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WordsFlowMagnetic - 6 ore fa
As someone who likes Peeps, can confirm we know they're gross. There's a reason they're only in stores once a year. Me and my mom buy a lot, eat ourselves sick, and swear them off for a year.
But I do enjoy eating them until I get sick. Go figure
Ghandi Gun
Ghandi Gun - 16 ore fa
Gotta roast those at the camp fire. Like browning a marshmallow, but ends up melting the sugar in to a candy shell around melty marshmallow.
Lucky Ducky
Lucky Ducky - 16 ore fa
Touches ear, nose and SICK.. omg i—
FaZe Kite
FaZe Kite - 17 ore fa
her sick voice sounds like mila kunis
Booey9000 - 18 ore fa
Kori Emerson
Kori Emerson - 21 ora fa
Peeps are the best when they are stale. Pop the pac and put it in the corner.
Victoria Ochrymowicz
Victoria Ochrymowicz - 21 ora fa
Rest in peace Claire, for she did do the pop rocks
Dor Shlush
Dor Shlush - Giorno fa
Step 4.5: Put garilc in your ear
Kolby Botka
Kolby Botka - Giorno fa
Lmfao at the pop rocks comment
Marie Blarfingar
Marie Blarfingar - Giorno fa
who’s the girl in the back at 3:25?
Annabelle Monroe
Annabelle Monroe - Giorno fa
Anyone else watching from the pop rocks video?
Osctrich - Giorno fa
Terrell Price
Terrell Price - Giorno fa
This is when the gourmet pop rocks idea was introduced to the world
SHAHBAZ Rana - Giorno fa
10:25 famous words Chris
you are goNna pay and regret you ever said it
(After watching the pop rocks video)
Bize Line
Bize Line - Giorno fa
Who came from the pop rocks???
KukaiTori - Giorno fa
The yellow ones especially are SO CUTE. MY HEART
Charis Crozier
Charis Crozier - Giorno fa
Omg Mike! The man responsible for such glorious things in it's alive!!
Layla Monae
Layla Monae - 2 giorni fa
I hate peeps lmao they are so fake tasting
Student Person
Student Person - 2 giorni fa
Here after the pop rocket video.
Simtanic8 - 2 giorni fa
She did pop rocks. Chris told us to request it. It's all his fault. Sorry Claire.
Ruvin Eric Perez
Ruvin Eric Perez - 2 giorni fa
July 18, 2019: Thank you Chris for the Pop Rocks.
Rach Jade
Rach Jade - 3 giorni fa
Does caster sugar not exist in the States? Because we have it here in the UK and its the sugar in between granulated and icing sugar in terms of coarseness
Nerd McGeek
Nerd McGeek - 3 giorni fa
Hey! I grew up in Red Lodge! Awesome!
CGT80 - 3 giorni fa
I'm sitting here watching Clair with a messed up ear while dealing with exactly the same thing. Hopefully, the second trip to the doctor will net me with something to treat it. First time in, they thought it just needed cleaned out, but I knew there was more to it as I have had the same kind of infection before. I feel her pain..........well, regarding her ear as I am no cook or chef.
J Blahut
J Blahut - 4 giorni fa
Please make pop rocks in a future episode.
Stephanie Alband
Stephanie Alband - 5 giorni fa
Yajie Liu
Yajie Liu - 6 giorni fa
20:50 anybody else loves that red peep with sunglasses on?
So Claire. I *love* it!
M Adams
M Adams - 6 giorni fa
That lady’s face when she handed Claire the mutilated Peeps. Priceless. 😂
Madison Sang
Madison Sang - 6 giorni fa
Please do Hi-Chew!!!!!!! ❤️ u Claire
Lady Proto
Lady Proto - 7 giorni fa
Why is she so pretty and nice
Kate McKenzie
Kate McKenzie - 7 giorni fa
Please make a Hershey kiss
it is awkward
it is awkward - 7 giorni fa
I would loooove to listen to their podcast about anything really:) Claire voice is so soothing
nealtcaldwell - 7 giorni fa
Claire, we love an respect you, but please do Pop Rocks!
Simone Smith
Simone Smith - 8 giorni fa
You have to flick the piped peep to get a peak beak and cover it, so you don't get weeping peeps. It took me two minutes to write that sentence.
Adrian Duncan
Adrian Duncan - 7 giorni fa
Simone Smith 😂
etherraichu - 8 giorni fa
I can't eat peeps, they're too cute.
DancinBananaz32 - 8 giorni fa
Claire is the best
Tess Silentarrow
Tess Silentarrow - 9 giorni fa
What about the packaging stage???
Lost opportunity!
Victoria Anais
Victoria Anais - 9 giorni fa
Serendipitous Sakura
Serendipitous Sakura - 9 giorni fa
Actually, the eyes on store-bought peeps are carnauba wax
Ruth T
Ruth T - 9 giorni fa
I want some peeps i never had none before pleas i want some
Josie Nelson
Josie Nelson - 9 giorni fa
12:52 “today on Brad fixes Claire”
Anna Zhu
Anna Zhu - 10 giorni fa
8:25 they *peep*ed
emme! - 11 giorni fa
Ok but what if she did gourmet takis
kaya loves sunflowers
kaya loves sunflowers - 11 giorni fa
Gourmet Fundip would be fun
sara karpen
sara karpen - 11 giorni fa
How do I get a "Snacker in Cheif" job?
Joe Crofts
Joe Crofts - 11 giorni fa
Claire is an amazing chef!!!! I just binge watched all her stuff. Not too mention she is gorgeous as well! ;)
Sebastian - 12 giorni fa
Nikol Geier
Nikol Geier - 13 giorni fa
Gaaaaah watching Claire get tricked into using garlic as a heal-all remedy is just Top Ten Anime Betrayals.
MyLittleNinja - 13 giorni fa
"amorphous blobs" is my new favourite phrase 😂
Lauren Schenck
Lauren Schenck - 14 giorni fa
She is so awesome how she remakes this treats into and heathy Version I love it so much and and amazing inspiration creativity talented! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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