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Tahmina Khan
Tahmina Khan - 16 minuti fa
Omg can I move in with u 😩😍
Hair College 4 Dummies and Masters
I don't care if your water is expensive or not the Mansion you're living in right now is garbage the new house is garbage and another thing is Turf socks and your dog sucks I've seen 2 year olds live in mansions better than yours in the UK why do you have a mansion like that you should be living in a cabin full of rattlesnakes because Austin's life is miserable and the baby is miserable the dog is miserable El is miserable everybody in your family is miserable and why would you have a family called the ace family you're not even Ace so there is nothing even special about you why do you call your family the ace family when there's nothing very special about you guys you are terrible your YouTube channels terrible and I bet you too but you going to delete your YouTube channel so Ace family can be disposed your family sucks and I live in a better Mansion than yours my Mansion is 8 stories tall your Mansion two stories wow very cool no no not even cool enough your mansion looks like a garbage can
Maria Arellano
Maria Arellano - 16 minuti fa
June 29th is my nieces birthday
Bella-donna DeNuzzio
Bella-donna DeNuzzio - 16 minuti fa
Yassss 8:45 his face tho!!!!!!! 😆😆😆😆😆😆 I cant
Abigail Weldemichael
Abigail Weldemichael - 16 minuti fa
Ashley Figueroa
Ashley Figueroa - 16 minuti fa
I honestly want to know how you guys are so successful
itsyourgirlzy pink
itsyourgirlzy pink - 17 minuti fa
If yall got a lot of stuff goin on yall dont have to film the ace family will understand
Patricia Ziegler
Patricia Ziegler - 17 minuti fa
Alexia Gregory
Alexia Gregory - 17 minuti fa
Damn this mfs got rich hella fast ... I need to stop procrastinating and make my YouTube channel.
Hope Perkins
Hope Perkins - 17 minuti fa
I just found out I might be pregnant but it might be a ectopic pregnancy but it’s too soon to know rn and then I get a call from my husband saying they’re gonna have him stay an extra 5-6 more months in Georgia (he is in the army) so I’m just having a bad day and I had to get that off my chest because I have no one else to talk to other than strangers
imagine maker
imagine maker - 17 minuti fa
You guys have every right to be mad. Not only are you guys working all the time, like Catherine said you guys got 2 kids. You guys are trying to manage home life with work life. Sometime work life takes over and brings frustration. But you guys are doing awesome with YouTube and you daughters. And all the ace family thanks you for your hard or and dedication.
Ani Arm
Ani Arm - 17 minuti fa
Angela Diab
Angela Diab - 17 minuti fa
Good luck at the game I wish you the best of luck love you Austin.


Wish you guys the best of love.
Itsregina - 18 minuti fa
Damnnn lord have mercy omgash 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Monic0 Martinez
Monic0 Martinez - 18 minuti fa
I love watching the ace family
mm k
mm k - 18 minuti fa
Austin and Chris brown make a good team
Itsregina - 18 minuti fa
Y’all are rich omgash
Hanan Khaled
Hanan Khaled - 19 minuti fa
#2 on trending yaasss
Lizbeth Montano garcia
Lizbeth Montano garcia - 19 minuti fa
Doneeeeeeeeeeee ly guys you are the best I loved your content always intertaines me
Stuart Matthis
Stuart Matthis - 19 minuti fa
Arg. Hard to believe these clowns are really..... what?
hard working, good citizen types?
Stephanie and Michelle G R
Desx - 19 minuti fa
Catherine could we get advices how you stay so fit your meals , exercise, skin routine, or just make your own channel of your fitness and advices of being a mother and wife that would be great
Yke Shawn
Yke Shawn - 19 minuti fa
Just like I can buy the merch because I don't have enough money for it

Mayra Vargas
Mayra Vargas - 19 minuti fa
When Austin said “no one knows how hard it is to build your own home” like LMFAOOOOOO what bro ? A bunch of people build their own homes, sure it’s not a multimillion home but a home is a home big or small. People buy a house and they rebuild it and make it how they want it. Y’all ain’t special everyone knows the struggle. Dont y’all on yourselves like you’re some type of different breed or whatever.
