Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer

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Molly Castille
Molly Castille - 11 minuti fa
I already watched the movie, but I am literally shaking.
KINGjdProdigy100 - 13 minuti fa
Movie was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Thank you Marvel!!
ShiFT TriiCky
ShiFT TriiCky - 13 minuti fa
Spider man was the true mvp because if it wasnt for the pic it would not matter if the rat saved scott
Nik Syakir
Nik Syakir - 22 minuti fa
1:27 why hawkeye don't bring gauntlet
John Hiller
John Hiller - 58 minuti fa
This is the second time in my life I've walked out of cinema during a film. Utter dross..
Phantom Batman11
Phantom Batman11 - Ora fa
So no ones gonna talk about how endgame has almost the same plot as songebob out of water
mr gummybear
mr gummybear - Ora fa
Of course it doesn’t show Thor in the quantum suit scene
Myles Valle
Myles Valle - 2 ore fa
Ahh i remembered between the months of october to december 2018 when we were just asking the title of avengers 4. And look now, where we have made it
Itsajz - 2 ore fa
If you think about it, a rat saved the whole universe
GachaLife Girl
GachaLife Girl - 2 ore fa
Moron: adjective and noun;
Definition: the people who disliked this trailer
Alan Aljenar
Alan Aljenar - 3 ore fa
My yearbook quote: Some don't make it...
But not us
Alan Aljenar
Alan Aljenar - 3 ore fa
If end game was a rap battle: Snap back to reality, oh there goes humanity
Jac Evans
Jac Evans - 3 ore fa
Captain America:whatever it takes for all the peoples who got turned into dust
Lansce - 4 ore fa
ay alghuna pajina para verlo hd
Liively_ - 4 ore fa
Anyone notice natasha and tony were the last 2 to say whatever it takes

Only if we knew
Yohannes Birku
Yohannes Birku - 4 ore fa
Tonny the great ,

Thor the best
Wonder.w the guest
Thanos bulshit😡😡
RedBlue Gaming
RedBlue Gaming - 4 ore fa
Roses Are Red
Papers Are Made Of Wood
Mr Stark
I dont feel so good...

1 like = 1 small chance that
spiderman will come back
In Avengers endgame
Connor Houg
Connor Houg - 5 ore fa
Who came here after watching endgame..

Love tony 3000 🐥
Muneeb Hasan
Muneeb Hasan - 5 ore fa
Love you 3000
Алексей Крылов

Tony Stark , Scott Lang And The Rat Are Saviours Of The Universe 😎
The Final Battle Was Great 😎
Thanos Reminds Bane , But Without " The Stones " He Is Not So Powerful 😑
And I Tnink That It Would Be Better For Tony , If Thor Used " The Glove " Against Thanos And His Army
Khush Patel
Khush Patel - 6 ore fa
I’m wet
Ryan Burkart
Ryan Burkart - 6 ore fa
Interesting thing to note, the Avengers who say “Whatever it takes,” are the ones whose story ended in this movie. Iron Man and Black Widow are dead, Captain America is an old man now, and Hawkeye is retired with his family (his daughter takes up the mantle probably). Thor and Hulk don’t say these lines and they still have some story left in them. Thor with the Asguardians of the Galaxy and Hulk wherever he goes🤷‍♂️
The other four are done (not including the Black Widow movie). Its just Thor and Hulk left.
That’s my one piece on that. Probably just stretching it but oh well lol
Peteris Briska
Peteris Briska - 6 ore fa
Avengers its the best movi
Jesse Blackburne
Jesse Blackburne - 6 ore fa
Whatever it takes.
We will keep watching Endgame until it beats Avatar
king_has_no_cloths kul
it wont beat avatar anymore internationally. it will fall short by 15 to 20 million. It fell off very quickly both domestic and international.
we were hoping it would cross 3 bil. but now it is impossible. next week it will barely make a million and change each day.
so that is a disappointment!
Carol Walker
Carol Walker - 7 ore fa
We Said Goodbye To Iron-Man
We Said Goodbye To Captain America
We Said Goodbye To Black Widow.
But We Said Hello, To A New Era Of Avengers.
Levent Turan
Levent Turan - 7 ore fa
Dusunsenize onlarda yeniliyormus :) sjsjsjsj göt olur film amk (bu arad filmi izledim yarraktan yorumlar yapmayin amq).
tide pod King
tide pod King - 7 ore fa
me before endgame: thanos is going to die and everyone survives

