Keanu Reeves Shows Us His Most Prized Motorcycles | Collected | GQ

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Doom Dub
Doom Dub - 4 ore fa
New movie - John wick VS fast & furious
jef jef
jef jef - 5 ore fa
I watched all john wick movies. But i didnt know that he was the hero in matrix 😅
Mary Jane
Mary Jane - 10 ore fa
2:07 Keanu just mentioning River is so sweet.. 😭😭😭
Llama Cebu
Llama Cebu - 13 ore fa
Everyone always wants to be someone they're not
Miami Watts
Miami Watts - 18 ore fa
Cyber Punk 2077 is gonna be amazing!
Nischal G
Nischal G - 19 ore fa
He's kinda like a kind vampire!!just don't go near his dog!😑
Ardenna Blaze
Ardenna Blaze - 20 ore fa
He whas great... but now he is da best
Darrek LeRoy
Darrek LeRoy - Giorno fa
He said "start with a small cc"
Me, learning to ride on my grandpa's harley sportster 1200 😂
Япона Мать
Япона Мать - Giorno fa
Fascinated Keanu! 👍 😘
BC Lim
BC Lim - Giorno fa
Mr Kaboom
Gabriyelito Sarmiento
Gabriyelito Sarmiento - Giorno fa
That Krgt-1 sounds freakin otherworldly
jesus save us
jesus save us - Giorno fa
I cant believe he played devils advocate with al pacino
Goober Robbins
Goober Robbins - Giorno fa
the last bike looks a lot like the uss enterprise
Peppermint Catsass
Peppermint Catsass - Giorno fa
... no TZ750?....smfh...
Garrett Doeksen
Garrett Doeksen - Giorno fa
Literally never been interested in motorcycles until I watched this video
Wee Vic
Wee Vic - Giorno fa
I have always had respect for keanu Reeves, especially as a bike rider . Bikes are like Marmite, you either love them or hate them. 👍
S. Bass
S. Bass - Giorno fa
lol, A dyna wide glide is not an amazing motorcycle. Newer Harleys are trash.
thehalokidster - Giorno fa
So that was just an advert! :/
MysteriousOklahoma - Giorno fa
Where is the electric 0-60 in 1 sec bike?
[CK] Clayton Knixter
[CK] Clayton Knixter - 2 giorni fa
Born in 1964 but looks like a 35 years old man
Jeremy Chen
Jeremy Chen - 2 giorni fa
Something with his hand gestures. He loves it "Hey guys" hand thing
Dancho Kolev
Dancho Kolev - 2 giorni fa
I love you keanu Reeves
Fallen World
Fallen World - 2 giorni fa
He always seems like a genuinely nice guy. Oh, and he can run through drills on a gun course like nobody's business.
ClarinetGxcha 666
ClarinetGxcha 666 - 2 giorni fa
Keanu Reeves can rob a store and nobody would dare arrest him.
Kristen Kahl-Reno
Kristen Kahl-Reno - 2 giorni fa
adzuan shah
adzuan shah - 2 giorni fa
lot of motorcyle, but keanu still choose subway😘
mirror talk
mirror talk - 2 giorni fa
Real ....👌
yoloman6323 - 2 giorni fa
Carlos Lehder
Carlos Lehder - 2 giorni fa
I rock the ZX10 as well... best feeling... best performing in my opinion.
Giovanna M
Giovanna M - 2 giorni fa
Love love love this guy
oleg vitalich
oleg vitalich - 2 giorni fa
Куда-то,забрел ,прекрасный человек...
Jin Sato
Jin Sato - 2 giorni fa
He doesn't look at the camera even during interviews. 100% actor
TheycallmeD Day
TheycallmeD Day - 2 giorni fa
Got to love that passion for motorcycles it really shows 👌
Truestar1111 - 2 giorni fa
Listen this was hard to try N leave a comment .. Site was not letting Me ..
Screen was jumping all over the place and that was on 2 Vids..
Anyways Liked the Info on Bikes presenter nice too👌
J3xY - 2 giorni fa
Me and Keanu have the same helmet, my life is full now.
DozyProductions - 2 giorni fa
No way he hasn't gone more than 140 mph.
TC - 2 giorni fa
What shoes is he wearing?
Admiral Beez
Admiral Beez - 2 giorni fa
I hate to contradict John Wick, but at 1:29 Norton’s famous Featherbed frame was not used on the Commando, nor did the Featherbed use rubber mounts. The Featherbed frame was used in the Norton Atlas and other Norton bikes with a rigidly mounted engine. The Commando frame with its famous Isolastic system was the Featherbed’s successor. I’m surprised such a huge bike fan as Keanu got that wrong. Cliff Clavin says sorry, Mr. Wick.
JaGuaR - 2 giorni fa
///RONTOURAGE /// - 2 giorni fa
Keanu, please find me. I am your long lost brother! You sound like me at my store talking to people about getting off the street and onto the track! Great advice for anyone watching this video.
joe Meighan
joe Meighan - 3 giorni fa
your breath taken
joe Meighan
joe Meighan - 3 giorni fa
y my dad here lmao
Elias Hounou
Elias Hounou - 3 giorni fa
who else here to see Keanu??
PsYcHoDeViLz666 - 3 giorni fa
Keanu's Bikes are Breathtaking just like him... :)
Metatron Men
Metatron Men - 3 giorni fa
You can see his authentic passion for the iron horses.
Richie of Tampa
Richie of Tampa - 3 giorni fa
I don't think 4 motorcycles is a collection.
Richie of Tampa
Richie of Tampa - Giorno fa
@whodatboi 4 is a necessity.
whodatboi - Giorno fa
How dare you
ngung nghi khong
ngung nghi khong - 3 giorni fa
i don't like motorcycle but i like your collection , the beautiful design .
Vince D
Vince D - 4 giorni fa
So Harley engines... but Michelin tires, Rizoma parts and Ohlins suspension. Really, that's a lot of intense knowledge there.
dumped300c - 4 giorni fa
He just has to be one of the coolest guys...
StitchTehZombie - 4 giorni fa
I don't care about bikes i just want to listen to keeanu talking about stuff he loves
Karl Urbahn
Karl Urbahn - 4 giorni fa
I'm teaching a bunch of Korean guys an English lesson that involves motorcycling. This video is perfect to include in the lesson!
H D - 4 giorni fa
Nice looking bikes.. tasteful design. Price is a bit steep for regular Joes ;)
Lawliet - 5 giorni fa
Mr Reeves. You are breathtaking
Ana Miss
Ana Miss - 5 giorni fa
Ride it like you stole it baby ! 😝
MessiMayim 07
MessiMayim 07 - 5 giorni fa
I love this man.
S A - 5 giorni fa
wish am rich
Toadking75 - 5 giorni fa
Nicest man in Hollywood
Ben_there_Done_that - 5 giorni fa
Lord reeves
Fast4SloW 717
Fast4SloW 717 - 5 giorni fa
Ive never ridden a norton. Id love to find a basketcase commando
Prossimi video