BTS: Boy with Luv (Live) - SNL

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Lonely Wolf
Lonely Wolf - 43 minuti fa
The was small enough for them but they worked it out soo good There the best and mics were very low BUT BTS ARMY FOR LIFE JUNGKOOK JIMIN JIN V SUGA RM J-HOPE (JUNGKOOK IS MY FAVOURITE) BUT THERE ALL AMAZING
Irene - Ora fa
Duh Dumb boy
Duh Dumb boy - Ora fa
I don’t really like BTS, but the smoothness is insane.
Isicat 4
Isicat 4 - Ora fa
Please don't forget to vote for Bts at the BBMAS for TOP SOCIAL ARTIST! You can vote 100 times per day until May 1st 12:00 pm. ( PDT)!
br rk
br rk - 2 ore fa
Can we get 25 millions v¡EwS less than a week.✊👊
nat21myria - 2 ore fa
Team work makes the dream work remember to check out the official video and hit the like button.
debinosa - 2 ore fa
i love this slowmo intro haha
Goldjade14 - 3 ore fa
Quick background info about BTS .
Bts is a 7 member kpop group (4 vocalist , 3 rappers )
They aren’t like your average kpop group or boyband like 1D, nsync .
BTS is huge because they write & produce music with a lot of deep meaning and messages . They are known to tackle topics such as social issues : oppression , depression , anxiety, hate , bullying . Self love , self hate etc . They are also known to incorporate different genres into they’re music : hip hop , RnB , pop , edm , trap , etc
South Korea is known to have a huge mental health and suicide problem . They’ve Also written songs out of personal struggles . Bts writes music to spread awareness and spread positivity . Which is why they’re unique and popular
I’ve read comments from some people saying they become fans of bts because when hey we’re going through times of bullying or Suicide, they’re lyrics actually resonated within them and help them . Overall bts is huge because they put forth a lot of effort to show that “ MUSIC HAS NO LANGUAGE BARRIERS “ and has the power “ transcend & translate messages “ since kpop is half English half korean
lazy daniela
lazy daniela - 3 ore fa
지완 - 3 ore fa
야 윤기가 춤을 저리 잘췄었나ㅎ
Kathleen Watt
Kathleen Watt - 3 ore fa
Anyone who can't see how amazingly talented and gorgeous these 7 boys are, must have been cursed in a former life! We can only feel sorry for them.
chim chim mochi
chim chim mochi - 3 ore fa
Anybody else who keeps coming back to watch this performance because it is sooo good. No just me ok
ola adegunle
ola adegunle - 4 ore fa
New ARMY here! Pls welcome me. BTS ARE AWESOME 😎
Joudi Elisabete
Joudi Elisabete - Ora fa
Hello welcome to our fandom hope u enjoy😭💞💞💞
koyukiny - 2 ore fa
Welcome🤗 BTSx Armys are a big family. Once you get to know BTS, you will get so much joy and happiness in your life. 👌
Tmy LY
Tmy LY - 3 ore fa
Welcome! Enjoy the ride!
Luna LovesYou
Luna LovesYou - 3 ore fa
Welcome to the famdom! If you have twitter, check my pinned thread for bts content :) lunarlanguages is my account name
Goldjade14 - 3 ore fa
ola adegunle Welcome ! I suggest watching a video called Who is bts : the seven members of bangtan to get to know them on IT-videos
Nour Bts army
Nour Bts army - 4 ore fa
آاااااااااااااااااااااااااميز هل أنتم هنا !!
بصوت جين 😂😍
Isabella Baglio
Isabella Baglio - 4 ore fa
Coming in here and seeing all these comments from people talking about how much respect they have for BTS now or if they're older and love the group is so amazing! BTS truly is a group for everyone in this world.
