Toy Story 4 | Official Trailer 2

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maxwell 4782
maxwell 4782 - Ora fa
Let's goooo
JoeMilano9 - 2 ore fa
I am expecting to be disappointed since that has become the currency of the realm.
VinHeko - 2 ore fa
NothingXD ___
NothingXD ___ - 2 ore fa
You're telling me I waited 9 years to watch a *SPORK* !??!
Thomas Burleson
Thomas Burleson - 2 ore fa
Forky sucks, why couldn’t it be a more fun toy?
Tinowimba Katsumbe
Tinowimba Katsumbe - 2 ore fa
The plush rush is so dark Buzz was thrown off a bit there😂...Toy story, my childhood buddy. Love that animation.
Katy Out n About
Katy Out n About - 2 ore fa
Duke Kaboom!! Can’t believe he’s in this movie!!! He was always one of my favourite toys
ju li et
ju li et - 2 ore fa
so forky is suicidal? well so am i, i’m loving this already
Travlarz - 2 ore fa
I don’t trust this new guy
Gabriel Garica
Gabriel Garica - 2 ore fa
TheCrazyTopHatMan - 2 ore fa
I swear if this is anything like toy story 3 I’m not watching it I don’t want to cry in a movie theatre again
zippee playZ
zippee playZ - 2 ore fa
Why does Rex do the same quote
Manolo Suárez
Manolo Suárez - 2 ore fa
#Espert president to cut with decadence
Ah no para!
Hannah Zoro
Hannah Zoro - 2 ore fa
Wait so if he’s a spork........shouldn’t his name be sporky? Not forky
Axel Sgr
Axel Sgr - 2 ore fa
Someone knows what is the musique at 0:20 ??
Next Level Toys
Next Level Toys - 2 ore fa
Ohhhh I can wait to take my son and myself to see this 😀
Corrine Robinson
Corrine Robinson - 2 ore fa
Idk if it's just me , but I don't think I'm that interested in this one
Rookie scott
Rookie scott - 2 ore fa
0:01 me
Itz_MysticMartian 77
I cant wait to watch this movie cause it comes out on my birthday June 21
CENREX - 2 ore fa
Falta Andy wacho
Parameswaran Kannamparambil
Mad max
Mad max - 2 ore fa
kim saks
kim saks - 2 ore fa
Are you telling me the plot of this movie is about saving a spork??? 🤦‍♂️🙄
Britney Nguyen
Britney Nguyen - 2 ore fa
Bro imagine having your teddy bear jump on you and attack you
Doug Snyder
Doug Snyder - 2 ore fa
“Well.. we’re not doing that.” 😂😂😂
Daniel Chadwick
Daniel Chadwick - 2 ore fa
Well excited
Nickle Spale
Nickle Spale - 2 ore fa
Pixar. They play this off so casually with the second trailer like, "hey guys we're just making another everyday movie over here. No big deal."
Yeah, the last trailer was not like this at all
nana - 2 ore fa
ecchieatsyou - 2 ore fa
its amazing how far animation has come
Daisyvayle - 2 ore fa
Woody looks so done with everything
ryan higaholic
ryan higaholic - 2 ore fa
Me in every situation : 0:35
Valeria FC
Valeria FC - 2 ore fa
Living thing de ELO 💕
Justin Scarborough
Justin Scarborough - 2 ore fa
Finally, something actually interesting in the top 10 trending
Jose Eugenio
Jose Eugenio - 2 ore fa
Ugandan Knuckles
Ugandan Knuckles - 2 ore fa
0:15 That is exactly what my Ex girl friends boy friend said when he stole my girl... And did ... Rip :C
silvaoscar88 - 2 ore fa
Toy Story 2 vibes
DuckyGaming - 2 ore fa
Nowadays, we make a movie out of anything. Even a dam spork.
VRYAUD ' - 2 ore fa
Shouldn't Forky's name actually be Sporky??
Sai Does things
Sai Does things - 2 ore fa
They changed Andy's design i hated the new design.
Nathaniel Olson
Nathaniel Olson - 2 ore fa
Proof that Pixar can make an entire movie about a plastic spork.......and it’ll probably be a masterpiece.
IPrexinity - 2 ore fa
Pause at 1:13

*PEGI 16*
320speed - 2 ore fa
"I've known him my WHOLE life, 2 days"
Save PewDiepie!!
Save PewDiepie!! - 2 ore fa
1:12 DUKE I heard that name before......