me after watching endgame: OH MY SWEET TONY (black widow no one care about your death) BUT TONY
Josh Edward
Josh Edward - 34 minuti fa
bruh literally everyone cares that black widow died, without her they wouldn't have won
I AM THE SENATE - 7 ore fa
"I like this one"
"Whatever it takes"
"Don't give me hope"
"I am Iron Man"
"I love you 3000"
"Hail Hydra"
"I am Inevitable"
"It's like I was made for this"
"You couldn't live with your own failure and where did that bring you, back to me"
"AVENGERS... assamble"
I AM THE SENATE - 8 ore fa
It just accoured to me that Steve living with Peggy his live that he very much deserved is all sweet and all until you realize that in that Timeline Steve still went in the Ice for 70 years, what happened when he was found??
Dark Rage
Dark Rage - 8 ore fa
We will beat avatar! “whatever it takes”
julio chavez
julio chavez - 8 ore fa
thor the best 🙏
Dark Rage
Dark Rage - 8 ore fa
Who’s still watching this after it came out? I am
Shays Vids
Shays Vids - 8 ore fa
So whoever didn’t die from the snap, and they died of a fight with Thanos, that’s why they didn’t come out of the portals? That makes sense now..
Ali Sayed Hck
Ali Sayed Hck - 8 ore fa
I just thought of this please read the whole thing

In infinity war when thanos comes to wakanda to get the mind stone, scarlet witch destroys it and thanos uses the time stone to reverse the stone getting destroyed. Couldn’t the avengers do the same after thanos destroys all the stones. They can go back in time using the quantum realm and get the time stone then go back to the current time line and reverse thanos destroying all the stones

This way they can steal the gauntlet from thanos easily (as he is injured and alone) and then someone powerful (like Thor, captain marvel) could snap so everyone who died from the first snap can come back and Tony’s death would be prevented

Edit: also this way black widow’s death would be prevented as well
VERA AKCAN - 8 ore fa
I loved Avengers, my favorite game !
milind nitnaware
milind nitnaware - 9 ore fa
Love u 3000....
etho lebowski
etho lebowski - 9 ore fa
"Ancient one would be proud of doctor strange of what he did for the future"
Unbelievable - 9 ore fa
A L - 9 ore fa
This movie was disappointing,
1) Too much time spent retrieving the stones.
2) Thor fat and clumsy.
3) Hulk didn't do much, no "hulk smash"
4) Only thing Dr strange did was hold back the water at the end.
5) What did groot do?
6) Drax didnt do anything
7) Starlord didnt do anything much
8) Fury only appeared at the end
9) Too much time spent on Hawkeye's character
10) What did Rocket do in the final battle scene.
11) Final battle scene too short.
You want to watch a epic final battle scene watch Lord of the Rings.
Infinity War was much better.
Phantom Batman11
Phantom Batman11 - Ora fa
HAris RiAz
HAris RiAz - 10 ore fa
Best movie ever
BlueWarrior - 10 ore fa
How iron man did not have to die
Ant-man is big and squish thanos by stomping on him
The Senate
The Senate - 10 ore fa
Avatar:Dont you say it
Endgame:On your left
Arun B
Arun B - 10 ore fa
Miss you ironman
Diamond Dimension
Diamond Dimension - 10 ore fa
I want to watch it again and again and again
king_has_no_cloths kul
will he can be brought back by re-arranging the infinity stones. A hint was dropped when the sage -TILDA-says it will have its own arc if you remove one. So a separate arc can be created to fix tony and then put him back in the future by putting the stone back. But it has to be done correctly. And she could be the one to pull it off for the greater good ( tony himself has to be rewarded by taking on the impossible despite being human) . By the end of first marvel a whole new set of enemies are gathering to destory marvel. This is where she needs brains of IRON MAN! the disposal of iron mans body is not shown! And his wife shut it down to stop further deterioation.
So when a crisis of that proportion has ensued, it might be time to bring him back for that time SPAN before he vanishes for good.
Whether marvel goes around this path to carve another top notch IRON MAN MOVIE OR CAPTAIN MARVEL SEQUEL REMAINS TO BE SEEN.

