LEARNING HOW TO ACT ft. Noah Schnapp

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Tiffany Richards
Tiffany Richards - Ora fa
Can anyone give me acting tips? I aspire to be an actor but I feel like I’m really late to be one! I’m 13 :(
Naya Samman
Naya Samman - 2 ore fa
Hahaha I love it when he starts crying about the pickles hahahaha, I was laughing the whole time! Hahaha good job guys
mochi 95
mochi 95 - 3 ore fa
that was kinda uncomfortable for me to watch idk why 😂
Caroline Brown
Caroline Brown - 4 ore fa
Y’all were Baristas
MiaBella Rios
MiaBella Rios - 4 ore fa
18:11 wtf
Fanran Rhn
Fanran Rhn - 5 ore fa
sorry i started laughing so hard at grayson and his pickles 😂
Suga Zzaddy
Suga Zzaddy - 6 ore fa
17:33 yOu cAnT EaT anY cUCumBerS 😭
Jillian Schwartz
Jillian Schwartz - 6 ore fa
Another title for the series could be Bros Become Pros. I thought that's what it was last time
Olivia's Party
Olivia's Party - 8 ore fa
omg when it said learning how to act, I didn't realize they were gonna be actors. I thought they were gonna learn how to behave smh.
tiane SMIT
tiane SMIT - 8 ore fa
Can you come to South Africa pls ps:love your videos and you are awesome
Aleksandra K
Aleksandra K - 9 ore fa
dude bro dude bro dude bro dude bro dude bro dude bro dude bro
Nita E
Nita E - 11 ore fa
Was I the only one who cried during their sad scenes???
kawther Bader004
kawther Bader004 - 11 ore fa
I'm so happy that out of our comfort zone is back I was so sad I though it was over
Mark Zucc
Mark Zucc - 16 ore fa
Honestly the twins aren’t good actors
Celeste Stowers
Celeste Stowers - 17 ore fa
No one:
Noah: I love crying 17:56
Chris Perez
Chris Perez - 17 ore fa
is he the youngest main cast member in Stranger Things?
Sonny Aguila
Sonny Aguila - 17 ore fa
Hi eathan grayson hi grayson eathan hi eathan
Potato’s Face vlogs
Potato’s Face vlogs - 17 ore fa
Why did I cry about the pickle story
Edson Sewell
Edson Sewell - 19 ore fa
Out of nowhere Noah says I love crying😂😂😂😂
Bethany Grace
Bethany Grace - 19 ore fa
17:56 "i love crying!" noahhhh me toooo
Alyssa Churchwell
Alyssa Churchwell - 20 ore fa
This was a day before my birthday. 🙂
Valerie Garcia-Cordero
*Does she have cancer?*
marley_ _189
marley_ _189 - 22 ore fa
When Noah quoted Tom Holland I felt that 🙏👏
Thea Weinstein
Thea Weinstein - 23 ore fa
she was puckerin alright?!
rachel everson
rachel everson - 23 ore fa
maybe it’s just me, but esmeralda sounds a bit like Emma...
Eszter Smith
Eszter Smith - Giorno fa
You should meet with Yes Theory and talk about what it means to „Seek discomfort“
millie quick
millie quick - Giorno fa

