ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD - Official Teaser Trailer (HD)

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Cool Cool
Cool Cool - Ora fa
Fyucha FC
Fyucha FC - 2 ore fa
oscars loading
Meet Eurmacher
Meet Eurmacher - 6 ore fa
Easily his most commercial looking film. Ever.
IncorporatedOps - 7 ore fa
0:43 is that the same PUSSYCAT THEATER that Tarantino used to work at?
Teaser Movies 4 Fan
Teaser Movies 4 Fan - 11 ore fa
Plz suscribe my chanel
Harshikaa mano
Harshikaa mano - 14 ore fa
Her whole life is only 10 years lol!!
Rafael Oliveira
Rafael Oliveira - Giorno fa
Oscars is coming...
Botir Aminjonov
Botir Aminjonov - Giorno fa
This guys all together in one movie. This is terribly RIGHT.
Rockin' Ricky Ricardo
Rockin' Ricky Ricardo - Giorno fa
Why do I keep re watching this trailer?!!! 🔥
Syed Anas
Syed Anas - 13 ore fa
5 reasons :- i) Brad Pitt ii) Margot Robbie iii) Leonardo DiCaprio iv) Director Quentin Tarantino v) The music in the trailer
C Stealth
C Stealth - Giorno fa
The real Bruce Lee would say, "I'm nobody's side kick. I should be the star of this movie. Hi Yahhhhhhh!!!!!" before kicking Tarantino in the groan!
О ГРищя
О ГРищя - Giorno fa
Di caprio brad pitt, we are gonna go to the movie
well time for donuts
well time for donuts - Giorno fa
Quentin strikes again
Cenarius - Giorno fa
What’s the song? It’s catchy af.
Rajas A
Rajas A - Giorno fa
Brad Pitt must've said when he got the Job, " I'm his Stunt Double? What?"
The Flayed Man
The Flayed Man - Giorno fa
bland.....pedestrian...run of the mill.....unoriginal
vwbeetleowner - Giorno fa
Who the hell is the guy smiling and waving his hand for a split second?
Brian Anthony
Brian Anthony - Giorno fa
Charles Manson
Abhik Sengupta
Abhik Sengupta - Giorno fa
A trailer without Al Pacino ! That was unexpected.
Petrichor Kepler
Petrichor Kepler - Giorno fa
super leo . !!!
kashif naveed
kashif naveed - Giorno fa
Can anyone tell me the background score? Is it by some band or exclusive to the movie,
Itz Meme
Itz Meme - Giorno fa
1:18 These words better describe the acting
Social Network Asia
Social Network Asia - Giorno fa
cool movie..
Let me Lost
Let me Lost - Giorno fa
Tarantino, brad pitt, leo decaprio.. Awesome😍..i m in
They should have add johny depp also
Srinidhi Arekal
Srinidhi Arekal - Giorno fa
That was the best acting I have seen in my whole life!!!
黄振杰 - Giorno fa
Brian O'Donovan
Brian O'Donovan - Giorno fa
what does he say at the end? i can't quite make it out
S ROBO - 2 giorni fa
6.1K people on here are wrong about this looks mint
Oscar Moo
Oscar Moo - 2 giorni fa
Can someone pls tell me what dicaprio said at the end of the trailer, I didn’t understand
Nightcrawler Inc
Nightcrawler Inc - 2 giorni fa
I am looking forward to this more than anything
CoralCarne372 - 2 giorni fa
1:16 Kurt Russell is the director guy
Michael Madsen is the Guy in the Red Shirt with the cowboy hat on
Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma - 2 giorni fa
Pitt vs Di Caprio
Who's your favourite???
The Flying Carlsonator
The Flying Carlsonator - 2 giorni fa
I hope this takes more of a Jackie Brown turn. Violent at times when necessary but the movie knows how to pace itself to keep it interesting and entertaining while not being too quick to dump its plot out for all to see
Leopard Gaming
Leopard Gaming - 2 giorni fa
Pitt, DiCaprio, and Robbie are the main reason I want to go see this movie! I can’t wait!
