Worst As Seen On TV Products - RANKED

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ratzasse - 14 ore fa
Ginger funny. you feature on more show.
Ma plz
Ma plz - Giorno fa
many of these products are designed for the otherly able.
Sheyla G
Sheyla G - 2 giorni fa
I like the red haired girl who is she
TheFlamefish - 2 giorni fa
“EHHHHH eat my shitzel it’s so good”
Guy on the couch next to her:
Za World
Za World - 3 giorni fa
Michael Myers has joined the chat
Thomas Holuk
Thomas Holuk - 3 giorni fa
The wonder arm is legit just a tricep extension
BlackRose Love02
BlackRose Love02 - 3 giorni fa
Hailey Vodron
Hailey Vodron - 3 giorni fa
Lishen up ladiesh
HoLland-a-Saucy - 4 giorni fa
The face mask reminded me of the horror movie, “Eyes Without a Face”
YellowKomodo - 4 giorni fa
Love it when the crew are all on
Crystal Lizard
Crystal Lizard - 6 giorni fa
I remember seeing the ear vacuum when I was young
strove stones
strove stones - 8 giorni fa
"It could be a good torture device though like you put the eye or something"

Smash Revino
Smash Revino - 8 giorni fa
Emily made the weirdest creepiest face I’ve ever seen on a girl when she flipped her hair at the beginning. It gave me the chills
The Wxlf Pack
The Wxlf Pack - 8 giorni fa
2:25-2:34 listen with eyes closed
Grace O'Brien
Grace O'Brien - 8 giorni fa
is that cotton candy randy
Avery Sammons
Avery Sammons - 9 giorni fa
Emily has such beautiful hair!
Aii Grey
Aii Grey - 9 giorni fa
A schnitzel is not a piece of fried chicken... 🤦🏻‍♀️
Matthew Austin
Matthew Austin - 10 giorni fa
Emily. Good lord! There is just something about her.
Emily L
Emily L - 14 giorni fa
Spot training is a myth
Kinsey Fischer
Kinsey Fischer - 14 giorni fa
I have the ear cleaning thing
MJ Music
MJ Music - 14 giorni fa
When she put the mask on
Natsudraagneeel Fairytail
Natsudraagneeel Fairytail - 15 giorni fa
Max Merrill
Max Merrill - 16 giorni fa
11:10 aaaayyy its sally face
Tony Iommi
Tony Iommi - 16 giorni fa
Emily, I’m in love with you.
Vicki Sakakeeny
Vicki Sakakeeny - 16 giorni fa
critine is my favorit because she's into shoes judging by the fact she has breds and shattred back bords
Jordan Patton
Jordan Patton - 16 giorni fa
Ummmm....is Jordan like a relative of Patton Oswalt? Cuz like?
Wolf Cub
Wolf Cub - 16 giorni fa
Jordan was *shook* when Rhett opened that egg
avery rios
avery rios - 17 giorni fa
Look how much ankle Rhett is showing 11:28 😂😍
Master of Disguise
Master of Disguise - 17 giorni fa
Only wimps binge a season of Bojack at night. I watch the whole show!
Asiyah David
Asiyah David - 18 giorni fa
What's up with the single mother joke?
Cori Chan
Cori Chan - 20 giorni fa
that cottonswab really hurt my throat, i felt the pain
ImDeh Best46
ImDeh Best46 - 21 giorno fa
‘Can I still call for that special offer’
ZaikobonTV - 21 giorno fa
2:24 some ahegao goin on
ZARA WATTS - 22 giorni fa
6:27 ahhhhhhh
Skystalker - 23 giorni fa
How is the Flowbee and the GLH spray not in this?
Benen Miller
Benen Miller - 24 giorni fa
Deeper rhett
Jackie Bennett
Jackie Bennett - 24 giorni fa
Link makes me think of Dana Carvey
Qualava - 24 giorni fa
2:25 - 2:35 thats what she said
Chris Woolever
Chris Woolever - 25 giorni fa
Imma need that redheads number
TheMewtilator - 26 giorni fa
WTH?! No facial flex??
Wet Floor Productions
Wet Floor Productions - 27 giorni fa
Link is gay confirmed
Slxxpyhollow - 27 giorni fa
Emily is so hot
Alpha_Goddess - 27 giorni fa
Did anyone else think that the mask look like the kid from Dr.Who ( reboot) ? It reminds me of the gas masks...
Landon Dutan Pasato
Landon Dutan Pasato - 29 giorni fa
Will it french fry
applesandshoes - 29 giorni fa
Chris - Mese fa
9:22 Rhett you liar what do you think a rope tricep pulldown extension is.
Redhead Update
Redhead Update - Mese fa
Schnitzel is pork
Chance Whybark
Chance Whybark - Mese fa
9:30 bike pump. Old style manual railroad propulsion mechanism.
yeey - Mese fa
4:26 for the best part
Sebastian Rios
Sebastian Rios - Mese fa
I miss old good mythical morning when they would eat bugs 😂
dylan jordan
dylan jordan - Mese fa
I'm in love with the red head
Peter Harris
Peter Harris - Mese fa
Yes Link u are weird
Sarah Peterson
Sarah Peterson - Mese fa
That face "rejuvenator" could totally be a serial killer mask...
Bodie Accurso
Bodie Accurso - Mese fa
2:25 completely that’s what she said jokes
rufus gillespie
rufus gillespie - Mese fa
How many times has your intro changed
Tan girl has shattered backboards 1s on. GG
Princess Fuzzy
Princess Fuzzy - Mese fa
Are Jordan and Emily related?
Kaitlyn J.
Kaitlyn J. - Mese fa
"It smells like a bitter divorce in here."
😂😂😂 i love Emily
Jason .jr's weekly vlogs
Thats what she said
cgougeon1535 - Mese fa
V fab
Evil Zach15
Evil Zach15 - Mese fa
I had the wierdest state farm ad just now
Diego Perez
Diego Perez - Mese fa