HE IS STILL ONLY 54 CAN KEEP DOING ANOTHER COUPLE AND STILL CRUNCH 5 MORE BILLION! But how they will bring--the first avengers for one more, i have no clue. he just came back old right? Should they go back again. Because he is also quite beloved!
The avengers fans would be delighted if anything of that sort happens!
Don C
Don C - 11 ore fa
Dedicated fan screen rant:
Saw movie. Love Disney and Marvel...but disappointed with this one. First of all, Infinity War was beautiful and set the stage magnificently. But Endgame had, at minimum, the following concerns and flaws:
1) The storyline was unnecessarily far too convoluted.
2) Too much serendipity and coincidental good luck for a believably successful outcome (for example, Ant-man getting out of the Quantum Realm at all, and at just the right time, simply due to the mindless movement of an incidental rat).
3) After all previous efforts to do so, 2 independent thinkers working totally apart from one another, all of a sudden, each on his own, finally figures out a solution/the solution to time-travel.
4) What happened to all the crime, all the villains, while practically all the heroes are on extended vacation, in therapy, or have literally gone to the Dark Side and become villainous themselves?
5) This is supposed to be Earth's Mightiest heroic TEAM. Instead of truly coordinated teamwork, we saw a constellation of misguided, self-absorbed egos that almost lost the day. (Stark, Hawkeye, Thor, etc.)
6) Best chance to see and vindicate a heroic Hulk is lost. He retreated, cowered, and all but disappeared after facing an inarguably worthy opponent in Thanos. Not only has the Hulk been presented as a coward, but will inevitably come to be viewed as a bully when he exerts himself and his power against less capable forces. This was a big mistake.
7) Perhaps the best opportunity for a Hulk-Thanos rematch would have been with a Hulk and Cap-wielding Mjolnir team-up against Thanos. That would have been the show-stopper of the entire movie--and a surprising action-packed few moments that fans would loved to have seen! This, to me, is one of the greatest opportunities lost.
8) Super-hero movies are already fantastic. What is the aversion to giving Thanos (or Hela, for example) arcane, blast-level, and/or telepathic-telekinetic power to their arsenal? In the case, of Hela (to mention her while I'm at it), a "blast", stare, or touch would mean withering death for most; instead her greatest weaponry seems to have been acrobatics and making swords materialize from out of nowhere). We did not really see Thanos function on the astral or telepathic planes...and his will and mind are arguably his greatest power.
9) Too many contrived, convenient quirks in the plan and events just to set the stage for some characters to return (the mix-up with Loki's "escape"; alternate-reality Gamora now in the picture).
10) Needless, "permanent", character deaths (Tony Stark, Black Widow)--just as convenient ploys for end-of-contract, or anticipating future change-of-actor developments.
11) Not a fan of the aged Captain America twist. Believe it was unnecessary. Also, the "replacements" for Cap and Thor as a leader (Valkyrie)--while admirable characters--have not proven enduring worthiness or ability to fill the big shoes of the heroic characters they were replacing.
12) The all-girl scene(s) towards the end of the film were over-the-top, hokey, current-climate-hyped, thrown-in-our face scenes that did not come across as spontaneous (unlike Infinity War), and appeared far-too politically/socially motivated and contrived.
13) Thanos' convenient access to Nebula was a controversial convenience that definitely altered "the game".
One could go on. Endgame is inarguably a financial success--a good deal of which was premise on audience/fan base anticipation and expectations. The movie was too unnecessarily long for what it did deliver. In spite, of the "success" or the seeming negativity of this rant, hopefully the organization will receive any and all fan views (positive or negative) as useful in formulating products that have ever greater appeal for future fans, patrons, and audiences.
For any who made it to the end of this, thanks for tolerating these views.
HeroCade - 11 ore fa
Thor looks like melted ice cream
Ryan Perez
Ryan Perez - 11 ore fa
I've seen this movie twice and it's still a cinematic landmark to me. Though I was disappointed that Captain Marvel only had two scenes in the movie but the trailer made you think she was going to be in the whole movie. Also, did everyone think The Avengers was going to use time to reverse what Thanos did after he snapped his fingers? I thought they were going to use the Time Stone and reverse everything. Also, I think the next villain they'll face is Galactus.
Silver Hunter
Silver Hunter - 11 ore fa
Is the movie any good or is it a disappointment??? If i can get at least 1000 likes ill go see it.
peace world
peace world - 11 ore fa
dudebro651-jax garcia
dudebro651-jax garcia - 11 ore fa
Im actually watching this after i saw tje movie a month ago but i want yall to know if you saw endgame.