Mufid Ansory
Mufid Ansory - 2 giorni fa
THE DUMMIES GAMING - 2 giorni fa
Bruce lee😄😄😄😄 #brucelee
Coda Mission
Coda Mission - 3 giorni fa
0:40 Brad Pitt has completed his transformation into Robert Redford. It began with Seven Years in Tibet and ended with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
Aldana Condori
Aldana Condori - 3 giorni fa
LEONARDO DICAPRIO!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😊😊😊
sid assassin
sid assassin - 3 giorni fa
Finally ends in **metoo**
prince rajput
prince rajput - 3 giorni fa
This is Epic Leo , Pitt and Robbie in Quentin Tarantino's ......... .. fav star cast and director all together awesome 😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘
Paige Hollingsworth
Paige Hollingsworth - 3 giorni fa
....ok so what’s this movie about then? This trailer showed cool looking scenes, but didn’t give any clues to what the actual plot of the movie is about. Does it even have a storyline?
Dutch Van Der Linde
Dutch Van Der Linde - 3 giorni fa
This looks cool n all.. but what is it about?
kevin andrean
kevin andrean - 3 giorni fa
Can't wait OMG
David 17
David 17 - 3 giorni fa
1:18 For Every Di Caprio Fans Including Me😍❤ Hit Like If You Agree With It👍
Main Street Workshops
Main Street Workshops - 3 giorni fa
Too much Hollywood not enough Charles Manson.
ohrenrabe33 - 3 giorni fa
There is an easy way to end your misery - just enjoy yourself. You don't have to spend a live of frustration.
SAMER NA - 3 giorni fa
Twist Ending

Sameul L Jackson Will Show UP
SAMER NA - 13 ore fa
+Ridhuan Abu Bakar I Hope 😂😭
SAMER NA - 13 ore fa
+sahil chaudhary SAY WHAT AGAIN !!!! I Dare You I Double Dare You
sahil chaudhary
sahil chaudhary - 19 ore fa
What?? Mothafuck!!!
Ridhuan Abu Bakar
Ridhuan Abu Bakar - 19 ore fa
You mean Jules Winfield?
turd furgeson
turd furgeson - Giorno fa
Julian Ruvalcaba
Julian Ruvalcaba - 4 giorni fa
Movie of the year. Oscar all over it. I have a feeling Christoph Waltz will make a suprise appearance
T Ward
T Ward - 4 giorni fa
Aroj - 4 giorni fa
ugh I'm sad Damien Lewis wasn't in the trailer
Pratham Choudhari
Pratham Choudhari - 4 giorni fa
I am loving this trailer more as days pass!!
naveen rockzz
naveen rockzz - 4 giorni fa
Leonardo 🔥
Jesus In Sweatpants
Jesus In Sweatpants - 4 giorni fa
Quentin Tarantino thirst is real.
Jesus In Sweatpants
Jesus In Sweatpants - 4 giorni fa
Can't fucking wait.
I AM BAYTOR - 4 giorni fa
What does Leo say at the end?
David C
David C - 4 giorni fa
Leo looks like Kurt Russell at the end of the trailer.
game - 5 giorni fa
That guy Quentin Tarantino comes to musso and franks all the time in an old yellow mustang , and trust me if you have ever wonder about the cheapest person in the world ? He’s probably it!! He never tips !
MikeyFreshh99 Fresh
MikeyFreshh99 Fresh - 5 giorni fa
Martin Kolbábek
Martin Kolbábek - 5 giorni fa
And even the music is on POINT, great fucking job lads.
Nick Zakareishvili
Nick Zakareishvili - 5 giorni fa
what is the song name?
Nebojsa Savic
Nebojsa Savic - 5 giorni fa
Bring a little lovin - Los Bravos
B 0 B
B 0 B - 5 giorni fa
*My hand are registered as the weapons* ..
*We get into the fight...I accidentally kill you* ..
