Tattoo Artist Bang Bang Critiques Kylie Jenner, The Rock & More Celebrity Tattoos | GQ

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Elliot Fundell
Elliot Fundell - 2 giorni fa
He lowkey looks like Chris Evans
cyle van greunen
cyle van greunen - 4 giorni fa
The rocks tattoo is Maori not tribal. For a tattoo artist you should know the difference.
Karen Tan
Karen Tan - 5 giorni fa
He looks like Captain America
Ionut Freak
Ionut Freak - 6 giorni fa
Do you know the deffinition of the word criticize? Stupid title
Clogged toilet
Clogged toilet - 7 giorni fa
Although I'm not a tattoo guy myself, I'm glad the tattoo community is being recognized or at least emerging
heythat onechick
heythat onechick - 9 giorni fa
I would watch a video of Bang Bang reading the dictionary at this point 😅🖤
Kenneth Sotelo
Kenneth Sotelo - 9 giorni fa
Bang bang tattoos , are not even good at all, too expensive and the tattoo artist is average
Clause McCheese
Clause McCheese - 10 giorni fa
stopped watching after the Beckham tatt cause clearly it icarus and this guy aint know nothin'
loïs - 11 giorni fa
this is an alternate universe where captain america chose a whole different career path
Severin Pasqual Mettler
Severin Pasqual Mettler - 11 giorni fa
how u can see a tatt artist is good ore not? of course is not a good one, when he is afraid to do american traditional tattoos whick thick bold lines!...
savage panda3
savage panda3 - 11 giorni fa
Is the middle finger on post Malone Kurt Cobain
Devan Hughes
Devan Hughes - 11 giorni fa
Sorry but i dont like sugar coating and he did alot of it and alot of these tattoos were half assed.
Tluangi Colney
Tluangi Colney - 12 giorni fa
Bang bang into the room... I know you want it
Who_DatFrenchB0i - 15 giorni fa
The tribal tattoo was done the Ancient way with a hammer and needle like thing
Ifeanyi Tonu'u
Ifeanyi Tonu'u - 15 giorni fa
how is that a diver
Turbo fox
Turbo fox - 17 giorni fa
He looks kinda like channing tatum
Sharvin Shahane
Sharvin Shahane - 17 giorni fa
Dudes smart at his job
Joyce Qiu
Joyce Qiu - 19 giorni fa
I wish they would go over Johnny Depp's tattoos
XTC_BANDIT_ - 20 giorni fa
0:55 he is an tattoo artist and dont know Maori tattoos? lol
sᴀᴅᴀsʜɪ - 21 giorno fa
Is it just me or he looks like chris evans in the thumbnail
Jádâ Kêłłÿ
Jádâ Kêłłÿ - 25 giorni fa
Man XXXtentacion had tattoos and 1 red one that said alone if you made a video of x's tattoos I can tell you what they mean
BandyaTV - 26 giorni fa
Chubby chris evans
Rocio diaz vera
Rocio diaz vera - 26 giorni fa
Too kissass
Westyn McCarley
Westyn McCarley - 26 giorni fa
hes cool and all but why does he look like a chubby chris evans
GinzTv - 27 giorni fa
This guu lookin' like captain amerila in thors body
Edit: I respect this guy Tho
Justine Cpngpngn
Justine Cpngpngn - 28 giorni fa
React to pewdiepie's tats!
Vanessa Andrade
Vanessa Andrade - 28 giorni fa
I wish I was rich to get tattoos with him
YT Koby Newman
YT Koby Newman - 28 giorni fa
Rocks tattoo was 40 hours
Shabs Malik
Shabs Malik - 29 giorni fa
Why am I seeing Chris Evans
Piyush Garg
Piyush Garg - Mese fa
Most of the people loving the fact that he is not talking bad about the tattooes. Well it's both ways it's good thing as well as bad thing that you don't say the truth and ofc he has Great knowledge and he is a nice guy unlike other artists but he knows that he can't talk smack about these celebrities because at the end of the day these people are his customers... Like look at Kylie Jenner's tattoo .. honestly that was bad like wtf a red hollow heart but he still told nice things which is lying not saying the truth
Chris Foster
Chris Foster - Mese fa
You’ve just ruined David beckhams back tattoo....all I see now is a diver.....
