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Heath Hussar
Heath Hussar - Mese fa
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Baby Lingling
Baby Lingling - 22 giorni fa
When does the podcast start? C
Mike Lush
Mike Lush - 24 giorni fa
swipe up & use code ItzThatHussarGuy for 20% off
George Klipfel
George Klipfel - 26 giorni fa
@Lillian Grey they should take all his vlog stuff and hide it...
Lillian Grey
Lillian Grey - 28 giorni fa
George Klipfel omg yesss
sweet phangurl
sweet phangurl - 28 giorni fa
@Sarah Mhsn OMG that would be amazing!!!
MesserAaron13 - 21 ora fa
how’s your day
how’s your day - 21 ora fa
heath looks sm better than early clips from david’s vlogs
Sara Ghamrawi
Sara Ghamrawi - 22 ore fa
How does Todd have a BUC-CEES SHIRT
Teresa Rachfal
Teresa Rachfal - 2 giorni fa
Didnt watch it yet not going through comments I'm just shocked they're trying to get there asses beat❤❤😂❤
jacob’s World
jacob’s World - 3 giorni fa
Anybody see toddy’s Bucky’s shirt
Jorden Chambliss
Jorden Chambliss - 3 giorni fa
All their laughs sound so fake when David is vlogging
Jan Cowell
Jan Cowell - 3 giorni fa
This is like David dobrik’s vlogs but like it’s real life ahahaha
Ben Gonzalez
Ben Gonzalez - 3 giorni fa
You’re not funny
Claudia Olivarez
Claudia Olivarez - 4 giorni fa
5:05 CVS
Kins Kate mostly kins
Kins Kate mostly kins - 4 giorni fa
Anyone else think heath looks like sal from Impractical jokers —————>
Albertsstuffsfanboi - 4 giorni fa
Destined - 4 giorni fa
Lol 😂
Destined - 4 giorni fa
Swith all Davids black clothes with colored ones

(Not orignal comment)
Don't Trash on my Memes
Don't Trash on my Memes - 5 giorni fa
Did anyone else get a Klondike bar add then notice that Tod was eating a Klondike bar. No just me?
purav sheth
purav sheth - 5 giorni fa
Look how nice they are off David's camera. I was waiting for one of them to insult the other. But nothing happened
CHRISTY LEFFEW - 5 giorni fa
Cloe Viasana
Cloe Viasana - 5 giorni fa
i love that i have the same exact shirt as todd in the beginning🤣🤣 i jut neverrrrr wear it!🤣🤣
Victoria Bernhart
Victoria Bernhart - 5 giorni fa
Who are the random girls in the back?
Addy Doty
Addy Doty - 5 giorni fa
For a prank you should make all his black cloths and hats a neon color
Shea Kelley
Shea Kelley - 6 giorni fa
Prank David with burning random black shirts from target or Walmart then in his closet is colorful shirts!!! Please do this like so more people can see this idea!!!
Laila - 7 giorni fa
Post the podcast Spotify too please as soon as use start 🥰
Ghasssan Alghamdi
Ghasssan Alghamdi - 7 giorni fa
the girl who is wearing purple yoga pants who is she
Colton Smith
Colton Smith - 7 giorni fa
Really surprised there’s no comments about Natalie, a little disappointed
Christian Potter
Christian Potter - 8 giorni fa
Whos the girl in blue/purple leggings?
Yoko Tamada
Yoko Tamada - 9 giorni fa
more content of you and everyone just talking plz
J A C K I E - 10 giorni fa
9:16 David rlly do got a big dick
legitpenguin123 - 10 giorni fa
As a car guy this video made me cringe so hard
Potato Person
Potato Person - 10 giorni fa
I love how Jason and Todd were being so supportive of Heath loosing weight
Savage Mafia Nation 934 Mighty Savage Mob
Throw a little party invite an actor. Make the actor press david like he wants to fight him maybe a serious shove. Then just have him grab david wrestle him to the ground everyone freaks out davids scared. Boooom
Sean Cochran
Sean Cochran - 10 giorni fa
Omg Todd is wearing a buc-ee's shirt
blurryface - 10 giorni fa
man i love stormy weather... but not stormy enough to cause damage or hurt anyone
Karen Garcia
Karen Garcia - 11 giorni fa
omg can’t wait for this podcast!!!
