Identical Twins Switch Places | Will Bailey’s Boyfriend Notice?

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Brooklyn and Bailey
Brooklyn and Bailey - 4 mesi fa
Melissa Brammer
Melissa Brammer - 4 giorni fa
OMG I love you guys!!!
JOANNA Cruceta
JOANNA Cruceta - 28 giorni fa
Brooklyn and Bailey hello
Samantha-Rae Smith
Samantha-Rae Smith - Mese fa
Christina Wright
Christina Wright - Mese fa
516 FIR3WORK-_-FR34K
Omg you both have beautiful eyes 🤩🤩
Mia's Show
Mia's Show - 14 minuti fa
It’s so obvious
nikapol25 - 36 minuti fa
Alotts fails
Yaya Poloo
Yaya Poloo - 37 minuti fa
So cute twins 🥺😍
Calvin Abbott
Calvin Abbott - Ora fa
What did I just watch?
Sarah M.
Sarah M. - Ora fa
Asa 😂 great prank 😂 me and my twin sister are identical too but we look too different to actually be able to pull a prank
Maximus Giardi
Maximus Giardi - 2 ore fa
Everyone shading asa
Even ppl saying “its forgiveable” twhat Asa did
Like what do you mean he did nothing wrong
Ythey prabked him and bothl look alike
Its not like hes at fault or anything like bruh
Asa Woodruff
Asa Woodruff - 4 ore fa
Yo my name is Asa and it was super weird to hear y’all saying my name
Koeit - 7 ore fa
Dam 3 some ?
BALLER_ GAMING - 7 ore fa
Bailey looks good with that hair color
BALLER_ GAMING - 7 ore fa
Goudacris - 13 ore fa
So you’re saying Brooke is single ?
CP - 17 ore fa
Once a wise Woman said, "Ew"

And kept on saying.
Zachery Lopresti
Zachery Lopresti - 21 ora fa
Hmmmmmm hi girls
Natalie Else
Natalie Else - 23 ore fa
Bailey, as Brooklyn, should’ve gone in for a kiss and asa would have been so confused
Vania Orozco
Vania Orozco - Giorno fa
Wow I’ve never seen anyone tell twins apart so well!
Emilee Marie
Emilee Marie - Giorno fa
Anthony Paredes
Anthony Paredes - Giorno fa
They look like Alyson Stoner OMFG
Yth.Izz.215 - Giorno fa
it’s kinda easy to tell with these two, baileys nose is slanted a little to the left, brooklyn’s is to the right
jack mulhall
jack mulhall - Giorno fa
Yall petty asf
mani raheja
mani raheja - Giorno fa
It is actually really hard to identify you both
Rix Prester
Rix Prester - Giorno fa
I know i've never dated a twin relatives but the only to keep in mind how to recognize them are birth marks e.g. mole, the way they behave, the voice if noticeable, and hair colour. IMO anyway
Brinley Johnson
Brinley Johnson - Giorno fa
love you guys!
Does it Slap?
Does it Slap? - 2 giorni fa
Ok girl defined
Maddy Hull
Maddy Hull - 2 giorni fa
My bff is an I identical twins I can tell them apart from there hair my bffs hair is short and her twin has long hair
Anirudh Venugopal
Anirudh Venugopal - 2 giorni fa
Why does she drop so many "ew"s ? 🤦‍♂️...
Jonie Rapoza
Jonie Rapoza - 2 giorni fa
Looks like asa didn’t look towards Brooklyn/Bailey
Thewigon sees you
Thewigon sees you - 3 giorni fa
*Girls purposely try to confuse their friends*
Boyfriend doesn’t notice it due to obvious similarities
Girlfriend: *Shocked pikachu face*
Ally Jensen
Ally Jensen - 3 giorni fa
Spicy - 3 giorni fa
Ew...ew ew! Is this the new way of talking???
EXO_OhBaekXing_HanYeol XOXO
Their eyes are different and their face shapes are different too
EXO_OhBaekXing_HanYeol XOXO
Their eyes are different and their face shapes are different too
EXO_OhBaekXing_HanYeol XOXO
Lykke Toppenberg Lazar
Lykke Toppenberg Lazar - 3 giorni fa
Teaghan Allen
Teaghan Allen - 4 giorni fa
I love 💗 you guys you are awesome I wish I had a twin !!!!!💜
clorox bleach
clorox bleach - 4 giorni fa
anoying teenage girls:

Mm Squad
Mm Squad - 4 giorni fa
How do you look so alike 🧐
JnrDml Channel
JnrDml Channel - 4 giorni fa
the girl at the left side a little bit chubby face and right side her face looks like a fox(in a good way) sorry for my bad english
ii_gissi Life_ii
ii_gissi Life_ii - 4 giorni fa
I love how she says eww instead of ahh 😂😂😂
Legacy94 - 4 giorni fa
I seen them at sixflags realized they were too old for me then wasn’t interested in them anymore😂
Yellow Faceeditzz
Yellow Faceeditzz - 4 giorni fa
Eww eww eww head ahh chick sounded like she stepped on some homeless man phecies
Ethord - 4 giorni fa
why is ur video so overexposed!!!!!!!!!!
Tommy Berger
Tommy Berger - 5 giorni fa
Bailey’s nose is more crooked lol
kenpoarniceguy1 - 5 giorni fa
You two are so sneaky.
Jennifer Tasnim
Jennifer Tasnim - 5 giorni fa
Girl:Ew...*says it forever *
Me:so how long is this gonna go for.... *1 year later* ah finally..
1Chasg - 5 giorni fa
Can the fat chick stop saying Ew?
Mahaba Al hamli
Mahaba Al hamli - 5 giorni fa
You look like a your mother guys ❤️
Kyle Jimenez
Kyle Jimenez - 5 giorni fa
I can tell by their nose
TheSahota11 - 5 giorni fa
Aliza Ali
Aliza Ali - 6 giorni fa
xxx ❤❤❤
Alvaro Revilla
Alvaro Revilla - 6 giorni fa
Omg yall so pretty 😍
Book of shadows contributor Brian
Video kinda long🎥
The Unboxing Experience
The Unboxing Experience - 6 giorni fa
Bailey should start flirting with Asa acting as Brooklyn and see how he reacts. That would be so entertaining!
Rachel Ann
Rachel Ann - 8 ore fa
He wouldve been confused lol but I feel like he probably wouldve figured it out it wasnt Brooklyn cause I mean bailey is his gf and interacts with her. They may look the same, but they act differently and The flirting wouldve possibly given her away. If he didnt though that just wouldve been bad hahahah
Jesus Lugo
Jesus Lugo - 9 ore fa
That would be weird..
Crimson B0i
Crimson B0i - 6 giorni fa
I almost had a twin ;-;
Torii Coleman
Torii Coleman - 6 giorni fa
The first friend: eww you just looked like Bailey
Me: what's wrong with looking like Bailey
But I can tell who's who because baileys voice is higher and perky
Angie Gutiérrez
Angie Gutiérrez - 6 giorni fa
I don't know you but I can definitely tell who is who, how can people not differentiate you? 😂😂😂 Bailey has a slightly different nose than Brooklyn and a more rounded face, I mean is not that difficult.
Brenna Hayes
Brenna Hayes - 6 giorni fa
I can’t believe the boyfriend didn’t realize his own girlfriend
Genny A.
Genny A. - 7 giorni fa
If you been here the longest then you should get that they don’t look alike
Tanya Uys
Tanya Uys - 7 giorni fa
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