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Chaos - Mese fa
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CWN Labossiere
CWN Labossiere - 19 giorni fa
This is leaked gameplay
Patrizia Simeoni
Patrizia Simeoni - 27 giorni fa
Hello, this cod will require internet connection?
Adrian lewis
Adrian lewis - Mese fa
Joe Duvall stream
Joe Duvall
Joe Duvall - Mese fa
Are the graphics really like this? Or is it just because of the poor quality of the stream??
Oravankarva - Mese fa
You are big enough already.
Martin Newton
Martin Newton - 15 giorni fa
Thank God!!! Im buying
epic gamer
epic gamer - 15 giorni fa
Cod ghosts talking to modern warfare: you would have been a hell of a game but that's not gonna happen there ain't gonna be any ghosts 2
Echo Skywalker
Echo Skywalker - 17 giorni fa
isnt that map from Warface lol 😅
Brian Lundy
Brian Lundy - 19 giorni fa
Why did they choose these gumps to showcase the game ???
Anthropology Club - 2016
Anthropology Club - 2016 - 19 giorni fa
“I’m literally getting emotional. I’m literally getting emotional. I’m literally getting emotional.”
A New Dawn
A New Dawn - 20 giorni fa

Can I have some of whatever he's on?
Joshua Yahir Pizarro
Joshua Yahir Pizarro - 20 giorni fa
No mini map -_-
Xhubham Stan
Xhubham Stan - 21 giorno fa
GIO - 21 giorno fa
So we are going to ignore the 3 hit markers at 3:02? Or..
Maaz Khan
Maaz Khan - 21 giorno fa
fgs tone down the voice jeez
Tberg725 - 22 giorni fa
Not a fan of what i see gonna rent the game for sure before buying this
Scorpion - 22 giorni fa
Who else going to play it on PS4?
Callumyt5 - 20 giorni fa
@SpartaR99 personally I think it is easier on ps4 to play shooters because the controller is smaller and buttons are easier for your fingers to get to
SpartaR99 - 20 giorni fa
I’m gonna play it on Xbox One because the Xbox controller is better for shooters.
Callumyt5 - 21 giorno fa
Me I think it looks great
fuze - 22 giorni fa
This looks like battlefield
T H - 22 giorni fa
Looks like an easier version of r6
Xtentacion RS
Xtentacion RS - 23 giorni fa
Im sorry but I don’t like this game I’ll stick to mw remastered
Tigliz12 - 23 giorni fa
Domination and Demolition is all I need.
WrongHouseFool 27
WrongHouseFool 27 - 25 giorni fa
Everyone in the background is souless
Fantasie& AJ
Fantasie& AJ - 26 giorni fa
This video is the best thumbs up and subbed for the lack of over-commentary
jasiel delgado
jasiel delgado - 26 giorni fa
Looks like typical cod
Nothing new
Taylor Newell
Taylor Newell - 26 giorni fa
Waw remastered please. That's all I care about.
a cup of coffee
a cup of coffee - 26 giorni fa
Who even are these people? And who uses text stuff like "irl" in an actual conversation?
Game looks beautiful though!
Martin valles
Martin valles - 27 giorni fa
This looks sooo gooood. Definitely a classic feel. Making cod great again im actually hyped
Shawn Jesus
Shawn Jesus - 27 giorni fa
Assassination from Halo?
JG Kerr
JG Kerr - 27 giorni fa
This game looks so damn good
Rockstar Miami
Rockstar Miami - 27 giorni fa
it looks damn beautiful.
Aleksandar Natkov
Aleksandar Natkov - 27 giorni fa
Rewatched CoD MW Multiplayer game play. Noticed a detail. Sniper users who are scoped in are made slightly easier to spot due to their scope having light reflected off of it.
adrenochrom12345 - 28 giorni fa
It s still the same engine and gameplay , many people acting like it s revolution .Stupidity at it s finest
Ngozi Watts
Ngozi Watts - 28 giorni fa
Dude sounds like Bert kreischer
lil 9od
lil 9od - 28 giorni fa
You can throw a grenade while shooting epic
jake kjelvik
jake kjelvik - 28 giorni fa
they need to bring back showing your rank from the old games on your calling card again
lovelifenoites - 28 giorni fa
Always playing with own playlist like System Of A Down or Delta Parole or some McR. Gonna play later good fragz friendzzz
Senior Kek
Senior Kek - 28 giorni fa
I would very much prefer if the shouting neanderthal got replaced
Universal _Wisdom
Universal _Wisdom - 28 giorni fa
I’m preordering once I see some more gameplay.
