Fortnite X Avengers: Endgame Trailer

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Lil Nox
Lil Nox - Ora fa
Fortnite should be renamed infinite cringefare after this
My Singing Edamimi
Fnaf is better
Killapietro 96
Killapietro 96 - Ora fa
Default dancer dies in endgame
Kenesys - Ora fa
Someone mustve just recently been hired because the LTMs are actually good recently, and the game feels less like a developer-less game.
a lonely boi
a lonely boi - Ora fa
You guys do realize fortnite is just trying to get popular again after season 8
Pain Delay
Pain Delay - Ora fa
If you sub to me I will upload the most epic clips of all time , you don’t want to miss it
jahel danino
jahel danino - Ora fa
It’s time, the fate of the unerverse is in the avengers hands
Mi gato el felino 2
Remove the aimbot pls
Harry Potter
Harry Potter - Ora fa
Wasn't as good as I thought it would be YouTube 😑
Stan Lee: don't make me come down there you punk😂
Houcin Benmesmoudi
Je suis le seul Français ici ou pas liké si tu est un français
Hash Browns
Hash Browns - Ora fa
This game sucks ass. I miss season 3.
Sub Zero
Sub Zero - Ora fa
dislaikeo este cancer de juego y todo su marleting basura
prato verdissimissimo
Please, someone delete this game. C'mon.
Madison Grooters
Madison Grooters - Ora fa
nobody asked for this to happen
PhenomRon - Ora fa
That damn fornite don’t take no l’s I see gees- congrats
Coopsauce - Ora fa
This game is dead
Mahdi Legend
Mahdi Legend - Ora fa
نزلو فوريت نايت لي موبايلات ارجوكم 😭😭😭😭 مثل J7 وا اغيرهم
Rize Chan
Rize Chan - Ora fa
↓ ^^
Meme Kills
Meme Kills - Ora fa
Who ever is saying there spoiling the movie then don’t watch it
DragAndDroppyBoi - Ora fa
*Eh, Roblox’s Endgame event is better.*
d hurtt
d hurtt - Ora fa
The fish
Daniel Ahmed
Daniel Ahmed - Ora fa
Why is Thor a fish?
F.B.I - Ora fa
Fish stick still ain’t out thas a fade fortnite
_Sucuk_Kopf _
_Sucuk_Kopf _ - Ora fa
This is the best LTM better than Tahnos
فهدون ❶
فهدون ❶ - Ora fa
في عرب ؟
BineR - Ora fa
Fortnite x Avengers : exists
Stan Lee: Dont let me come down there u punk
y e s
FBS. - Ora fa
Amanetou Bah
Amanetou Bah - Ora fa
I can imagine Ceeday and Noah's Noah teaming up to save the universe in this game mode
Spongebob SquarePants
Hopefully Thanos will finger snap Fortnite out of existence
Plasmic Angles
Plasmic Angles - Ora fa
Liam Walsh
Liam Walsh - Ora fa
We can only hope...
nazarkashy - Ora fa
Iron man dies.
S G15
S G15 - Ora fa
thor loves this game
Charlie :3
Charlie :3 - Ora fa
I like how part of Thor’s shtick is that only a select few can lift his hammer, then we pan over to this mutant fish thing casually wielding it.
I can feel the continuity dying
K K - Ora fa
Iron man dies in endgame.
rohit joshi
rohit joshi - Ora fa
What happen to Thor how did he got that pout face wtf 😂
roger amaya
roger amaya - Ora fa
This forknife game is crazy
rasy8350 - Ora fa
Hey at least we me know in endgame Ceeday gets to be iron man get the epic hero role right?
ArwinVD - Ora fa
¿Un pescado con un hacha? Qué ridiculez…
elhijocrack YT
elhijocrack YT - Ora fa
elhijocrack YT
elhijocrack YT - Ora fa
Aparece ojo de alcon *:0* _nuestra salvacion.jpg_ por cierto no es meme alv xd
Chris Atherton
Chris Atherton - Ora fa
Great, now everyone is gonna rename their game account noobmaster.
acronix - Ora fa
Great now fortnite is gonna copy endgame
Sam the Psycho
Sam the Psycho - Ora fa
um no
Mr fariD
Mr fariD - Ora fa
Calvin Forbus
Calvin Forbus - Ora fa
Tony stark dies


Tolga Öztürk
Tolga Öztürk - Ora fa
fortnite best
100% Musique
100% Musique - Ora fa
Fornite sur sa ptin l'originalité et mort
Christhenero2 11
Christhenero2 11 - Ora fa
I saw this on IG
will. u
will. u - Ora fa
all the dislikes its our sisters😭😭😭😭
Aladour -_-
Aladour -_- - Ora fa
OK, Just more shitty things on YouTube. Thx marvel
Victor Olavarria
Victor Olavarria - Ora fa
you probably have no friends
A. G
A. G - Ora fa
lasst euch mal was eigenes einfallen
TyIsRandom But #2
This...does not put a smile on my face
Young Sadness
Young Sadness - Ora fa
Tony stark dies endgame
Sophia Vs The Mental Monsters
Der Übermensch
Der Übermensch - Ora fa
Tony stark dies. Thanos destroys the infinity stones and Thor kills him so they have to go back in time to undo the snap. They do but stark dies good guys win bad guys lose.
