Heidi Klum's Out-of-This-World Halloween Costume: Watch and Hear All About Her Look! (Exclusive)

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Demien Clayton
Demien Clayton - 3 giorni fa
Janine Carpentier
Janine Carpentier - 4 giorni fa
Janine Carpentier
Janine Carpentier - 4 giorni fa
shapuyzat - 7 giorni fa
shivam kumar
shivam kumar - 10 giorni fa
Nice pic
Jesika Moua
Jesika Moua - 12 giorni fa
She's so cool. 😊
ΣDM LӨVΣЯ - 13 giorni fa
Wait what? 12 hour? Don't tell me that she didn't go to the toilet that long
Tante Emma
Tante Emma - 17 giorni fa
Ekelhaft die Frau
Colin McMahon
Colin McMahon - 18 giorni fa
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Colin McMahon
Colin McMahon - 18 giorni fa
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Colin McMahon
Colin McMahon - 18 giorni fa

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Colin McMahon
Colin McMahon - 18 giorni fa
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citizen kiwi
citizen kiwi - 21 giorno fa
wow that's pretty good artwork damn
Mit Ar Xu
Mit Ar Xu - 23 giorni fa
OMG!!!! She is the best!! I love her custom is very original
Raquel Damasceno
Raquel Damasceno - 24 giorni fa
os homens estão perdendo a feição natural, com a bíblia diz, que assim aconteceria....
Rodney Reyes
Rodney Reyes - 24 giorni fa
*asserts illuminati dominance*
robila rubi
robila rubi - 24 giorni fa
Eww really awkward to look for me in my opinion.. how she is even wearing that... But love that artist who made her Halloween
Jaida Hinata
Jaida Hinata - 25 giorni fa
she's the best when it comes to halloween
Mimi Mimi
Mimi Mimi - 26 giorni fa
she is a satan, ugly woman with her slave
LIL_ KYLE0911 - 26 giorni fa
Thats sooooo epic!
Woah im T-T
Danielle Flavia Ferreira Viana
Incrível a melhor
Aaron Mayhew
Aaron Mayhew - 28 giorni fa
Sick people.
IRON MAIDEN - 28 giorni fa
Dreck bist du
..Wie dein Callboy...
Daniel Embree
Daniel Embree - 29 giorni fa
Heidi Klum is so nasty. She went from dating rich, dirty old men to high school age guys
AND1 - 29 giorni fa
Angela Crane
Angela Crane - 29 giorni fa
That's badass!!!!
roseanna pollina
roseanna pollina - 29 giorni fa
Love how she goes for it!
SashaOlivia - Mese fa
She wins every year
Arturo McNeil
Arturo McNeil - Mese fa
That is freaky
AQ - Mese fa
Lmao Tom had to live through Bill’s costumes and now Heidi’s
Siti Nadhirah
Siti Nadhirah - Mese fa
Love her outfit
Helene Löwen
Helene Löwen - Mese fa
Are you happy, Heidi? I mean, when the lights are out? Make your fame and your money really happy? You're on your way to hell, just like the most people on this earth. But as long as you're alive, it's not to late to come to Jesus.
Helene Löwen
Helene Löwen - Mese fa
Hast Du keine Angst, Heidi? Das solltest Du. Nur Jesus rettet!
Helene Löwen
Helene Löwen - Mese fa
She's looking forward to her eternity ... in the hell
kanye maia
kanye maia - Mese fa
i really cant see anything beyond the fact that whatever that thing is...its naked!!!
eden anshar
eden anshar - Mese fa
Reptilian for sure
kristy dreadfulwater
Haha 😹😹
Rixx - Mese fa
Looks like always
Anja Bursać
Anja Bursać - Mese fa
Omg amazing
andy handy
andy handy - Mese fa
Prossimi video