Gretel Gonzalez
Gretel Gonzalez - 11 giorni fa
Todd’s bucees shirt!!!! ❤️❤️
Austin Parker
Austin Parker - 11 giorni fa
Jason has definetly lost weight
John Smith
John Smith - 11 giorni fa
Yall are funny af
ElenaMae93 - 11 giorni fa
But did the paint come off??
BL shock
BL shock - 11 giorni fa
Is that a Klondike bar
whats gucci Styles
whats gucci Styles - 13 giorni fa
1,862,479th SUBSCRIBER! ✌🎗❤
Lara Hely
Lara Hely - 13 giorni fa
Please take David’s SD cards ♥️
SpeakingOf Alex
SpeakingOf Alex - 13 giorni fa
I love that todd is wearing a bucky beaver shirt
Finny C.
Finny C. - 14 giorni fa
I'm soooooooo excited to hear the podcast!!!!!!
Bernice Dorado
Bernice Dorado - 14 giorni fa
You should do a stalker prank
vee rojas
vee rojas - 14 giorni fa
oh! you should name you podcast "COFFEE TALK W/ HEATH AND ZANE"
Mikara Marie
Mikara Marie - 14 giorni fa
Yo when did Jason become a therapist
Allison Elizabeth
Allison Elizabeth - 15 giorni fa
Yes I love podcasts! Perfect for when I'm working. I'm ready.
Nigeria Roberty
Nigeria Roberty - 15 giorni fa
It had got dark really fast 💨
Petar D-Y
Petar D-Y - 15 giorni fa
One of the most underated youtubers but just reccomendation put a more positive attitude and stuff because your funny and nice so just represent good things
Amanda Burger
Amanda Burger - 16 giorni fa
Munky - 16 giorni fa
That dead ass thing is so stupid cause you can't ever do anything prank wise to him and he'll just say that so you can't mess with him. I think he came up with that so no one would really make him believe anything and freak out. But nice try! I wanted to see him panic and freak out but he threw down the pussy dead ass comment.
Junior Mendoza
Junior Mendoza - 17 giorni fa
Is zane and heath gay
Corinne Klain
Corinne Klain - 17 giorni fa
Please put out coffee mugs for your podcast merch!!!
Sarah Rojo-Martinez
Sarah Rojo-Martinez - 17 giorni fa
I love that Toddy has a Bucee’s shirt 😍
Christina Hantzinikolas
Christina Hantzinikolas - 17 giorni fa
Although they fuck with each other. They are so supportive of each other with like everything. It's so cute
Jairo Romani
Jairo Romani - 17 giorni fa
6:57 is when they start spray painting to skip the ads
Devil Master
Devil Master - 18 giorni fa
Not gonna lie, the way it looked when you peeled it off completely was pretty cool. Like the outline of the word looked like it was fading into the car 😂
MANA - 18 giorni fa
Its impossible to shock david
DylanPatricia Basawa
DylanPatricia Basawa - 18 giorni fa
A little behind here, but I'm so excited for the podcast!!
some_mexican_kid_ - 18 giorni fa
9:10 Natalie has a camel toe
Kayla Matte
Kayla Matte - 18 giorni fa
Is he wearing a buc-ee’s shirt????
Sophie Annett
Sophie Annett - 18 giorni fa
my life is now complete I just got shouted out in a Heath vlog aayyyyyy
MK GILLIGAN - 18 giorni fa
no one:
David: this isnt real
MK GILLIGAN - 18 giorni fa
“Whats up coffee beans?”
kailey golbrock
kailey golbrock - 19 giorni fa
what if Tod's actually gay and thats why there was a man in the closet but...

maybe the man was him
Bella Telfer
Bella Telfer - 19 giorni fa
U should prank David but before you do steal his camera
Two pranks in one
Pëwdìëpíē 666
Pëwdìëpíē 666 - 17 giorni fa
Mia Irnell maybe
Mia Irnell
Mia Irnell - 17 giorni fa
@Pëwdìëpíē 666 he probably hugs it to his chest when he sleeps. It's literally his livelihood, I doubt he will let it out of anyone's sight (like when he is falling asleep he will be like: NATALIE watch my camera). but i guess it could technically be possible
Pëwdìëpíē 666
Pëwdìëpíē 666 - 18 giorni fa
Mia Irnell when he is sleeping he is always asleep
Mia Irnell
Mia Irnell - 18 giorni fa
i feel like that would literally be impossible considering he takes it with him EVERYWHERE
Meagan Miller
Meagan Miller - 19 giorni fa
Todd appreciates the best kind of weather 🙌🏻🙌🏻
Rashaylyn 22
Rashaylyn 22 - 20 giorni fa
tod’s buc-ees shirt gives me life! southern pride! everyone needs a little buc-ees in their life!
