Pete Davidson Got Stuck Paying for Kid Cudi's Birthday Dinner When Kanye West Crashed

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Wakaz - 2 ore fa
Pete Davidson is like a white Tyler The Creator.
Carly Cornelison
Carly Cornelison - 6 ore fa
pete sounds and looks like he is always on the verge of crying
Ivan Maciel
Ivan Maciel - Giorno fa
This foo is too baked
brad jenkins
brad jenkins - Giorno fa
Why is the goal to look like you're a homeless heroin addict?
Gracie Easley
Gracie Easley - Giorno fa
*he lives in ariana’s basement*
Maria Evangelina
Maria Evangelina - 3 giorni fa
Pete's voice is not what I expected him to sound like.
Alex Maniatakes
Alex Maniatakes - 3 giorni fa
mk11. I'm not kidding i need it 😂
Zeph ·
Zeph · - 3 giorni fa
I love how Pete promotes mgk album as well
Vinayak Bhatt
Vinayak Bhatt - 5 giorni fa
Pete was sitting pretty far away from the 3 dudes
HAMBURGLAR - 5 giorni fa
At 5:03 pete said 😃👀👍👍
Angel Bustos
Angel Bustos - 6 giorni fa
“Get mgk álbum coming out, Hotel Diablo” real one right there
SleepyP 420
SleepyP 420 - 6 giorni fa
Pete Davidson, you suck!
That Person Named Jake
That Person Named Jake - 6 giorni fa
He's in his 20s hanging with Kim and Kanye building a arcade in his house while living in in his mom's basement. I mean can it get anymore O.G
Chris 76
Chris 76 - 6 giorni fa
Hey csi is d 2 so ha
Bianca D.L
Bianca D.L - 7 giorni fa
"and get Machine Gun Kelly's "Hotel Diablo" album coming out"
that's a real homie promoting his friend 😂
Joseph Nelson
Joseph Nelson - 7 giorni fa
Nice plug for Colson, Pete. Wish I could just get the chance to blaze up and make one song with yall
Elliott Shell
Elliott Shell - 7 giorni fa
They tryna to be crate
Anna Rk
Anna Rk - 7 giorni fa
“They are paying me to be here to promote it😂”
Thomas Culver
Thomas Culver - 8 giorni fa
Jimmy's fake laugh needs so much work...
Ash In Oblivion
Ash In Oblivion - 8 giorni fa
why've they green screened the photo? and why does jimmy still pretend to look at the photo lmao
sande1212 - 8 giorni fa
Tiffy Atom
Tiffy Atom - 8 giorni fa
Pete Davidson is the human version of Melman from Madagascar.
Ryan Geiter
Ryan Geiter - 8 giorni fa
Jesus, Pete looks like a corpse
{Insert Here}
{Insert Here} - 8 giorni fa
Why does Jimmy have prescription ads?
im also a doctor
im also a doctor - 9 giorni fa
Pete: so I was eating
Jimmy: was Ariana there?
Pete: 😢 uh.... YA!
v4nce bmal
v4nce bmal - 10 giorni fa
he honestly not funny at all lmaoo
and idk why hes dressing like he skates lmaooo
vagabun2 mx
vagabun2 mx - 10 giorni fa
I can watched all day hes so funny and real lol
Paul Florez
Paul Florez - 10 giorni fa
Why is this dude even on camera? He sucks nothing funny about him at all! And he ruins good movies!!!
vagabun2 mx
vagabun2 mx - 11 giorni fa
Hes so real , few people like him, and jimmy was so bad
Scrim - 11 giorni fa
*Interrupted Jimmy To promote MGK's Album. That's when you know you got a good friend!*
Knowledge  Reyes
Knowledge Reyes - 12 giorni fa
This fool is not funny -_-
Salmonfaky - 12 giorni fa
Why does he look so weird?
Dirk King
Dirk King - 12 giorni fa
He is dresses like we were in 6th grade lol wtf
Jus Jay
Jus Jay - 12 giorni fa
Idc what anyone says. That fuckers funny 😂
LINNA N.A - 12 giorni fa
I feel the connection of Pete Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly, they're really really close
bungavicky - 13 giorni fa
How could this guy is being so funny 😂🤣 i'm laughing hard
njovie13 - 13 giorni fa
jimmy’s not a fan
devin silver-tattoos
devin silver-tattoos - 14 giorni fa
"Best musician that ever lived" coming from a dude who listens to mgk. Trash.
Mathias Johannesen
Mathias Johannesen - 12 giorni fa
bruh foh
Gilbert Beas
Gilbert Beas - 14 giorni fa
everybody likes scorpion chill
Mike Shalman
Mike Shalman - 14 giorni fa
2:59 we all knew he was talking about Johnny Cage before Pete mentioned his name.
Edvis' - 14 giorni fa
1:06 He had bunny ears tatto when he dated Ariana Grande, now its a heart instead of bunny ears :DD
jluis90s - 14 giorni fa
Jimmy: 3:27
SSM Pop Quiz
SSM Pop Quiz - 14 giorni fa
Fuck this scripted, brain rotting dog shit
Whispering Mist
Whispering Mist - 14 giorni fa
He's the most unfunniest cast member of SNL but manages to still make appearances. Looks like a zombie but bags attractive successful women. Has the personality of a corpse but keeps popping up in my notifications. Make it stopppppp!!!!!!!
jane 86
jane 86 - 15 giorni fa
I just want to point out that I love that Pete has red polish on some nails. It's so random.
METalGod66 - 15 giorni fa
This nigga is funny😂
Zarif Azim
Zarif Azim - 15 giorni fa
Pete is so fuckin awesome man. Chill af. Also I love how he shouted out mgk's album at the end. MGK for life
Paul O
Paul O - 15 giorni fa
Def not best musician...
M. Aesthestic2004
M. Aesthestic2004 - 15 giorni fa
No wonder why Ariana broke up with him.
Kristy K
Kristy K - 15 giorni fa
It's hard to watch
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