MicckeyMol - 28 giorni fa
I miss Jimmy here chaos
Jason Carbon
Jason Carbon - 29 giorni fa
OpTic players on console are as talented as mediocre players on PC.

If you want to see PC talent, look up Beaulo or God. play Rainbow 6 Siege
trin K.
trin K. - 29 giorni fa
Wait... is it just me or the famas got 2 sets on iron sight on top of each other...
MoneyGlitchGod’s Son
MoneyGlitchGod’s Son - 29 giorni fa
“Im literally getting emotional “ 😂🤦🏽‍♂️
Brandon Savage
Brandon Savage - 29 giorni fa
Scorpion24 - 29 giorni fa
So wait, They remaster Modern Warfare, then they remaster the remaster......ok I guess
Herbert Sidik
Herbert Sidik - 29 giorni fa
AWP Map from CS anyone?
Emanuel Fine
Emanuel Fine - 29 giorni fa
Gameplay looks great
Sam Scott
Sam Scott - 29 giorni fa
Its been a long time since a call of duty game has thoroughly caught my interest
Fabnorum - Mese fa
9:04 can become a good meme if done right
thaistomp - Mese fa
This will the Call of Duty we always wanted.
Jesse Kukendall
Jesse Kukendall - Mese fa
They need to get rid of jumping in cod
Jer veil
Jer veil - Mese fa
And this sums up the cod community, very first game and he's already yelling and bitching.
Israel Silveira
Israel Silveira - Mese fa
Bem malzinhos ridículo
Vaethus x
Vaethus x - Mese fa
Damn graphics loooks good and gameplay looks tight .
Anyone else think the Virgin on the left sounds like bert kreischer?
Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee - Mese fa
This game looks amazing, I’m really looking forward to getting it!
Darrell Malone
Darrell Malone - Mese fa
Ngl this doesn’t look good to me.
ElChappie - Mese fa
I'm excited for this game but to be honest, all that "360-slide" bull is making me think twice
Still getting it hoping that not every lobby is filled with those people
Dog Shit
Dog Shit - Mese fa
Characters and guns look and move like a hot mess
ColRizz99 - Mese fa
mw2 graphics are better than this
ScottTheAngel - Mese fa
Did the same people who made world at war 2 make this game.
DrKleiner0815 - Mese fa
One thing i dont like:
The bullets dont go where the laser is showing at while hip fire. This looks unauthentic. Hipfiring with laser should be like aiming down the sights but harder to control than aiming down.
Jeremiah Fields
Jeremiah Fields - Mese fa
It looks soooooooooooooooo nice
Crickoots TV
Crickoots TV - Mese fa
Kinda similar to rainbow six siege?
BeTtEr ThAn U
BeTtEr ThAn U - Mese fa
This is the best cod yet this beats bo1
Komi Otaku
Komi Otaku - Mese fa
Backstab animations? Grabbing my wallet
Baltazar Claro
Baltazar Claro - Mese fa
This is the same video everyone else is posting. How lame.
Shelbub_75 - Mese fa
I wonder if there will be zombies..🤔
Scuba Steve
Scuba Steve - Mese fa
Harry Buchan
Harry Buchan - Mese fa
These guys are really irritating to watch
TheAlphaMan971 - Mese fa
Why they screaming for fs
Inferno - Mese fa
This map reminds me of AWP_INDIA
Garrett Russell
Garrett Russell - Mese fa
I'm actually excited for this one
AquaIceFrosty - Mese fa
Doesnt even look like cod anymore, huge improvements
D-Nice Gamezzz
D-Nice Gamezzz - Mese fa
Nice kills, cant wait for October
keyon cooper
keyon cooper - Mese fa
Rainbow six siege
D wight
D wight - Mese fa
So cool!! But No team death match or s&d on this game?
MajinGerman Driver
MajinGerman Driver - Mese fa
Very different hitmarkers and when he becomes blood its like black ops i wanna play a modern warfare like mw3 :( i was happy to hear that a mw4 will come and now i am unhappy.. mw3 was the best egoshooter i played in my life
asgard sanchez
asgard sanchez - Mese fa
I don't know why this feels like a R6S, Battlefield and CS:GO mix. It's really good.
Joe King
Joe King - Mese fa
Can we just get a regular melee system? Like mw2 or 3
Rajiv Raghavan
Rajiv Raghavan - Mese fa
If the loud guy is gonna be a theme I'm definitely not planning on watching any more of this content. What an obnoxious prick.
Your Real Dad
Your Real Dad - Mese fa
Niggas ain’t goin to sleep for years lol
Al Doritos
Al Doritos - Mese fa
If there is no down grades, i'm definitely buying it. That's the CoD we all hoped for. Also, the bullet wiz and impact sounds are amazing!
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