Alex Honnold Breaks Down Iconic Rock Climbing Scenes | GQ Sports

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Nick Zardiashvili
Nick Zardiashvili - 49 minuti fa
His hands are huge! He'd make a great lawyer.
Robert Matibag
Robert Matibag - 18 ore fa
Did you try and contact Ron Kauk about this, because i believe he was the Stunt double for this particular scene for Tom cruise
M Loftus
M Loftus - 22 ore fa
Holy cow, look at his hands. I imagined they would be very strong, but the thick muscle development in his hands is crazy. I’d love to shake Alex’s hand if I ever met him, but I’m kinda scared to!
SyyN - Giorno fa
his hand is just one big callus
owentheking 5
owentheking 5 - 2 giorni fa
if this guy flicks you, your done.......
Manuel Vegatorres
Manuel Vegatorres - 3 giorni fa
This guy looks like my friend mateo
Eddie Maximo
Eddie Maximo - 3 giorni fa
Are his hands real?
Sconce Evegghe
Sconce Evegghe - 4 giorni fa
He wore the same jacket at the Ted talk
SHADOW BANNED - 5 giorni fa
Tom Cat got Fingered Deep years ago / BAM I'm upping Turkey this year
MyLifeRSC - 5 giorni fa
Funny guy man, he's so blunt. "Well he just died, that sucks".. hahaha
Leisure Gaming
Leisure Gaming - 6 giorni fa
Jesus Christ those hands. He shook the hand of chuck norris once, chuck hasn't been able to use the hand since.
Richard Speir
Richard Speir - 7 giorni fa
I like how he gives a masterclass on hand jams but expects everyone to know what a belayer is.
Brandon B.
Brandon B. - 7 giorni fa
This dude's fingers can each curl 75lb dumbbells in sync with each other!!!
Blatywa Bo
Blatywa Bo - 8 giorni fa
“Woah that’s a dragon.....”
10Fountainhead - 8 giorni fa
If Alex slaps someone, I guarantee you that face will carry an imprint all his life
Ethan Chong
Ethan Chong - 8 giorni fa
I wonder when alex changes a light bulb does he use a ladder or a stool or he just climbs up the walls
JEANLUNO - 9 giorni fa
I'd love to see him pick his nose !
JEANLUNO - 9 giorni fa
Heard his piano has only 2 keys !
Daniel Wang
Daniel Wang - 9 giorni fa
Michael Phelps breaks down swimming scenes. Make it happen pls
Ma Ed
Ma Ed - 9 giorni fa
This dude has gecko hands
Nudedragon - 9 giorni fa
that guys hands are HUGE wtf
Robert Morales
Robert Morales - 10 giorni fa
Where can I buy the gloves he's wearing?
Christopher Goff
Christopher Goff - 10 giorni fa
Respectfully. If movie scenes were shot of actual real life rock climbers it would be a little boring. Any good action movie is cranked up to 11. Fast and furious, die hard... no one really suspects movie scenes are real.
belldam akayuki
belldam akayuki - 11 giorni fa
classic spinal tap reference.respect level thru the roof
Randall Parker
Randall Parker - 11 giorni fa
How is Alex Honnold that charming and entertaining. Most of the guys in Yosemite are not like this.
Marc Santini
Marc Santini - 12 giorni fa
The delayed reaction to the chap dying. 🤣🤣🤣
James White
James White - 13 giorni fa
Has anyone ever seen Alex Honnold and Rodney Mullen in the same room? Is it just me?
Giovanni Gavassino
Giovanni Gavassino - 13 giorni fa
His hands have biceps
Evan Spiteri
Evan Spiteri - 14 giorni fa
11:37 LMFAO
Lil WarlordPC
Lil WarlordPC - 14 giorni fa
The fingers girls will die for
Abel Feltes
Abel Feltes - 14 giorni fa
His hands are bigger than his head.
john hestich
john hestich - 14 giorni fa
Alex is a proven "badass".. Nice breakdown.