Gilda Grunto
Gilda Grunto - 4 ore fa
This is an incredible performance by such a talented bunch with attractive visuals. They are very brave to perform live while dancing hard. They are pretty stable for that kind of choreography and performing live, but 1 stood out to me, the one wearing tie. He is amazing.
koyukiny - 2 ore fa
Jungkook aka Kookie or golden maknae(maknae means the youngest in Korean) born in 1997 so he is 21 right now. He is the main vocalist and one of the main dancers. He is called golden maknae bcz he is good at everything such as singing, dancing, rapping(he rapped in their earlier days), drawing, vedio shooting& editing, etc. He is often called a muscle pig bcz he is full of muscles and physically very strong and very very athletic.
Luna LovesYou
Luna LovesYou - 3 ore fa
That's Jungkook, the youngest. He's called golden maknae (maknae is youngest member of a group in Korean). He's golden bc he can sing, dance, rap, draw, take pictures, edit videos and do sports. He's good at everything :)
anastasia anabelle
anastasia anabelle - 4 ore fa
lmao tae at the end with his thank yous
bangtan army
bangtan army - 4 ore fa
I feel so proud my babies are growing. I've been with them since their debut
ogibogi76 - 5 ore fa
Worst crap ever seen hHhahhahahahaha
El Thompson
El Thompson - Ora fa
+ogibogi76 No. You proved my point. Thank you.
Bee - 3 ore fa
+ogibogi76 No.. you still spouting nonsense
ogibogi76 - 4 ore fa
+El Thompson Ohh gosh, i could write it better to be in sync with your highly refined mind set if you preffer... check this if it is good enough: Complete lack of elementary singing skills without auto -tune, no sync with the voice over playback, no knowledge of basic musical aesthetics. Great idea by an able composer, but extremely poor live performance. Does this reflect my persona in a different way El?
El Thompson
El Thompson - 4 ore fa
I can tell you put a lot of thought into your statement. Truly reflects on yourself.
Chris Ducat
Chris Ducat - 5 ore fa
I don't think I've seen choreography of this calibur before, particularly on live TV. Historical, to be sure! I think the comparisons to an "Asian Beatles" invasion might be apt...this is great stuff and grows with repeat viewing, atypical of most pop (particularly from American nowadays...we really need more stuff like this
Brooke H
Brooke H - 5 ore fa
Not a big fan of their music but the DANCING
paolo b
paolo b - 6 ore fa
i want a studio version with the snl instrumentalists
Sangho Yu
Sangho Yu - 6 ore fa
Flawless!!!! you are the best!
RedBear535 - 6 ore fa
I have no idea who these kids are. Lets see where this goes.
Goldjade14 - 3 ore fa
Watch who’s is bts : the seven members of bangtan to see who they are
Muse of Wind
Muse of Wind - 5 ore fa
Check out BTS - Fake love, Mic drop, Not today, DNA, Save me MVs. Watch BTS UN Speech ( it was written by person who was speak there, and it quoted a lot of their lyrics ). This group is producing/composing/writing the lyrics by themselves and their music is very positive
Jiminie - 6 ore fa
Just watched other kpop artist performed at us tv shows but going back to my ❤️ Their pure and unique with great performance that crosses your soul. So much love and respect for this boys !!!!
khals azmin
khals azmin - 6 ore fa
BTS ❣️❣️❣️
Riddhi Prasad
Riddhi Prasad - 6 ore fa
Loved it!💙
karisma - 6 ore fa
how did this video pull me in so much that i've become an army in like a week????
MIMI CHOI - 4 ore fa
Welcome. The more you know these boys, the more amazing they'll be :)
Muse of Wind
Muse of Wind - 5 ore fa
champoradosensation - 6 ore fa
How are they not out of breath?