*I go to the jail*
Samet Köseoğlu
Samet Köseoğlu - 5 giorni fa
Margot is godless
Ross Coe
Ross Coe - 5 giorni fa
The 10th film by QT, just because death proof floped doesn't mean its not a film,
IncorporatedOps - 5 ore fa
+pyrocus Did you read my comment? I said Jackie Brown was written and directed by Tarantino, just like Death Proof, except Jackie Brown was ADAPTED. Which means that Death Proof is no less of a Tarantino film as Jackie Brown is.
pyrocus - 5 ore fa
+IncorporatedOps Death Proof is not based on any book. That is an original screenplay written by Tarantino. Did you not know that?
IncorporatedOps - 7 ore fa
+pyrocus Same with Death Proof, except it was adapted. If you're going to count Jackie Brown, why would you not include Death Proof?
pyrocus - 7 ore fa
+IncorporatedOps Jackie Brown counts as a film because the director himself counts it as a film. It was written for the screen and directed by Quentin Tarantino. So the fact that it's based on Rum Punch doesn't matter. He wrote an entirely new and different script based on the story, and he even changed the characters to fit his story.
IncorporatedOps - 7 ore fa
Jackie Brown was based on a novel, yet it still counts as a Tarantino film. If Death Proof doesn't count as a "Tarantino film" then Jackie Brown shouldn't.
MegaLucky36 - 5 giorni fa
So a 55yr old guy is a stunt double for a guy 11yrs younger than him?? Seriously this is so typical of the world we now live in. Literally nothing makes sense. Maybe I’ve ventured into an alternate universe considering I still remember Tom Hanks saying life is like a box of chocolates.
Harshal Khaparde
Harshal Khaparde - 5 giorni fa
Literally Nobody:
Me while driving my mopet: 0:38
MrKrolik - 5 giorni fa
Brad Pitt comes to a fortuneteller in 2009 and asks: "What will happen to me in 10 years?". She told him: "You will be the understudy of Leonardo DiCaprio"
We Power Us
We Power Us - 5 giorni fa
Kinda funny. Still....
We Power Us
We Power Us - 5 giorni fa
Apparently it OK to say the “F” word on trailers now?
I get that adults may enjoy this, but please use restraint when children can be watching.
We Power Us
We Power Us - 5 giorni fa
Arthur Oliveira Souza sorry, don’t get it.
Arthur Oliveira Souza
Arthur Oliveira Souza - 5 giorni fa
You can not hear a dirty word that already acts as if you had seen satan.
We Power Us
We Power Us - 5 giorni fa
Arthur Oliveira Souza kinda funny wit, still ....?
Arthur Oliveira Souza
Arthur Oliveira Souza - 5 giorni fa
Puritan redneck detected.
ENTER NAME - 5 giorni fa
Looks like trash compared to Joker
Yerli - 5 giorni fa
Es imposible que esto pueda ser malo
MrRonaldorealmadrid - 6 giorni fa
Can t wait for this masterpiece
Night Shade
Night Shade - 6 giorni fa
Ugh, why does Margo Robbie have to be in this?!
Luciano Bladimir Pantoja Acosta
Cool, but where is the actual plot ?
A B - 6 giorni fa
Both the imbecilic, ignorant Tarantino fanboyism and fangirlism and Tarantino's works are the perfect symptoms of our times: antisocial, sociopathic, aesthetically bland and blind, unimaginative, solipsistic, narcissistic, derivative, plagiarizing, extremely empty, pointless; extremely melodramatic and sentimental underneath a pathetic, false so-called "cool" exterior; tired, clichéd, absolutely unsubtle, insular, self-important, unintentionally farcical, emotionally stunted, arrested development-driven, and clearly and evidently fascistic and extremely conservative upon a closer look. Attempts at trolling and insults by butthurt Tarantino fanboys and fangirls in 3, 2, 1...
pocahoetrans - 6 giorni fa
Cant wait to download the whole soundtrack once the movie comes out lol. Tarantino never fails to amaze me with his music choices.
Vishwajeet Rai
Vishwajeet Rai - 6 giorni fa
Where is al Pacino I thought he was playing the role of Leo's agent
La gracia
La gracia - 6 giorni fa
All stunning actors on a same jar. Hope it will be so incredible 🔥🔥
עידו בלאו
עידו בלאו - 6 giorni fa
0:14 “say what again!”
