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Heath Hussar
Heath Hussar - 3 mesi fa
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Nrt Drhaz
Nrt Drhaz - 22 giorni fa
@Nicole Zahorchak bsnfjg
Lelan Mom
Lelan Mom - Mese fa
Fuck yooooooooooooooooooooooou
Nick Rock
Nick Rock - 2 mesi fa
Your pranks dont work cause you fuck with his things not with him
creyes 7326
creyes 7326 - 2 mesi fa
Heath Hussar I am so excited for the podcast I love you no homo
michelle perez
michelle perez - 3 giorni fa
i love todd’s bucees shirt 😭😭😭
Slash Uzzi
Slash Uzzi - 5 giorni fa
I love your podcast so much make more please
chuggggggy - 8 giorni fa
That "L" from LIL BITCH looked really cool with that effect of peeling off LOL
Sammieantha - 10 giorni fa
You're 175 now baby!!!! Get you that new car!!!! Because everyone needs 3 cars :)
Evelyn Scott
Evelyn Scott - 10 giorni fa
0:12 that smile can make anybody smile
Hannah Spence
Hannah Spence - 19 giorni fa
Heath is my favorite out of everyone.
Lauren Gryder
Lauren Gryder - 20 giorni fa
Want a good prank to pull on david? Take his camera as well as anything he can take a video on.
Christopher Cole
Christopher Cole - 20 giorni fa
todd talking about his dream was God telling todd that if he doesn't stop drinking he's gonna die young
Coyev - 20 giorni fa
who is the chick in the purple yoga pants lmfao
Rubie Rojas
Rubie Rojas - 20 giorni fa
3 months later n still no podcast 😂
Emily Pangborn
Emily Pangborn - 21 giorno fa
If Jason married Liza that would be a great prank on David
The friends
The friends - 21 giorno fa
When Todd has a Bucees shirt on 🙊 only Texas people can’t Florida can get this
Lil.go4t Productions
Lil.go4t Productions - 21 giorno fa
9:09 look to the right ur welcome😬
Arshaduddin king
Arshaduddin king - 22 giorni fa
How do u guys take a lot of time gust thinking of doing this
Arshaduddin king
Arshaduddin king - 22 giorni fa
U guys are so crazy
Kaitlyn Tenorio
Kaitlyn Tenorio - 25 giorni fa
Heath @ Carly: "Work it work it!"
Bruce: "Dont vlog her"
Heath: "Cutest couple right here"
Bruce: "Ok vlog it"
😍😍so adorable!!!
Quizmar 12
Quizmar 12 - 25 giorni fa
Yeah yall can do better famz get someone to marry Liza lol
Quizmar 12
Quizmar 12 - 25 giorni fa
Or BLEACH all his shirts
Trippy Cole
Trippy Cole - 25 giorni fa
Then David gives Heath a Lamborghini.
Karma is broken
A.C - 26 giorni fa
Watching a Klondike bar ad, Todd eating a Klondike bar...
Logan Sheppard
Logan Sheppard - 28 giorni fa
Yesterday, after 13 years of everyday cannabis use, I decided to quit! 7 months ago last week I quit smoking cigarettes too! I made myself a deal.. right on the 30 day mark I’m going to go buy myself a new Nissan 370Z! I respect your grind brother, keep at it!
shru1014 - Mese fa
Shane's video on psychopaths don't have emotions comes to mind. Anyone else would have flipped.
kae - Mese fa
8:58 heath be glowing
eXo RVMBO - Mese fa
dallas Brown
dallas Brown - Mese fa
Here is a good prank. take all his filming equipment while he is sleeping. then invite him everyone over to his house and have a massive rager. When he wakes up do not give him access to his camera's or anyone else's. I'm sure that might annoy him a bit.
Kenny K
Kenny K - Mese fa
Natalie's ass though
Cassie Glandon
Cassie Glandon - Mese fa
I’m so excited!! I cannot wait for y’all podcast!
Rose Xx
Rose Xx - Mese fa
Heath: I'm over 2 weeks with no drugs or alcohol
Todd: why
Amyra Burnette
Amyra Burnette - Mese fa
That kid rideing wheeles
On my other account I am subscribed from the first day
Stve Rigby
Stve Rigby - Mese fa
Ok bad jk love them
Zoe Helmke
Zoe Helmke - Mese fa
A good prank for David would be to take all of his equipment for his videos, like his camera, sd cards, computer, ect. And hide it for a while , then he would really get mad
Beau G
Beau G - Mese fa
What is it like to be a American cause I am Australian
Augustine Martinez
Augustine Martinez - Mese fa
I wight more the Heath
Rebel Psycho
Rebel Psycho - Mese fa
Heath if you don’t wanna die young stop smoking
Stacy White Woman
Stacy White Woman - Mese fa
damn the beginning is so sad😭😭(carly&bruce)
lauren paige
lauren paige - Mese fa
therapy: is expensive
saying “it be like that sometimes”: free
AnushkaSings ♡
AnushkaSings ♡ - Mese fa
I feel so bad for Carly and Bruce. I wish they get back together in the future. I loved them together. I hope Bruce is still in the vlogs.
default_gamer - Mese fa
Therapy ain't no $50 bucks a session (at least not for me) it's more around $200 for mine
Twisted Breezy
Twisted Breezy - Mese fa
Vinny Valenza
Vinny Valenza - Mese fa
9:09 camel toe👍
Dylan Watson
Dylan Watson - Mese fa
what is their podcast called ? also what platform is it on ?
Esmeralda Ramirez
Esmeralda Ramirez - Mese fa
I liked it when they peeled it off because it looks kind of cool
Hanukkah Lordawesomeness
Okay but the girl in the purple tights has a camel toe it was so noticeablee
supermoto sessions
supermoto sessions - Mese fa
ahah its like we get a differant version of jason on your vlogs like all slow and shit
Psi9 - Mese fa
9:10 ur welcome
SBee - 2 mesi fa
What and where can I find this fake spray paint at? I want to film a video of me Pranking my dad for my channel lol His truck is his pride and joy
Nick Rock
Nick Rock - 2 mesi fa
Your pranks dont work cause you fuck with his things not with him even if it was a simple bucket water n door actually I would like that
Mallory Gragg
Mallory Gragg - 2 mesi fa
Why zane always look high
lucy fernandez
lucy fernandez - 2 mesi fa
Where tf is the podcast guys ??!!!!
jon perez
jon perez - 2 mesi fa
hi heath
Darren Lozano
Darren Lozano - 2 mesi fa
I swear for 1 sec I smelled the fumes
Alex Berke
Alex Berke - 2 mesi fa
I love how heaths vlogs are so much more chill than David’s. I love David but fuck you david for fucking with these amazing people. Still love you tho
Alan Valduvin
Alan Valduvin - 2 mesi fa
Damn Todd repping the Bucc-ees shirt. Love it!
Starry Rose
Starry Rose - 2 mesi fa
Audrey Chavez
Audrey Chavez - 2 mesi fa
I'm from texas and I love that Todd is wearing a Buc-ee's shirt
chloe france
chloe france - 2 mesi fa
I want to listen to their podcast but I don’t know what it’s called and is it on the podcast app?
maddison Salls
maddison Salls - 2 mesi fa
Podcast .................... Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Cameron raffensperger
Cameron raffensperger - 2 mesi fa
You should keep the wrap like that like when you took off the wrap from the L in lil
nostradamus - 2 mesi fa
"iS tHiS rEaL"?
Prossimi video