Muse of Wind
Muse of Wind - 5 ore fa
Look at this performance:
John Estoy
John Estoy - 6 ore fa
Wow i guess I hated too early. Lol but I wont apologize for the" Love is nothing stronger than than a boy with love" like WTF?!
koyukiny - Ora fa
This song is dedicated to their fans. Unless you know their history, struggles, and their relationship with their fans you wouldn't get the lyrics. This entire album is a tribute to their fans
Muse of Wind
Muse of Wind - 5 ore fa
Check out Cypher pt 2, 3, 4, Outro:Tear and Ddaeng by BTS, u will like their lyrics and flow. You can find the sng subs on Youthbe
Tmy LY
Tmy LY - 6 ore fa
LOL. John, you won't fully understand the meaning of this song unless you know their history. This song is specifically written to their fans and the sequence of their stories are years worth so from a non-fan point of view, you likely will not comprehend the true meaning behind this song. Here's a pretty good explained video of this song: Also, if you have time, watch Who is BTS? Just get passed the first couple mins of their silliness then this video actually gives you a great intro of each member:
Chi Phan
Chi Phan - 7 ore fa
V for everything 🖤
Vasiliki Poimenidou
Vasiliki Poimenidou - 7 ore fa
my boys look carefree abd happy this comeback.lets keep that mood
김동우 - 7 ore fa
They are korean
Roman Julius
Roman Julius - 7 ore fa
It's weird not to hear anyone screaming the whole song or doing any chants
Sugarshaz - 7 ore fa
Terrific! They are great live
elizelo zelo
elizelo zelo - 7 ore fa
i love this performance just don't understand v's pants... haha
N T - 7 ore fa
I see so many non fans appreciate this performance...imagine if they saw their mama or mma performances lol😂😂
Park Naras
Park Naras - 8 ore fa
So many top comment :)
Alima andut
Alima andut - 8 ore fa
04:42 Omg Jungkook your voice... so Smooth😍❣️
민호주 - 8 ore fa
지민이 콧소리만 좀 줄이면 완벽하다.
Is water Wet?
Is water Wet? - 8 ore fa
⚠️hi new fans⚠️ here who is
Jimin:pink hear short the first one to sing 3rd youngest part of maknae line
Taehyung:blue hair the second one to sing second youngest part of maknae line
Jungkook:black hair says you got me high so fast 💨 youngest maknae and part of maknae line
Rm:the tall one aka the leader 4th oldest
Jin:the second tallest visual oldest
Jhope:rapper black hair also 3r oldest
Suga:gray hair rapper also😎 likes to sleep a lot savage second oldest

We stan bts!
Molly Edmonds
Molly Edmonds - 8 ore fa
I like this better than the original!! Probably because of the live band.
no no
no no - 8 ore fa
I always told myself I would never stan yet here I am.... God I hate myself.
Tmy LY
Tmy LY - 6 ore fa
LOL. Welcome. You won't regret it. ;)
Red Ruby
Red Ruby - 7 ore fa
As BTS stated, love yourself 😊 it's ok to like BTS
Min Lee
Min Lee - 7 ore fa
Hahaha. Welcome to the fam!!!💜💜💜
마침표__ - 8 ore fa
아진짴ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ뒤에 음악뭔데ㅋㅋㅋㄱ종나거슬려
이치호 - 9 ore fa
무대가 좀 작은거 같다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
음악도 작고 조회수봐라 진짜 월드클래스
진짜 한국의 자부심
Stephanie - 9 ore fa
I hate Kpop but BTS is literally different on many aspects. Their music, their choreographies, music videos are insanely amazing and different from that typical kpop industry. There’s something about them that make them so special. There are many. Their personalities among those special. They’re not only very genuine in their music but their personality too. So funny, hilarious, savage and humble. I couldn’t thanked more to this radio station in my country that was playing Mic Drop. I immediately got hooked up. So i searched them and thank Youtube I discovered them uwu😭 Then that was how it begins. The craziness i get from these talented and funny men. They make me happy, always! I swear, i have never been a crazy fan for an artist as I do now. BTS, is just so special in my heart. They’re very unique. It’s so weird that I don’t bother listening to English song now. My music playlist is 100% BTS’ songs 🔥 Spring Day, 123, Best Of Me, Make It Right, HOME, Tomorrow, Just One Day, Go Go, The Truth Untold, Singularity etc. Ah I can’t name them all 💜
Muse of Wind
Muse of Wind - 5 ore fa
Alana Griffiths
Alana Griffiths - 9 ore fa
I didn't hear any fan chats im sad now. Don't worry babies I was chanting here at home
Alana Griffiths
Alana Griffiths - 6 ore fa
+MyrthexLatoya Wtf how is that fair 😣😠 it was so weird without it 😢
MyrthexLatoya - 7 ore fa
fan chants were not allowed!
pablo escobar
pablo escobar - 9 ore fa
Yow their their outfits looks so old school. Kinda reminds me of 90's vibes.
