LEECHES EVERYWHERE!!!! | Sri Lanka Travel Vlog #4

Gemma Jordan Vlog
Gemma Jordan Vlog - 17 giorni fa
Omg your so brave I would have freaked out really!!!!! Why shouldn't you pull them off? Your so funny! I'm loving your vlogs! He's coming back for dessert this bastard 😂😂😂
David Howell
David Howell - 18 giorni fa
I don’t think I could have stayed as calm as you with leeches on me lol
Raviya - 19 giorni fa
I'm from sri lanka too, i'm so allergic to leaches if it bite me i get fever. I use oil to get rid of them.
Niko Johsnon
Niko Johsnon - 20 giorni fa
just put salt or soap on legs..
stay tv stay tv
stay tv stay tv - 20 giorni fa
Hello ...Do you subscrbe my you tube chanal piz all thanks ummmmmmmmmm💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋umm 🇱🇰 🇱🇰
prabhash mj
prabhash mj - 20 giorni fa
Thank you for visiting Sri Lanka... I suggest you to study Theravada Buddhism and find the peace in life 🇱🇰❤️
Nuwan Sam
Nuwan Sam - 21 giorno fa
If you go to Sinharaja rain forest you will have to literary run to avoid leeches. Still many of them will somehow climb way up in your feet.
Priyantha Kumara
Priyantha Kumara - 21 giorno fa
Very good and very nice sister
chulaka wijesooriya
chulaka wijesooriya - 21 giorno fa
Nooooo.,, Most of them living in jungle areas and rainy areas only. Because I'm a srilankan. In my village we can not fine them.. 🤗🤗
Jeewantha Kumarapali
Jeewantha Kumarapali - 22 giorni fa
Thanks for visiting 🇱🇰🙏
anuska productions Net speech 15
එක යථාර්ථවාදය
ok ok kudallek hello sister 😘
Sujith Kumara
Sujith Kumara - 22 giorni fa
Worldwide Walkers
Worldwide Walkers - 22 giorni fa
Wow Aly, you handled that leech so well! I would not be able to keep my cool. They remind me of slugs UGH. Anyways, the temple at the end was beautiful :) - Cecilie.
The Hitman
The Hitman - 22 giorni fa
Psycho traveller channel name remind me of that famous movie "Psycho"
Asanka Kuttapitiya
Asanka Kuttapitiya - 23 giorni fa
I love my country
eranga harith
eranga harith - 24 giorni fa
welcome to Sri Lanka if u plan to hike country side then you guys to prepare anti leech stuff
Dasun Perera
Dasun Perera - 24 giorni fa
Once I had leeches on my balls.. most fat buggers ever I have seen and most disgusting.. u r lucky.. 😝
harsha806 - 24 giorni fa
Leeches are good for you. in case you dont like them have a spray bottle of salty water and ready to spray. good to spray in your shoes and socks.
Guru Sandirasegaram
Guru Sandirasegaram - 25 giorni fa
Blood suckers are gone I mean British
When fountain is dry in Ceylon British people left
Ceylon was inhuman
valéry burton
valéry burton - 26 giorni fa
i would have definitely be janet during this hike
emeraldsroses - 24 giorni fa
@valéry burton oh goodness, me too. I would have been screeching blue murder.
Nuwan Sk
Nuwan Sk - 26 giorni fa
No more leechese 😂😂😂😂
chathura madusanka
chathura madusanka - 27 giorni fa
I loved that temple so peacefully environment so cool 😍
chathura madusanka
chathura madusanka - 27 giorni fa
It's ok leeches suck your blood. Because they suck your trash blood thereafter you will fresh and body productive clean blood. But don't let them to suck more blood 👍
Mark Roniel
Mark Roniel - 27 giorni fa
I love your travel vlog! It's really amazing. Hope you visit also my travel videos. I wish to do a lot of videos like you.
N Sa
N Sa - 27 giorni fa
A Fab. blood spilling adventure v.log thriller in several totally unknown places( no idea where they are) & they r unknown mountains, temples & places one of it's top u didn't get to also. But we trust u r still in SL
Sahbaz Pathan
Sahbaz Pathan - 27 giorni fa
Very painful video 😭😭😭😭
Sierra Cook
Sierra Cook - 27 giorni fa
OMG Aly!!! Leeches!! But the temple and chanting at the end was absolutely beautiful and peaceful.
julie stockmeyer
julie stockmeyer - 27 giorni fa
You're a brave girl!!! Loved the video!!! 💪❤
Mistermagug - 27 giorni fa
Hello, I am 17 years old, I have never left the country, I do not know the beach, I have a condition that does not allow me to expose myself to the sun and be physically active. I only spend it every day watching memes and studying with my teacher in my house
Garth - 27 giorni fa
I prefer India frankly and you get the same if not more :-) भारतीय लोग भारतीय भोजन
Radha Das333
Radha Das333 - 27 giorni fa
I love all your adventures and love your channel but I can't imagine why you would want to do this hike. Was there a reason you did this, you know, is it well known or recommended to do this? The temple was so beautiful! I really really loved that!
Fanny for Fun
Fanny for Fun - 27 giorni fa
Gruesome xD
Resh On Wings
Resh On Wings - 27 giorni fa
Aly, I couldn't believe that the leeches didn't bother you. That fatty one sucked your blood and you were laughing. That is so you, the lady with tons of travellers spirit. I too love going on adventurous trips, with zero trekking experience I have climbed Mount Batur in Bali. But Leeches… its ..
I dunno, I think I will never try. 😝
Thank you for this video. Keep bringing us honest real videos.
Pati w Kalifornii
Pati w Kalifornii - 27 giorni fa
wow this hike looks wild! Sri Lanka looks great but I would not stand those leeches ever :((((( you guys are soooo brave.
