Alex Honnold Breaks Down Iconic Rock Climbing Scenes | GQ

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P J - 5 ore fa
Ah I was waiting for cliffhanger. I wanted them to talk about the scene right at the beginning when the girl dies.
helpU 2health
helpU 2health - 23 ore fa
Alex has 24 inch pythons.......for fingers.
Jakob Jakobson
Jakob Jakobson - Giorno fa
if his voice was one Hz lower it wouldnt be audible to the human ear
colorado841 - Giorno fa
I think free solo is "gripping" for more reasons that it's subtly.
Pat McHenry
Pat McHenry - Giorno fa
Can he even move his fingers?
c'est moi
c'est moi - Giorno fa
i would like him to be my personal jar opener.
Sary Farrell
Sary Farrell - 2 giorni fa
I would take death over a spider in a crack in the wall. Mind you it's gonna have to be a giant hairy scary spidy.
Hushpuppy Games
Hushpuppy Games - 2 giorni fa
He could crush his own tiny head with his monster hands
Trev Or
Trev Or - 2 giorni fa
its called lotion bruh gross
crispy falafel
crispy falafel - 2 giorni fa
Dude’s giving me Star Trek vibes
REDandBLUEandORANGE - 2 giorni fa
Oh he just died that sucks
Jacob Pair
Jacob Pair - 2 giorni fa
Imagine if this guy was a wrestler, like if he grabs you you know it’s game over
Rahim Kisoor
Rahim Kisoor - 2 giorni fa
guessing you haven't seen the making of the movie Alex............
Davider - 3 giorni fa
What about James Bond climbing the Meteora Rock in Greece in For Your Eyes Only
jannoblocko !
jannoblocko ! - 3 giorni fa
9:59 If Alex Honnold ever watches a horror movie with a monster this will be his reaction
awwwyeaboyeeee - 3 giorni fa
If you don't know who he is watch "Free Solo."
Headmk Gaming
Headmk Gaming - 4 giorni fa
Alex Honnold is a beast! One of the greatest. 😎👊
Despair - 4 giorni fa
He has the hands of a gecko.
Dennis Reynolds
Dennis Reynolds - 5 giorni fa
Looks like Jack Kelly
Dan Johnston
Dan Johnston - 5 giorni fa
Dunno guys, not too sure how legit this guy's technique is. Pretty epic explanations though... sick
Jeremy Elliott
Jeremy Elliott - 5 giorni fa
I didn't know Greg Hefley became a professional rock climber
rice is nice
rice is nice - 4 giorni fa
Oggydogg 313
Oggydogg 313 - 6 giorni fa
Can’t wait for all the phony twitter people to say RIP when he falls
Angel Castillo
Angel Castillo - 7 giorni fa
He has Dave-Grohl-Everlong hands
Junichi S.
Junichi S. - 7 giorni fa
Dude has gecko hands...
Kiwi Bird
Kiwi Bird - 8 giorni fa
I'd love to see him shake Trumps hand
Heaven Green
Heaven Green - 9 giorni fa
His hands are just “biG MEaty ClAwS”
Kolten Ritter
Kolten Ritter - 9 giorni fa
Alex is such a down to earth dude.
Andrew Roberts
Andrew Roberts - 9 giorni fa
His hands look like they got stung by all the bees.
Tobin Kaestner
Tobin Kaestner - 9 giorni fa
A sequel to this with videogame characters climbing would be great!
Gustav af Fridoliné
Gustav af Fridoliné - 10 giorni fa
*Guy falls to his death* . Alex’s reaction: ”Woow is that a thing??!?”
Oh yes it is a thing my man, start wearing safety gear god dammit 😂
Thomas Cho
Thomas Cho - 10 giorni fa
Magnus Mitbø?????
baby smile
baby smile - 10 giorni fa
Well, Ace Ventura fed a bird on his way to the top that.
T.Jentzsch - 10 giorni fa
His hands... so swoll.
mcpheonixx - 10 giorni fa
One of my favorite movies, the Eiger Sanction. The book is even better!
C Delany
C Delany - 11 giorni fa
The one guy on Earth who's earned the right to wear a North Face jacket.
termin8or123 - 11 giorni fa
They forgot the movie “Catch That Kid” with the free solo in the bank vault.
christian kim
christian kim - 11 giorni fa
“ ._. “
“ :o “
Suloisin B
Suloisin B - 11 giorni fa
He speaks so low i cant hear him :(
Phoen1x - 11 giorni fa
That's why you can recognize rock climber. Fingers.
Liam Fionan
Liam Fionan - 12 giorni fa
*Jack Kelly* wants to know your location
Denensammarunkarn! - 12 giorni fa
Big eyes, big hands big d***!
TVfridge - 12 giorni fa
5:46 Either he has a small head and massive hands or regular sized head and massive hands.
James Dorsey
James Dorsey - 12 giorni fa
After watching his hand techniques I didn’t know if I felt bad or good for his gf/wife. You have to imagine he’s practiced his finger positioning skills.
That’s the best high brow fingering joke I could think of. Seriously though I thought his giant hands were fake at first.
Bill Kong
Bill Kong - 12 giorni fa
I’d watch him play Spock
The Cat
The Cat - 12 giorni fa
Preax.MT - 12 giorni fa
“Oh this is so epic hEs aBoUt tO DIe
JadedSeedArtGallery1 - 12 giorni fa
The cliffhanger
Payne Killer
Payne Killer - 12 giorni fa
I bet Alex is great with "The man in the Boat" with his finger dexterity. Gentle but strong Haha
Lifting Weights
Lifting Weights - 12 giorni fa
Wtf your hands🤯
Mark Pompeo
Mark Pompeo - 12 giorni fa
"Well, he just died. That totally sucks."
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