I know Duke the lost engine!
Arroz con leche
Arroz con leche - 2 ore fa
Okonkwo Johnson
Okonkwo Johnson - 2 ore fa
My childhood 😭
Eli's Take
Eli's Take - 2 ore fa
If I don’t see Andy in this movie I’m gonna be mad 😤
Computer Bags
Computer Bags - 2 ore fa
I like Andy better.
KatanaClan - 2 ore fa
Ok this is beyond epic
YOUR MUMS EX - 2 ore fa
Lisa - 2 ore fa
I don't mean to be a killjoy, but 1 & 2 were basically it for me...and 3 was more like a finale really. This is more of a spin off really.
H a z u h
H a z u h - 2 ore fa
Forky: Are we going home to Bonnie?
*Bo, stares at woody in a “mhm” manner*
*Woody sees carnival*
Woody: Hold my waterhole
kitty - 2 ore fa
Bruh I waited 9 years to see a movie about a spork who questions life
Braydon Ashby
Braydon Ashby - 2 ore fa
Key and Peele are great in this
Huang Renjun
Huang Renjun - 2 ore fa
Heavyweightsmker. Fourtwenyy
Toy story 4 ? We're living in the future.
Chuwie - 2 ore fa
Bonnie is op
She can make talking toys
Shane Rounce
Shane Rounce - 2 ore fa
Sure, save the plastic but let the fluffy toy die. 🙃
kitty - 2 ore fa
PaperMoonKPOP - 2 ore fa
Ok but someone say something about Keanu Reeves starring in this jsjsjsjskajja because I'm excited
Arcanetype - 2 ore fa
T r a s h
Mic Wop
Mic Wop - 2 ore fa
The panick is attacking me 😂😂
Bradley Smythe
Bradley Smythe - 2 ore fa
ContemptRock - 2 ore fa
Woody is gonna die
Thepikazapper05 - 2 ore fa
Ah, I just watched a trailer about a suicidal spork, some plush got mauled and torn in half by a cat and two plushies assaulted an elderly woman. This’ll be great
nabila nj
nabila nj - 3 ore fa
They always rescuing someone😐
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime - 3 ore fa
Ooooh Woody’s Misses is in here 👀
Tanaya Kulkarni
Tanaya Kulkarni - 3 ore fa
omg the end 😂😂😂😂😂
Opinion Publica
Opinion Publica - 3 ore fa
"Hay que usar la cabeza "
Ziger Fun
Ziger Fun - 3 ore fa
SafariAtari - 3 ore fa
I dunno... I’m seeing a lot of toy story 3 similarities. I’ll still watch tho...
Matilda Keith
Matilda Keith - 3 ore fa
Why does this movie exist.
Also, very few things make me sadder than the elderly in pain/danger
funny videos
funny videos - 3 ore fa
Nice Nice
Scrawny Punk
Scrawny Punk - 3 ore fa
Forky’s gonna die by the end of the film, calling it now
iSuggest_Clorox - 3 ore fa
I can already see the memes coming out of this movie
Persephone Pomegranate
Cristiana Studio .
Cristiana Studio . - 3 ore fa
Sxventh x
Sxventh x - 3 ore fa
Rr - 3 ore fa
Influential Topic
Influential Topic - 3 ore fa
A second trailer? Have they not had enough of spoiling the movie from the first trailer alone?
shade - 3 ore fa
YES!!! Toy Story 4!! I’ve loved toy story forever. :D
Captain Cargo Shorts
Shay Wiliame
Shay Wiliame - 3 ore fa
Bud McSmoke
Bud McSmoke - 3 ore fa
Toy Story 1 Rules!
El Cabeza de Pingo :D
Aquí esperándola en Argentina xd
NoOne Knows
NoOne Knows - 3 ore fa
Come on!! Tory Story 3 was the perfect ending!
Pp Pen
Pp Pen - 3 ore fa
Is the voice actor for the triceratops the voice actor for mable from gravity falls?
WYLIE - 3 ore fa
so... all this to save a fork?
Revenant626 - 3 ore fa
John wick showed up at 1:04
Jeff Lynne's ELO 2019 Tour
Livin Thing Jeff Lynne's Electric Light Orchestra...Awesome!!!!
Ananymous Incrypd
Ananymous Incrypd - 3 ore fa
Nothing will ever be better than toy story 1 I was born in 1990 part 1 came out 95 and I will never forget when I first saw it this just sucks REALLY bad 😔
Nate Lee
Nate Lee - 3 ore fa
I still think they should've stopped at Toy Story 3 that was the best ending......make some spinoffs here and there but the main story was perfectly ended at Toy Story 3
Juju Mess
Juju Mess - 3 ore fa
Toy story ruined toys for me the same way Sausage Party ruined food
Mario Hiccup Witwicky
Toy Story 4 A Thief's End
Mario Hiccup Witwicky
Toy Story 4 The Hidden World
Mario Hiccup Witwicky
Toy Story 4 Endgame
Mario Hiccup Witwicky
I think Forky would feel less lonely in a Zoo Pals commercial.
The Real Sean W. Stewart
That moment you realize that the gap in release dates between this and Toy Story 3 is almost as long as the years between 2 and 3.
What in the world...
Farhan Haque
Farhan Haque - 3 ore fa
Good thing is toys don't age. We can always get the same beloved Woody, Buzz, Bo, Mr. Potato Head back. Hope to see Toy Story 40.
Lion Boss
Lion Boss - 3 ore fa
0:52 Falling

With style
Meli M
Meli M - 3 ore fa
Alguien que hable en español?
AidentSnyder - 3 ore fa
They have high expectations over at PIXAR goodness.
Prossimi video