Nathan Seery
Nathan Seery - 20 giorni fa
Jasmine Martinez
Jasmine Martinez - 20 giorni fa
david: is this real?
Aaliyah Peebles
Aaliyah Peebles - 20 giorni fa
I went to the link to buy the orange bubba hoodie that I've wanted since it came out and now I finally got the money for and it said "sold out" I instantly started crying😭😭🤦🏾‍♀️
TheOnlyS_S - 20 giorni fa
These vlogs make me feel better than David's vlogs, no hate
Sam Mckim
Sam Mckim - 20 giorni fa
0:13 lowkey jason is right that weather actually bangs
TheOnlyS_S - 20 giorni fa
Yeah I enjoy the more mellowed out dark sky, and I sleep way better when its raining
Lin -O
Lin -O - 20 giorni fa
I am a coffee bean
Nick Harris
Nick Harris - 20 giorni fa
Damn how you gonna upload a video and within 15 minutes delete it smh bro.. #Heartbroken
AnImproversation - 20 giorni fa
uh okay bebe where is the other video now?
Fishy fish
Fishy fish - 20 giorni fa
Aisling Duffy
Aisling Duffy - 20 giorni fa
Dude what happend to your 20 lbs waight loss vid?
Gabriella Pérez
Gabriella Pérez - 20 giorni fa
(For the next vid)
Gabriella Pérez
Gabriella Pérez - 20 giorni fa
Nooo Heath post it again😭 I was just 9 mins late
Ryan Kim
Ryan Kim - 20 giorni fa
What happened to the body transformation video!!! The 20 pounds!!
Kyle Hogg
Kyle Hogg - 21 giorno fa
your best foods to eat when you're high video just popped up in my reccomended and it reminded of my late night sandwich which is made like a grilled cheese but instead of putting cheese you put peanut butter then chocolate and putt it out instead of slipping it and put a havy smear of cool whip and sliced bananas then top it off with another toasted and buttered peice of bread that you toast in the pan with a healthy serving of butter
Jonathan X
Jonathan X - 21 giorno fa
Dobrik slays some strange girls... that camel toe is out of control
Tamandjam89 - 21 giorno fa
Omg yasssssss pod cast yay 😁
Dmy - 21 giorno fa
You told him way too early
Aiden - 21 giorno fa
Can you guys post the podcast on Spotify
XxTwonkNinjaxX Gaming
XxTwonkNinjaxX Gaming - 21 giorno fa
All we really want to know is who's the girl in the purple pants
king love
king love - 21 giorno fa
I love you!!!!
Juliana Olvera
Juliana Olvera - 21 giorno fa
Dude David looks not at all the same in the humb nail
Ginny The Bunny
Ginny The Bunny - 21 giorno fa
Heath looks younger and nicer without a beard
Nicholas K
Nicholas K - 21 giorno fa
That promo was slick
Nicholas K
Nicholas K - 21 giorno fa
WHAT Jason was so motivational/gave the best advice
Najmah Hosseini
Najmah Hosseini - 21 giorno fa
Your nice
BosunDog V
BosunDog V - 21 giorno fa
In response to David's newest vlog. I just wanted to say that your bubba longsleeve is still sold out. Get it fixed so I can buy one!!
devin jane
devin jane - 21 giorno fa
Johnna Bilbrey
Johnna Bilbrey - 22 giorni fa
You & Mariah are my favorite 💜
Spent my whole Sunday binge watching ur channel 👍
Anthony Rios
Anthony Rios - 22 giorni fa
Did they really just use platidip
Jessica Daulton
Jessica Daulton - 22 giorni fa
I had a dream where a monster was chasing me and grabed my shoulder and scratched it and then i woke up with a scratch on my shoulder that wasnt there when i went to sleep
Tyler CSM
Tyler CSM - 22 giorni fa
9:10 thank me later boys
hollis leventis
hollis leventis - 22 giorni fa
Yessss I’m excited for the podcast
hollis leventis
hollis leventis - 22 giorni fa
Heath is my favorite vlog squad member easily
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