Samra Terzo
Samra Terzo - 9 ore fa
Jikook are my brothers 13
That’s the best intro I’ve ever heard
Alicia Plays
Alicia Plays - 9 ore fa
What everyone sounds so different I dident want to believe that they used auto tune for the song :(
Alicia Plays
Alicia Plays - 5 ore fa
+Marceline hey I was just saying they sounded quiet different from the video and i know this is live but alot of their live performances are better so I was shocked
Marceline - 5 ore fa
what are you even talking about? there's practically a live band and back up singers behind them?
Alicia Plays
Alicia Plays - 7 ore fa
+MyrthexLatoya I know they use auto tune but they used to much :(
MyrthexLatoya - 7 ore fa
of course they use some auto tune, basically everyone does that, doesn't make you any less of an artist though. bts has proven already they can sing/rap live!
Gurpreet kaur
Gurpreet kaur - 9 ore fa
Jas Min Seroka
Jas Min Seroka - 9 ore fa
This felt like it was missing something, I realize it's army😂😂
TV킨다 - 9 ore fa
와.. 진짜 행복해보인다.. 앞으로도 이런날만 있기를 ~~
Ar Sal
Ar Sal - 9 ore fa
What’s the most POWERFUL relationship in the planet?

윤혜수 - 10 ore fa
반주 마이크 음향조절 무슨일이냐 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
yunoake Kim
yunoake Kim - 7 ore fa
snl 음향이 안좋다고 하더라구여ㅠ 악조건에서 이정도면 완전히 잘한거같아요
Виктория Петроченко
Wow kings!!!! The best
려섀센세 - 10 ore fa
뭐지 이 잠잘때 잠이 너무 잘올것같은 이 목소리 ..😭😭❤️❤️
Heroics 3
Heroics 3 - 10 ore fa
I wanna see the fan chants when they perform this with Halsey at the billboards on May 1st!!
Cherish Charity
Cherish Charity - 10 ore fa
RM's lil laugh at 3:20 tho!
You guys killed it!
IH K - 10 ore fa
Jimin is so sexy
빙수{존예}빙수 - 11 ore fa
너무 잘한당ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Nicoline Pedersen
Nicoline Pedersen - 11 ore fa
They seem to be enjoying themselves. It's mesmerizing when people express themselves through a passion!
진팅부동 귀여워
방탄소년단 화이팅♡♡!!
kitti wake
kitti wake - 12 ore fa
Jungkook performed as well as ever. He's always perfect. I love Jungkook's voice, dance and visual.
C - Kek
C - Kek - 12 ore fa
I'm 420 years old and after watching BTS my dead family came back from the grave and told me about why I should spent all my time refreshing BTS music video's on youtube and then died painfully again.
Kate Olfhevern
Kate Olfhevern - 12 ore fa
i didn't really get the hype at first, then this song was released..... I AM IN LOVE!!
Goldjade14 - 3 ore fa
Kate Olfhevern Glad you love it ! I suggest watching these clips to get to know BTS in order - who is bts : the seven members of bangtan - bts : nobodies to legends (2013-2017) and part 2 (2018 update ) uploaded by xceleste - bts Hardships uploaded by xceleste
Kate Olfhevern
Kate Olfhevern - 6 ore fa
+Goldjade14 The song was soooo great!! Amma have to listen to some of their songs as well 😍😍 I guess that's why their fans are called Army, together with their idols they fight for such causes using a newer type of musical culture. That's definitely another WOW factor 😍
Goldjade14 - 11 ore fa
Kate Olfhevern yup ! BTS is really well known because they write music addressing social issues: oppression, bullying, hate , mental health , suicide , self love , self hate . A lot of their music talks about things we go through in life and they try to convey a lesson and message and spread positivity. That’s why people love BTS , they’re not some boyband like 1D or Backstreet Boys or other kpop groups , they use their fame and talents to do more positive things . South Korea where their from is known for suicide and mental health issues . Topics like these are considered to be sensitive and taboo to talk about in media . However BTS takes a stand against it . Plus they are known to incorporate different genres into their music : hip hop , RnB , rap , edm , pop , electronic , rock , house , etc Edit : not every pop song is happy colorful vibes . Trust me , that’s just common stereotypes. I suggest checking a song called I need U ( original version ) by BTS . It address mental health , addiction , abuse , etc . This song is example why bts is trying to spread awareness through their music .