Daniel LaRocca
Daniel LaRocca - 27 giorni fa
Note to self: No leeches
D Lish
D Lish - 27 giorni fa
I would NEVER!!! You are really brave and adaptable! I would have a full blown meltdown seeing those leeches.
Ia Lor
Ia Lor - 27 giorni fa
Lauren - 27 giorni fa
How do those little jerks get in your BOOTS??? The fancy word for the bleeding I suppose would be haemorrhage, because it's the opposite of haemostasis 🤷? It sounds very dramatic, perhaps it's not the right word 😂. Leeches freak me out!
PsychoTraveller - 27 giorni fa
Haha yeah that does sounds dramatic 🤣🤣 they can bury through socks and clothes because when they are unfed they are so small 😬🙈
Jackie - 27 giorni fa
She did in fact enhance the video. Fun to watch. Think I'd pass on the leech filled trail though.
PsychoTraveller - 27 giorni fa
Good idea!!
thiwanka sigera
thiwanka sigera - 27 giorni fa
Welcome to sri lanka..a warm welcome by a leech 😂❤️..its a normal thing in our country ..enjoy guys❤️ 🇱🇰
Ton Go
Ton Go - 23 giorni fa
@D Lish u don't go through any pain when they suck your blood
PsychoTraveller - 27 giorni fa
Haha 🤣🤣🤣
D Lish
D Lish - 27 giorni fa
This is terrifying to me. I am shocked that this is a normal thing.
scorpio108raj - 27 giorni fa
Alice in Wonderland ❤️ so sad to see your condition 😭 hope all is well
David - 27 giorni fa
They can transmit std can't they ? Hope you don't get sick.
Lauren - 23 giorni fa
@David how many reported cases of this have there been? AIDS is not transmited. HIV is. And the probability of contracting HIV is slim in general from the regular sexual transmission/blood contact in the medical field routes. However obviously no one is joking about HIV or AIDS... I just don't believe that leech transmission is a common cause, and in literature it is only speculation, rather than proven.
Tim W
Tim W - 25 giorni fa
or a parasite
David - 27 giorni fa
@Lauren leaches take blood and give blood when they bite. Aids is in blood and can be transmitted if your unlucky. All it takes is the leach to bite a person with aids and then bite another to pass it on. It's nothing to joke about.
David - 27 giorni fa
@Nayana Dewasurendra look up leaches and see for your self.
Nayana Dewasurendra
Nayana Dewasurendra - 27 giorni fa
Worst comment of the day.... if you know nothing just be calm and relax, don't be a stupid keyboard worrier
Mohd. Imaduddin
Mohd. Imaduddin - 27 giorni fa
The easy way for me to make sure I didn't get any leach is to wear long pants and shove the legging into your sox
Mohd. Imaduddin
Mohd. Imaduddin - 27 giorni fa
@PsychoTraveller lol I know last time I found one on my tummy after all the prep and I was like "wth how did you get in there" 🤯
PsychoTraveller - 27 giorni fa
They can make there way through clothing and shoes so you're never completely out of the woods 🙈
Righteous Rebellious
Righteous Rebellious - 28 giorni fa
The last chanting *Buddham Sharnam Gacchami* was so peaceful
Madhawa Welgama
Madhawa Welgama - 26 giorni fa
Buddhism is most peaceful religion in the world....
Anshuman Goswami
Anshuman Goswami - 28 giorni fa
Love how you were preaching about not getting leeches. Lol
PsychoTraveller - 27 giorni fa
Karma 😂😂
rovertechie - 28 giorni fa
Lol ha ha Fatty don't come near me!! 😂😂 btw leeches don't like smell of raw tobacco too it does have it downside though 😂
Paris tamilan
Paris tamilan - 28 giorni fa
Rose Blue
Rose Blue - 28 giorni fa
Loved the temple footage and the positive attitude.
Priyan Buddika
Priyan Buddika - 28 giorni fa
Its blood comes out continuesly becoz of enzyme of leeches.but no infection . Dont worry ..its a common thing in tropical counties..
The Couchsurfer
The Couchsurfer - 28 giorni fa
Global Entertainment
Global Entertainment - 28 giorni fa
Hello to a new friend
Great video
Danica Christin
Danica Christin - 28 giorni fa
YIKES!! Yoz are very brave, I would have had a heart attack.
Is the tourism board cool tho with you posting this? (Asking as a fellow YouTuber)
PsychoTraveller - 28 giorni fa
I have freedom to post what I like which is something I always state anyway prior to accepting trips (so long as you're not slating and being derogatory towards the people and their country obviously 😄)
Zen Bayno
Zen Bayno - 28 giorni fa
Ugh bloodsuckers >.
Rana Mohamad
Rana Mohamad - 28 giorni fa
You are amazing, be careful, I love you and I love to see more of your videos😍 I hope you visit Arabic country next time❤ you are more than welcome! Come to Dubai😍😍😍
chathura madusanka
chathura madusanka - 27 giorni fa
Haha dubai these days climate more than 50° 🔥 🔥
Penguin Adventures
Penguin Adventures - 28 giorni fa
Call me weird, but i love how leeches move! 😂 Still wouldn't want them all over me though...You handled them very well! Lol
Penguin Adventures
Penguin Adventures - 28 giorni fa
@PsychoTraveller 🤣🤣🤣 It really is!!
PsychoTraveller - 28 giorni fa
Haha we were also fascinated by it... Like a blood sucking slinky 🤣
Rana Mohamad
Rana Mohamad - 28 giorni fa
Yaaay I just found I'm not the only weird person😂✋
Folkert Veenstra
Folkert Veenstra - 28 giorni fa
You are travelling again!
husain shaikh
husain shaikh - 28 giorni fa
I like this video
Prossimi video