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Chaos - 5 mesi fa
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CWN Labossiere
CWN Labossiere - 4 mesi fa
This is leaked gameplay
Patrizia Simeoni
Patrizia Simeoni - 4 mesi fa
Hello, this cod will require internet connection?
Adrian lewis
Adrian lewis - 4 mesi fa
Joe Duvall stream
Joe Duvall
Joe Duvall - 5 mesi fa
Are the graphics really like this? Or is it just because of the poor quality of the stream??
Narwhalius 619
Narwhalius 619 - 5 mesi fa
@Believe I really like battlefeild and call of duty and this game basically combines both of them in a really good way In my opinion
Ur mate needs to shut up he gave me a headache
EpIcMaChIn3 - 3 mesi fa
Does anyone knows when and how we are going to receive the code for the early access ps4 beta if we preordered the game at gamestop?
F3A4LESS - 3 mesi fa
Dude this cod avtually looks like a good one
Neznani jutjuber
Neznani jutjuber - 3 mesi fa
Martin Newton
Martin Newton - 4 mesi fa
Thank God!!! Im buying
epic gamer
epic gamer - 4 mesi fa
Cod ghosts talking to modern warfare: you would have been a hell of a game but that's not gonna happen there ain't gonna be any ghosts 2
Echo - 4 mesi fa
isnt that map from Warface lol 😅
Brian Lundy
Brian Lundy - 4 mesi fa
Why did they choose these gumps to showcase the game ???
Anthropology Club - 2016
“I’m literally getting emotional. I’m literally getting emotional. I’m literally getting emotional.”
A New Dawn
A New Dawn - 4 mesi fa

Can I have some of whatever he's on?
Joshua Yahir Pizarro
Joshua Yahir Pizarro - 4 mesi fa
No mini map -_-
Xhubham Stan
Xhubham Stan - 4 mesi fa
GIO - 4 mesi fa
So we are going to ignore the 3 hit markers at 3:02? Or..
Maaz Khan
Maaz Khan - 4 mesi fa
fgs tone down the voice jeez
Tberg725 - 4 mesi fa
Not a fan of what i see gonna rent the game for sure before buying this
Samurai - 4 mesi fa
Who else going to play it on PS4?
Callumyt5 - 4 mesi fa
@SpartaR99 personally I think it is easier on ps4 to play shooters because the controller is smaller and buttons are easier for your fingers to get to
SpartaR99 - 4 mesi fa
I’m gonna play it on Xbox One because the Xbox controller is better for shooters.
Callumyt5 - 4 mesi fa
Me I think it looks great
fuze - 4 mesi fa
This looks like battlefield
T H - 4 mesi fa
Looks like an easier version of r6
Xtentacion RS
Xtentacion RS - 4 mesi fa
Im sorry but I don’t like this game I’ll stick to mw remastered
Tigliz12 - 4 mesi fa
Domination and Demolition is all I need.
WrongHouseFool 27
WrongHouseFool 27 - 4 mesi fa
Everyone in the background is souless
fantasie x aj
fantasie x aj - 4 mesi fa
This video is the best thumbs up and subbed for the lack of over-commentary
jasiel delgado
jasiel delgado - 4 mesi fa
Looks like typical cod
Nothing new
Taylor Newell
Taylor Newell - 4 mesi fa
Waw remastered please. That's all I care about.
a cup of coffee
a cup of coffee - 4 mesi fa
Who even are these people? And who uses text stuff like "irl" in an actual conversation?
Game looks beautiful though!
Martin valles
Martin valles - 4 mesi fa
This looks sooo gooood. Definitely a classic feel. Making cod great again im actually hyped
Shawn Jesus
Shawn Jesus - 4 mesi fa
Assassination from Halo?
JG Kerr
JG Kerr - 4 mesi fa
This game looks so damn good
Rockstar Miami
Rockstar Miami - 4 mesi fa
it looks damn beautiful.
Aleksandar Natkov
Aleksandar Natkov - 4 mesi fa
Rewatched CoD MW Multiplayer game play. Noticed a detail. Sniper users who are scoped in are made slightly easier to spot due to their scope having light reflected off of it.
adrenochrom12345 - 4 mesi fa
It s still the same engine and gameplay , many people acting like it s revolution .Stupidity at it s finest
Ngozi Watts
Ngozi Watts - 4 mesi fa
Dude sounds like Bert kreischer
lil 9od
lil 9od - 4 mesi fa
You can throw a grenade while shooting epic
jake kjelvik
jake kjelvik - 4 mesi fa
they need to bring back showing your rank from the old games on your calling card again
lovelifenoites - 4 mesi fa
Always playing with own playlist like System Of A Down or Delta Parole or some McR. Gonna play later good fragz friendzzz
Senior Kek
Senior Kek - 4 mesi fa
I would very much prefer if the shouting neanderthal got replaced
Universal _Wisdom
Universal _Wisdom - 4 mesi fa
I’m preordering once I see some more gameplay.
MicckeyMol - 4 mesi fa
I miss Jimmy here chaos
Prossimi video