Sefako Mathibe
Sefako Mathibe - 12 ore fa
That "stronger" at 3:41 really made my heart swell
Zana Zana
Zana Zana - 2 ore fa
Is Jimin, not Jungkook
Sefako Mathibe
Sefako Mathibe - 7 ore fa
+MyrthexLatoya Yeah, I just discovered :D
MyrthexLatoya - 7 ore fa
that's Jungkook, the youngest of BTS :)
You Got Wasted
You Got Wasted - 13 ore fa
damn this song is fucking catchy...
Irene V
Irene V - 13 ore fa
I'm a 45 year old mum and I love this group. Their music, choreo and vibe makes me smile. They have a natural charisma, all of them, but altogether it's phenomenal.
KooKoo - 10 ore fa
Irene V well said ... they do have natural charisma. :)
Anonnynonny - 13 ore fa
After watching this literally THOUSANDS of times,
I still can't shake this feeling that they are addressing me specifically.
And no, I am not THAT bonkers XD (no more so than your average SNL viewer)
I am only a helpless, smitten, besotted fangirl with Luv Luv Luv Luv Luv Luv Luv !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Awesome, awesome stuff!
Phi n Bangtan Phillip
Phi n Bangtan Phillip - 13 ore fa
3:08 the back up singer reaction to RM’s part is heartwarming. Uwu! That’s my bias 😍😍😍💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Melancholy - 13 ore fa
Honestly the choreography alone makes this really impressive and to sing as well.
MyrthexLatoya - 7 ore fa
check out their performance of 'mic drop' on snl :)
Amelia Herrera
Amelia Herrera - 13 ore fa
BTS is so amazing and talented
Panhia Lee
Panhia Lee - 13 ore fa
The guy with the blue hair must be the main leader or was on him alot
Red Ruby
Red Ruby - 9 ore fa
Rm is the Leader ( the blonde rapper)
KooKoo - 10 ore fa
Panhia Lee He’s the most popular one of BTS. His facial expression during dancing is something. And unique. The one holding stick in below video is a leader. All of them are talented in their own way. :)
Goldjade14 - 11 ore fa
Actually the blonde guy who’s stage name is RM is the leader . He actually is very fluent in English . He’s a producer , song writer , rapper and leader of BTS . Fun fact : - learn English from watching the tv sitcom show “friends “ - Has an IQ of 148 - has collaborated with American artists such as Warren G , fall out boy , wale , etc
kiran Shahzadi
kiran Shahzadi - 12 ore fa
he isnt
Mundster - 13 ore fa
Min Lee
Min Lee - 7 ore fa
Welcome welcome to the Army!!!💜💜
fuzzy peachi
fuzzy peachi - 14 ore fa
so sad tho i'm the late army. At least i have been army since 2017
Jahdai O
Jahdai O - 14 ore fa
The fact that their vocals sound so good live while dancing is mesmerising
Itzz_Mo - 14 ore fa
BTS is onpoint wtfff....
