 3 giorni fa
that moment when you realize mrs. wheeler is a milf
thetoughones - 3 giorni fa
Stranger Milfs
Weiqiang Mu
Weiqiang Mu - 3 giorni fa
So, he's the bad guy. duh 😂
franco mendez
franco mendez - 3 giorni fa
I wish girls would look at me the way they look at billy
Dolphindess - 2 giorni fa
But I'm a girl to lol
Dolphindess - 2 giorni fa
Same! Lol
DJSaltyPistachio - 3 giorni fa
Good guy Ted Wheeler
Mishi Handhuvaru
Mishi Handhuvaru - 3 giorni fa
Billy is going to die
mysterious vfx
mysterious vfx - 3 giorni fa
Why do I have a feeling that billy and mrs.wheeler will hook up this season?
tecums3h - 3 giorni fa
Who left that Starbucks coffee cup in the shot!?!
Amanda Everett
Amanda Everett - 3 giorni fa
Evelyn Chu
Evelyn Chu - 3 giorni fa
Vanessa - 3 giorni fa
welp, the mind flayer and upside down are no longer the stranger things this season..
The All American Bad Boy
The All American Bad Boy - 3 giorni fa
hail BILLY
The lesser ark
The lesser ark - 3 giorni fa
This is more disturbing than the demogorgans
Omni - 3 giorni fa
1:35 I'd recognize that smile from anywhere (Martine Rousseau from POI).
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