Michael Hoang
Michael Hoang - Ora fa
Hopefully without noobmaster69😂😂😂
Absurd Star
Absurd Star - Ora fa
Does this contain endgame spoilers?
beylade blader
beylade blader - Ora fa
Lubluan Sousa
Lubluan Sousa - Ora fa
Cwado - Ora fa
Hue Jass
Hue Jass - Ora fa
So why is this a thing ?
Twenty Øne Piløts Rules
The first part is incorrect but if the fortnite creators seen the movie and they want no spoilers then well done
LIkethisname _00
LIkethisname _00 - Ora fa
no x
no x - Ora fa
iron man and black widow dies
CharlesPotato 9000
Die already
gammer hardcore
gammer hardcore - Ora fa
New season
White Tubby
White Tubby - Ora fa
Fortnite samsung android j2 j5 primes!
IBimsFloppy - Ora fa
Can you ad some other hero weapons
Girish Steals Autistic Memes For Autistic Teens
Wait iron man is dead
A douche on a skateboard
Apex is better
gerstof xd
gerstof xd - Ora fa
You should bring back double pump first then make a cool update (love the update btw)
Tadeáš Beňo
Tadeáš Beňo - Ora fa
fortnite is dead !
Phuzzy - Ora fa
Wheres the flash?
Dr. Gaballa
Dr. Gaballa - Ora fa
I thought only Thor was worthy
TTC Judah playz
TTC Judah playz - Ora fa
27 second video go's on trending
Draco Zard
Draco Zard - Ora fa
Wow floor is lava, air royale and endgame? This new ltm is amazing
XDWTF lo - Ora fa
Thanos team lose the game most of the times (nearly impossible to win) 1.your whole team dies at the end and can't get the last stones/stone (because ironman ,thor, captainamerica,arrow are shooting the whole time)
2. Thanos is bad a noob or bad player who don't take the stones because he just use his powers to kill kill and get kills.
3.the heroes are respawning to fast and so OP.
😕 pls 1.make thanos stronger 2. Give more life oder respawn for the "army of thanos" 3.make the avengers a little bit weaker
Deepak Rana
Deepak Rana - Ora fa
Noobmaster69 😂
Bro Blame
Bro Blame - Ora fa
Hulk dies
Iron man dies
Black widow dies
And THANOS dies
Also gamora dies
Scribbles Sight
Scribbles Sight - Ora fa
When you say "play free now" my device doesn't says available
Rocket Rojayl Bros
Rocket Rojayl Bros - 2 ore fa
Fortnite is good but betet by if fortnite be avaible to dowload on google playbmore people play and game be more popular and next year not gta6 will be best game its still be fortnite
chara the human
chara the human - 2 ore fa
oh my god
Noobish Gaming
Noobish Gaming - 2 ore fa
Mr Purpl3
Mr Purpl3 - 2 ore fa
Baldboy Elbow is disabled
Tony Stark Dies, Nathasa Dies, Gamora is still dead, and cap is old
Bobby Shmurda’s Hat
is there anybody over the age of 11 that still plays this game?
Chaz • Tastic
Chaz • Tastic - 2 ore fa
That’s one way to stay relevant
Tapiwa Takwada
Tapiwa Takwada - 2 ore fa
Bring back ravage
Ma Ras
Ma Ras - 2 ore fa
Ironman died
Frederik Morsing
Frederik Morsing - 2 ore fa
They kinds had to, regarding what happened in the film
Nero Redmond
Nero Redmond - 2 ore fa
*_reality is often disappointing._*
Punith K N
Punith K N - 2 ore fa
This game is not installing in Samsung Galaxy a30 mobile can u help me?
Kyl333s3 - 2 ore fa
Thanos be like wHy YoU bUlLy mE
GalacticGachaGaming - 2 ore fa
Subscribe to me if you watching from Earth
My boy ceeday been fighting thanos
Nathaniel Frazier
Nathaniel Frazier - 2 ore fa
Make a single ladys emote beyonce
The Payninator
The Payninator - 2 ore fa
Kill me please
tojimane - 2 ore fa
Iron man,black widow and thanos die
kermit changes
kermit changes - 2 ore fa
Wtf why did you spoil the other villians 😡
Dylan Mendez
Dylan Mendez - 2 ore fa
Lol fortnite endgame well no defulat
Prossimi video