Denim Expert Critiques Celebrities' Jeans | Fine Points | GQ

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Invki - Giorno fa
Kanye n Virgil was the best
Oliver Chapman
Oliver Chapman - 2 giorni fa
I legit thought this was James Hetfeild
BZing - 3 giorni fa
*v͛i͛r͛g͛i͛n͛* g͛a͛n͛g͛ ?
rachell mcgrath
rachell mcgrath - 5 giorni fa
A what expert?!
Вася Петров
Вася Петров - 6 giorni fa
Where is Jaden
Jason Melvin
Jason Melvin - 9 giorni fa
James hetfield roasts rappers
Jacob Dancy
Jacob Dancy - 10 giorni fa
Lol, denim expert? What is this.
Avaton - 11 giorni fa
Next vid: "Law Expert Critiques Rapper's Criminal Records."
Wonder Boy
Wonder Boy - 13 giorni fa
Not a critique.... More a description. Good night :/
Isaac Arteaga
Isaac Arteaga - 13 giorni fa
Two words! Jay Leno
That One Guy
That One Guy - 13 giorni fa
So this isn’t James Hetfield?
BR33CH HD - 13 giorni fa
gameattack1989 - 13 giorni fa
I clicked this video just to dislike it.
Dan F
Dan F - 13 giorni fa
"critique" - just describes the jean.... cmon man
dabatoir - 14 giorni fa
Justin Theroux? Never heard of her
allan reyes
allan reyes - 14 giorni fa
I’m surprised Balmain didn’t come out in this video .
Captain Howdy
Captain Howdy - 14 giorni fa
Oliver Tree rocks the best jeans
Squishy Potato
Squishy Potato - 14 giorni fa
Can I be a pant expert too 😂😂😂
Kung Dot
Kung Dot - 15 giorni fa
Next episode : "Denim Expert teaches you how to look like you're wearing slp or rick for less than 100 bucks"
T K - 15 giorni fa
This is not really critiquing, more like describing what he sees in the picture. We see what you see.
Andy Martinez
Andy Martinez - 15 giorni fa
This video needs to be longer ❤️
rfspinho - 15 giorni fa
Denim expert shows ugly jeans, fixed that for you
Thanos - 15 giorni fa
“Denim Expert”
sounds about white
Robert Delgado
Robert Delgado - 15 giorni fa
How are they not going to put Travis Scott in this ??
thong nguyen
thong nguyen - 15 giorni fa
Can we have ‘ Condom expert ‘ on the next episode !
prod. pau1
prod. pau1 - 15 giorni fa
i’m upset they didn’t show pharrell in old bape or bbc denim.
suchasreallife - 15 giorni fa
How hard is it become a denim expert
littlebabyscum 111
littlebabyscum 111 - 15 giorni fa
Where da true religion jeans at
Jake Robinson
Jake Robinson - 15 giorni fa
All he did was describe the jeans
Jo A
Jo A - 16 giorni fa
Of course this dude has white frame glasses... anyone who wears white frames is a douche lmao
Harry Buttle
Harry Buttle - 16 giorni fa
Prime Minister of Australia ScoMo
Cherry On Top
Cherry On Top - 16 giorni fa
0:26 - Luka Sabbat
0:50 - John Mayer
1:15 - Tyler the Creator
1:51 - Justin Bieber
2:25 - Kendrick Lamar
3:02 - Pharrell
3:22 - Virgil Abloh
3:50 - Kanye West
4:15 - Justin Theroux
4:50 - Wiz Khalifa
5:26 - Cole Sprouse
Mr. CARMINE - 16 giorni fa
“Rap Expert Critiques Rappers Raps.”
Ronald Brown
Ronald Brown - 17 giorni fa
This video right here lets you know that jeans are not just jeans theirs alot that goes into making jeans
Leon Anderson
Leon Anderson - 17 giorni fa
So when you say celebrities, you mean rappers? Seriously why do modern rappers get so much attention, a large majority are talentless.
Calvin Triplett
Calvin Triplett - 17 giorni fa
This guys jean companies are soo bad why df should we care bout what he think
youku cx
youku cx - 17 giorni fa
Why does men jeans coast more money than women
Walter McWilliams
Walter McWilliams - 17 giorni fa
Thought this guy was James Hetfield for a second...
Dominic Manriquez
Dominic Manriquez - 17 giorni fa
that voice crack intro was top notch
S Sumlin
S Sumlin - 17 giorni fa
I'm an unemployed denim expert........
Dee Bo
Dee Bo - 17 giorni fa
Would never wear a ripped pair of jeans or skinny jeans they for women
D H - 17 giorni fa
1:09 cultural appropriation
Fake Justin Y.
Fake Justin Y. - 17 giorni fa
Yo wtf
Omari The People
Omari The People - 17 giorni fa
Most of these Jeans are trash asf
jacob hanna
jacob hanna - 18 giorni fa
00:28 ASSPIZZA!!!!!!
H. Bee
H. Bee - 18 giorni fa
I like wiz’s pair
Julian Kimura
Julian Kimura - 18 giorni fa
Next episode: urologist critiques rappers’ urine
Pinky& TheBuck
Pinky& TheBuck - 18 giorni fa
Y’all are just runnin out of ideas now
adwftkv - 18 giorni fa
A denim expert...
Spider Mink
Spider Mink - 19 giorni fa
Denim expert has to be one of the lamest things you can call yourself.
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