Tattoo Artist Bang Bang Critiques Rihanna, Post Malone & More Celebrity Tattoos | GQ

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356porwa - 18 ore fa
How are these children of celebrities celebrities again?
Riley - 2 giorni fa
0:39 im pretty sure that refers to jesus on the cross
Nicholas Queen
Nicholas Queen - 14 ore fa
Exactly bro. So obvious. Wierd for him to try and disregard it
Samantha Stuessel
Samantha Stuessel - 3 giorni fa
"All of your nerves are in your hands and feet" they're not...nerves run through out the whole body...
I think what he meant to say was "some of your most sensitive nerves are in your hands and feet."
If that's not what he meant to say and he actually believes all your nerves are in the hands and feet, then he's a moron...
However I do like the fact that he articulates his opinions well where as the other artist I've seen on here are saying things like "that's badass" or "this sucks" he really hasn't said anything negative because it's all individual. I like this video because of him.
hello flex
hello flex - 6 giorni fa
This guy looks like a thicker captain america
Daddy Ghost
Daddy Ghost - 8 giorni fa
When did Channing Tatum get tattoos.
Arya Mohamad
Arya Mohamad - 8 giorni fa
yeah Steph, call him😂
Oopsie Poopsie
Oopsie Poopsie - 9 giorni fa
He is so nice, most of the tattoos were dumb to me.
Honey Butter
Honey Butter - 9 giorni fa
This guy is dope
Cece Love
Cece Love - 10 giorni fa
Imma remember him forever now 💯anytime I see bang bang imma be like da tattoo artist dat did some of my fav celebrities tattoos 😂😂
Ritch3y - 11 giorni fa
Bang bang looks like Mac Miller if he let himself go rip Mac
Loki - 11 giorni fa
A fella that calls himself Bang Bang, should not critique anything.
Daniel Oană
Daniel Oană - 12 giorni fa
Captain America loves McDonalds
geyser head !!!!
geyser head !!!! - 12 giorni fa
Rihanna side boob tho
Yvng Ed3n
Yvng Ed3n - 12 giorni fa
Can y’all do a review on my tattoos
Meks - 15 giorni fa
It is Not a Polynesian Tattoo.. Just Saying
Barek Omaba
Barek Omaba - 16 giorni fa
Thus us captain America with tattoos
daniel g
daniel g - 18 giorni fa
Carbxn Based://
Carbxn Based:// - 21 giorno fa
why is everything that comes out of his mouth absolute GARBAGE ?
Savage Hippie
Savage Hippie - 21 giorno fa
This guy is very positive and also I’m the 1000th comment
Jacob Møller
Jacob Møller - 23 giorni fa
Fuzzy AlbertoLo09
Fuzzy AlbertoLo09 - 24 giorni fa
Well Justin Bibier probably isn’t mad that him and post Malone have the same tattoo because they went to the same high school
Dinho - 26 giorni fa
He looks like the chubby Chris Evans
Dan Thomas
Dan Thomas - 26 giorni fa
Brooklyn Beckhams is backwards? Surely?
ATLAS - 27 giorni fa
dumbass thinks its a diver lmfao. Its a Jesus Christ reference
Marlon Flores
Marlon Flores - 27 giorni fa
David Beckham back tattoo look like a diver??? Lol. It looks more like someone being crucified
Nouie G
Nouie G - 29 giorni fa
That analysis on how david beckham's tattoo might have been a diving man, is pretty amazing..
Salvador Reyes
Salvador Reyes - 29 giorni fa
Venom Fan2008
Venom Fan2008 - 29 giorni fa
Love tattoos
Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump - Mese fa
Thx captain
Retarded Oranges
Retarded Oranges - Mese fa
Have him go over Lil Peep’s tattoos
ཀ༑༎༑ འལ
bang bang invited to the cookout fam.
maria daoudi
maria daoudi - Mese fa
i do no like use.
maria daoudi
maria daoudi - Mese fa
nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooobbb tattoo noob its not good
LocalCelebrity - Mese fa
Kylie only has little red tattoos because red ink can be most easily covered with make up for a photo shoot. This guy is super sick tho!
50Plus Smov
50Plus Smov - Mese fa
50Plus Smov - Wasn’t me (Leaked)
God Bless 🌹
elite socks
elite socks - Mese fa
Captain America really let himself go
Luna Perić
Luna Perić - Mese fa
David Beckham he used a siluet of Jesus
Skye Chavis
Skye Chavis - Mese fa
I feel the same way as him if i cant see a tattoo and immediately know what it is i dont really like it. If i have to think about it i dont think its a great design
Simon Potts
Simon Potts - Mese fa
The way he spoke about Rhianna tattoo...this dude is a ARTIST
Romeo M
Romeo M - Mese fa
The worst tattoos I’ve ever seen are on tattoo artists........
Aaron Malope
Aaron Malope - Mese fa
Really thought he was going to bash like the others but he makes you want to get a good tattoo
HeavenFoundWithin - Mese fa
Tattoo artists will pay back God for every drop of ink that he used to defile the temple of God which is the human body. Unless they receive the Spirit of Chris to on earth - they are in for a very long dark eternity. And anyone reading this, wake up. If you only knew how AMAZING it feels to receive heaven now within you, to receive the Living Water to receive the Spirit of Christ in your body... if you were to ask Jesus for 1 dream tonight to show you about the Living Water and how amazing it feels to be shown to you and given to you... ask tonight.. then you will understand how amazing the gift of God was that you ignored all your life. You need the Living Water to be allowed entry into heaven. Heaven's dress code is this: All who desire entry must receive a blissful love and power in their flesh on earth..... called the Spirit of Christ. Ill tell you what it feels like ready? IF you have had a dream in your lifetime about flying..... a good dream about flying..... take that feeling... and imagine this:FEELING THAT HERE ON EARTH FOR REAL NON STOP. If you felt that here on earth you would not need to get high, drunk or anything... because you feel like you're FLYING all the time! This is the Spirit of Christ aka the Living Water. And the gift is so awesome that people will hate themselves for not asking for it in life to enter heaven. Not only did they not have true joy on earth, not only could they have felt HEAVEN and FLYING here on earth... but now they missed heaven too. Stop and think. What am I asking you now? Tonight before bed ask "Jesus I am not Christian i am asking you this one time, here and now, show me a dream of the Living Water Spirit of Christ and what I would feel if I received it on earth, show me a clear dream or vision about this please then if i like what i feel in the vision then i will come after it hard and pray for it until it is given."

I hope all of you know that I want you to feel heaven now --- not just later.. but here and now -- and I beg you to ask that 1 prayer tonight before bed.. please.
Landscope 360
Landscope 360 - Mese fa
His own tattoos are rather ugly to my eye tbh
Matheus Barcelos
Matheus Barcelos - Mese fa
David Beckham’s tattoo is not a diver
Blazer RAV
Blazer RAV - Mese fa
He should have seen Lionel Messi tattoo or Neymar's
Triotus _
Triotus _ - Mese fa
Next Future
Next Future - Mese fa
0:48 - Jesus?
Jay Shankar
Jay Shankar - Mese fa
hes talking about the person not the tattoos and what they mean and the art
ebin thomas
ebin thomas - Mese fa
he looks like a chubby Chris Evans
pugsley tattoos
pugsley tattoos - Mese fa
Come on dont have to be that nice..their just celebrities...
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