Julyn WInkelman
Julyn WInkelman - Mese fa
Love how intelligent this guy is and how respectful he is:
BigPapaDave - Mese fa
Bang bang is just fat Chris Evans
Lauren Klein
Lauren Klein - Mese fa
video wouldve been perfect but then they brought in kylie jenner
Jakob Smith
Jakob Smith - Mese fa
I can't believe this video was de-monetized wtf
Ian Bonnar
Ian Bonnar - Mese fa
If I ever get a tattoo you know I'm going to Bang Bang's shop.
Peaky Blinders
Peaky Blinders - Mese fa
He looks like Captain America but healthier
Yurr fitness
Yurr fitness - Mese fa
Hes a big boy
ace of spade
ace of spade - Mese fa
I absolutely love the way you talked about Rihanna’s tattoo. He was focused and careful. He is respectable. I love this kind of information. He is clear and precise. He has a vision when creating. I absolutely love and adore that. You are an artist.
John Doe
John Doe - Mese fa
Good guy....good tattoo artist.....insanely overpriced.
Penguin Senpai
Penguin Senpai - Mese fa
How refreshing to see someone actually be nice instead of all the other tattoo reacts where the tattoo artists are super mean
YT Wollie
YT Wollie - Mese fa
THE coolest tattoos for me is Polynesian Bc I like the Samoan patterns and Maori patterns LESHGOO
mike time
mike time - Mese fa
You can tell he's an actual artist
Sheriff K
Sheriff K - Mese fa
What’d he mean he’d be friends with ScarJo if she DIDNT have that tattoo? It sounded like he did like that tat.. or does he mean it’s too cheerful a tattoo? Lol 😅
Because Comics
Because Comics - Mese fa
I think Post Malone looks ugly
Alice Ribeiro
Alice Ribeiro - 2 mesi fa
I might need Bang Bangs babies 🤣🤣
Hannah R
Hannah R - 2 mesi fa
My brother got his first tattoo like almost 2 years ago. And its very personal to him because it's my nana and papas birthdate and a crab for the cancer sign because they both are cancers. He begged my mom for months for one and when we got the news that my papa wasnt doing well and that he might not make it through the winter my mom let him. Luckily my papa made it and my brother got this beautiful tattoo out of it.
John Smith
John Smith - 2 mesi fa
This guy doesn't have a clue
Emanuel G
Emanuel G - 2 mesi fa
David beckhams tattoo reminds me of Icarus. If you dont know the story of Icarus, his father made wings out of feathers and wax to escape a prison, but flew to close to the sun and the wax melted dropping Icarus into the ocean(hence the sun in the background), he then drowned.
cam biggaveli
cam biggaveli - 3 mesi fa
Fat Chris Evans ? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Andrew Barry
Andrew Barry - 3 mesi fa
You got the diving guess spot on. The guy that Inked David's back piece was part of a TV series "London Ink"
Stephan Reichelt
Stephan Reichelt - 3 mesi fa
I miss the Brahma Bull too; also Beckham's reminds me of the In Utero Cover art....
356porwa - 3 mesi fa
How are these children of celebrities celebrities again?
LordLucario99 - 2 mesi fa
they’re children of celebrities
Riley - 3 mesi fa
0:39 im pretty sure that refers to jesus on the cross
Nicholas Queen
Nicholas Queen - 3 mesi fa
Exactly bro. So obvious. Wierd for him to try and disregard it
Samantha Stuessel
Samantha Stuessel - 3 mesi fa
"All of your nerves are in your hands and feet" they're not...nerves run through out the whole body...
I think what he meant to say was "some of your most sensitive nerves are in your hands and feet."
If that's not what he meant to say and he actually believes all your nerves are in the hands and feet, then he's a moron...
However I do like the fact that he articulates his opinions well where as the other artist I've seen on here are saying things like "that's badass" or "this sucks" he really hasn't said anything negative because it's all individual. I like this video because of him.
hello flex
hello flex - 3 mesi fa
This guy looks like a thicker captain america
Daddy Ghost
Daddy Ghost - 3 mesi fa
When did Channing Tatum get tattoos.
Arya Mohamad
Arya Mohamad - 3 mesi fa
yeah Steph, call him😂
Oopsie Poopsie
Oopsie Poopsie - 3 mesi fa
He is so nice, most of the tattoos were dumb to me.
Honey Butter
Honey Butter - 3 mesi fa
This guy is dope
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