Jordan: HaPpY cOtEn CaNdY dAy DaDdies
Marc Meier
Marc Meier - Mese fa
7:14 *”I laughed the loudest, who’d have known...”*
Eiji Kazama
Eiji Kazama - Mese fa
i have a question...does it work on nose? for someone who have sinus problems or nose blockage?😀
Austin Sanders
Austin Sanders - Mese fa
The entire crew is just nothing but real savages 😂 I love you guys
Greg Paul
Greg Paul - Mese fa
9:14 That don't involve
Izzy Nat154
Izzy Nat154 - Mese fa
Was it just me or did the mask look like it was out of the purge
Zeretox Gaming
Zeretox Gaming - Mese fa
The movement of Stevie's eye brows is all I want
samhouston1979 - Mese fa
If the “Epilady” doesn’t show up, I’ll be disappointed. It literally had a rotating coil that ripped hair from your face
Sportykind’ve Vines
The Boy is Rhett
Pseudonym - Mese fa
Is that Patton Oswald's brother?
Temporärer Name
Temporärer Name - Mese fa
Jetzt hab ich bock auf Schnitzel...
Harry Todhunter
Harry Todhunter - Mese fa
Everyone talking about stevie, Emily and jordan, but nobody is talking about Christine.
you must not know dick about starkid
I love her, extremely underrated. They make fun of her but clearly she's familiar with the gym.
SilverFox - Mese fa
Do you know Joko and Klaas? They're german and you 2 are the english version of them
HackySack - Mese fa
2:27 close your eyes and listen
Marty Nguyen
Marty Nguyen - Mese fa
9:19 well that doesn't replicate any of the exercises...:D says the guy that doesn't go to the gym :DD that is really similar to close grip bench press or triceps pressdowns depending on the angle
Marty Nguyen
Marty Nguyen - Mese fa
Stevie is a beauty
BMoney8600 - Mese fa
I remember the Wax Vac commercial especially the "OW" part
Emmy Lloyd
Emmy Lloyd - Mese fa
So Jordan has a fetish for single moms and first responders? Good for him 😂
Jesa Freese
Jesa Freese - Mese fa
I love that Bojack basically got a shoutout. 😂😂
Also... That face mask is TERRIFYING!!!
DirtBikeBoy - Mese fa

Radda radda raddaradda radda. (CartoonNetwork-Chowder.)
CAGsoccer 7
CAGsoccer 7 - 2 mesi fa
This is the best channel on YouTube I love it it’s so fun to watch I love your vids
Mr pickenz
Mr pickenz - 2 mesi fa
The amount of soy in this room is ridiculous...
Jarrod Carter
Jarrod Carter - 2 mesi fa
Stevie's so gorgeous!!!
agustin herrera
agustin herrera - 2 mesi fa
I didn’t know what a Schnitzel was. I thought they were talking about some guy I know. Rada Rada.
Tekashi 69
Tekashi 69 - 2 mesi fa
how many "thats what she said" jokes could I say in this video. A lot.
Juan Diaz
Juan Diaz - 2 mesi fa
STOP shaking your flaps
6:45 🤢
Morgan Lubansky
Morgan Lubansky - 2 mesi fa
Am i the only one that thought he was dressed as rick in the thumbnail??
Jerome Benipayo
Jerome Benipayo - 2 mesi fa
Wow. Didn't know stevie has a dirty mind. Makes her hotter.
10/10 Spellling
10/10 Spellling - 2 mesi fa
When we will see the Will it beauty mask video?
The French Scetch
The French Scetch - 2 mesi fa
Who remembers when the wheel of mythicality was spun during the video?
Game Master
Game Master - 2 mesi fa
Stevie, you got my hearth dammit!
AnselAlly - 2 mesi fa
Im convinced that GMM only hired good looking people.
Jack Roberts
Jack Roberts - 2 mesi fa
I learned how to make a pizza bagel/ baguette before how to scramble an egg.
Destiny Watson
Destiny Watson - 2 mesi fa
Years later and I’m still wondering where Link got the shirt he’s wearing
Ann-Jaqueline Elendt
Ann-Jaqueline Elendt - 2 mesi fa
A Schnitzel is not fried chicken! It can be any meat, but it is mostly pork. And it can be a huge flapp of meat.
Linda Forand
Linda Forand - 2 mesi fa
Wasn't this on before?? 😳
Michaël X
Michaël X - 2 mesi fa
These products are fantastic!* I thought these were supposed to be terrible??
*Well, except for maybe the creepy horror movie mask.
christina wechkin
christina wechkin - 2 mesi fa
*hears vibrations and moaning* 'honey??' dont worry babe. its my... e g g s c r a m b l e r if ya know what i mean 😏
Justin Barber
Justin Barber - 2 mesi fa
Well HELLO Emily. Yummy😋😍
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