noah’s pubescent voice: grEAt🥴🥴
Mariana Nunes Galvão Sant'Anna
Starts in 4:05
lujain nasser
lujain nasser - Giorno fa
Noah: I love crying
Michelle gomez
Michelle gomez - Giorno fa
who else was wearing stranger things merch while wacthing this
Havanna Borland
Havanna Borland - Giorno fa
grayson: ur making me feel bad now
MagicXxx109 Mejia
MagicXxx109 Mejia - Giorno fa
Omg its him from stranger things 3333333
Aspen Paws
Aspen Paws - Giorno fa
Who else is hyped for Stranger Things Season 3?!
PIMRAPHAT J. - Giorno fa
No one:
Noah: I'm panic😂😂
PIMRAPHAT J. - Giorno fa
This kid is funny hahaha
Paige Claire
Paige Claire - Giorno fa
Noah: I lOvE cRyInG
Symphonia doll
Symphonia doll - Giorno fa
Just want to say, your acting in the 'reality show' video was pretty good actually.
CASSPurr Waspurr
CASSPurr Waspurr - Giorno fa
idk I feel like Noah must not have done much research on the Twins because if I was him, I would have avoided talking/making up a scenario about their mother dying so soon after losing their dad.
Lexi Cory
Lexi Cory - Giorno fa
Why was this the funniest thing ever😂
Zara Holm
Zara Holm - Giorno fa
why did noah look so nervous when tellin the twins his age almost embarrassed 😫 5:33
Aspen Paws
Aspen Paws - Giorno fa
There is technically a 3 year age difference I mean if I were him it would horrifying 😂
Erza Keka
Erza Keka - Giorno fa
no one:
not even a single soul:
not even the mind flayer:
Noah: i love crying:)
Evelia Sotolongo
Evelia Sotolongo - Giorno fa
Noah i am 15 and single! Lol
Local Liz
Local Liz - Giorno fa
From extreme acting of leg breaking to
"How's my form?"
Kayla Tucker
Kayla Tucker - Giorno fa
I love Noah. He's such a good actor and he's ADORABLE
platform 9 3/4
platform 9 3/4 - Giorno fa
20:13 "We're used to kinda like, just being stupid. That's what, we really do." 😂 THIS MADE ME HIT SUBSCRIBE 😅
Kayla Tucker
Kayla Tucker - Giorno fa
Screw Stranger Things. He was in a Panic!At the Disco music video and that's all that matters.
Kayla Tucker
Kayla Tucker - Giorno fa
@Aspen Paws fans of stranger things? I'm a fan so it doesnt really matter cuz I was making a joke 🤷‍♀️
Aspen Paws
Aspen Paws - Giorno fa
Kayla Tucker do you know how much you’d be attacked by fans rn if they saw this?
Kayla Tucker
Kayla Tucker - Giorno fa
Noah was in the LA Devotee music video and that's how you know that he's a professional
Kayla Tucker
Kayla Tucker - Giorno fa
Omg it's my favourite fanboy Noah!!!
Anna Cristobal
Anna Cristobal - Giorno fa
spirit serval
spirit serval - Giorno fa
no one:

literally no one:

noah schnapp: i like crying
Gacha amber
Gacha amber - Giorno fa
When the director says “action!” Do you start the scene immediately or do you wait a few seconds?
Little Miss Know It All
18:53 👀👁👀
Roxxxy Angelina Andrews
(With Ethan)Noah: I'm falling off a cliff
(With Grayson) Gray: How does the mattress feel?
Noah: Its a little hard
Gray: Do you want to check out any of the other matresses in this mattress store?
To make it super obvious:
*Mattress Store*
Dove is my Everything
Dove is my Everything - Giorno fa
I want to be a actor😭😭
JJ Darion
JJ Darion - Giorno fa
“she has very luscious lips"😂😂
Meghan Tanner
Meghan Tanner - Giorno fa
J Gab
J Gab - Giorno fa
“OH”-Noah Schnapp
J Gab
J Gab - Giorno fa
I felt that when he said pickles
Caro Bernardi
Caro Bernardi - Giorno fa
Where is pt.2????
Andreanna Acosta
Andreanna Acosta - Giorno fa
Me: 17:56
Becky Quinn
Becky Quinn - Giorno fa
I'm only here for Noah, he's such an amazing actor. He seems like a really nice person to be around.
Aesthetics ily
Aesthetics ily - 2 giorni fa
Grayson is wearing the same shirt for 3 videos
Aspen Paws
Aspen Paws - Giorno fa
Aesthetics ily or you know he has multiple of the same shirt
Hi Hi
Hi Hi - 2 giorni fa
I actually just love Noah so much 🤣
Betty jug v arch Is my world
Lilian Izzo
Lilian Izzo - 2 giorni fa
Who else saw Grayson laugh when Noah said hard
Derrelyn Ras
Derrelyn Ras - 2 giorni fa
This is on a gringe level
Camryn Mcathy
Camryn Mcathy - 2 giorni fa
Noah’s voice cracks during the pickle scene ahah
Grace Wallace
Grace Wallace - 2 giorni fa
Anyone else have a heart attack when he mentioned Tom holland, just me?
emma bikhan
emma bikhan - 2 giorni fa
Imagine esmeralda being emma 😂🥵
OnlyMichaelJackson (Angel)
17:56 me on my period
OnlyMichaelJackson (Angel)
The improv scene where Noah was yelling at Grayson for losing their son 😭😭
Muskan S
Muskan S - 2 giorni fa
I'm actually surprised at how good Grayson's acting is :O
Julia Jamison
Julia Jamison - 2 giorni fa
The Dolans: Listen to Noah he's the pro
Noah: *wheeze*
Isabella Carson
Isabella Carson - 2 giorni fa
Okay but I love crying too 😂
Anneke Nortier
Anneke Nortier - 2 giorni fa
16:10 i wasn’t thinking and then I looked back at the screen and I was like “wait wtf his mom died?” Like wow 👏🏼
Kaylee Betts
Kaylee Betts - 2 giorni fa
I've never laughed so hard! It made me awkward watching them cry about pickles
love bug
love bug - 2 giorni fa
Ethan: it happened before my eyes
Ethan right after: it was all in slow motion I saw it all
love bug
love bug - 2 giorni fa
That pillow is so trippy
mahli belle perez
mahli belle perez - 2 giorni fa
Simply Charlee
Simply Charlee - 2 giorni fa
Who thinks they should react to Lindsey mattahers video about meeting them
Like this so they can see
Melanie Lara
Melanie Lara - 2 giorni fa
I was getting emotional over pickles 👀
Gamer Girl
Gamer Girl - 2 giorni fa
Stranger things is my favorite show I wish I could meet Noah
Eishal Usman
Eishal Usman - 2 giorni fa
Esmeralda? really😂😂😂😂
Ali .tozier
Ali .tozier - 2 giorni fa
Ok but when Ethan had to act like his mom died... Dude- I actually started tearing up i-
Althea Rebekkah
Althea Rebekkah - 2 giorni fa
"I need someone to jump with!" "I'm not jumping alone!"
Althea Rebekkah
Althea Rebekkah - 2 giorni fa
Yo. Noah's voice has gotten so much deeper since ST season one
I don’t care !
I don’t care ! - 2 giorni fa
No one:

Not a single soul:
Billie Eilish fans: Your the bad guy (19:36)
equestrian girl
equestrian girl - 2 giorni fa
I just turned into a spray bottle
equestrian girl
equestrian girl - 2 giorni fa
I can't stop cackling
Dalia Chami
Dalia Chami - 2 giorni fa
when noah said: “i love crying”
Stacey Ann
Stacey Ann - 2 giorni fa
Noah: I love crying
Rosita Stone
Rosita Stone - 2 giorni fa
No one:
Noah: i LoVe CrYiNg
Ava F
Ava F - 2 giorni fa
No one:
Not a single soul:
Me: 17:56
Sunny - 2 giorni fa
Literally no one:
Noah: I LOVE crying
Emilee H
Emilee H - 2 giorni fa
17:32 i just love his voice there 😂😂😂🤣
Brooklynn Dixon
Brooklynn Dixon - 2 giorni fa
I love stranger things 😆😆😆😄
Mentally Hilarious Fangirl
You guys should try and do figure skate for out of your comfort zones. I remember that you guys tryed figure skating before (while wearing the wrong kind of skates for it), so why not try doing it again but with professional help?
Romilda Miranda
Romilda Miranda - 2 giorni fa
is it bad that i cried even more when grayson found out he couldn’t eat pickles than ethan’s mom getting in a car crash?
LR Panda
LR Panda - 2 giorni fa
This video made me laugh so hard my dad was concerned🤣
Hir Patel
Hir Patel - 2 giorni fa
Noah: I love crying
Me: same
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