Hair College 4 Dummies and Masters
Your baby is ugly as fuck. F your intro./ and your baby is the worst baby in the whole wrld and if she was my daughter i would set bombs in a TESLA x and put her in the Fucking TESLA x and shoot a RPG right at the FUCKING TESLA x
Your baby is ugly as fuck
Gum drop
Gum drop - 19 minuti fa
You guys are like friends with every celeb in L.A. HOLY CRAP WHEN I SAW CHRIS I WAS LIKE OH CRAP!!
unicorn savage_208
unicorn savage_208 - 20 minuti fa
i love your vids
Rayan_ alh
Rayan_ alh - 20 minuti fa
Yke Shawn
Yke Shawn - 20 minuti fa
I I'm so sad and mad that I can't make it because I don't have the money and I can't get on the airplane you by myself and my mom doesn't want to come 😭😭😥😢
Leasia Townes
Leasia Townes - 20 minuti fa
"we'll be back with more vide-oh-" *door slams* "... Hey bebe don't forget about me" 😂😂😂
Alicia Solis
Alicia Solis - 20 minuti fa
Ya cause customizing and choosing the style is so much harder than physically building a home and using your strength 🤔💆🤦🤚
Afisha Bidedhi
Afisha Bidedhi - 21 minuto fa
And never
Niyah Dorris
Niyah Dorris - 21 minuto fa
The wine cellar is going to be some of the ace family murch 😀👍
Jacob - 21 minuto fa
Can someone get me AirPods?
Shari-Ann Nembhard
Shari-Ann Nembhard - 21 minuto fa
Holy shoot
Khloe Torres
Khloe Torres - 21 minuto fa
Sydney B
Sydney B - 21 minuto fa
why is the house so flipping white like actually there's a thing called paint
Shari-Ann Nembhard
Shari-Ann Nembhard - 21 minuto fa
Was that CB
Afisha Bidedhi
Afisha Bidedhi - 21 minuto fa
I will not be they because I live far
Shari-Ann Nembhard
Shari-Ann Nembhard - 21 minuto fa
kyla kintz
kyla kintz - 21 minuto fa
MT Toast
MT Toast - 21 minuto fa
RIP Etika
Thatprettygirl Hernandez
Thatprettygirl Hernandez - 22 minuti fa
He looks so ugly when he’s fake crying
Irvin Walcott
Irvin Walcott - 22 minuti fa
Bettina Laursen
Bettina Laursen - 22 minuti fa
Akaia's World
Akaia's World - 22 minuti fa
ace family if you have a pool I whant you to do last one in the pool wins 1000 dollars
Ruby Luna
Ruby Luna - 23 minuti fa
I think the wine thing is gonna be a ice cream/frozen yogurt bar thing!
Itz_вяσкєи_ѕια Sia
1:24 I was like CHRIS BROWN
Gracie schobel
Gracie schobel - 23 minuti fa
I Know how y’all feel we moved in the house we were building two months after we were suppose to
Rando Kid
Rando Kid - 23 minuti fa
And P.O. Box openings because I thought maybe you can have a room with fan art
Saundra Hyman-Bernstein
Saundra Hyman-Bernstein - 24 minuti fa
That was a short video
Angela Sheppard
Angela Sheppard - 24 minuti fa
Make sure y'all make sure y'all have security cameras cuz I do not want no one breaking in or make sure you'll have good doors and I hope that no one breaks in and that no one knows where you live cuz I don't so I will pray that know when y'all move in there breaking the house or feel I got there I hope they
Irvin Walcott
Irvin Walcott - 24 minuti fa
#2 trending
Fernando Solis
Fernando Solis - 24 minuti fa
I love yall videos
Stephanie Wachs
Stephanie Wachs - 24 minuti fa
Like his comment if you think they should have another baby 😂
mack1980 mack1980
mack1980 mack1980 - 24 minuti fa
I can’t believe you guys are moving in that’s so exciting 😆😆😆♥️♥️♥️♥️ love you guys
Finn Smith
Finn Smith - 24 minuti fa
Who are these gay gays
kooky cookie
kooky cookie - 24 minuti fa
Done and I love you guys smsm
Ioanna Anissimoff
Ioanna Anissimoff - 24 minuti fa
You need to get sponsored by a glass cleaning company 😂😂😂 love the house! Congrats ACE Fam 🥰
Edward Acevedo
Edward Acevedo - 24 minuti fa
You guys are the best people ever you guys inspire me everyday
Nelly - 25 minuti fa
The old wine cellar is going to be a place where they store ice cream
maria herrera
maria herrera - 25 minuti fa
@9:44 photo shoot spot lol
Tarek Ss
Tarek Ss - 25 minuti fa
Your house is so awesome I love it so much 😇😇
Nizzylorde A.k.a SNAPGOD
Nizzylorde A.k.a SNAPGOD - 25 minuti fa
Can y’all please pray for my City I’m from philly and we going thru some shit right now thank you all 🙏🏽☔️ IG:1700_Nizzylorde
Taylor Fussell
Taylor Fussell - 25 minuti fa
Yo yo yooooo
Rando Kid
Rando Kid - 26 minuti fa
Are you still doing sleepovers though
misbeydis viera
misbeydis viera - 26 minuti fa
Penelope Ruiz
Penelope Ruiz - 26 minuti fa
Princess Heaven Queen
Princess Heaven Queen - 26 minuti fa
I MISS yall
Gio Zage
Gio Zage - 26 minuti fa
Find something better to do with your time
Heavenly Johnson
Heavenly Johnson - 26 minuti fa
i wish i was successful like them
Tall Random Guy
Tall Random Guy - 26 minuti fa
The amount of ads on these videos is so annoying. Unsubing
khamya smith
khamya smith - 26 minuti fa
How are y'all able to live so lavish what is it you do exactly?