I LOVE YOU 3000❤
Stogie2112 - 11 ore fa
Odin: Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.
Abd Rahman
Abd Rahman - 12 ore fa
نوريدالفلم كامل جزء ٢
Supreme Boss
Supreme Boss - 12 ore fa
Iron Man: *Gone forever*
Black Widow: *Gone forever*
Hawkeye: *Retired*
Hulk: *Only has one strong arm*
Thor: *He's with the Guardians now*
Captain America: *Old he can die anytime*
Prema Babu
Prema Babu - 12 ore fa
QUILL: where is Gamora?
TONY: who is Gamora?
DRAX: why is Gamora?
THOR: where is my ' BEER '????
Kιng Jongнyυn
Kιng Jongнyυn - 12 ore fa
You'll forever be the greatest Avenger, Tony. You can rest now.
El Vengador- 44
El Vengador- 44 - 12 ore fa
WHATEVER TAKES!!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡
El Vengador- 44
El Vengador- 44 - 12 ore fa
Whatever TAKES!!!!!!
Kaval Zlash
Kaval Zlash - 12 ore fa
James Cameron: I am the most successful director

The Russo Brothers: *Hold My Avengers...*
Covex - 13 ore fa
Thanos i don't feel so good.
xVladio - 13 ore fa
Drax didn't get snapped
HE Turned invisble
duolingo bird
duolingo bird - 13 ore fa
*sees some random guy spoiling end game before the brothers’ set date*
me: *sighs* just another white boy to fix.
AASTHA ARUNIKA - 13 ore fa
Avengers forever'!💙😍😍😫😫
Divyesh Mirajkar
Divyesh Mirajkar - 13 ore fa
Superman:I died saving the world
People:Okay Okay
Iron man:I died saving the world
People:Oh My God!!!!
Zaki Ahmed
Zaki Ahmed - 4 ore fa
hahaha yeah big difference
Koko Mongilong
Koko Mongilong - 13 ore fa
What The Music Song 1:59 ??
Kill Bot
Kill Bot - 13 ore fa
Avengers theme
Nikilis - 13 ore fa
Rip iron man
Ashutosh Mishra
Ashutosh Mishra - 13 ore fa
I love you 3000 .
Free love
Free love - 14 ore fa
see it again
Jp pro
Jp pro - 14 ore fa
the best film
Haiku Dhai
Haiku Dhai - 14 ore fa
Endgame Spoiler: Tony Stark and Bucky become partners and start a business they name it *STARBUCKS*
Seema Joshi
Seema Joshi - 14 ore fa
26th may Friday was endgame's 1 month
ChristofferLou - 15 ore fa
Captain Amercias shield is whole in this trailer to prevent spoilers
Ibnu Andareaswg
Ibnu Andareaswg - 15 ore fa
Anmol Singh
Anmol Singh - 15 ore fa
1:56 I was so confused why they shown Tony and Nat together instead of Cap and Tony. Now I understood 😞😞
Wandi Pratama
Wandi Pratama - 16 ore fa
Tony Stark death?
Ivan Jukopila
Ivan Jukopila - 16 ore fa
I used to be a superhero buff and in some way I still am. In my youth I used to spend my meal money (I lost weight, boy, but I don't ragret it :) to buy comic books, all sorts of them (DC, Marvel, Image, Vertigo, Dark Horse, Manga...) and I remember clearly when there were the first talks of bringing X-Men to the big screen. And prior to that I was first in line to watch Burton's Batman, which still holds really well after all these years. And after that the Dark Knight trilogy, which in my humble opinion still sets the bar in this genre and at same time it simply is a great movie no matter what. I must honestly say that I could never get into the marvel movies: I watched all of them up until Thor: The Dark World and then I just threw the towel as they were getting so underwhelming. Iron Man was fun and I could enjoy it for what it was, that is the introduction to a new universe, but the buildup in quality has been lacking