Kangba Lovejoy
Kangba Lovejoy - 6 giorni fa
Of all the greatness in the teaser, I can see Margot Robbie leveling up to the best. Would go for this above Avengers if given an option to pick. QT is the best.
MOS - ProductionsTM
MOS - ProductionsTM - 6 giorni fa
Y’all mother fuckers are trippin’ balls... *GET THIS TRAILER MORE ATTENTION*
Nabeel Perviz
Nabeel Perviz - 6 giorni fa
I hope Margot Robbie doesn't die in the end.
قناة الفكاهة و المرح
Bruce Lee is alive
girl stan forever
girl stan forever - 6 giorni fa
Nikog sa balkana nema da voli tarantina?
Awesometwins 2
Awesometwins 2 - 6 giorni fa
So wait, Sony said it's Tarratino's ninth film, but it's actually his tenth. My guess is that they are not counting Death Proof, since that was a double feature in the movie Grindhouse. That's my guess. Either that, or Sony Pictures are just idiots who forgot Death Proof or any other Tarratino movie. Latter makes more sense now that I think about it.
IncorporatedOps - 7 ore fa
They just want to forget that Death Proof exists, even though it was written AND directed by Tarantino.
Ainsley Harriott's Spicy Meat
“Anybody accidentally kills anybody in a fight they go to jail, it’s called *manslaughter*”
Dillon Kreider
Dillon Kreider - 6 giorni fa
This is the REAL infinity war....
Hollywood Heartthrobs: Infinity War
Lilly Lightwood
Lilly Lightwood - 7 giorni fa
Okay first of all who the hell is Bruce lee
Zac Carpenter
Zac Carpenter - 7 giorni fa
Margot better get another Oscar nomination for this movie...i hope she wins. I've never seen a more diverse/chameleon like actress except for Meryl Streep. People don't give her talent enough credit. She's totally different in every movie
Young Deku
Young Deku - 7 giorni fa
Quentin Tarantino NEVER disappoints
Al T
Al T - 7 giorni fa
Quentin Tarantino is, without any doubt, one of the more overrated directors of all time.
Al T
Al T - 6 ore fa
+IncorporatedOps And who you are exactly, his homosexual lover?
IncorporatedOps - 7 ore fa
You are, without any doubt, one of the more idiotic commenters of all time.
Arthur Oliveira Souza
Arthur Oliveira Souza - 5 giorni fa
Overrated is Michael Bay.
PapiDarko - 7 giorni fa
HIS FUCKING BRUCE LEE ACCENT SOOOOOO ON POINT!!!! That's exactly how he talked, who is that guy?
chamlok - 7 giorni fa
Tarantino's 10th movie is going to be titled "The Last Film From Quentin Tarantino" and i'm 65% sure he already know what it's going to be
Alexey Baal
Alexey Baal - 7 giorni fa
Whenever Tarantino or James Cameron makes a movie you know it's an EVENT !!
Kawsar Zaman
Kawsar Zaman - 7 giorni fa
"That was the best acting I have ever seen in my whole life."
I am 28 anyway!
Jhonattan Guillermo Martinez Ribon
A masterpiece of the cinema
DONG YEUN KIM - 7 giorni fa
(but it took a little bit longer time than Jesus did)
Borat - 7 giorni fa
Awesome movie and I have made a meme compilation of the bar scene https://youtu.be/N0S7eBQi_hE
Michael R
Michael R - 7 giorni fa
I simply can't wait to see the Bruce Lee cameo.
Esmeralda Monroy
Esmeralda Monroy - 7 giorni fa
That was hardly a whisper. She was loud enough for the entire crew to hear.
Troy Staunton
Troy Staunton - 7 giorni fa
Margot Robbie as anything is a casting masterpiece.
ihtesham patel
ihtesham patel - 7 giorni fa
That Bruce Lee guy nailed it
Y - 7 giorni fa
1:25 when the pizza delivery is late
Prossimi video