12 things you shouldn't miss in Sri Lanka - Lonely Planet's Best in Travel

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Nidahas media production
Nidahas media production - 2 giorni fa
Thimuth Balagedon
Thimuth Balagedon - 3 giorni fa
i remember going to my home country Sri lanka i miss my friends and cousins i want to go back
Harshaka Ratnapala
Harshaka Ratnapala - 7 giorni fa
Don't miss these places http://gotravellanka.com
Sharmella Krishnasamy
Sharmella Krishnasamy - 8 giorni fa
I am not very much into beaches because i stay in an island. I have visited langkawi, pulau pangkor, tunku abdul rahman park (sabah) for beach activities. So, now i am more into what other places can offer which i cannot see in my hometown or country. Volcano lake, waterfall restaurant, rice terrace, ace water theraphy, rafting at waterfalls, sunset dinner cruise, philippine palace i have seen been before.
sann san
sann san - 10 giorni fa
orlando florida
orlando florida - 11 giorni fa
Music is so bad
zubair king
zubair king - 11 giorni fa
Love Srilanka🇱🇰 from Pakistan🇵🇰🇵🇰
Lina S
Lina S - 12 giorni fa
Interesting video 😊. Watch video about SRI Lanka 🐢🐢🐢 https://youtu.be/KdHmmpYt9kc
Harshaka Dilan
Harshaka Dilan - 14 giorni fa
Pearl of The Indian Ocean https://gotravellanka.com
Touch Up Blog
Touch Up Blog - 20 giorni fa
Great work keep it up
Nature Sri Lanka
Nature Sri Lanka - 21 giorno fa
Best destination is nature Sri Lanka. Lonely Planet is correct.
Veex Solution
Veex Solution - 22 giorni fa
Visit Sri lanka
carforumwanker - 25 giorni fa
90% of beaches are not Family 'friendly " .Strong waves and currents
Miss World
Miss World - Mese fa
you miss this from srilanka https://youtu.be/pwCUantBCLk
Ranita Nanda
Ranita Nanda - Mese fa
I hope they welcome me when I reach in sri lanka in the month of October. Peace!
JB de Joya
JB de Joya - Mese fa
Probably the most memorable 96 hours of my life (November 2016). The end of the video is so true 🚂🍵🏰
deesh Fernando
deesh Fernando - Mese fa
My county ..... srilanka ... .
Rio Mobile
Rio Mobile - Mese fa
Thanks for visiting my country.
Lk Views
Lk Views - Mese fa
geo nature views
geo nature views - Mese fa
Sri lanka is an amazing country...it's the pearl of the Indian Ocean. Ayubowan!
upul pradeep
upul pradeep - Mese fa
i heard end of 2018 lonely planet recomended sri lanka is the number 1 destination in 2019 i heard it from a tourist while im working in italy but all the hopes gone away with easter attack i was in sri lanka when it happened now im back in italy but i can see the things are getting better for my country i really thaking you lonely planet.....
Elmodeen's Guide
Elmodeen's Guide - Mese fa
Love my beautiful little island and so proud to be a Srilankan❤️❤️❤️❤️
Gokul Raj
Gokul Raj - 14 ore fa
Hi , We are from Tamilnadu, India we plan to visit srilanka in Dec2019. How would be climate during that time ?
Navin Buddhika
Navin Buddhika - Mese fa
Sri lanka is a beutifull contry in the world ....sri lankan peoples are very helpful and very peaceful ....so visit to sri lanka 🇱🇰
Top Tube
Top Tube - Mese fa
Guru Sandirasegaram
What’s a beauty of Kandy
Landscape . Gradient lush & fern
When you see radiant moments
Kandy botanical gardens. Kandy campus
Little town of London ( Nuwara Eliya)
I was born and raised in Kandy. Was born in Badulla. My sister was born in Nuwara Eliya
Other sister was born Musk Eliya
Because my father move around lots in charges of all tea estate.
Back 2 Back
Back 2 Back - Mese fa
Life in Sri Lanka🇱🇰
Jeevni Mishra
Jeevni Mishra - Mese fa
Great blog...short and descriptive!!!
It's compelling enough to book a holiday package for Sri Lanka.
If you wanna explore budget friendly packages so can refer https://www.flyingroups.com/sri-lanka.