ever since. True, a buildup of sort in terms of quantity has been taking place in the last 10 years as we have been given a couple of movies and then an Avengers movie, where the stakes get always higher. The big issue for me is that when I see a marvel Movie, I see the same kind of direction, acting and visual style; I can see the production company at work imposing their vision to obtain a middle of the road, boring tone, lacking entirely of originality. I always wonder what a marvel movie would look like in the hands of directors such as James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, or Quentin Tarantino being given free rein to their imagination. I cannot deny Marvel's success, but these movies won't last the test of time as they all have been diluted to such an extent that when the dust will settle , they will be remembered as nothing more than B-Movies (which is not a bad thing at all, mind me), which is a pity because they could have been so much more.
omer bettito
omer bettito - 16 ore fa
Infinity war trailer has double the views of this one how
Фан Клауд
Фан Клауд - 16 ore fa
-Я сама неотвратимость.
-А я так, просто, Железный человек!
Araf Chowdhury
Araf Chowdhury - 16 ore fa
I am very sad 😢. Because the iron man is gone and captain America Gone old!!
Séphora Flower
Séphora Flower - 17 ore fa
The movie was not that superb at all , kinda boring
CKCP BCG - 17 ore fa
I hate noob master 69
Andre 16039
Andre 16039 - 18 ore fa
I'm watching the trailer with no effort to see the movie.
KaR' DaNaS
KaR' DaNaS - 18 ore fa
Всем не двигаться! Оставайтесь на своих местах! Канал захвачен Русскими!
pacio poncio
pacio poncio - 18 ore fa
I love you 3000
Winda purnm
Winda purnm - 18 ore fa
love you 3000
Vũ Chương
Vũ Chương - 18 ore fa
i think thanos has 7 stones:
space stone
power stone
mind stone
reality stone
soul stone
time stone
john stone
liam devlin
liam devlin - 18 ore fa
went to the cinema for this one, it wasn't one to just watch at home, no matter how big your tv is, it cant beat that movie theatre/cinema experience or sound system, if you only watch on dvd at home or blu ray, you still missed out !
tyler dun
tyler dun - 18 ore fa
I still get chills watching this. I remember the first time i saw it and getting so hyped up, such an incredible end to all the years of story telling, an absolute master peice of a film !
Abdul Aziz
Abdul Aziz - 18 ore fa
and we will remember you, Howard Potts
丅ᗪᗩ RunOut
丅ᗪᗩ RunOut - 18 ore fa
Anybody here after the movie itself?
ItzRainbowMC - 16 ore fa
Mozarel - 18 ore fa
Love how there’s zero indication on how they’re gonna fix it just that they’re going to 🤡
xXsaineXx z
xXsaineXx z - 19 ore fa
This trailer still gives me chills
SAI WoRlD oF MuSiC - 19 ore fa
If anyone want today IMAX logix noida 3:40 pm 2 tickets RECLINER for just 1600 so reply FAST.
Mark de Vos
Mark de Vos - 20 ore fa
Top 4 marvel villains
4: Loki
3: ultron
2: thanos

1: *noobmaster69*
Nhu Thi
Nhu Thi - 20 ore fa
hay quá
Abhishek R
Abhishek R - 20 ore fa
Why dont they use time travel machine to bring back tony and nat gamora
Ecuador1 - 17 ore fa
Abhishek R shut up dumb Indian
Asif Khan
Asif Khan - 21 ora fa
Ashwini Jagannath
Ashwini Jagannath - 21 ora fa
Super movie in the world
Prossimi video