darren macauley
darren macauley - 27 minuti fa
Do you still have patty the golf cart ???
Brianna Ruiz
Brianna Ruiz - 27 minuti fa
Jenifer Cuellar
Jenifer Cuellar - 27 minuti fa
June 29 is my aunts birthday
Annaselly Rivera
Annaselly Rivera - 27 minuti fa
Yall alway have ot ther i can go i live in milwkee
Sophia Contreras
Sophia Contreras - 27 minuti fa
By Sophia Contreras
Unicorn Lover
Unicorn Lover - 28 minuti fa
Can I have a shoutout I’ve been watching you since you lived in that tiny house I love you I’ve done everything
Victoria Porras
Victoria Porras - 28 minuti fa
That’s right #2 on trending u guys deserve it
Alexandra De la cruz
Alexandra De la cruz - 28 minuti fa
Choose for a shout out plz love you ❤️😂☺️
Nancy Adwani
Nancy Adwani - 29 minuti fa
Dear Ace family, I don't know if you read all of your comments bu t I've been a ACE family member from the very start, I just want you too know that I love you guys, and I always include your family in my prayers. you do so so , for others and your family is blessed. I suffer from chronic pain and disabled I don't know what it's like not to feel pain, but when I watch your daily show I have a few minutes where I don't think of my pain. One day I will buy one of your T shirts and I will be very proud too wear it. I just love you guys. God bless each and everyone of you. I'm your #1 fan
breee the best
breee the best - 29 minuti fa
WestPine Adventures
WestPine Adventures - 29 minuti fa
Imagine being this wealthy
Micahia Smith
Micahia Smith - 29 minuti fa
#2 Tending 🤪🤪
Briana Castillo
Briana Castillo - 29 minuti fa
Spend the night 24 hours in a tiny house
Briana Castillo
Briana Castillo - 29 minuti fa
Do a tiny house video
Korina Madrid
Korina Madrid - 30 minuti fa
#2 trending
Brooklyn Pippin
Brooklyn Pippin - 30 minuti fa
Katherine’s neon hoodie matches my popsicle 😂
Sophia Contreras
Sophia Contreras - 30 minuti fa
Hi Ace Famillly! I’m a new fan I just got to say you guys really make my day you guys are the best YouTuber and don’t sol what u guys do
Sophia Contreras
Sophia Contreras - 28 minuti fa
By Sophia Contreras
Danielle C
Danielle C - 31 minuto fa
Lol so no one else from what I read but no one commented about CHRIS BROWN ❤️❤️❤️❤️ in the beginning lol he said “I don’t want to hear it”
Elayza Morales
Elayza Morales - 31 minuto fa
Done post notifications on ‼️‼️‼️ hopefully I get it 🤞🏻❤️
Lonelyy. - 31 minuto fa
I told you guys that they were busy, i told everyone that hated and said that you didnt go to Ryans baby shower this is why! I told everyone this but thanks for confirming.
reid harris
reid harris - 31 minuto fa
Y’all putting some green power flower 🌸🍃🌲 in that old wine spot?
Rylee Tiller
Rylee Tiller - 31 minuto fa
Alyssa& Becca
Alyssa& Becca - 31 minuto fa
I love the ACE family a ton but sometimes I feel like Austin think he the most important and feel like he the star I still love them tho
teemoondy - 31 minuto fa
Good luck with baby proofing
Tee Tee
Tee Tee - 32 minuti fa
Wow !! Wtf 😩🙌🏽
Lakin Dietz
Lakin Dietz - 32 minuti fa
Yay omg I love y'all your family is the best
Antonio Andrade
Antonio Andrade - 32 minuti fa
Prossimi video