Madushanka Gamage
Madushanka Gamage - Mese fa
Visit sri lanka
Akram Mo
Akram Mo - Mese fa
Beautiful Sri Lanka
Banhmiso1 - 2 mesi fa
Beautiful country but also a scam central. You cannot walk the street without being pester by beggars or scammers. Had one guy followed me for 15 minutes begging for money and police there is useless. I had to go inside a hotel lobby to get away from him.
Neil Biswas
Neil Biswas - 2 mesi fa
sri lanka i guess is the closest there is to what ancient india was like
kavindu prabathiya
kavindu prabathiya - 2 mesi fa
My beautiful country 🇱🇰❤
Land like No other
Jnr Chi
Jnr Chi - 2 mesi fa
And full of thieves and peddlars selling crap you never asked for and definitely don't want
Jnr Chi
Jnr Chi - 2 mesi fa
Avoid SL. Way over-hyped.
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Keth Siva
Keth Siva - 2 mesi fa
Sri Lankan genocide military has killed hundreds of thousands innocent Tamil civilians and committed war crimes. Tamils want justice. 10years after end of the bloody civil war, the victims are still waiting for justice.
Dream 2 Ceylone
Dream 2 Ceylone - 2 mesi fa
wow great information beautiful video
Malki Wijesinghe
Malki Wijesinghe - 2 mesi fa
Sri Lanka wonder of asia😍😍😍😍🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰
Nadeera Thakshala
Nadeera Thakshala - 2 mesi fa
🇱🇰 ❤🤟
Gaurav Thakur
Gaurav Thakur - 4 mesi fa
Samira Cejvan
Samira Cejvan - 4 mesi fa
My partner and I were there over this Easter break ... Safe to say we will need to come back to experience Sri Lanka properly. https://youtu.be/_QK47jmVNpM
Rajive Miranda
Rajive Miranda - 4 mesi fa
Man U guys were freaking high when u made this and think this place is so amazing. Government would have paid u a lot of money to get this done. Lived here 9 years moved from Canada, worse mistake of my life. One of the most racist bigoted people on the planet. Maybe a good vacation spot, but head on down to Mirrissa where only “foreigners” are allowed to go into parties or stay in hotels, want proof? Go to central beach inn , see for ur self. Horrible service in, over priced hotels and only a handful of places to visit in Colombo in the night. Highly overrated. Horrible people.
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Srilanka Wonder Of Asia
T W N - 4 mesi fa
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Horatio Moonraker
Horatio Moonraker - 4 mesi fa
Visit Sri Lanka. It's da bomb.

Too soon?
Inuri Jayanika Ginige
Inuri Jayanika Ginige - 2 mesi fa
Sanka Perera
Sanka Perera - 2 mesi fa
Horatio Moonraker Lol 😂
Wesley Blood
Wesley Blood - 4 mesi fa
Don't forget to visit the churches.
Gina Fredzell
Gina Fredzell - 5 mesi fa
I was in Sri Lanka about 4 months ago, when I was home, I cried😂 MISS THAT COUNTRY SO MUCH😂hope I go back sometime😍🇱🇰
Madhura Senevirathna
Madhura Senevirathna - 5 mesi fa
who like to visit sri lanka with safer and lowest rate with luxury vehicle prius contact whatsapp / viber +94 71 76 84 316
LL FINN LL - 5 mesi fa
Get ready Sri lankians, I’m coming in July 2019
m.wasim Riyaz
m.wasim Riyaz - 5 mesi fa
hey guys!
reach out to us for travel tips and advice around Sri Lanka! https://mindfultravels.net/
DY Fun Language Learning
Woah Short but and an amazing video!!! although I'm a Sri lankan, I feel a different feeling about Sri lanka after watching this
Hannah's Diary
Hannah's Diary - 5 mesi fa
Sri Lanka's must see places of all time
i'm a Sri Lankan Tamil But i Hate India
My home town is full of tourists ....from Dambulla lion rock Sigiriya
Ranita Nanda
Ranita Nanda - Mese fa
Why do you hate India though? I am planning to visit sri lanka but if the people aren't nice there then I would have to cancel my trip.
Monika Gajaweera
Monika Gajaweera - 6 mesi fa
Thank visit my sri 🇱🇰
Nisa Schalk
Nisa Schalk - 6 mesi fa
Sri Lanka ist einfach toll. Hier ein Video von meinem letzten Aufenthalt
Baldrick Andi
Baldrick Andi - 7 mesi fa
Go up the adams peak for the sunset!
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