SWAG PLAYZ - 14 ore fa
*Thaikook* 3:57 bdisnskbdjs
bts 4
bts 4 - 15 ore fa
Bet Mawlong
Bet Mawlong - 15 ore fa
the 3 rappers
the vocalist also amazing. the dance was mesmerising
and I have to say jungkuck your vocals were spot on perfect
Blue Roots Denver TV
Blue Roots Denver TV - 15 ore fa
worst fucking shit ever
Goldjade14 - 11 ore fa
Blue Roots Denver TV And you’re watching because ? Don’t be salty cause they have support from people who recognize talent . Don’t be mad cause they are know to write and produce music tackling social issues that occur today and other Things we go through in life or the fact they work hard to show “music can transcend and translate messages regardless of race or age “ Don’t be salty cause they can incorporate different genres such as hip hop , RnB , pop , edm , house and much more . We support BTS cause they are known to use their music and platform for more positive things : collaborate with unicef for an end world violence campaign which FYI raised over 1.6 million dollars through donations and album sales and part of the profit was donated to charity . Not to mention their the first artists since the Beatles to have 3 number 1 ranked album on billboard hot 100 in less then a year .
Lori Ann Miller
Lori Ann Miller - 15 ore fa
Absolutely love this video. Wish they'd make more like it...bright and uplifting !Big LOVE for this group.
Muse of Wind
Muse of Wind - 15 ore fa
Aww, thanks💜
J Edwards
J Edwards - 15 ore fa
Of course Suga would be different and not tuck his shirt in all the way! 😁
Hobi Taehyung-Kim Min
Hobi Taehyung-Kim Min - 15 ore fa
Jin and RM improved so much!!! 💜💜💜💜 I purple u BTS💜💜💜💜💜
LOVER LINK - 15 ore fa
i still think this is their best live version just because of background vocals and instruments
sona l
sona l - 15 ore fa
My daughter is going to see them May 4th. now I regret not going with her. There songs are catchy
Muse of Wind
Muse of Wind - 14 ore fa
Btw, if it's Wembley date - then u can buy the ticlket soon bc wembley is going to add more tickets bc of high demand
Musicluuluu - 15 ore fa
sona l I took my daughters to see BtS concert and I loved it so much! It was the best concert I ever went to and now I am taking them to their 3rd BTS concert! All the moms I met felt the same way, they were blown away! You will enjoy the concert so much if you are able to make it. :)
Muse of Wind
Muse of Wind - 15 ore fa
U still can find the tickets from resellers. And yes, their live performances and concerts are FIRE!
Sammy Is back
Sammy Is back - 16 ore fa
This live version is better than the actual song lmao
N**ll* A**lla
N**ll* A**lla - Ora fa
Most of their songs are better in Live..
XxSugarSugaxX - 16 ore fa
Looking at the comments and as an ARMY I feel joyed with the amount of comments about how amazing BTS where doing on SNL it make me feel so happy! 💜💙❤ ARMYxBTS
Bea Badjar
Bea Badjar - 16 ore fa
They look so full of joy and excited performing! 😊
Dinosaur Fluff
Dinosaur Fluff - 16 ore fa
this version is very chill. the acoustic like music
LISA - 16 ore fa
Have u guys ever noticed that every BTS comment sections are full of talking like between friends.They seem to talk back and forth to each other. The atmosphere is so friendly. I cann't see any difference in real life.🤣😍
지민사랑가을하늘 빛
뭔 마이크를 저렇게 섹쉬하게 잡고 노래를 할까들!!!.^^♥^^
지민사랑가을하늘 빛
마이크 잡은 손!!넘 섹쉬해ㅠ^^♥^^
Lily M.
Lily M. - 16 ore fa
Watch their mv at ibighit. Also mic drop and dna
Kei Yamada
Kei Yamada - 16 ore fa
J Hope looks so cute here
kg 654
kg 654 - 17 ore fa
As someone who’s not a huge BTS fan at all, I can appreciate their talent and singing abilities. Their dancing is incredible and I wish them the best!
Muse of Wind
Muse of Wind - 15 ore fa
Check out Home, Make it right, Dionysus from their new album Map of Soul:Persona ( based on Carl Jung's book ). U will fall in love with these songs
Samyra YouTuber
Samyra YouTuber - 17 ore fa
Jimim seu lindo!
Prossimi video