27 737
4 412
Dong Le
Dong Le - 7 ore fa
Why messi's goal is 2? Messi's freekick is best
Ioan Popovici
Ioan Popovici - Giorno fa
O top one is Messi. No Ronaldo. This top is wrong
Sila Luna Espinoza
Sila Luna Espinoza - Giorno fa
Primero deberia ser messi no el mongolo de ronaldo pi
sigit prasetyo
sigit prasetyo - 2 giorni fa
Editor is barca fans
OffsideFoot Ball
OffsideFoot Ball - 2 giorni fa
I think they should put schone and Moura 3rd goal against Ajax
Issawi Mohamed
Issawi Mohamed - 2 giorni fa
Where is the Tadic,shona and hakim zyech Goal
FK Tebre 2
FK Tebre 2 - 3 giorni fa
Where is Milan Pavkov's goal vs Liverpool
Da King
Da King - 3 giorni fa
Milan Pavkov? vs liverpool
TommyTom - 3 giorni fa
Sorry to say that. Watching CL 2018/2019 was Ajax guess who was Ronaldo?
Parv Kamboj
Parv Kamboj - 3 giorni fa
Messi is the best
Mahmud Shabab
Mahmud Shabab - 3 giorni fa
When you realise out of 10, 5 goals were from Barcelona and they couldn't won the trophy!! :'(
Joel Oviedo
Joel Oviedo - 4 giorni fa
Midhunnm Yurz
Midhunnm Yurz - 5 giorni fa
Peachy Wiz
Peachy Wiz - 5 giorni fa
Trent's corner against you know who
Gabi Postica
Gabi Postica - 5 giorni fa
Ronaldo has a good season I think that goal against man utd is the best how did he catch the ball from air messi had just a free kick Ronaldo HAD JUST TALENT 👇👇👇 (sorry for my English but I'm from Moldova)
Raul Aldeba
Raul Aldeba - 6 giorni fa
123 123
123 123 - 6 giorni fa
I will not subscribe because messi is not number one
123 123
123 123 - 6 giorni fa
Alesha Ioffe
Alesha Ioffe - 7 giorni fa
Роналду даже тут победил месси
dekel zieleman
dekel zieleman - 7 giorni fa
How ronaldo goal was number one If Messi won it?
ne bilem la
ne bilem la - 9 giorni fa
Ibrahim Zulfiquar
Ibrahim Zulfiquar - 9 giorni fa
Messi should have been 1
That goal was ridiculous ❤️😍😍
Amadou Niang
Amadou Niang - 10 giorni fa
Mane 💪💪💪
Cheikh Diop
Cheikh Diop - 10 giorni fa
Mane melhor jogador
Joel Casanova
Joel Casanova - 10 giorni fa
El gol de messi era mejor que el de ronaldo y que paso con el gol de schone vs real
Joseph LUMBU
Joseph LUMBU - 11 giorni fa
Messi 1e
Aymen Hamdane
Aymen Hamdane - 11 giorni fa
Gaie Andrei
Gaie Andrei - 11 giorni fa
Golul lui Messi trebuia sa fie pe locul 1
mehmet andres
mehmet andres - 12 giorni fa
ronaldo goal is 1st wtf!!! messi free kick is 1
Md Saimon
Md Saimon - 13 giorni fa
Robben vs Benfica???????????????
Eron Hoti
Eron Hoti - 13 giorni fa
Nuw messi number 1
Ilias Attar
Ilias Attar - 13 giorni fa
what a ridiculously shitty list
Michiel Janssen
Michiel Janssen - 14 giorni fa
Cr7 pijpers
Ethan HANSON - 14 giorni fa
Messi’s goal should have been first
GAMEZSTAA - 14 giorni fa
Ronaldo had the best goals as always.
Sayanth Pottan
Sayanth Pottan - 14 giorni fa
Neymar freekick and goal is better than mbappe foolish goal.this is a foolish chanell
Liverpool a péyé le match contre bayern Munich
Thomas Bosgra
Thomas Bosgra - 15 giorni fa
So Messi gets awarded for the best goal, but comes 2nd in this list? Fair play
Axomiya Lora KALITA
Axomiya Lora KALITA - 16 giorni fa
Barca Domination level=infinity
Kasparas 8
Kasparas 8 - 16 giorni fa
Did you see gabriel jesus face then sterling score a goal
neymar king
neymar king - 16 giorni fa
Seriously rakitic ,couttinho, Messi, mane goals was better than Cristiano's
Maria Lusely Zapata
Maria Lusely Zapata - 16 giorni fa
videos maravillosos
_Duสl Dis†гucͥ†iͣoͫn_
CR7? Total goat btw
Killuah - 16 giorni fa
Sponsored by Barcelona.
Pro Jam
Pro Jam - 17 giorni fa
I'm So Happy That My Idol's Goal Is On #1!
Healthy Happy Proud Fan Of ©️®️7️⃣!
Shubham Sharma
Shubham Sharma - 17 giorni fa
Yeah, Messi is good, but Ronaldo is Exceptional~!
Legato Bluesummers
Legato Bluesummers - 17 giorni fa
Legend says that Barcelona players are still waiting for Trent's corner... that's why is not in this top
FatShady - 17 giorni fa
Messi won the goal of the tournament and somehow he is second here, and Rakitic's goal was the best goal for group stages but #1 goal here is a Ronaldo goal from the group stage..... wtf????!!!
FAROUT - 17 giorni fa
penaldo noob hahahhah
DBZ GAMING - 17 giorni fa
Yeah haters Ronaldo is on the top
근태임 - 18 giorni fa
Where is Son
Anonymous Attitudes
Anonymous Attitudes - 18 giorni fa
Where are all those crazy goals from Ajax Madrid and at least one of moura
Ajax and de ligt header v juve???
BC Benz
BC Benz - 18 giorni fa
how ronaldo first lol
Amy Poosh
Amy Poosh - 18 giorni fa
Leo the best 💗👑🔥
Ali Selimov Abdullah
Ali Selimov Abdullah - 18 giorni fa
Wtf? Seriously , Suarez and mbappe goals are ordinary goals , they have to be out of the best 10 goals.
juan david florez 10
juan david florez 10 - 18 giorni fa
Messi hera primero le di dislai
thanglenmang baite
thanglenmang baite - 18 giorni fa
Screw this list...
Blagoje Kuljanin
Blagoje Kuljanin - 18 giorni fa
Pavkov vs liverpool?
HARIYANTO 2882 - 18 giorni fa
CR7 is the best player
miiad 190
miiad 190 - 18 giorni fa
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