Denim Expert Critiques Celebrities' Jeans | Fine Points | GQ

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fvture - 2 giorni fa
Who tf cares about jeans this much??????
Dai Pari
Dai Pari - 2 giorni fa
He gotta checkout meettheguys
Brahson - 2 giorni fa
Aye Tyler
Diego Fuego
Diego Fuego - 3 giorni fa
Wiz is wearing a pair of JW Anderson pocket jeans
Celtanc YT
Celtanc YT - 3 giorni fa
Next video
“Floor expert critiques rappers floors”
AZ Battle School
AZ Battle School - 3 giorni fa
Most are sloppy and he won’t call it out!
CaseyTelevison - 4 giorni fa
I didnt think there were people who cared this much about jeans
Sinan Cankaya
Sinan Cankaya - 4 giorni fa
As a retail worker I found this interesting
TraxCS - 5 giorni fa
Saw the titel and emidiatly clicked the video just to read the comments
Joe Levy
Joe Levy - 5 giorni fa
This is getting out of hand.
Tomas T
Tomas T - 5 giorni fa
I like Justin's and Kayne's jean selection the most
nick arenas
nick arenas - 5 giorni fa
“Denim expert”? 😂😂😂
Bryce Dunn
Bryce Dunn - 6 giorni fa
Anyone notice the fire ERD pieces tho
Callum Lambert
Callum Lambert - 6 giorni fa
GQ running out of ideas for real
Giacomo Campregher
Giacomo Campregher - 7 giorni fa
can someone name me the brand of Virgil's jeans
Jesus Vilalobos Villalobos
Giacomo Campregher chrome hearts
K Z - 7 giorni fa
Scott Morrison, Australian prime minister and denim expert
a hack's progress
a hack's progress - 9 giorni fa
When it comes to jeans it has to be cheap
bryan martinez
bryan martinez - 10 giorni fa
We got denim experts now?
3rd i Vision
3rd i Vision - 10 giorni fa
If he can be a denim expert then I can be a $2 Chinese corner shop expert frugal bargin Hunter.
Blaine Mendez
Blaine Mendez - 12 giorni fa
These are getting so stupid
lnanters - 12 giorni fa
"Denim expert" wtf thats a thing?? 😂😅😆
lockodonis - 12 giorni fa
they all look the same
BadLandsChugsIsBack booker
"Denim Expert" Lmfaooo
armo - 13 giorni fa
Where’s the mst pants at he shoulda critqued zilla and them
DeltaKappa - 15 giorni fa
whats the brand of the jeans of virgil abloh
Ill Daniel
Ill Daniel - 16 giorni fa
“Dominican Plastic Surgeon critiques IG models”
losert 152
losert 152 - 18 giorni fa
Y’all getting desperate cuh🤣
No No
No No - 19 giorni fa
The jewelry was cool the watches were cool but you really think we give two shits about what pants they have on ?
Tjayy Jackson
Tjayy Jackson - 19 giorni fa
How did he define sagging lol
Alex the Scootish person
Alex the Scootish person - 13 giorni fa
Tjayy Jackson a crotch drop
Alex Amaya
Alex Amaya - 19 giorni fa
Did his shirt say heroin ?
Skylander - 19 giorni fa
Who run the world?
Ready Player Thoo
Ready Player Thoo - 20 giorni fa
He’s Australia’s prime minister
Jr X
Jr X - 20 giorni fa
This was undeniable bad
Anders Nymark
Anders Nymark - 20 giorni fa
PC Principal
PC Principal - 20 giorni fa
Gunna has left the chat
sadpyro - Mese fa
Jamiroquai falling remix on background playing?
Boozal m
Boozal m - Mese fa
Denim expert.......LOL this is a joke.
RM is my dad
RM is my dad - Mese fa
Next On GQ: Cardiologists Critique Rappers' Heart Rate 😂😂
rk h
rk h - Mese fa
black naggers sagging their pants and showing their shorts? im shocked
Marco Chen
Marco Chen - Mese fa
im an australian and i was like, "scot morrison??"
TooShortToTurn SS3
TooShortToTurn SS3 - Mese fa
I love my jeans to be SOOOOOOO skinny that I don't even wear pants. I just paint my legs blue
d 180 5xgh49
d 180 5xgh49 - Mese fa
They all look like trash homeless ppl
Brittany Wagner
Brittany Wagner - Mese fa
I was not aware denim experts exist but this was a cool video to watch!
Julian Honore
Julian Honore - Mese fa
Sorry but not one dude is wearing heir jeans correctly.
lopl - Mese fa
Anyone know the jeans JB was wearing?
Timothy Lee
Timothy Lee - Mese fa
but 3x1 is a joke...
Felix Jimenez
Felix Jimenez - Mese fa
I don't think that Levi's started in 1873, but maybe I'm wrong or he is referring to something else (
Rebecca Harmer
Rebecca Harmer - Mese fa
501 s or nothing
Vi Mos.
Vi Mos. - Mese fa
Kanye West fit is the best in this video
Jeoffry Geff
Jeoffry Geff - Mese fa
hm yes these pants are made out of pants
HarXion - Mese fa
Do sneaker expert critiques rappers sneakers
Maegan B.
Maegan B. - Mese fa
I don’t even understand what’s wrong with my recommended anymore
Joseph C.
Joseph C. - 2 mesi fa
Hey it’s James Hetfield
Skank Talk
Skank Talk - 2 mesi fa
Denim expert? This is SO stupid. What a content reach....
Enshine 544
Enshine 544 - 2 mesi fa
Wtf is this video
NEprimo - 2 mesi fa
Kanye's jeans look awesome, I love that look
Roberto Ochoa
Roberto Ochoa - 2 mesi fa
I'm a simple man, I see kendrick lamar
I click
Joshua Michael Cook
Joshua Michael Cook - 2 mesi fa
dope video !!
Richard Dvddy
Richard Dvddy - 2 mesi fa
Nobody wear rock revivals ?
GENZ - 2 mesi fa
Pitmasters critique rapper's grills.
Prossimi video