Alexander Broad
Alexander Broad - 15 giorni fa
His Poor Girlfriend...
Sheep Music
Sheep Music - 15 giorni fa
He fingered a girl and she died
Ajay Menon
Ajay Menon - 16 giorni fa
Which gym do his fingers go to?
Mountain Man
Mountain Man - 16 giorni fa
I'm scared of this guy's hands
Behzey - 16 giorni fa
he couldnt just snap chat him in the year 2000
Spinte Rogeno
Spinte Rogeno - 17 giorni fa
*I fear no man, but those hands... they scare me.*
Iron Vegan
Iron Vegan - 17 giorni fa
Thanks Alex for sharing your thoughts! I couldn't think of anyone more qualified than you to do commentary on Hollywood's over-the-top entertainment. BTW, loved the free solo documentary on you on El Cap! Had me on the edge of my seat the whole time! Keep sticking to the rock my friend.
Nick - 17 giorni fa
His testicles just crashed through the studio floor and caused a minor earth tremor.
loganjames210 - 18 giorni fa
Looks like he's related to Spock.
Lifeguard SRWC
Lifeguard SRWC - 18 giorni fa
I can't stop looking at his hands! If he learned sign language all the people of the world would be able to hear him.
Major Allen Espy
Major Allen Espy - 18 giorni fa
His hands are bigger than Marco Rubio.
RetroFirby - 18 giorni fa
He low key looks like Spoc with that outfit
Jermain Scott
Jermain Scott - 18 giorni fa
I noticed how big his hands....I wondering if his hands is real
Keith McFarland
Keith McFarland - 15 giorni fa
They are very real and it's all muscle. He is the greatest free solo rock climber currently alive and arguably the greatest of all time. Look for a movie called "Free Solo". It is terrifying, unnerving, and absolutely mesmerizing. It should be watched on the largest screen you have available.
Fabo Andolini
Fabo Andolini - 19 giorni fa
Are his hands gloves?!?!
Brodha Sattva
Brodha Sattva - 20 giorni fa
Whys he got hands like Mickey Mouse?
Craig Bryant
Craig Bryant - 20 giorni fa
God, the hands on that guy. I think he could actually rip my face off if he wanted to.
Nishant Jain
Nishant Jain - 20 giorni fa
My wife asks " why men love to kill themselves" what should I reply?
Count Noctilus
Count Noctilus - 18 giorni fa
To try and get the girl, obviously
Dave24266 - 20 giorni fa
Imagine this guy have to use the older iPhones with the fingerprint sensor
StiX - 21 giorno fa
Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry is dating a girl with man hands.
ddavidobbar - 21 giorno fa
I think the spelling of 1975 movie THE EIGER SANCTION was also cool if you could comment on that also..
Mike Shelton
Mike Shelton - 21 giorno fa
What about the Eiger Sanction?
Sharpgirl's Serious
Sharpgirl's Serious - 21 giorno fa
My favorite Tom cruise scene. Ever ! When he does the
Reverse Iron Cross !
Nyxology - 22 giorni fa
I just found out about and finished watching his documentary film "Free Solo". I'm now watching all the things related to this man. Really amazing dude.
Marvin Breinburg
Marvin Breinburg - 22 giorni fa
Yeosang’s Chicken
Yeosang’s Chicken - 22 giorni fa
Ok but what about Link in Breath of the Wild. Alex Honnold has nothing on the Hero of Time
Ranyar Roark
Ranyar Roark - 22 giorni fa
imagine saying “iconic rock climbing scene”
Edward Lobb
Edward Lobb - 22 giorni fa
Whatever anyone thinks or cares, he's playing a high risk game, with consequences that go far beyond a winner who gets knocked out on a game show. When a person falls onto a hard surface legs down, their spine actually penetrates completely through their skull.
Homer smith
Homer smith - 23 giorni fa
I invented a new kind of climbing, you have to free-solo traverse below 30ft. If you go above 30ft you fail, it's for idiots with less experience.
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